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  1. New article on the Indy:

    The article talks about a deputy who lost his post, but there is a comment in the article that is worth noting:

    “”Smith had trained two trainees previously, but had not attended the DTO training class. Smith told Powell, regarding the DTO manual, “I’ll just be honest with you, I’ve never read it.”

    That is not a problem with this deputy, that is a problem with how the Sheriff’s Office is run. Does this sound familiar, like a certain (former) Lieutenant who went to patrol, but never went through FTO, and is now grooming dogs because he screwed up so much? This is a leadership problem!!!

    1. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office spent more than $80,000 on face masks from April through September, but did not provide them to inmates in their housing areas before a coronavirus outbreak in October that infected more than 1,100 prisoners and staff. (Colorado Springs Gazette – 1/20/21.)

  2. If you’ve ever wondered where the end of the world is, the question has been answered.

    When the time comes for most of us it’s in familiar surroundings among family and friends. For the snakes among us, it’s a burning hot place filled with their own kind. I’m not referring to Hell but it can be considered Hells waiting room. It’s about 50 acres of ground covered with row after row of air conditioned cold storage units in the form of 2 and 3 room homes keeping the immoral alive until their appointment with destiny. It’s at the crossroads of Interstate 10 and state highway 303 in Goodyear Arizona.

    We know you’re eager to get there Bill and we can’t wait to see you go.

  3. Old Mother Huffor went to the cupboard
    to fetch her poor husband a bone
    Bill Elder was there with 1A funds to spare
    and the taxpayers took it in the bum

  4. These Promotions have absolutely made the jail the worst it can be. What a joke group of deputies who will now be in charge! The worst though believe it or not is that brown noser Holt! This guy continues to strut around with his stupid haircut flirting with the civilian staff. Another one of Elders butt kissing boys who has been married multiple times and keeps cheating on his wives. Keep brown nosing Holt! We see who pinned your bars! The words on our badge mean nothing to Elder or his cronies!

  5. Elder now blames his problems on bad press and rumors of corruption, thats rich. They’re not rumors Bill, they’re facts.

    Elders problem is in the mirror. You could staff two premier agencies with the people that have left the EPSO since he took over. He has failed at everything he’s tried from running the agency to balancing a checkbook. His promotion pattern suggests that he’s created a new diagnosis for mental healthcare professionals.

    GRANDPAPHILIA: defined as intense and recurrent urges towards and promotions for employees he has attraction to.

    One thing we can thank him for is proving that the BOCC and the county republican elite who elected him are just as incompetent as he is.

  6. How is it the office now has more Lt’s and commanders than they have ever had in the history of the office. Bet there are more chief’s than indians now, and the quality of these promotions is laughable and dangerous to those deputies who are being supervised by people who barely passed the written test.

    This office needs to do something very positive for once and bring in AMW or CC Moore from Genealogy DNA to take a new look at the DNA evidence CSPD has hidden away in their evidence locker. I am sure bill would want to do his part to solve this long open cold case of his good friend CC Benefil before he retires to Arizona.

    What do you say big guy, ya ready for the truth to finally come out.

  7. It looks like Elder is settling in near the Eagles Nest golf club in Goodyear. Hey wasn’t there some other tyrant who lived at a place called “The Eagles Nest”

    It’ll come to me.

  8. I was just want to know why the administrators of this site have not looked into the swingers club at EPSO that involves Lt’s, Sgt’s, and Deputies that all work for each other! Is it because you are bias for your friends, or is it OK to look out for someone in your chain of command because you are rolling in the sack with them and their spouse?

    1. Wow…I am surprised this is the first time I have seen this. It is well known a LT married to a Deputy and a Sgt married to a Deputy participate. Most people say what you do in your personal life is your business. However, the Lt is now in the direct chain of command of the Sgt’s wife and the Sgt is in the direct chain of command of the Lt’s wife…..what message does this send to the troops?

      1. I am not at all surprised to hear this. I would love to know if “P” is involved. Personal integrity is just what it is…. crosses all barriers of life!!!

        The goal is this….to expose those whose law enforcement integrity is compromised at EPSO… and there are several. Expose the truth!!!

    2. Oh brother, those swinger clubs were active long before Elder came along. The stories I could tell…but people that I respect were also involved so I won’t besides their all consenting adult.

      1. People you respect? WTH is wrong with you people that are supposed to be wearing a uniform and a badge representing the elite of the community? Consenting adults? CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY is the CORE of a person. Stop ok’ing disgusting behavior!

  9. Deputies have been screwing each other since they rode horses and carried six shooters, this website is about Elder screwing employees, Let’s stay on point.

    1. If you really think being in a sexual relationship with someone in your chain of command is not an issue, you need to check your morale compass. Ethics apply to all Law Enforcement Officers, not just the ones you wish to target!

      1. Hope you’re not a cop, Unfortunately the EPSO has been transformed from a law enforcement agency into a club, Elders club. So head down to the next In-service with your singing voice and join in,

        Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, you’re as welcome as can be, M. I. C. K. E. Y …………

        Integrity starts at the top. That compass has been reading due south since January 2015.

        1. Just because leaderships morale compass points south doesn’t mean everyone else’s has too. If you have integrity it applies to everything in your life. You should never say “oh well…our leadership doesn’t care so why should I.” If you do, you are no better than they are. Change can start from the bottom!

  10. I just want to know who the hero will be, one that will collect the proof that is needed to expose the corruption…. corruption such as tampering with body camera footage to cover up severe police brutality, frivolous charges against innocent people, serious integrity issues and so much more? As employees witnessing such disgusting police misconduct, you are part of the problem if you do not report this corruption. Contact sources outside of EPSO. Contact the feds. Be anonymous. You took an oath to “protect” so let’s honor that oath you took!

  11. Well its appears things could begin to heat up with an announcement not far off of someone who will run in the next election. Will it be someone from the present administration who has done nothing to help clear all the bad boy behavior and basically endorsed Elder by putting on blinders, is this who you want for the next sheriff. Could it be the invisible undersheriff who has done nothing but collect a big fat monthly check for doing nothing.

    Word is, there is going to be someone with a lot of integrity and grit who understands you must first clean out a house before you can make it great again. Keep your eyes and ears open as more info will be coming out soon.

    Keep your chins up and feel the rumble as those who know their bogus promotions are going to be in real question.

    Hopefully soon your will hear the announcement of a real candidate and know hope is on the way. I am sure you all know who this will be, so lets get ready to rumble and watch the rats scamper, not the truly committed folks who were promised so much and given nothing in return.

  12. This website will not endorse any candidate; however, we would love to have someone with integrity run for Sheriff. We look forward to hearing about new “blood” stepping up and getting involved in the next election for Sheriff. Our contributors (many of which still work at EPSO) would love to hear who it is. It’s time to move forward and send Elder to Arizona.

  13. Ya know how the evil world wide Cabal is trying to take down the world? Without a doubt, the number one law enforcement mini-Cabal in this country is the corrupt members of EPSO. I’ve done my research and I cannot find a more compromised sick bunch! It will all be revealed.

  14. Heard he sent an email to his campaign and told them he wont run due to health problems. Not sure whats going on but he needed some kind of surgery and is putting his energy into his health and recovery. Really sucks since he had like 40K votes the first time and could use that to jump ahead of Roybal if he wanted. We wish him well. Maybe the fact he’s not running is why Bernier and Carey might be thinking about jumping in. Not as much competition.

  15. Greg Maxwell! wait a moment, I’m still wiping coffee off the monitor……

    You know his skirt chasing pal Brian McPike may be his undersheriff, if so the new uniform policy will save everyone a bundle of cash, nobody will be required to wear pants!

  16. Time to look..covid funds, 1 entry, “reassignment of work release deputies” so cjc got paid to not assign jail personnel to work release?

    Another entry; new locks and doors? Odd, only 2 wards actually had new doors. They were dangerous. Have been for a long time, then covid funds became available, and poof..they now stop infection. That coupled with the breakroom, and property room, covid proof!

    But its all good, population up, several wards closed down, forcing concentration of inmates on open wards. The vet ward was closed down and hotel wards were moved to G1. Congressman Doug Lamborn visits El Paso County Jail, meets with veterans …throw a few jumpsuits out, and poof, a make believe vet ward is born, only to go awwu after he leaves..what a shame, that ward had as lot of state attention, even if it was a temporary fake reflection of what it was. Why the fabrication? Just tell the congressman the vet ward was closed..they went way out of the way to fabricate that lie.

  17. Republican county assembly Roll-call 2022,




    Oh for Gods sake is there anyone else!

  18. I just saw the two Republican candidates for sheriff. Greg Maxwell the part time cop who wants to be full time sheriff, I don’t think so. Then you have the name that everyone knows Joseph Roybal. I can’t say anything bad about him. He kind of had to make the best of a bad situation. I will say what I know of him he does care about his people. That’s probably where my vote is going to go and if you’re smart that’s where yours will go to.

    1. Jesus Christ, Ferguson…pull your head out of your ass!
      “Bureau Chief” Joe Roybal is the same guy that threw his OWN DAUGHTER under the bus in order further his own aspirations…not to mention protecting ‘lil Billy Huffor from the scrutiny he deserved at the time. He’s also the same Joe Roybal who shot himself at the range only to parlay that ultimately into a Lieutenant/Commander/Bureau Chief position and save the county $$$$$$$$$$$ from a lawsuit.
      We’re onto you, Roybal…you’re just another one of Elder’s toys.

    2. Howard, I couldn’t agree with you more about Maxwell. As for Mr. Roybal making the best of a bad situation. He’s willingly taken several promotions from Elder and supports the party line.

      The turkey will happily eat all the corn the farmer throws him. He’s either oblivious or nobody has told him about Thanksgiving yet.

    3. Roybal is part of the problem as well. He took a number of positions in the Office, over candidates who were far more qualified, because Elder was grooming him. He’ll just continue the same problems.

      1. Anyone in EPSO leadership that hasn’t had the integrity to stand up and push for change should be gone…..when you you keep your mouth shut to preserve your position or advance your career, you are a coward!

      2. While we’re apparently now considering other candidates/”running” mates…let’s remember these gems:

        Raymond Bernier – Shall we just talk to the women in the Records Department? Their thoughts may give us all an idea as to why his “joking ways” got him transferred to that BS position in Denver.

        Brian McPike – A) We understand that he used his leverage (after being offered a position with the EPSO) in 2013 to accept the Police Chief position with UCCS…and then…
        B) Was “handed” the Comptroller with the EPSO with absolutely NO/NONE/NYET finance experience…just check his resume. We understand that he did quite well in his “interview”…almost like he was handed the questions in advance????? Just Sayin’

  19. The most important issue in the upcoming election is WHO WILL GET RID OF CYRUS THE VIRUS GILLESPIE??? That man is a cancer. In my more than a decade of working for EPSO, I have never seen a “leader” more unanimously hated. He ruins everything he touches. They put him in investigations, nobody wanted to be there. Now he is single-handedly ruining the jail. The man is a bully and a punk. I will vote for any candidate who promises to remove Gillespie. He’s simply horrible.

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