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  1. Wow…now Chief McDonald is leaving. Who’s next? Question for all the current employees of the Office…who’s next? And if it’s you, would YOU be asked to film a video in order to cover their bull&$#t?? #pleasesavejanetstears.

  2. You better find out the real story why the Sgt was demoted!! Due to a female that was punished for engaging in an inappropriate relationship with an inmat ( deputy XXXXXX and inmate XXXXXX) were caught on several ocations acting inappropriately. So she filed a claim on something that was not even said to her but the sgt was a man and said he made the comment to someone else who said it was not harassing in nature. Make sure you know all the facts before you blast one of the best employees in this office who got screwed over but was man enough to say he was wrong. Oh and ask why the female was not punished like other deputies caught in the same situation… umm
    Could it be because she filed a lawsuit…. I wonder

    1. Spartan just because you SRT members like to think you all are Billy bad xxx’s and that policy does not apply…sexual harassment is never ok. And believe me I Know facts concerning this situation. So instead of attending a briefing of an individual that violated his oath and policy why don’t you attend the briefings of the victims instead. After all you took an oath to defend the citizens of this great community. And if you are not strong enough to do that then just go enjoy your free burrito from Chipotle and let the real men and women do the hard job they swore to do. And much respect to all law enforcement personnel that do a very hard job everyday without asking for anything in return and doing what’s right when doing what’s wrong is becoming commonplace at the epso.

      1. I’m not SRT and you’re wrong, this Sgt. Was screwed over and by a female who did the same acts a male would have been fired for. It’s hypocritical at best, and by ALL accounts this Sgt is exemplary in his duties. Apparently you’re more interested in blindly supporting your friend.

      2. Sorry your upset sir or ma’am, i was not there for the show of support nor am I on SRT. I am sure however that the people fired this last year for having inappropriate relationships would like to know why they were fired and she was not. No one is saying the comment made shouldn’t have been, but there is more to the story. So don’t lump this person in with the likes of the command staff. As you can see from the support being posted on here there are other things going on at the courthouse

  3. We have been receiving some comments referencing specific details concerning individuals working for EPSO. We do not want to reference employees unless it is directly relevant to the corruption. Our goal is to expose the truth about Bill Elder and his command staff. This is a goal all employees should support. We do not want to censor comments; however, we also do not want this website to become a place to negatively comment on fellow employees. In any discussion there will be things we will not all agree on; but we can agree Bill Elder is corrupt and he is eroding the great reputation of the Sheriff’s Office.

  4. All this points directly at Bill Elder for even allowing his staff members to attend a briefing. If for nothing else the appearance of it sends the wrong message. And for all those Maketa naysayers…at least he made his own decisions and wasn’t afraid to stand by them. Bill Elder does not have the respect of his own staff….they are allowed to do whatever they want…and when things go wrong he pleads ignorance. Sorry Elder that does not cut it…the buck starts and stops with you. I believe your corrupt favoritism lack of leadership is soon coming to an end. Do us taxpayers a favor and resign immediately.

  5. This is coming from someone who has intimate knowlege on the demotion of a very good sergeant and is not an SRT member. I’m not saying every sexual harassment claim is wrong or inappropriate but this one in particular was done simply to deflect attention from one female deputy’s very inappropriate actions with an inmate! She knew she was on her way to getting walked out (straight from the horses mouth) because of HER OWN ACTIONS and decided to make false accusations against a sergeant who was simply doing his job! Not every sexual harassment claim is valid and this is a disgrace to the ones that are valid. On a side note, there were female deputies from the courthouse that went to support that particular sergeant as well. That was conveniently left out of this post and in case anyone is wondering, this is a female deputy talking.

  6. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expectthe end result to be different. That is what the Elder administration has done; all of the staff he brought with him on his triumphant return to the Sheriff’s Office had all worked there before. Most of his staff were former Maketa supporters and were complicit in Maketa’s poor treatment of subordinates. They reaped the benefits of his favor and stood by while he ran roughshod over the troops. Some of them chose to leave; they were able to retire and had enough of the psychodrama that was the fifth floor in 2014. One would think that after observing the way that Maketa’s administration was treating the lower level employees that they would say “never again”. One would think that these people would see that they had an opportunity to right the wrongs. Unfortunately, that did not happen; they rode on Elder’s coattails and continued to behave in the same manner as before. Subordinates were seen as whiney little complainers who weren’t an eight of the cops that they seemed to recall that they were (in truth, ask some of the old-timers how useless some of those “super cops” were back in the day). There was much talk prior to the transition that Elder was coming in under the banner of change and the old ways of leadership through fear and intimidation were over. Alas, it was just that….talk. The wrecking crew of Shannon and Breister swung full force against the Patrol Division, laying waste with each pass. Both stated to line level personnel that they were just there for one term and that they didn’t care what happened after they were gone. Morale is as low or lower than ever in the Patrol Division. It is not any higher in Detentions; every time a bit of relief in the form of more staffing comes in, personnel are pulled to fill other units; they never seem to get a break. There seems to be more interest in developing these joint units with CSPD than in getting and maintaining proper staffing levels. Long time mid management supervisors were ignored, moved and minimalized. No efforts were ever made to engage them in the process of change; it was like the sergeants and lieutenants were foster children that the Elder administration were forced to adopt. They had to provide a minimal amount of support in the form of a salary,but that was it. You were only appreciated if you were one of the smart ones, or pretty ones, or athletic ones.

    The most telling example that all is not well on the fifth floor is simple; look at who in upper management has left: Chief Deputy Todd Evans, Fiscal and Compliance Manager Wendy Habert, Chief Bob McDonald. A number of senior lieutenants have left as well. I would like to think that Sheriff Elder had good intentions when he came in, but somewhere between the campaign trail and taking office the plan to change things for the better was substituted for continuation of the status quo.

    In closing, I would offer that if one thing would have been done by the returning staff things would not be this bad. If the returning staff would have stood in front of the troops and acknowledged that they were involved in the poor treatment of the troops at the hands of Maketa’s administration and they sincerely apologized for their past actions and vowed to do change, I think there would have been hope.

  7. I refuse to avoid the evident just based on a few comments here that are obviously from the SRT. I’ve been at EPSO long enough to know that if this female deputy was inappropriate with an inmate she would have been walked out and fired. She hasn’t been there long enough for the office to have invested enough money in her to save her for no reason. She still has a job, her current rank from what I can see, she still works at the courthouse. I’ve also been at EPSO lojg enough to know that the office has defenently invested plenty of money in the sergeant. His reputation in the SRT was also well known. I say that to say, he was the one demoted and removed from the courthouse, so the office must know of something so atrocious on his behalf that they had to take action against him. I’ve heard he was the Sgt who accused the female of being inappropriate with an inmate. If she is still there and hasn’t been punished, but he is gone and has been punished, I believe he tried to create a smokescreen that was proven false. I’ve heard some details but I can only draw conclusions based on facts. Fact is, the investigation obviously validated her and obviously sustained his harrasment.

    This is an overall leadership problem in the office. This is bread from the top down and then flows back from the bottom up. The leadership knows what is going on but they are involved in the same things.

  8. I’ve worked adjacent wards with the female deputy when she was running male wards and she is of the upmost professional. I’ve seen her take control of male inmates all by herself and gain control in out of control mail wards. I was present for a riot in he jail last year and she worked her *ss off with us. She may have even been the only female present. I’d rather work next to her and with her than nearly any member of the SRT, because nearly half the team has never worked the jail. There are though some legit dudes at team, but it’s not the “best of the best” like it used to be. You should have to work the jail in a ward all alone to be a member of the team. Is that why the team is getting pulled into corruption with Command Staff and being used for shameful reasons against a female who obviously was harassed. The team should be the “Best of the Best” and should be required to work the jail.

  9. Is it going to take a deputy getting seriously hurt or killed for the upper echelon to realize just how inept the so called “leadership” is?

    We can all see through the hypocritical “motivational” crap they try and shove down our throats.

    Employees are sick and tired (LITERALLY) of the “do as I say not as I do” mentality. Thank the almighty Lord we are willing to look out for each other.

    Something has to change. And hopefully not at the expense of a human life.

  10. Congratulations to Sgt. Mott, Sgt. Davis, and LT. Wheeler on your promotions today! The Office is very proud of you! Unlike the garbage on this website, you three are excellent examples of chracter! We wish you the best!!

  11. I will say this- the latest article was drawing attention to the fact people showed up to a briefing to support sexual harassment was incorrect. I truly believe it was to support a man who was demoted for his alleged actions, who is highly respected, and demoted for something others have not been demoted for. I don’t think it was to support a culture of sexual harassment in the workplace. That former sergeant is a good man. If that is what happened to him, why are others being left alone with no demotion? They may have had cause to demote him, but why is he the only one making being sacrificed? They should not be permitted to pick and choose who they hold accountable. But we all know there are more people in supervisory positions doing the same stuff, don’t we?

    1. Why did Elder lie and protect Bill Huffor yet demote another? That is the corruption and what we want to focus on. Bill Huffor sexually harassed a female employee and Elder protects him by eliminating the DAB and unfounding the investigation and then allows the SGT to be investigated by county HR. None of this makes any sense. Elder needs to be consistent. But what this does prove is that Elder is corrupt!!!!

      1. Exactly! And while all of you bicker about who was right and who was wrong, you are missing the greatest magic trick of all. This administration has you looking at one hand, all the while, you are missing what is really going on with the other hand. Have your opinions, and share them. But don’t forget what this is all about. If you hold one accountable, shouldn’t all of the perpetrators be held accountable?

      2. Another good point on this Blog about lack of consistency. Perhaps though, even with the apparent in-consistency, perhaps there was a less apparent reason for that. Read the comment by “Respect.” If the deputy this sergeant harassed is on the level mentioned and is connected to the White House, wouldn’t the office have concerns about making sure she was handled properly. The office would have to know her background through her hiring process, even if it isn’t commonly known by co-workers. Unless she was hired under Meketa. I am inclined to believe that her status and experience is what determined handling her case differently. Can you say “National News” if they get this wrong with her. What was this sergeant thinking? Perhaps he didn’t know she was smarter than to let herself be harassed or perhaps he just wasn’t thinking at all. Still, good point, regardless of any employee’s background or any supervisor or employee who is being harassing, it should all be treated the same way. If founded, FIRED! The office needs oversight from independent investigations. If this case made that happen, GREAT!!!! Hopefully this will keep it that way.

      3. Seems to me everyone needs to call it as it is. Huffor should never have been promoted but when your friends with the right people, your good. Why is Huffor not being investigated and charged for his sexual harassement. DANG shame roybal demotes for daddy and daddy gets promoted all seemingly in the name of dirty leaders. Spiral downwards is EPSO. Shame

      1. Ok. I will give you that. “Good man” is subjective. She is a “Good woman”. Both are good cops. I still say, regardless of where we stand, the thing not to be overshadowed is the fact that people are being treated differently, and that needs to stop.

        1. Yes! Even more-so, however, women are being harassed and that needs to Stop! Treat them all the same through termination. Regardless of the difference in the discipline, they still have their jobs! These women still come to work everyday and have to look at these people. I’m sure their main concern is a discrepancy in discipline. I’m sure they would each like only to not see these people, hence, consistant termination!

  12. Please tell me this didn’t happen. SRT gathered against an employee? They are used in wards against inmates. Please tell me this did not take place. HUGE mistake for leadership at EPSO if so. I left in thee early stages of what I witnessed there. This takes it to a level that is completely horrific. I read a comment that half of the SRT hasn’t worked the jail. How did that happen? When I was there everyone started in the jail and SRT is assigned to the jail. So where do they work? If theyve’ never worked the jail, are they failing to realize the team is used in wards and not against employees. Did leadership allow deputies to join a team in spite of never working the jail? Would that be because numbers are so low at EPSO that they get what they can take? I’ll be listenting more for this. dirtyelder, please keep this updated. I’m a prior employee and a very concerned citizen.

  13. S.R.T / (S)exual-harassment (R)esponse (T)eam

    for Commander King and Lt Huffor and the SRT Sgt who has been doing What they’ve been accused of doing all the back to when I first came to know him while he was the training deputy. No secret at all the Sgt has been married five times. His issues with women aren’t just at EPSO and in public. They obviously go much further. Commander DeLuca allowed the team to come together for his fellow man Commander King. So Chief Lincoln should have known about this too. If they didn’t know then they have a rogue SRT Team on their hands. If the Sheriff knew, holy crap! And if he didn’t, he hired these people. Things are at their worst!

  14. It was awesome to see so many members of EPSO participate in the Polar Plunge today! Team EPSO raised the most money of all teams participating! To date for 2017, EPSO has raised over $11,000 dollars for Special Olympics Colorado and it’s only March!! EPSO is full of great people who continue to give back to the community!

  15. I’ve never seen this website until today after I heard from an Academy buddy about the current state of the Office. I do not work for the office but I did. When I heard who was involved with this case my jaw dropped. I was in the Academy with the female deputy and I can tell you first hand there is no F’N way she would engage in any way with an inmate that couldn’t be spoken for. I’m not there and certainly do not claim to be knowledgable about the state of the entire office but you would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to me that this girl would engage this way. I’m not a female seputy but I have all respect and much love for this female deputy.

    1. “Beyond a reasonable Doubt” for these reasons. She’s proven to be a model citizen and I myself asked her in the Academy why she would want to work for EPSO where none f her experience means anything. We all got to know each other extremely well because every instructor who comes to the Academy asks the same question or every class: Tell me about yourself?” Here is why an inmate relationship doesn’t fit with her and why she should have never settled for the Sheriff Office. She worked for the President of the United States and was part of some group or section that staffed the White House. I’m sure the FBI and Secret Service wouldn’t let someone work with the President or be part of the hiring process if she weren’t safe for America, much less a place like El Paso. I know she has a Masters Degree but I don’t know in what. But still, impressive. She was in the military and was actually in Bosnia with NATO as a peacekeeper right before I went for the same mission. She was the Academic Award recipient for our Academy and the go to person for me and many others because of her knowledge on understanding laws and policy type information. She has kids who go around the world and to different places representing the Unites States as delegates or ambassadors or something in that arena. No F’N way. If she behaved that way she should bee admitted to an asylum because she would have lost her mind and I know her to be one of the most spiritual people and kind people I have ever met. But I’d give her my back because she’s loyal. I know this girl in a way that you could never convince me that she would have lost her mind in such a way. And if the Office has somehow hurt her. Be ready to answer to the highest, and I don’t mean the Sheriff. I’m talking more like God.

      My first time meeting the Sgt involved, I only remember him not having a tazer on or OC spray on in the jail. He had a lot of energy and I remember thinking it would probably be cool to work for him, but other than that I never worked for him and he left the jail right when we were put to work. Can’t speak on his behalf and have no opinion there.

  16. Why is this site “moderating” comments before they are posted? Seems like censorship at its finest. Why wont you allow people to click on “post comment” and allow their comment to appear on your disgusting website without it being “moderated” first.

    1. This website is focused on exposing Bill Elder’s corruption. We don’t want it to become an employee bashing site. All posts are welcome so long as they don’t attack (By name) any employees that are not directly involved in the corruption.

      We just want the corruption and hostile work environment to stop. People who dedicate their lives to protect our community deserve better than the likes of Elder, the Huffors, Breister, Lincoln, Borland, McPike, King, DeLuca, and Porter.

    2. Keep it classy. Instead of trying to post things that might involve names or something trashy, stick to the positive posts.

  17. If the female deputy is filing a lawsuit or has already she can now add slander to the verbiage.

    I work at the courthouse and many of us see who’s inside the cliche and those are the same people who gather in the Sgt’s office. And the Sgt’s let them. The same month the female deputy got there, about 6 months ago, the Sgt accused of harassing her began calling her into his office. Many of us walked by and saw it. And the gossip started. I checked on her myself because she was crying. One of the SRT deputies went in there too so this Sgt and the SRT harassing her started when she got there. And the SRT deputy was gossiping too. Whoever is on this sight commenting is either blind/wasn’t paying attention/or is completely dilussional/or is loyal to those tabs without facts. I agree with the person who posted in the comments about paying attention to what took place. No matter the “smokescreen” – who is still at the courthouse with her rank and who is no longer there and demoted. That was a good point by the commenter “facts.” And he called her in several times after that with the door closed. She came out crying those times too. We’re all right there together. How can you miss it? Whatever was said, I know no employee at work should have to leave an office crying. I didn’t witness this part myself but other deputies did and were probably part of corraborating facts. Other deputies saw him after these meetings too. One deputy said the Sgt had her in the locker room and again she was crying. Why was he in the locker room with her? What was said? I’m sure the investigation figured that out. Another employee saw him with her in the small break room next to the Sgt’s office. And it’s not a secret that him and another female deputy in the courthouse were in an affair even though he is married. Men like him talk. Bottom line, there were plenty of conversations about him taking her into his office. There are less known conversations about him being seen in other rooms alone with her. You would have had to have been blind or not been able to hear. Then he suddenly accuses her of something going on with an inmate. Shaking my head. Good cover to take attention off of him. He was making work difficult for that girl long before he ever brought up anything about an inmate. I think he knew she was ready to report and would likely do that. The SRT and that Sgt (because he was SRT) controlled the environment at court. I hope that environment gets completely broke up. I hope the environment at the Sheriff Office gets completely broke up. I totally support the female deputy. Im not blind to what I saw and I can hear. If she is reading this website, add Slander to your lawsuit. Your name was obviously cleared in the investigation. His was obviously not cleared. He smeared your name. You have support!

  18. First time on this site after I heard this story. You should look into the medical section. Craziness going on there too.

    Anyway, I loved when I entered a ward to pass out meds and this girl deputy was there. I’d be in and out. She has a unique way of maintaining order. Male inmates and girl inmates respected her and that helped us in medical because we are on a time crunch. I saw an inmate be disrespectful only once with her in the ward and she made it more than clear what the order of authority was and that it started with her. I’ve seen sloppiness. She wasn’t sloppy. Surely not sloppy enough to cross the line with an inmate. I’ll never believe that.

    Please look at medical. Things are happening there too that are unacceptable. People leave regularly because of it. We are a revolving door for employees because of the treatment and the disorganization.

  19. For the record, not all of the SRT attended this “rally” or whatever it’s being referred to as. Quite a few of us do not support what occured with the female deputy and believe what happened in his demotion was fair. The SRT did show up but it was not the entire team. Just because we are on the team does not mean we support wrong-doing or would take part in anything that appeared to be intimidating towards a fellow employee. This gathering last week was a horrible idea and the consequences so far are reflective of that. This was not the entire team, FTR!

  20. This comment is regarding THE “Latest Story” about the lack of detectives for a double homicide. I say former “Chief Joe” should have responded. A former detective friend of mine said that Joe, let’s call him “Teflon Joe” could be counted on to search dead bodies and or the crime scene hours before search warrants were signed by a judge. In 2011 he and a former Detective Sergeant were walking through a house where a homicide had occurred hours earlier. He and the sergeant were all over the residence (crime scene) several hours before a search warrant was signed. Deputies, detectives and the CSPD Metro Crime Lab techs sat outside patiently awaiting the signed search warrant, but that wasn’t good enough for Joe. He was the Chief you know. Maybe legal constraints only apply to those who know they MUST follow the law. Evidently, the law doesn’t apply to Joe. After all he’s Teflon.

  21. To the female deputy if she happens to be paying attention to this sight and reading this blog:

    Deputy XXXX, reveal it all, blow the roof off of that place, bring attention to the corruption living in even the smallest corners of the smallest closets, and the retaliation and intimidation employees experience at the hands of Command Staff, use your absolutey clean reputation and your status as a good woman to stand up to harrassment, and believe that you have a tremendous amount of support, do all of that, and then use all of your experience mentioned in one of the previous comments to RESIGN. Reveal the corruption and then Leave! In the meantime, the lies are getting shit down, the Sgt ran for the hills (way to thank a Command Staff that saved you from termination), and the truth is coming out! Stay the Course and then remove yourself, you have more to offer the world than EPSO could ever offer. It’s too corrupt to treat people well!

    1. Hey…US Joe. It’s obvious that you are the source of all these leaks (can’t believe that Porter hasn’t figured that one out yet – IA investigations, budget issues, POST complaints). Bill – who else has the most to gain by your demise? Who else wanders the halls aimlessly complaining about his lack of say or knowledge about the decisions made by you and your concubine Janet? Who else wants that badge that you “wear?” It’s time to release the Golden Boy’s findings…and get this party started.

  22. Perfect example of how corruption breads corruption. A Commander saved from termination after sexual harassment and the office is now the recipient of a sexual harassment lawsuit, a Leautenent saved from termination after sexual harassment and the office is now the recipient of a degradation of moral because of favoritism to a “golden boy”, a Sergeant saved from termination after sexual harassment and the office is now the recipient of an intimidation and retaliation investigation at the hands of its own SRT Team, and is being investigated along with the entire Chain of Command.

    Harrassment is never ok, coverups are never ok, intimidation and retaliation is never ok!

    Corruption breads Corruption. The office is reaping what it has sewn at the hands of the people the Sheriff has saved. It’s on his watch but will fall on the taxpayers dollars, because to the women who have to face these harrassors that the office has saved 💲Chi-Cheeng 💲

  23. For the past two months I have checked in routinely on this website. Some articles I scoff at and some I agree with. There is a lot of truth to many of the claims listed here. Too much truth really. But this comment thread bashing the former sergeant who has been demoted is way off kilter and the comments putting the alleged victim on a pedestal (all of which are obviously being written by her, under different names) have simply gone too far. So now, without further postponement…I present to you, the real story:

    As stated, the accuser in this case is obviously writing the comments on this thread supporting herself. Who else would remember and/or care that she worked at the White House or toured in Bosnia (unless you saw the picture of her flagging Bosnian kids with her rifle on Facebook – true story). But what she won’t mention in her self-proclaimed high praises while writing as “Mary Taylor,” “Respect,” or any of the other fake names she’s using, is how her marriage ended. That’s right, folks, a 20+year marriage ended because she had an affair with another deputy while assigned to midnights in the jail. She’ll claim she simply “fell out of love” with her husband but in reality she fell for the new guy who wasn’t interested after the fling. I’m not saying that to be callous, I’m saying that because it’s true and it’s relevant to what follows.

    Fast forward a few months: She made it to C&T, when all of the sudden, she was caught visiting an inmate in a courthouse holding cell while she was sitting down eating lunch with him. Now this inmate, folks, is not your ordinary inmate. He is a serial rapist, drug dealer, small arms supplier, master manipulator, and did some awful things to little kids. He’s the inmate we are all warned about – the smooth talking expert con man who can suck you in if you let him. The girl isn’t stupid, that’s for sure, but she just couldn’t resist those big brown eyes!!! It didn’t end at that holding cell either. There is footage in two different wards in the jail of her hanging with this inmate while assigned to his ward FOR HOURS!!! He walks checks with her, sits on her desk, and stands behind her near a slider that separates two wards while whispering sweet nothings in her ear. The sweet nothings happen for FORTY FIVE minutes by themselves. Imagine having an inmate lean up on the wall behind you and start whispering into your ear while facing the other way. Would you continue to face away from him, looking back only to smile every time he says something cute? Witg 70 other inmates watching. That’s what she did, for 45 minutes. And she’s on tape eating it all up with a spoon, Laughing at his jokes, flipping her hair, even touching him on the shoulder twice. Integrity always wins!!! Right? At least that’s what “one of her supporters” posted.

    Now here’s where the sergeant comes in:

    He caught her doing these things. When he caught her on the lunch date, he didn’t hit her with disciplinary measures, he just talked to her about how she was being perceived and left it alone. But that undeniable rapist wit the inmate was oozing was irresistible, so she picked up some OT shifts at the jail and ran to her new knight in shining jumpsuit; hence the footage. Another sergeant at the jail is the one who caught her pretty much pursuing a relationship with this guy at work. She reported it, and the sergeant that would later have his career ruined issued his future accuser a disciplinary letter. Are you starting to understand why she was crying in the sergeant’s office yet? She was busted.

    Now unbeknownst to the sergeant that would later be demoted, Ms. Accuser knew some of his dirty secrets. But she didn’t disseminate those at first. First she lied. She filed a complaint saying he cornered her and asked for sex, and in return he’d throw out the write-up.

    Now, anyone that knows the demoted sergeant also knows that claim is absolutely ludicrous!!! He was a good sergeant overall, with one exception: He will secretly date and mate with his subordinates. HR investigated the first allegation of “cornering her” and could not substantiate it. How could they? It’s a total lie. But our victim needed a solid diversionary tactic once that claim failed. She needed anything to take the heat off of her after she was caught courting the inmate. She knew unless she had something substantial, something concrete, that the walls were closing in on her. So, she threw one of her best friends under the bus with the sergeant.

    The former sergeant has made some extraordinarily idiotic decisions while supervising females, but it was never with anyone unwilling. He was one of the most motivating people in the office and that’s why he had a show of support from his team. As a basis of comparison, another former EPSO sergeant from the Maketa administration who Elder shuttled to the jail was an SRT member too. Recall any shows of support for him during his downfall? How does that fit the Blind Loyalty narrative for the SRT you are spewing? People followed the demoted sergeant, looked up to him, and still do. His accuser attacks him because of his infidelities, conveniently ignoring the fact that’s how her marriage of nearly a quarter century ended.

    Now for the SRT show of support:

    What rallied the SRT was the sergeant taking ownership for his actions. That rallies any group. That’s why EPSO is burning like Rome right now. Its leader (Elder) pretends we’re stupid. He’s the Wizard of OZ. He thinks we won’t notice all the stuff behind the curtain. If Sheriff Elder would simply say:

    “Yes. I have shown my campaign supporters unfair favoritism and allowed debilitating nepotism to fester during my watch. It has all been at the expense of you, the hard working employees of a once fine agency. I promise to be better and stop giving my friends perks and advantages you others do not receive.”

    If he had done that we wouldn’t be in this mess. We’d rally up and stay up, so long as it didn’t happen again. Instead, what do we get? He says nothing to address these problems other than excuses to the Gazette, which is resulting in an incriminating website whose creators are gathering dirt at a geometric rate, and an agency on the brink of recalcitrance.

    And for the record, folks, I am not an SRT member, but rather a friend of many of them (I work with half the team). The comments here bashing them are obviously from the disgruntled old timers who “Worked at Metro,” came from the “Old Way,” and “do not need the SRT.” They’re easy to spot at work, too. They’re the ones always complaining about everything and pointing out the faults of the “rookies.” They are the ones that are always in the smoking areas talking about guns while sipping their ODR coffee, all the while never really contributing anything to the mission other than classless quips in briefings and discontented comments while working. What you people saw in SRT’s gathering is called camaraderie, and it’s something you Floor Security people are pitifully and laughably void in. Maybe you should try it sometime. I’ll bet you wouldn’t hate your jobs so much.

    And I’m not saying the demotion of the sergeant wasn’t justice served. It probably was. I’m not saying he was a supervisor that everyone should emulate. Clearly he is not. You simply can’t sleep with subordinates in a supervisory role – period, end of story. But as the higher echelon at EPSO has proven time and time again: It’s not a big deal to sleep with your troops until someone complains of uses it as leverage. This sergeant was a scapegoat. Here’s a little fun fact for you: The demoted sergeant was originally a big Elder campaign supporter too!!! What better way to turn the heads of a few making the claim of corruption than to bury one of your own that stopped drinking the Kool-Aid.

    And to the female accuser, I say this: Congrats on your victory. I mean it. You’ve won. You backed the chain of command off the investigation of you and the inmate with formal complaints and threats of lawsuits. Bask in your triumph and move on with your career. Or better yet, find a superior one. According to you, you’re too competent for the Sheriff’s Office that is obviously beneath your qualifications anyway. The best revenge is living well, so go get that done and send us a postcard.

    Prediction: A new comment will be ambiguously posted in response to this comment fully supporting the aforementioned accuser in the demotion case, stating how incredibly awesome she is, all while citing new “observations” of her greatness from afar. I’m actually excited to see the explanation for the footage of her pressing up on the inmate so blatantly since I don’t think she’s knows about all of the video tape. We’re all waiting with baited breath.

    We’ll all know who really wrote the response when it’s posted (and she will post it – I promise). Ain’t that right, “Mary Taylor?”

    1. Obviously written by the other SRT Sergeant who took part in publicly supporting the sergeant. We’ve read your reports and know how you speak. And no, this isn’t the female deputy! In fact, Im a male deputy and support her revealing the obvious corruption you eloquently speak of yourself. It’s obvious many people do. To assume the people commenting on this blog are not legit, undermines the overall support and overall concern employees have in our office. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in her shoes as the recipient of a comment like yours, but your comment does reveal just the type of corruption and support of corruption that she is up against. I hope she isn’t reading this website! But if she is! Stay focused!

      1. OR! If you are so convinced she writes her own comments, is that because you are the one writing yours? Is this the accused sergeant? Or the other SRT Sergeant? With all of the support for this deputy that I myself have heard of, I’m surprised there aren’t even more comments on this Blog! Many have stepped up, we just haven’t “rallied.” SOON, you’ll find out just the way that’s happened, but if this is one of the Sergeants mentioned, you know exactly how it’s happening. It’s happening the right way.

        Male Deputy who supports female deputies against Harrassment regardless if they aren’t divorced.

    2. I wrote the post “Respect.” At this point I would say my name however the website host has made it clear my post will not make it to the comments if names not affiliated with corruption are mentioned. Your post and everything you described at EPSO is why I left that place early on. It’s why I hope a female deputy I support takes your advice and leaves too. As stated in my previous post, I’m not there so I do not claim to have knowledge of the entire state of the office. And I only came aware of this site after another Academy buddy alerted me, but I am going to take time to read every article as a tax paying citizen. The most recent concern being the corruption involving the death of two Kids. I do know enough about the jail though t say this, you’re comment about the deputy “having lunch” with this inmate and touching the inmate as she flipped her hair is completely laughable! I feel semi foolish entertaining that claim other than to not allow someone else to be hood-winked by such a far fetched claim. She would be gone, fired! And please refrain from making statements as if people like me do not exist. I exist. I am a male deputy who wrote this post and the post you claimed I didn’t write. I have always and will always support this female deputy. I trust her like I trust family. People on this site are genuinely concerned about the corruption of an entire Sheriff’s office at the Command Level. Will you claim next that the female deputy is who created this website? Obviously someone cares enough to reveal the corruption by building a website and keeping up with concreting facts being shared by employees. And there are also people who care about this deputy who needs to get out of there ASAP. I “respect” am one of them! Completely laughable that you would claim and that people may believe a deputy could have lunch with an inmate and still be employed. And the “slider” incident. I know enough about the jail to speak of that too! Was she in the slider because she was watching both wards? If so, that would mean she was watching way more than 70 inmates. And why would you assume the inmate was whispering “sweet nothings” Does the jail have sound now? What if he was telling her all of the inmates in there would cause trouble for the ward? And 45 minutes taking to him out of a 10 hour Shift. Aren’t those wards on 30 minute checks? How would she have done that. And if you mean 45 minutes all together but not at the same time, I’ve talked to inmates cumulatively for much longer than that. If it was a slider, it means she was in a direct supervision ward, we are guided to talk to inmates in those wards. If she was in a male ward, then of course it would be a male inmate. If it had been a male deputy talking to this inmate, would anyone have cared? If she was already being harassed as claimed in another post, of course the sergeant would love to capitalize on covering up his Harrassment with a claim of her being inapropriate. I’ve still yet to read anything that she was demoted or transferred or punished. He was. Even comments supporting him include claims of his “extraordinarily idiotic decisions” with female subordinates. Sounds like it didn’t work out with this female deputy, who I greatly respect! Run girl! Get out of there! If you’re reading, much love!

  24. I’ve read all these comments and all the articles. I don’t know where to begin. With almost 25 years with SO I can say my heart hurts. (My rank is irrelevant)I guess I’ve been walking around with my head in the sand. After Maketa made world news I was ashamed to be part of this organization. Then I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I could hold my head up high again. When people stopped me in uniform to speak it wasn’t about Maketa anymore it was about how the new sheriff was doing. Now all this. Now when I see the people ‘mentioned’ on this site I look into their eyes and secretly wonder if I really know them or are they a fake/phony, smiling and asking me how things are. I wonder if they are looking me in my eyes and can see through my fake smile that I no longer trust anyone. I wonder when they look at me if they wonder if I’ve been to this site to learn more about them and that I can see through their thin veil of hypocrisy. I think about how it must be for them to walk around wondering what people really think of them and that all of that brass on their collar is so inconsequential.
    I can only speak for myself so I’ll say this.
    Bill…this turmoil ultimately falls on you because you are the head of this organization. The filth on this site is because there has not been the openness that you promised. The favoritism was the start of the downward spiral of your administration. There is no longer the trust or honor needed to guide us. There is only shame and dissention. My trust has been used up and I feel old. I despise coming to the work I love. I am a direct result of your lack of true leadership. I like to think you had good intentions starting out. But you brought in the same people that were here before so nothing really changed. We know more than you think we do. We hear the brass talk when they don’t know we are around. How do you fix this? I really don’t know. I wouldn’t want that burden. But then again I wouldn’t have placed myself in the situation you now find yourself in.

    Fellow Deputies. Please pray for our Office. Pray for healing, peace and unity. Pray for wisdom. But most importantly, pray for safety for each of us. We must not turn against ourselves but we must turn to each other.

    I myself will never return to this site. I must move forward with the most positive attitude I can muster. God…please bless us all.

    1. ASHAMED,

      As an almost 20 year vet I agree with EVERYTHING you said.

      It was so very disheartening after our current Sheriff promised us so much (positive) change and to move forward from the previous administration-when he was and still is the biggest culprit of bad mouthing that era. And then to bring back/keep the same individuals that were just as bad or WORSE than Maketa? Hypocritical. And heartbreaking. We all wanted to march forward. Not roll backwards.

      Our so called leadership should get out from behind their desks and work a ward, a courtroom or push a patrol car with one of their deputies. And I mean SIDE BY SIDE. So they can see FIRSTHAND how a team operates. How we take care of each other because we have no choice-because we are a family and look out for each other. Even when we feel like our foster parents have abandoned us.

      Employees are ANGRY. Get out there and see how we work through it. Because it’s the right thing to do.

      1. When you see the chain of command come into the facility and they may just say hi to some, but carry out conversations with others who are the “golden children” and could do no wrong in their eyes but you know they are not all they are cracked up to be. Makes you wonder. When you here rumors of a commander sleeping with a deputy who went civilian, makes you wonder. If you are sleeping with command staff or other deputies be grown ups and dont talk about it at work. This is why we have gossip and poor morale because of what in part people are doing between the sheets with other staff. Honestly most of us dont care who you are doing and where. But then it gets put out to the masses amd people lose their ranks and jobs because adults who tattle like children couldnt keep their mouths shut. It affects the office as a whole because then people are potrayed as choosing sides and it puts US against each other and then when we voice our opinion or speak up for the person, we are now classified as supporting harassment and then forced to choose sides. We should be demaning change for the office and making that a reason th choose sides and be united on that not divided on whos having sex with who. WHO CARES.

        When the sgts walk around with a deer in the headlights look because they dont know how to do their job, not because the are incompetent to do the job, but because they fear stepping over an invisible line and getting reprimanded for it. Minus the embezzlement, its pretty much the same way as under maketa just a change of the sheriff. Players are all the same. The golden children get the jobs and free reign to do as they please and the underclass get the leftovers and pushed to the side and never heard. new deputies are not trained correctly because the ones doing the training are either to new or like most of us dont care anymore. We are there to finish out till retirement and collect a paycheck. Unite on one front not divide on several. We as an office are stronger as a whole.

  25. And “P.S.”” in return:

    To the females who were willing. You admit yourself he was wrong. Wouldn’t he have to pursue them? However, if they were willing to sleep with a married supervisor then his immoral behavior personally and professionally was welcomed. However, consider this! In his pursuance and support of his own corrupt behavior, couldn’t he come across one who wouldn’t reciprocate? If he continued, wouldn’t the definition of “willing” then turn to “Harrassment.” His willingness to behave poorly professionally and personally absolutely can mean he finds the “willing.” Still wrong, but defentetly not Harrassment at that point. But still wrong according to policy and can still carry its own puncinsment. But, when he came in with the unwilling, that does sir’ define Harrassment! AND it’s been proven.

    Good men do not behave this way. As a good man myself I can say that. Good women do not behave his way. If her “best friend” was behaving this way (your admission, not mine) and she was unwilling to behave this way, then by all means, report it all if it means staying aligned with the truth!

    I’m a total supporter!

  26. I’ve read all of the comments on this website. I can agree that this website should not exist, but it does. I think it serves a vital purpose; to give notice to Sheriff Bill Elder that his actions are being scrutinized. And to give the employees a venue to “talk” to one another about what’s happening on their shift, in their Division and in their Bureau. As a former military man, I learned that few leaders are born, most rise to the occasion due to circumstance. I would suggest that every one of you look for leadership qualities in your peers, sergeants and lieutenants; someone you TRUST. Leadership traits can be found in just about anyone who cares about the people they supervise, mentor and work with, admire and trust, serve. Each one of you can think of at least one person who you believe in, and it may not be someone the Office has promoted to a leadership role. Am I right?
    I’ve also learned that it’s tough to be a follower. You will probably agree that type A personalities gravitate to the law enforcement arena. Sometimes that personality type can cause followers not to want to follow. I salute each of you! Sheriff Elder and the command staff know how valuable each and every one of you are to the Office. Believe that the Office couldn’t function without you!
    I also agree with comments I’ve read about Sheriff Elder bringing back the “good ole boys” once he was sworn in. Joe Briester, Brad Shannon, Tom Deluca, and Ken Hilte to name a few, should have never been brought back to the Office. Each person brought that old, dirty baggage and past transgressions with them. That reminds me of another adage, “A leopard doesn’t change his spots.”
    Most of you thought that Maketa was a thug, a terrible man, the worst of the worst. Now you’re seeing the other side. The grass is not always greener on the other side!! I didn’t like Maketa, but I can honestly tell you that he had a vision for the Office; for each and every division. I’ve seen him fire people like deputies who watched porn on their MDCs and worse, much worse. I’ve seen those same deputies walk back into his office with their spouses and children in tow, and ask for their job back. Strangely, I’ve seen Maketa give them their job back. Why would a heartless bastard do that? I think that Maketa believed in second chances.
    He suffered the Office to go through a witch hunt as a result of his philandering. Most of the good he did for the Office was decimated, our pride in the Office and the badge we wore crumbled. Maketa’s stance on second amendment rights made national news until stories of his transgressions made the news. Then those who followed his lead look like buffoons, not because of the desire to carry a firearm, but because of the allegations against the man.
    The Office and many of you who served then have been through a lot without an apology; without a thanks for a job well done. I’m a no body, but I thank those that were there during the Maketa years, Thanks for a job well done!!! For those suffering through the Elder years, I thank you too!!!
    Know that those of us who’ve worn the badge, and those of us who appreciate our military and law enforcement keep an eye on this website, and will do our best to support YOU!!!

  27. You systematically attacked the entire office, all the way down to the floor deputies who show up to work hard everyday! You sound horribly miserable. With all of the corruption and with your unhappiness with the entire place, again all the way down to the “floor deputies”, why wouldn’t you take the advice you gave and leave yourself? Why would you stay? The answer is obvious in your post, you are able to see the corruption but have a unique way of defending it. Male deputy who hopes I am not on shift with you as a fellow floor deputy and who hopes this isn’t someone in leadership. Would the SRT come together against the “floor deputies” next? Would they use their “comradory” in support of a predator to organize against us like the female deputy? Is that how the SRT would show the “floor deputies” all the things they are missing as far as being a team goes (as stated by you) that the SRT possesses? Because floor deputies on this sight obviously support the female deputy, does that mean we should be retaliated against too? I’d like to remind you, regardless of who you are, even if this is the Sergeant or SRT Sergeant, it’s not the floor deputies who are being investigated for sexual Harrassment, retaliation, and intimidation. That all falls on the SRT and the Chain of Command who allowed it, and the Sheriff these people work for.

  28. She revealed all of that? All of which are things you acknowledged yourself in your post. Good job her! And shame on the female deputy at the court house for being a side chick. And shame on him for having a side chick and other side chicks; especially because they are subordinates in his direct supervision. And shame on you for making it oddly seem ok because “80%” of the leadership does it too. If she revealed all of that, good for her! I agree, if you are reading this sight, stay focused, and be sure to snap shot the comment defaming your name for your lawsuit! Add defamation to everything else mentioned already; Harrassment, intimidation, retaliation, and hostilely work environment.

    Dirtyelder, please continue to help corruption to be revealed. For all of the things being revealed, imagine things that aren’t even yet discovered.

  29. No more comments specifically addressing the incident or EPSO personnel will be posted. We hope employees can unify behind a single goal. This website is dedicated to exposing the truth about Bill Elder and his corrupt command staff. Unfortunately some names will come up, but we try to minimize the exposure. We apologize to those employees that have been caught up in Elder’s attempt to cover up his corruption. It is obvious employees are not being treated fairly or consistently by Bill Elder; for this we are very sorry. Our goal is not to impact employees; only to expose Elder for what he is.

  30. Refocusing, I think your story on Amy Folsom was spot on. How better to keep the concerned employees, retirees, and citizens at bay than to eliminate the SO’s HR. The very SO employees who have their “finger on the pulse” of what’s happening inside the office, and who are aware of the many employees who may have been unjustly treated by the command staff and brother Bill. Genius Ms. Folsom, I didn’t know that you had gone to the dark side. But I don’t think your plan will stop the bleeding! There’s too much nepotism, cronyism, etc., etc.,
    I think it’s time to contact the DOJ and request an investigation into not only the Sheriff’s Office but the County Attorney’s Office. I understand you side stepped your responsibility and informed the attorneys for Porter, Kull, and Gerhart that you wouldn’t stand in the way of them receiving the ridiculous sums of money they were paid for alleged wrongs by Maketa.
    Porter’s a moronic, narcissistic, egomaniac who played a long shot and won. Or should I say that the county (you) let him win. Kull and Gerhart both resigned in lieu of returning to complete interviews regarding an IA allegation. They didn’t even come into the office to resign. Some would call that cowardly. Geez, how many times was Kull fired for misconduct. He was one who walked his family into Maketa’s office and pleaded for his job back and Maketa gave it to him.
    I’m sure it didn’t hurt Gerhart’s case that his lovely wife was #2 in the DA’s office at the time.
    You see Ms. Folsom, it’s hard to stop the bleeding when there are so many arteries that have been cut throughout the years at the SO.

    1. Hard Charger, you forgot to mention the widely-known fact of how close Ms. Folsom is with Undersheriff Briester, Diana May, Ms. Gerhart and DA May. It’s sickening, really. This, too, can be confirmed with very little effort. Bottom feeders, all of them.

  31. I’ve worked here for a lot of years now, I’ve seen all this corruption sense Makita’s first term. I have to say at this moment it is as bad as I’ve ever seen in. I like everyone else had high hopes for Elder but saw from his first day that he was going to be just like Makita and worse because he didn’t even try to hide his corruption.
    I’m currently seeking employment elsewhere and if the deputies that work there were smart they would do the same. The people at the top don’t care about you me or anyone else. They care about their pension and their take-home car that’s all they care about. If you get hurt on the job tomorrow, do you think they’re going to lose any sleep over it? You’re not even going to get a medical retirement you’re going to get a job as a Security Tech and they’re going to be like sorry about you’re luck. We’re sacks of meat in a uniforms to man their wards so they dont have to; so they have someone to blame when s*** goes south. Always remember they don’t give a f*** about us and never will; and unless your willing to sell your soul have fun working those ward until you retire. Get out while you can!

    1. As this site continuously to falter with its inane promises, the “sexual harassment” allegations against Lt. B. HUFFOR still linger. Go (Sexual harassment victim’s names redacted) – it’s time to bring it down!! The LOC is there for the asking!! County HR has the answers…who wants to ask the questions? #askMcGee #askKirstie County have the answers – who wants them? BOCC? Glenn?? Folsum?? Anybody with a brain and or a heart who cares at all how much 99.999% of this office is hurting? Have you seen any smiles around the office lately (aside from Elder’s cheesy grin)? Yeah….neither have we. Zubeck – there’s a huge story for you here – please help us! EPSO STAFF

  32. One of the things that the Elder Administration pushed from the very first day was “Character First.” This simple statement was to be the driving force of change for the Office. “Character First” was supposed to be what all decisions would be based upon; hiring, transfers, and promotions would be based upon the character of the individual. Competence, apparently, wasn’t a consideration anymore. All personnel were encouraged to attend an eight hour block of training on Character. Most of the command staff carried coffee mugs that said “Character” on them as a constant reminder of the new guiding principle. Now, two plus years later, their true character has been revealed.

    The concept of “Character First” was, in reality, an insult. The implication was that since our boss (Former Sheriff Terry Maketa) was of dubious character, then that means that the underlings were also of low character as well. Nothing could have been farther from the truth; the men and women of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office both sworn and civilian were of good character. As difficult as it would have been (and still is) to function in an environment with a leader that is of questionable morals, they still continued to honor their oath to serve the citizens.

    If the Elder Administration was truly interested in Character, then they should remember what they promised to do when they came in and do that. Instead, we have seen your true Character….what really has changed from the last administration?

  33. I was recently introduced to this website….I am not currently an employee of the S.O. but I did work there years ago and I am well aware of what takes place with the administration…I can tell you stories from years ago that would make this situation look like child games…
    It amazes me how some people can run their mouths and behind closed doors but then in the presence of the Administration they are best friends…come on people lets go out there and do our jobs you signed up for, if you feel the department isn’t a good place to be LEAVE…..
    I have known and worked with Sheriff Bill Elder for many years going back to 1977, and I can tell you he was a great dispatcher, street cop and most of all is a human being. He like all of us made mistakes and if he could probably would change things, but lets get down to the truth, Sheriff Elder is doing NOTHING different than any other Sheriff did, other than make someone mad because of a decision that didn’t satisfy them.
    The one thing I find to be so childish is when someone’s personal life is brought into his job, does it really matter what Bill and Joy (and yes I have known Joy since day 1 that Bill starting dating her) choose to do…..they have a private life as well but no one will give them that respect.,.. as for them living together WHO cares, he shows up for work, Joy shows up for work and they both do their jobs….
    I am confident that Bill isn’t the only one married twice and divorced twice, I have been myself….
    I think if the people running this site put 1/2 the energy towards resolution to the issues the department would be an amazing place to work and lets remember one important fact, there are always 2 sides to a story and I’m sure your not getting all the accurate information…
    Let’s step up to the plate and give this man the real credit he deserves, and for those who are afraid to put your name out there, why would your stories be believed….

    1. How can you compare if you don’t work here now? We know about all the old stories. But how do you know what it’s like working here now? It’s ten times worse now than it was before. And if we don’t like it we should leave? I’ve been here longer than Elder and I’m not screwing over all the deputies so he can payoff his friends. Elder is the problem; he should leave. He promised things would be different and it is. I use to look forward to coming into work, now I’m embarrassed to work here. Elder needs to leave. I don’t care who Elder is sleeping with; he just needs to stop F***ing us too.


    The employee abuse that I witnessed May 31, 2017 between an Intake and Release Sergeant and a Court and Transport Deputy is another example of the climate we work in. I watched a Sergeant address an employee in front of at least 6 other Deputies and two other Sergeants with absoulute rage and profanity. If this Sergeant would do this in the private sector he would be fired on the spot. I watched another Deputy attempt to stop the abuse but was ignored by the other supervisors on scene. Someone needs to stop this!

    1. Obviously we want more information and you should encourage the deputy to file a complaint. Sounds like there will be plenty of witnesses. Send us an email with all the details. dirtyelder@gmail.com

      You do not have to take the abuse. There are other deputies who have filed complaints and more are coming. Now’s the time to stand up. Every time a supervisor steps out of line; file a complaint. You put your lives on the line for our safety, you shouldn’t have to put up with inappropriate behavior by incompetent supervisors.

      1. Contact County HR and make a complaint about workplace harassment and intimidation. Since a recent harassment case was founded and after the SRT intimidated/retaliated against the victim, a video was released by the Sheriff where he said all harassment can now be reported straight to County HR without going through the Chain of Command. Once reported, Intimidation and retaliation against someone who makes a claim is a sanctioned act.

    2. You are backing up your fellow transport deputy. That’s expected. But we know the deputy who was being admonished severely had just openly and in sight of others said some misleading things about the Sgt’s Section and process. I am not defending the Sgt’s actions, but the deputy misspoke. Anyway we also know the Sgt did apologize to the deputy and the other deputy who was also there and they shook on it. Granted there is a time and place for everything and maybe another venue should have been chosen and from what I saw the other sergeants did talk to the deputy who was admonished. Conversation don’t know ask your friend.

      Friend. Fear and Intimidation I don’t think so. Heat of the moment outburst was acknowledged as wrong and it was over settled like gentlemen. I think you know at least two of the sergeants involved would give the shirt off their backs to help anyone. You painted the wrong picture.

  35. I was in the meeting on Wednesday and Elder acted like a two year old who didn’t get the toy he wanted for christmas. He wanted the big boy job, suck it up. This office is going to hell and he is crying about how he is being treated? What a big baby. He has proven he is not up for the job and His entire administration is a failure. Somehow using bad language is going to motivate us? Elder has no leadership skills. It’s all about him. Poor baby. Elder made a complete fool of himself. He is mentally unstable and shouldn’t be able to carry a gun. He said if we didn’t like working here we should “F”ing leave. No Bill, you should “F”ing leave!!!

    1. I was there and I disagree. Elder is not the problem and he didn’t act like a big baby. He acted like a broken man, frustrated with all the corruption around him. Elder is not the problem it’s breister and all the others who came with him. Elder should have fired them all. Plus the Huffors need to go. Janet is the most evil, mean person I have ever meet. I work in the jail and everyone knows Bill Huffor Sexually Harassed Deputy (redacted). I think Elder wanted to do the right thing, but didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Everything is a complete wreck. Working at the jail sucks. It does look like the stress is getting to him and he needs to clean house starting with the Huffors. His language was pretty bad.

      1. Are you kidding me? Elder is completely to blame. he is letting it happen. They are all in it together. Everyone is talking about how Elder lost his mind. He needs to go visit Dr. T. I’ve heard that deputies have been written up for using profanity, why does elder think it is okay for him? We are working in a mad house being lead by the mad hatter. The rules are not being enforced fairly. Someone needs to call Elder out for his meltdown last week. Morale has never been worse. Elder needs to leave and take all his friends with him.

    2. Elder is losing his mind. His actions last week proves it. He needs to be checked out because he is not mentally stable. I would say go take a vacation but not sure that would help. It is obvious this website has gotten under his skin and he is can’t deal with it. I guess the truth hurts. It’s a shame we are the ones who will ultimately pay for his evil doings. Does anyone care about those of us who work the wards each day? It’s a mess at the jail.

  36. Rats deserting the sinking ship! You might want to add some rats with the skeletons.
    As appropriate as it would be for Elder to step down, that would leave Joe Briester, the sanctimonious a** shole in charge. Now would be a great time for the DOJ to step in.

    1. Not necessarily….Breister would only be in charge until the Board of County Commissioners selected a replacement. When Sheriff Red Davis died in office the BOCC appointed Bernie Barry to finish the term; Barry was not the Undersheriff at the time. Hopefully the BOCC would be willing to find a qualified leader from outside the inner santum and perhaps then change could happen. I am afraid even Father Merrick couldnt exorcise the demons from the office.

  37. Question. Larry Borland has been promoted to a Bureau Chief. Are civilians allowed to hold such a position?

  38. Leaving this organization was the best move I ever made. My advice to those that still work here; run, run away as fast as you can! Dont make the mistake I did and give this place your best years and have nothing to show for it. Get training for a new career. There are jobs if you are willing to make sacrifices.

    These so-called leaders there have so many skeletons in their closet they have no right being in charge of anything. I could tell you stories about the leadership that would make your hair stand up. Any person considing a career here, please apply in Douglas County they are a far more professional organization. EPSO is a “good old boy system”. If your in the club your gold, if not have fun doing all the sh#t jobs your whole time there. Get used to hearing, BRAVO 4 call in cell 1.

  39. I worked here for 11 years and was never treated so poorly in any job. If you’re a deputy here; the civilian staff treat you like crap and get away with it. The Command staff has no accountability because the Sheriff could care less what goes on. He only wanted the title not the job. Why do you think Todd Evans bugged out so fast?

    That 68K was good money but not even close to being worth what you have to endure to get it. Its almost impossible to move up here unless you’re one of the select few and if you think your fancy college degree is going to get you anywhere here think again.

    Why is the employee turnover so high? Why do they have to run two 30+ Post Academy’s every year just to man the jail? Its not money its working conditions. This place will never change and I feel bad for the people that have put there heart and soul into it just to have them crushed. I’d rather be forced to go back to Iraq than work for this organization again.

    1. There was some marked improvement after Maketa got 1A passed. That resulted in a significant and very needed increase in manpower both for detentions and patrol. But…. then Elder came along with a whole bag full of campaign promises. And to fulfill those promises he needed positions and money. Those increases in staffing quickly went away and now we are right back where we were, with a sunset date for 1A coming up on the horizon. If it doesn’t pass, it will have devastating effects on people’s jobs.

      That’s one of the other dirty little secrets. Who’s job will it affect? Is it yours? Is it your friends? Are you a 1A deputy? How do you know? There is a staffing list that is maintained by the 5th floor. They have every 1A deputy identified by name on that list. But the list is fluid. Somewhere I have a copy of it stored away, with a couple of years of history of the updates and changes. The 1A designations have changed from deputy to deputy. Perhaps you weren’t a 1A deputy before, and subject to layoff if 1A doesn’t get renewed. But today, maybe you are one.

      Watch your backs guys and gals!

    2. Just to expand on my thought, the State of Colorado investigated my unemployment claim and found EPSO at fault for mistreatment that resulted in my resignation. Now they get to pay it dollar for dollar. Ha ha! Thanks for the money!

  40. MIKE ANGLEY FOR SHERIFF! Hell I may reapply as soon as soon as he become Sheriff as long as he sacks the the Command Staff. 😎

  41. So I guess the Civilians that work at EPSO do not work nearly hard enough to deserve a pay raise, or at least consideration. I read once where the current administration, conducted an alleged survey to ensure that ALL employees were or are at the mid line pay as compared to others along the front range working in Law Enforcement. I have never seen the results of this survey. If such a survey was conducted, and taxpayer monies were used, shouldn’t this then become public information? At what point will this administration recognize there is another half to the office (civilian support staff) beyond those select few that work on the 5th floor? Say what you Will, under the last administration all employees were included as part of the “Valued” work force / Team. When is enough enough? Bring back the pride and dignity for, not just the half. For those who will say, just another disgruntled employee, well put yourself in the place of a civilian who gives their all only to be treated less than the Sworn.

  42. Directly from Elder’s website: The EPSO funds a procurement specialist and the EPSO also funds 2 positions at the county attorneys office. 2 county attorney positions? Really? How much money is Elder paying for those 3 positions? Doesn’t the county already have procurement people to cover ALL county offices? I’ll tell you where that money is going: the county is taking advantage of Sheriff Elder being an idiot and they are taking money from his budget to pad theirs! And what is left after they take theirs, he is using to pay his buddies. He doesn’t care one bit about the us line level deputies and the civilians. He even admitted it! He’s only running for re-election so he will earn a retirement. It’s all about Bill Elder. It’s always been all about Bill Elder.

  43. So what is the outcome of the misuse of CCIC by Jacki Kirby? I sure hope this is not another issue that just fades away and gets forgotten. The position she put the employee in is wrong and she needs to be held accountable. This is such a blatant violation of not only office policy, but CCIC rules. CBI needs to take immediate action against Kirby. If Elder had a set or any small amount of integrity in his soul, he would have already fired her. So, what does Jacki have on him? We already know his staff despises him, by the way information is leaked on a daily basis.

    Time to plan a going away party, soon!

  44. My, My, My. It appears Carey seems to be spending a lot of time around Elder and the office. We know he began his law enforcement at the sheriff’s office. Is this the next favor or and act of desperation by Elder. Does he think by making Carey his next Undersheriff will take the spotlight off the federal lawsuit he is facing.

    Sure hope the party is at least planned for Breister’s retirement. How many more will be jumping off the sinking ship in the coming months.

    The latest news today about the suit moving to trial against King and Elder, how do the commissioners now feel about endorsing Elder for re-election. When will the commissioners and local medial outlets finally “see” the truth about what is going on in the sheriff’s office.

    You can only ignore all these inappropriate behaviors so long. The media has a responsibility to the community to report the truth about the office and its lack of leadership. Just ask the question, would you trust you life or that of family member to work under this administration and its leaders?

    You know the old saying, if it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, there is a high probability its a turd. My, My, My.

    1. You know the Command Staff there never truly retires. They keep coming back kind of like gonorrhea. Just ask Commander DeLuca. By the way when you see him ask him if he paid back all of his retirement benefits that he received while he was retired.

  45. The pin elder wears is also worn by Lt Huffor under his shirt pocket and some others. It is supposed to be worn by only those that were on the inside when he took over and was running for sheriff. Signifying those who could be trusted within elders group of friends.

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