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Interesting Questions:

Should a local Sheriff, who’s responsibility is protecting our community; act like a politician and hire and promote all his friends no matter their qualifications?  Or should he populate his team with individuals with the most experience and training?

Should a Sheriff, who’s responsibility is protecting our community; spend money on overtime, training, and equipment to support his mission?  Or should he spend thousands of dollars sending his friends and campaign supporters on trips across the nation?

Should a Sheriff re-hire an individual in their command staff who’s Internal Affairs file is over 1000 pages and there is history of multiple investigations to include Sexual Harassment?  What if they contributed to the Sheriff’s election campaign?  Should that make a difference? Would a person of Integrity re-hire such a person and put them back in supervision?  Would you be surprised when they are accused of sexual harassment again?  Simple question: Should a Sheriff protect a sexual predator and allow them to continue as a supervisor or should he provide his employees a safe work environment?

What if a friend of the Sheriff, who is a supervisor and happened to contribute thousands of dollars to his campaign, was accused of unlawful sexual contact by a female employee?  Should it be investigated?  Or because of his relationship with the Sheriff should it be dropped and the victim intimidated?  What would a person of Integrity do?

Character Counts