Billy Huffor leads team of “Thugs” intimidating Delegates at County Assembly

According to multiple sources, Bill Huffor, (accused of sexually harassing a female employee last year read story),  lead a team of individuals who attempted to intimidate Mike Angley supporters at the El Paso County Republican Assembly.  In fact, they were successful in getting some EPSO employees to leave the assembly prior to voting for Sheriff. We are receiving information of more and more incidents outside the assembly.

We have received detailed information concerning three separate incidents.  Two involved Billy Huffor and the third Bill Elder himself.

In a previous article we documented how Billy Huffor publicly harassed an off duty SGT until he left the assembly. Read Story.  As it turns out this was not Huffor’s only occurrence of inappropriate behavior that day.

We received information that Billy Huffor accosted a retired EPSO Deputy while he approached the entrance to the county assembly.  Billy Huffor threatened an individual he didn’t even know, because he thought he was an Angley supporter.

According to our source who spoke with the victim; Billy Huffor was with a group of EPSO personnel who were carrying Bill Elder signs outside the assembly building. This group included EPSO Chief Mitch Lincoln, Commander Rob King, and Commander Tom DeLuka.  The victim walked up to the group and started talking with them.  When Billy Huffor saw the victim, he ran up to him, got in his face, put his finger to his chest, and started yelling at him.  The victim said he was startled because he did not know Huffor and thought he was going to attack him.  Billy Huffor yelled; “You’re a back stabbing son of a bitch traitor and a dick!!”.    The victim looked at the others with a look of; “what the hell?”  Commander King smiled and stated; ” I guess you’ve met Huffor now”.  The other two (Lincoln and DeLuka) just stood there and said nothing.   This is nothing less than harassment and voter intimidation.

The “THUGS” – King, Lincoln, DeLuka

We’re sure they are proud of their actions.  The fact is; between them they have thousands of pages in their Internal Affair (IA) files. All of them have been accused (more than once) of inappropriate behavior, to include sexual harassment.  There is a federal trial starting next month against Sheriff Bill Elder which is based on a complaint of sexual harassment against Commander King and retaliation by Bill Elder.  Read Story.  In his situation, one would think King would want to maintain a low profile, but he can’t help himself. Back in 2014, Mitch Lincoln was criminally investigated by EPSO for felony theft and was accused of sexual harassment and tampering with evidence. Read Story. All three have reputations of intimidation, harassment, and corruption. We received additional information of them harassing others at the assembly. Of course they do not have to worry about getting in trouble.  Bill Elder was the Sergeant of Arms (which was against the rules, but it appears no one cares).

When Maketa was Sheriff he suspended Lincoln and King for inappropriate behavior back in 2014; but Elder reinstated them when he took office.  Talk about allowing the fox back in the hen house? Even with mounting complaints, Elder continues to protect the sexual predators and intimidates the victims.

Many Deputies; when asked what it is like to work for Elder as sheriff will say; “Different Circus; same Clowns”.  This is a reference to the fact Bill Elder brought back the same corrupt people that caused all the problems during the Maketa administration. He promised change; he lied.

The one fact Elder can never deny; he is a liar, and all his employees know it

The third event happened inside the assembly building between Bill Elder and another retired Deputy.  According to our sources, when Elder saw him he pulled him aside and proceeded to get in his face and berate him. At least Bill Elder was smart enough to pull him aside and not harass him in full view of others. Still, this is harassment and voter intimidation.

Multiple sources at the assembly told us Billy Huffor was a crazy man.  He acted irrational and mentally unstable

It appears Bill Elder, Billy Huffor, and the entire EPSO command staff plan to use intimidation to win re-election.  All integrity within the EPSO command staff is gone.

According to a source within Elder’s leadership team, they are in a panic because they are afraid they are going to lose their jobs.




Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption