How many people does it take to do the work of an unqualified friend hired by Bill Elder?  Currently there is an open position being advertised on the EPSO website; “Financial and Contract Compliance Analyst“.  It appears this position was created to help both Brian McPike and Larry Borland.  Both of which have absolutely no experience in finance.  But we know that’s not why they were hired.  How many more positions will Bill Elder create for his friends?  How much more taxpayer dollars will he waste?   Both Larry Borland and Brian McPike contributed to Elder’s election campaign (read story), both have absolutely no financial experience, and both need help doing their jobs. Did Bill Elder really think no one would notice such incompetence? From what we hear (from everyone) Larry Borland’s only skill is using “F” bombs and yelling at people.  Yet more evidence of a hostile work environment.

When ever Bill Elder announces a new position he should post it with “funding source” so everyone knows how he intends to pay for this new position.  He is handing out taxpayer money likes its candy or he’s Santa Claus.  Wait, could he be Santa Elder? The only difference is he only hands out (taxpayer) money to the seedy, not the needy.  With Elder, every day is Christmas… for his friends and campaign contributors.

Does Bill Elder understand his job is to protect the community?  If he didn’t waste all our taxpayer money creating new jobs for his friends; how many more deputies could be working the street or the jail? Could this be Elder’s Theme song. Play video