Corrupt SHeriff Bill Elder

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  1. New article on the Indy:

    The article talks about a deputy who lost his post, but there is a comment in the article that is worth noting:

    “”Smith had trained two trainees previously, but had not attended the DTO training class. Smith told Powell, regarding the DTO manual, “I’ll just be honest with you, I’ve never read it.”

    That is not a problem with this deputy, that is a problem with how the Sheriff’s Office is run. Does this sound familiar, like a certain (former) Lieutenant who went to patrol, but never went through FTO, and is now grooming dogs because he screwed up so much? This is a leadership problem!!!

    1. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office spent more than $80,000 on face masks from April through September, but did not provide them to inmates in their housing areas before a coronavirus outbreak in October that infected more than 1,100 prisoners and staff. (Colorado Springs Gazette – 1/20/21.)

  2. If you’ve ever wondered where the end of the world is, the question has been answered.

    When the time comes for most of us it’s in familiar surroundings among family and friends. For the snakes among us, it’s a burning hot place filled with their own kind. I’m not referring to Hell but it can be considered Hells waiting room. It’s about 50 acres of ground covered with row after row of air conditioned cold storage units in the form of 2 and 3 room homes keeping the immoral alive until their appointment with destiny. It’s at the crossroads of Interstate 10 and state highway 303 in Goodyear Arizona.

    We know you’re eager to get there Bill and we can’t wait to see you go.

  3. Old Mother Huffor went to the cupboard
    to fetch her poor husband a bone
    Bill Elder was there with 1A funds to spare
    and the taxpayers took it in the bum

  4. These Promotions have absolutely made the jail the worst it can be. What a joke group of deputies who will now be in charge! The worst though believe it or not is that brown noser Holt! This guy continues to strut around with his stupid haircut flirting with the civilian staff. Another one of Elders butt kissing boys who has been married multiple times and keeps cheating on his wives. Keep brown nosing Holt! We see who pinned your bars! The words on our badge mean nothing to Elder or his cronies!

  5. Elder now blames his problems on bad press and rumors of corruption, thats rich. They’re not rumors Bill, they’re facts.

    Elders problem is in the mirror. You could staff two premier agencies with the people that have left the EPSO since he took over. He has failed at everything he’s tried from running the agency to balancing a checkbook. His promotion pattern suggests that he’s created a new diagnosis for mental healthcare professionals.

    GRANDPAPHILIA: defined as intense and recurrent urges towards and promotions for employees he has attraction to.

    One thing we can thank him for is proving that the BOCC and the county republican elite who elected him are just as incompetent as he is.

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