Did Elder run a “Pay for Play” Campaign?

We are looking for feedback reference our “Pay for Play” Article.  We are serious about verifying our data and providing links/references when possible. We are very interested in how people feel about the information provided in the article.  There were more examples of individuals who contributed and it appears received some consideration, but we wanted to stick to the ones that were clearly documented and verifiable. We hope people will request information from the Sheriff’s Office and verify our facts.  Seek the truth.

3 thoughts on “Did Elder run a “Pay for Play” Campaign?”

  1. The entire Maketa administration remains under Elder. These Commanders that claimed that they were victims of Makita are full of it. They were just as much in on everything. Commander Rob King has had numerous sexual harrassment claims during his career with the Office. Much of the Command staff and numerous Deputies would throw swinger parties regularly, but in fairness I dont know if this practice continues. These people should all be removed by the County Commissioners but we know they are just as bad dont we?

    Bottom line, while these people remain nothing will change. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!

  2. Sounds like another “Millennial” wasn’t good enough to get a promotion. More Fake News by morons who received participation trophies for competing on the losing team.

  3. With respect to the most recent “Latest News” posting regarding 1A funds, this is quite concerning and serves as yet another red flag!

    First of all, let’s get one thing straight, 1A money was intended and voted for by the voters for Patrol and Detention DEPUTIES, Investigators and civilian support staff, not Sergeants, Lieutenants, or any individual in Command Staff to include Commander Jeff Kramer. What Elder is doing is a blatant misappropriation of funds and non-compliance. Something very fishy is going on if Elder is using 1A funds to fund areas of operations/personnel that the voters never approved! Another clue that the idiots in EPSO Budget and Finance are incompetent and, if qualified, they would know better.

    Secondly, the ballot language, and I quote, specifically says, ” THE SHERIFF REQUIRED TO REPORT ANNUALLY TO THE CITIZENS OF EL PASO COUNTY ALL REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES RESULTING FROM SUCH TAX INCREASE,” but yet, as a taxpayer and member of this community, I have not seen one annual report on 1A from Elder that specifically states IN DETAIL how 1A money is being collected and spent. The only useless documents I have seen are Nicola Sapp’s occasional presentations on lump sum values, which does not provide one ounce of transparency to identify where that money is being spent and therefore be used to ensure 1A money is being spent in compliance with the ballot language.

    Beginning on Page 2, the following link provides the specific ballot language for 1A to support what I documented above. Link: http://car.elpasoco.com/Election/Documents/TABOR%202012%20General%20vFull.pdf

    Based on the ballot language, it appears that Elder IS NOT in compliance with what the voters approved and County isn’t holding him accountable, which means they are just as guilty.

    At what point will the Commissioners actually do something about this mishandling of our tax money?

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