Corrupt SHeriff Bill Elder

We created this page to better organize BLOGS.  We will normally open articles for comments and encourage you to put your statements there. We have also opened up comments in latest news.

This page is for whatever you want to say.

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  1. New article on the Indy:

    The article talks about a deputy who lost his post, but there is a comment in the article that is worth noting:

    “”Smith had trained two trainees previously, but had not attended the DTO training class. Smith told Powell, regarding the DTO manual, “I’ll just be honest with you, I’ve never read it.”

    That is not a problem with this deputy, that is a problem with how the Sheriff’s Office is run. Does this sound familiar, like a certain (former) Lieutenant who went to patrol, but never went through FTO, and is now grooming dogs because he screwed up so much? This is a leadership problem!!!

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