As stated in the Colorado Springs Independent; County Attorney Amy Folsom is thrilled that not only did former EPSO Sgt. Huntz’s lawsuit fail, but that they got even with him. They were awarded over $8,000 in legal fees that Huntz will have to pay.  It’s not like Sgt. Huntz, a veteran who served our nation, has all this money.

Is Folsom and corrupt Sheriff Elder excited because this will discourage future employees from suing?    Read the article in the CS Independent.  Amy Folsom is quoted as saying; “…The important thing to note is that the reimbursement will come out of the pocket of John Huntz himself.”  Folsom sounds like a vindictive B!tch.   It’s not enough they were reimbursed for their expenses; they want John Huntz to pay! Read the whole article; Corrupt Sheriff Elder wanted a lot more money than they got.  They asked to be reimbursed for Elder’s expensive hotel, parking, mileage and more.  Over $18,000 in total.  Sounds like more corruption by Elder and his cronies.  Elder and his legal team spent over $10,000 in 5 days? Maybe they spent it all on alcohol and women?

What should be noted is that they got less than half of what they asked for and Amy Folsom with great pleasure stated their real goal was to screw Sgt. Huntz one last time. Folsom’s statement really goes to their true values and character. Should we be concerned when people in government are vindictive and corrupt?  Sounds like Folsom should move to Washington D.C.

They keep calling all these lawsuits “frivolous”.  A lawsuit is not frivolous if it goes to trial or the county pays thousands of dollars to settle. Maybe someone should remind Folsom and the county commissioners.

The county recovered 8k (less than half of what they wanted) in legal fees in one lawsuit; however, they have paid out over a million dollars in settlements since Corrupt Sheriff Elder took office.  Not much of a track record and not much to be proud of.

The only reason Folsom and EPSO released this information was to intimidate employees who might be thinking of suing the county.

Vindictive and corrupt.

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