Veterans Day

Veterans day is this Saturday, November 11th.  We recognize and thank all those who served in the military protecting our nation and our freedom.

Many Veterans wear pins recognizing their service or accomplishments; a right they have earned. But what about someone who wears a service pin who did not deserve it? Is that okay? Would we consider that dishonest? Many refer to it as “stolen valor”.  In fact, a federal law was passed in 2005 about falsely claiming military recognitions. Read Article. Unfortunately, in 2011 the Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional because our freedom of speech gives you the right to lie. Just to let you know, it is against El Paso County Sheriff’s Office policy for employees in uniform to wear any non EPSO pins on their uniform.

Let’s talk about one specific military badge; it’s called the pathfinder badge. This badge was created back in 1944 by the Army and is awarded to those who complete specialized training at Fort Benning, GA. Read more. It has been an official Army badge since 1964.


Pathfinder Pin


This badge/pin is an official recognition from the U.S. Army considered the same level as “Ranger” or “Special Forces”.  How would you feel if someone was wearing a “Ranger” pin if they were never a U.S. Ranger?  Is it okay for someone to wear the pin even if they do not deserve it?  How would you feel about someone wearing a military specialty pin they never deserved? What if they were never even in the military? Would that upset you?

We were told by a source within EPSO who was in the Army that Bill Elder has been wearing this pin since he became Sheriff.  Many veterans within EPSO are upset. They believe he has not earned the right to wear it, it is disrespectful, and dishonest.

What proof is there? Here is a picture of Bill Elder being sworn in back in January of 2015.  He appears to be wearing the pin.

Here is a picture showing Elder wearing the pin in uniform; which is out of policy.  Elder promised to abide by all EPSO Policies.  Is this yet another example of Bill Elder’s lies?

Let’s take a closer look…  There is little doubt he is wearing the pin.

We have no idea why Bill Elder is wearing this pin and to some this might be no big deal.  But it is for those who were in the military.  Many find this disrespectful and dishonest.  If true; Bill Elder needs to take if off and give a public apology to all those who were in the military.

We do not believe Bill Elder has the integrity to do what is right.




Here are some replacement pins we would recommend for Bill Elder: