EPSO SGT Harassed by Lt. Billy Huffor at Republican County Assembly



Both Sheriff Bill Elder and Billy Huffor were aware many employees (more than ever before) become Republican delegates for this year’s county assembly.  The reason was clear; they wanted to vote for Elder’s challenger, Mike Angley.  Employees know better than anyone how corrupt Bill Elder is and they want change.  They know Elder is a Liar and corrupt.

According to our sources, both Billy and Janet Huffor tried to get employees not to go to the county caucus.  This was an effort to keep Angley out of the primary.  You must have 30% of the delegates’ votes at the county assembly to get on the primary.  They knew if a lot of employees became delegates Angley would get 30%. (He got 36%)

Rumor has it, Elder sent emails to some employees who became delegates asking them if they “were still good”. This is a form of intimidation.  How would you feel if your boss, after finding out you are a delegate, sent you an email saying that.

It gets much worse.

According to multiple sources, at Saturday’s county assembly, Billy Huffor aggressively approached an off duty EPSO Sergeant (SGT), who was a delegate (and just wanting to exercise his right to participate in our election process), and proceeded to harass and intimidate him until he ultimately left the building and did not return.  This incident was witnessed by many individuals. According to our sources, when Billy Huffor noticed the SGT was wearing an Elder Pin he got in his face, started yelling at him, and called him a “F@cking Liar”. Obviously Huffor thought this person was going to vote for Angley. During Huffer’s profanity laced public outburst, he made physical contact with the SGT and “flicked” the Elder pin the SGT was wearing with his fingers.  Based on this information Billy Huffor is guilty of Harassment.  It is unclear if Huffor also violated any Colorado voter laws.  We hope the SGT will be obtaining an attorney and filing a complaint.  We encourage him to do so. It is the only way to stop the inappropriate behavior by Elder and the Huffors.

How much arrogance does it take to do something like this in public?  Is Billy Huffor the most arrogant or the most stupid person ever? There were multiple witnesses. Even Elder can’t cover this one up. How many times does Elder have to clean up after the Huffors?


The county commissioners should get their pins ready; another EPSO employee is about to get a payout. Read about a previous payout.

As much as the Huffors try to put on a facade; they just can’t help showing their true colors.

Billy Huffor can not help himself.  Everyone knows he is a complete screwup.  The only thing he has shown any skill at is sexual harassment. Read story.  That’s because he’s had a lot of practice and learned from the master, Commander King. Read Story.

PS – We used a picture of Huffor as a SGT on purpose. Because if anyone else did what he did they would be demoted immediately.  Any chance Elder will hold Billy Huffor accountable? Not a chance.


EPSO Deputies and employees deserve better than to have to work in a hostile work environment