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Here is your chance to say what ever you want about Bill Elder or any other corrupt member of his staff.

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  1. 1. How the heck did Elder get in office in the first place. There was no vote from the public. I question the fact that thete was no opposition.
    2. His legacy as a Sherrif from either Fountain or Security is dubious.
    3. What Sherrif Elder and his cronies have done to 3 people plus their families is inexcusable and sinful.
    The corruption needs to end. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!

  2. Joe Breister is the biggest snake in the entire organization. He’s as big a part of the corruption as Bill Elder, maybe more so. I hope exposes him too.

    1. Exactly, unbelievable that one of the worst parts of the Maketa administration not only stays but gains more influence via rank.

  3. There is no doubt that Bill Elder and his cronies have long been undermining the public’s trust, pilfering our tax dollars for their own personal gain, protecting sexual predators within the Office, and totally abusing the power of the Office of Sheriff. Every single one of those bottom-feeders need to be exposed for the corrupt pieces of shiX they really are; and, this website is a great way of doing just that! Congrats to you for taking the initiative and exposing the filth that work within the walls of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (i.e. Elder, Breister, King, Gehrett, Borland, Huffor, Lincoln, Porter, McDonald, the list goes on). I hope this website serves as the critical piece that begins the total unraveling of the corruption and total lack of moral standards of the Elder Administration. A formal investigation must be launched NOW!

  4. Glad to see this website. Hopefully it stirs enough interest to initiate a formal investigation into EPSO and the staff their. Individuals such as Elder, Breister, Evans, Jaworski, Porter and numerous others have gotten away with to much. EPSO is an institute inundated with immoral, corrupt and prejudicial staff. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

  5. I am more than relieved to see this is up. The corruption at EPSO is the worst it has ever been. Commanders afraid to do their jobs out of fear or ass kissing for Huffor and the gang. Lt. Huffor has done more than just sexual assaulted his employee, he has added just the right amount of mental abuse in as well as threatening employees with his friendship with Elder in order to get what he wants.
    All the command staff brought back from the old regime are just as guilty of these acts. Showing Sergeants it’s OK to be mentally abusive to the deputies under their charge while others call off sick to have a few beers with his subordinate. They are all out for some type of revenge and if you get in the way, you are simply a casualty that will be discarded without second thoughts. It’s a shame they are allowed to tear this office and the people down for their own benifit.
    Wait, I stand corrected, they will tear down anything Maketa had in place just to show they can screw it up better. There is no loyalty, honesty, unity, or integrity left unless you join the good ol boys club.

  6. As an employee of the office, I see Sheriff Elder as a person of trust and honor. He has done so much for his employees. The moral of the Sheriff’s Office must be questioned since the most senior of Deputies are resigning due to the lack of help in areas where it is needed most. The Mod positions. The positions are critical to our success and having no mod to help the busiest areas like Bravo and Alphas has got to be manned everyday of every shift. There are two 15 minute check wards in the Alphas which are considered special population and 1 30 minute ward which is considered a general population ward. There is never any help in the Alpha area and the Sergeants do not support you and ask if you need a break from all of the chaos happening in the Alphas. There is Alpha 1, which is a special population ward with inmates just entering the facility and having to be checked on every 15 minutes because of transitional inmates in the ward. Transitional Inmates are those that have come from Alpha 2, which is a 15 minute special population ward with those that are considered transitional. The transitional females are the ones that have been cleared from Alpha 2 and graduated to Alpha 1 with a transitional status. Most of the time , the females in the Alpha area have no time to utilize the restroom and when we ask, we are given the comment of “Seriously, you need a batroom break already.” If you were to call in for a bladder infection due to this behavior from the Sgt’s that are in the hall way and just sitting at their desk shooting the shit with others, joking and laughing, you would get the third degree of punishishment and made fun of in from of other superior staff.
    I would like to know when the superior individuals forgot what it was like to be a deputy of no rank. They have forgotten what it is like to run a ward and this really needs to be addressed. From a disgruntled deputy of the office. Please help us.

  7. It is very easy to make accusations without having any provable facts and evidence to support. It is also easy to make accusations behind the veil of an Internet curtain.

    If you have something to show the public, do so the right way, not like this. Doing so without provable facts and doing so anonymously is akin to yelling “FIRE!” ina crowded theatre and running out.

    1. Hello Mr. Pot, I’m Mr. Kettle. Nice to meet you. We are anonymous for a good reason. We are attempting to source as much of our stories as possible. We hope to point people in the right direction to get all the facts. It’s up to them what they do with the information. Thanks for reading.

      1. No need for name calling. When a person with an agenda resorts to that sort of emotional, juvenile reaction (e.g. name calling) then their message becomes hidden behind their posture…much like a legit message (a message which I BELIEVE YOURS IS!!) becomes less trusted when it is based on conjecture and word of mouth rather than in names, places, dates, official documents, etc, all provable evidence that can influence the court of public opinion and more.

        What I was attempting to communicate to whomever is operating this site is to WAIT until you are in a positon to present to the appropriate judicious body (BoCC, DAs Office) or a willing media mouthpiece (local TV, print, or electronic) ACTUAL facts that can be coroborated, not stories and conjecture that serve only to stir up emotion instead.

        We don’t arrest people and take cases to trial based on stories but only do so based on hard, provable evidence. You don’t appear to have that yet. If you indeed DO have that, then go public with it. Now. Why wait? To put this website together and literally conceivably ruin the reputation and public perception of actual human beings when you have not as of yet produced actual, provable evidence is IMO immoral.

        Ultimately, there are many disconcerting things that have happened in the last two years all employees have seem from the inside that need to certainly be investigated, much of which makes it seem like Maketa and his cronyism never left. Sigh. I support the concept of your efforts but DO NOT believe this is the correct forum or manner in which to operate.

        Oh, and I can be anonymous because I am not making accusations, just someone who would like to see you succeed.

        1. You must be stupid. The media is the ones that allowed so many bloggers and Elder lovers to hide behind “anonymous” names when they were bringing down Maketa but now that Elder and his boys are the ones targeted, people are cowards??? That office is so full of badge heavy brown nosers that it makes me sick. If ANYONE speaks up against him, they are punished. People are scared. I appreciate whoever put this site up so that everyone has a voice. They did the same crap to Maketa when he was accused of wrongdoing. Now it’s Elders turn. Along with Billy Molester, Rob “Illfukanything” King, Cliff “screws friends wives” Porter, Rodney kiss ass Gerhett, Mitch perverted Lincoln, Brad “looks at porn on his work computer” Shannon, Joe Breister…. I have so many names for this douche. I wouldn’t know where to start. Jackie, you look like crap on TV. You should stay off of it. I thought the TV added 10lbs saying was just a myth, but not in your case…

    2. There is a “fire”, it’s the integrity of the office that’s burning along with the moral of the employees. Sounds like you’re part of the problem, standing there roasting marshmallows watching GOOD people go down in the flames.

      1. One thing Ive learned with the Sheriffs Office. You might be the golden boy today but tomorrow youll be tossed out like trash. Just ask Tim Williams one of the best people ive ever meet.

      2. Get real, 90% of the Deputies are straight up hard core workers, affraid of thise they work for. People like you, ignorant to the trenches.

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble but Bill Elder is no Sheriff. He has done nothing but bring morale down worst than ever before. His biggest mistake and his downfall (one and done) will be that underqualified moron so called “Chief of Staff” idiot along with her “deputy” husband. Of course there’s others too like Larry Borland, Brian McPike, Greg Maxwell, Joe Bresister, Tom DeLuca, Clifton Northam, John Ross, Cliff Porter and Jackie Kirby. Only thing all these so called “leaders” have in common is they all come from the same class (Cnidaria Scyphozoa Aurelia), JELLY FISH. These people should not be in a position of authority especially Janet Huffor. Seriously, she’s over command staff, what a joke! She should be placed somewhere in some corner and just left alone to color. She should be thankful she has a $90,000 job with her qualifications. A high school student is more qualified than she is.

    This administration was given a golden opportunity when they took over. All they had to do is FOLLOW POLICY! and be fair. But of course not, it seemed too difficult of a task and still does apparently. So instead they go after the employees that have a back bone. Employees who did and tried to do the right thing, FOLLOW POLICY!!! One perfect example is Lieutenant Timothy E. Williams. Lieutenant Williams who was and still is well respected throughout the office tried to do the right thing regarding a disciplinary board (contributing to the delinquency of a minor, underage drinking) that involved Kyla Gingrich, Kimble Gingrich, Jamie Maxwell, Christopher Herman and Kevin Tedesco. All Bill Elder had to do was follow his own policy and let the board proceed with the recommendations that Lieutenant Williams (board member) presented but instead Bill Elder was manipulated by Greg Maxwell who wanted Christopher Herman to be fired and nothing less. Lieutenant Williams being the person that he is did not back down from Bill Elder, Greg Maxwell and Larry Borland even while being yelled at by both Bill Elder and Larry Borland. But as you all know Lieutenant Williams is no longer employed by the Sheriff’s Office. Hmm…I wonder why. Lol.

    To Bill Elder and company. If you don’t see the writing on these walls you walk everyday please use our county benefits and get your eyes checked. The writing is big and clear and in high definition. The “One and Done” team. Your so called bench is no longer a bench. They’re gone and don’t trust each other especially you, your secretary Janet Huffor, Larry Borland and Brian McPike.

    This website has been a god send. Hopefully people from the outside will begin to realize how incompetent Bill Elder is and now employees have a way of communicating and have their voices be heard. Let the countdown begin 712 days left….. Hasta la vista!

  9. As a former employee of EPSO, I know for a fact that Bill Elder discriminates against women. Gender discrimination is a common theme in his administration. If you step forward and say anything, in no time you will be retaliated against. Elder and a number of his Command Staff members engage in discriminatory behavior toward women every day and they get away with it because Elder encourages it and endorses it. Prior to taking Office, Elder even set forth plans to not have any women in his Command Staff. An Independent article named “Elder Outlines Sheriff’s New Team” written December 10, 2014 pointed that fact out by saying, “it is worth noting that Elder’s leadership team does not include a single woman.” Here is the link:

    The only women whom he gives favors too are those that sell their souls and are willing to carry out his dirty deeds and/or have contributed to and worked for his campaign for Sheriff. Three of the most obvious are Janet Huffor, Wendy Habert and Jackie Kirby. Thank God Wendy Habert no longer works there as she herself was a poison (her replacement and close friend of Bill Elder, Brian McPike, is no better though). As for Janet Huffor and Jackie Kirby, neither of those women even come close to being qualified for their jobs and are nothing more than incompetent imbeciles! More taxpayer money wasted on the unqualified!

    Bill Elder and the Good Ole Boys Club have NO respect for women! Ask Jeanette Reid. She got kicked to the curb during promotions for Lieutenant because Elder wanted his boy toy Bill Huffor to be promoted despite his inexperience and lack of moral integrity. He is a sexual predator for crying out loud, but yet he gets promoted.

    The discrimination is sickening! Something needs to be done to correct it!

  10. Unfortunately once again the real victims of an upset or a scandal will be the line level employees. No matter how this turns out they will be left in the lurch. Having to earn back the public opinion, hoping tax funds will be voted on again to keep desperately needed positions. Every day, doing an excellent job behind the walls of the jail and on the streets of El Paso County. They work short. They work overtime. All to keep order and safety. These same individuals are insulted, assaulted, and questioned in the performance of their duties. At times poorly represented by the media. They continue to do the best they can, never faltering. Towing the line, earning the trust of the public. It is always the lure of the media to sensationalize an issue. All I ask is for you not to forget he people that still believe that even in the face of death or danger, this is a worthy profession. When all the dust settles and decisions are made, fingers are pointed, please remember the ones who believe. Do not punish them with the judgement of the whole. Many of these individuals have earned their position from hard work, sacrifice, and commitment. We have seen many changes over the years, but one thing remains the same. The good men and women of the El Paso County Sheriffs will continue and they need you. They need you to believe and support them so they can continue to support you. Thank you for your help, hopes, and support.

  11. So Jackie Kirby says to the Gazette that the people behind this website are cowards? Easy to say when you have the protection of a corrupt sheriff backing you up. Do you understand, you moron, that people aren’t free to come forward because of the retaliation that the office uses against people that speak out against them? That they demote people for going against one of their minions? That they don’t protect a victim of sexual harassment because it was one their own that did it. Has anyone seen what the sheriffs office and the DA’s office does to people that talk to the media about how things could be handled better? Good luck going to the media and not getting demoted, fired, or worse indicted for crimes that never even took place. What a weak attempt to dismiss the truth that is being brought forth. Have you ever thought what a shame it is that this website even needs to exist? Be careful Jackie and all those others that have their own skeletons, you think you’re safe because you have Elder and Breister’s protection. One wrong move and you’re the next Tim Williams.

  12. Just got done reading the gazette article, what a bunch of trash. Not one hard question. Does the reporter work for Elder’s Admin team? I was completely pissed by Kirby’s statement calling them cowards. This coming from a person who can hide behind the sheriff. Employees know that if we say anything we will be just like Williams. Maybe we should talk about how many office relationships she has had? Don’t throw rocks …

  13. This website has been a long time coming, and I hope it continues to grow as more people inform themselves as to the seedy goings on in the agency.

    First among these going on is the mysterious case of the two undersheriffs. Despite Joe Breister being the official undersheriff, former chief deputy Todd Evans (the former Chief of Police for the ill-reputed Fountain PD, if that isn’t damning enough on its own) was made the “unofficial” undersheriff in a very tongue-in-cheek move that rendered both dual chief deputies (because statutorily, there cannot be more than one undersheriff). Both were drawing undersheriff pay ($118,000/year) while Evans was not officially an undersheriff. Shortly after this appointment, he decided to take a position back in Fountain, as many associated with Elder, have done throughout their careers. Elder said that he had no plans to backfill the position and would assign Evans’ duties to others on staff, but with there already being an official undersheriff, this seemed to be posturing for the unenlightened media, and perhaps comical for those in the know.

    Funding is a source of contention for those not affiliated with EPSO, as many see Elder as having misused and abused funds and not done anything proactive to help the men and women working under him to successfully do their jobs. In fact, it wasn’t until Douglas County became saturated with countless former EPSO deputies that Elder gave them an embarrassing pay raise from 1A funds that was soon trumped in spades by CSPD. The manner in which this came to pass once again, quite questionable and insulting to one’s intelligence. After the countless retirements and a mass exodus of deputies to Douglas County, Elder ‘enlisted’ the help of an independent research company to ‘conduct a survey’ of deputy pay in the Front Range of similarly sized agencies. This rouse uncovered what everyone already knew—deputies at El Paso County were woefully underpaid. This allegedly sparked the pay increase that made deputy pay more competitive, but certainly not impressive comparatively.

    This second instance of Elder’s incompetence and favoritism is more anecdotal than the last, but it deserves an honorable mention.

    The story goes that Elder’s daughter completed an academy (which have been few and far between since Elder took office, despite being alarmingly understaffed) and was kicked to the floors (as all deputies are). She complained that the sergeant on shift “denied” her a lunch break, she tattled to Daddy, and Elder chewed out leadership that was on shift with his daughter. Now, this would be compelling except for one tiny fact: no deputies are given “official” lunch breaks. In fact, with the jail being to capacity and them STILL being woefully understaffed, deputies are lucky to get a break long enough to eat during their 10-hour shifts. Once this was explained to Elder, he decided not to look into it further and facilitate lunch breaks for the deputies. His daughter quit after that, and that was the end of it, or so the story goes.

    Whether this is wholly, or even partially true, the issue of labor laws comes into play. According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, “Employees shall be entitled to an uninterrupted and ‘duty free’ meal period of at least a thirty-minute duration when the scheduled work shift exceeds five consecutive hours of work. The employees must be completely relieved of all duties and permitted to pursue personal activities to qualify as a non-work, uncompensated period of time. When the nature of the business activity or other circumstances exist that makes an uninterrupted meal period impractical, the employee shall be permitted to consume an “on-duty” meal while performing duties. Employees shall be permitted to fully consume a meal of choice “on the job” and be fully compensated for the “on-duty” meal period without any loss of time or compensation. Every employer shall authorize and permit rest periods, which, insofar as practicable, shall be in the middle of each four-hour work period. A compensated ten-minute rest period for each four hours or major fractions thereof shall be permitted for all employees. Such rest periods shall not be deducted from the employee’s wages. It is not necessary that the employee leave the premises for said rest period.”

    The jail is constantly so short staffed that breaks have become a luxury, and there are numerous occasions when they are so overworked that they are incapable of eating during their 10-hour shifts. However, this does not seem to be a prevalent issue with non-essential personnel.

    While on the subject of pay and favoritism, another small, yet notable incident occurred during Elder’s first year. He decided to give all non-essential personnel (which included his buddies in the command staff and in the courthouse) a paid day off after a holiday. They were not required to take PTO or a holiday to do so. It wasn’t until there were massive grumblings from essential personnel (patrol and jail staff) that he rescinded this order and said that to take the day off as paid, they would have to take a holiday or PTO, as it should have been in the first place. So once again, certain segments of the force are given overtly preferential treatment under Elder’s regime.

    This brings me to the elephant in the room: the Huffors.

    Watching Elder take care of the Huffors has been…perplexing at best, given their impressive new titles and their lack of experience, skill, and competency (to include basic literacy). Bill Huffor, a deputy at the time of Elder’s appointment, was immediately promoted from deputy to sergeant, as has been previously reported. His performance and basic skill set were both unremarkable, so this enigmatic promotion was rather exceptionable. (As an aside for those who don’t know firsthand, anyone who has worked with Huffor knows that his initial ranking—before peer reviews were removed—was an appropriate one given his reputation, lack of basic communication skills that can be confirmed by any correspondence or media interaction such as here:, and overall work ethic.) The fact that all newly promoted sergeants are kicked back to the floors of the jail was also “overlooked,” and Huffor was able to stay at the courthouse, as well, to the detriment of other people who paid their dues. He was then promoted to the rank of lieutenant within another year (which was unheard of for any other sergeant), and new rules were immediately implemented, requiring significantly more than a year for any other sergeant to be promoted so quickly. When repeatedly questioned about this in an open forum, Elder quickly shut it down and refused to answer. This is all further expounded upon in the supporting documents on this website. Upon gleaning the promotion lists before and after peer reviews were eliminated by Elder (after realizing that certain reviewers would never have promoted Huffor), it becomes clear that favoritism, for whatever reason, to this family is rampant and overt.

    More damning still is how Huffor has behaved as a lieutenant. Again, the sexual assault allegations are substantiated elsewhere on this site, so I won’t delve into those. However, I will add that despite being assigned to a certain shift, Huffor decided regularly to show up for part of his shift, leave, and show up on other days to “make up the time” on a completely opposite schedule. No other staff members in the jail are allowed to swap shifts (I am not referring to days, which does happen; rather, I mean the set 10-hour shifts to which they have been assigned.) Why has he conducted himself in this manner? Well, the letter accusing him of sexual assault is pretty telling. He knows he and his wife “have the hook up” from the top, and they can, and have, behaved in an atrocious, unbecoming manner as a result.

    And what about those who oppose the Huffors and Elder? Well, there have been threats to their careers, as well. So when asking yourself why anyone is choosing to remain anonymous, remember than these hard-working people have families, responsibilities, and careers to worry about. They also have spiteful leadership that would gladly seek to punish the growing number of people who are rallying against them, exposing their corruption, and are risking the pretty sweet racket they have going.

    It should also be stated that in coming forward, this is not an act to spite Elder in support of Maketa. There are so many questionable (and illegal) things going on under Elder that need to see the light of day for the sake of the honest men and women working under these disgraceful conditions that have nothing to do with prior leadership, and thusly, should not be discredited.

  14. It should enrage the citizens of El Paso County that a government employee has the audacity to characterize a person or people of our community as cowards, those who otherwise may very well be victims of legitimate claims of corruption and discrimination under the Elder Administration just because they don’t put a name to it and wish to remain anonymous. In this circumstance, remaining anonymous is the only option because otherwise one would face relentless retaliation, as retaliation is now part of the culture at the Sheriff’s Office.

    You don’t tell a victim to “have some balls and put a name on it” – a quote that Jackie Kirby made to the Gazette, but a comment that was conveniently removed sometime after the article posted last night (January 18, 2017). I bet you didn’t think people saw that one, now did ya? Jackie’s coward characterization and “have some balls” comment goes to show her ineptness, unprofessionalism, and inability to connect with the community and therefore should be immediately removed from her job. That is not the type of representation our community needs or wants! Victims ARE NOT synonymous with cowards.

    Just goes to show the hostility that exists within the EPSO. Elder wants names. He wants names, so he can add them to his hit list. Everybody knows this and that is why so many have remained silent, but we must break the silence and fight back.

  15. In addition to these disturbing facts listed above, people of El Paso County should also be concerned with the 2017 Budget presentation (prepared by your cracker jack Finance team – spelling errors and all) presented by Bill Elder before the Board of Commissioners late last year. Just as alarming was the lack of follow up by our County Commissioners, with the exception of two platitudes thrown Bill Elder’s way by Clark and Littleton. This so called presentation is archived on the El Paso County website.

    This 5th grade power point (slide show) might be the only budget presentation in history that contained zero budget information and zero ($$$) dollar signs.

    By the way Sheriff, why is it now necessary to roll previously restricted funds (Work Release, Gateway, Concealed Handgun Permits) into the Sheriff’s general fund? Trouble in EPSO budget paradise??

    1. What an embarrassment! Their 2017 budget presentation is just a representation of the total ineptness and stupidity of the EPSO Budget and Finance Unit. Goes to show how McPike, Fromme, Bell, DeStefano and Kniffen (aka Raffety) ARE NOT qualified to be fiscal stewards of our tax money nor should the likes of Elder, Breister and Borland have any authority over those dollars. “Coward” Lol said is right, “cracker jack Finance team.”

      The money allocated to the Sheriff’s Office is being managed by a bunch of unqualified idiots! This is a huge concern! What is also very concerning is the co-mingling of restricted and unrestricted money! Total RED FLAG!!! Co-mingling clouds transparency and opens up the opportunity for fraud and embezzlement, but apparently the Commissioners and CFAO N. Sapp choose to look the other way.

      When Maketa and Cardarelle were here, EVERY penny was accounted for and all presentations served absolute value to our internal staff, the BoCC, but also the taxpayers of El Paso County. One more thing to note, Maketa and Cardarelle ensured transparency of 1A money to comply with the 1A ballot language. Another area where Bill Elder and his “cracker jack Finance team” have failed.

  16. Aw, this was a definitely good post. In notion I’d like to put in writing like this furthermore – taking time and actual effort to create a very beneficial article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to get one thing completed.

  17. Lets just bring a few facts to matter, not all employees and staff are bad. Even though the new Sheriff re-hired the exact same cancer that created, operated and supported the previous Sheriffs corrupt leadership. Such as Com. King who had an affair with a Deputies wife, then the Deputy told to quit or be fired, quits, moves and King married this woman. How about the created position of J. Huffor to an created 80 plus thousand dollar a year job due to her campaign work then her Husband, is promoted to Sgt. within weeks and then Lt. within months, changing the promotion policy to enable this garbage. How about the convienant promotions of husbands and wives, who are closer to the leadership. Hmmm, how about a deputy, Brown, who is Disciplined for his actions in Intake, right in front of a Sgt. but due to the Sgt. being who he was, the deputy takes the fall, after the Sgt. did nothing to stop the actions, WHICH during this strip search, did NOT violate policy. If research is truly done on who they promote, you would be shocked how many people who were truly qulified were not promoted and those who were had frineds in certain places yet are promoted due to there names and friends, NOT there qulifications. DO TELL.

  18. With respect to the most recent “Latest News” posting regarding 1A funds, this is quite concerning and serves as yet another red flag!
    First of all, let’s get one thing straight, 1A money was intended and voted for by the voters for Patrol and Detention DEPUTIES, Investigators and civilian support staff, not Sergeants, Lieutenants, or any individual in Command Staff to include Commander Jeff Kramer. What Elder is doing is a blatant misappropriation of funds and non-compliance. Something very fishy is going on if Elder is using 1A funds to fund areas of operations/personnel that the voters never approved! Another clue that the idiots in EPSO Budget and Finance are incompetent and, if qualified, they would know better.

    Secondly, the ballot language, and I quote, specifically says, ” THE SHERIFF REQUIRED TO REPORT ANNUALLY TO THE CITIZENS OF EL PASO COUNTY ALL REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES RESULTING FROM SUCH TAX INCREASE,” but yet, as a taxpayer and member of this community, I have not seen one annual report on 1A from Elder that specifically states IN DETAIL how 1A money is being collected and spent. The only useless documents I have seen are Nicola Sapp’s occasional presentations on lump sum values, which does not provide one ounce of transparency to identify where that money is being spent and therefore be used to ensure 1A money is being spent in compliance with the ballot language.

    Beginning on Page 2, the following link provides the specific ballot language for 1A to support what I documented above. Link:

    Based on the ballot language, it appears that Elder IS NOT in compliance with what the voters approved and County isn’t holding him accountable, which means they are just as guilty.

    At what point will the Commissioners actually do something about this mishandling of our tax money?

    1. Wow, this is some great information. We will get our researchers on it. We heard there was suppose to be a yearly report. It’s our understanding that if Bill Elder has not provided a yearly”public” report on how 1A funds have been spent he is breaking the law. I guess we will add that to the list. Thanks for the great comment.

  19. First, I understand the fear employees have expressing their dislikes, feeling of unfairness and belief of policy violations. This has been going on since the beginning of time with the Sheriff’s Office. For decades, few employees ever made it to retirement because of the hostility, retribution and genuine fear of an administration, whether Elder, Maketa, Anderson, Barry, and the list goes on. These people hold your future, your dreams and your retirement benefits in their hands.

    The lawsuit and discrimination notice against the county by King, Lincoln and the others was the beginning of an understanding that people were no longer going to accept biased, hostile, threatening treatment by the Sheriff or his staff. If in fact you feel that you are treated unfairly, there are policy violations and discrimination, you must consider that your voice with your name and written complaint will bring the most significant claim. Perhaps you should look at filing an EEOC claim against the county. It served those who are suing the county well. They kept their pay and benefits for almost a year before returning to the office in their old position or a higher ranking position. Then consider those same people are suing the county for hundreds of thousands of dollars each while working for the entity they are suing. One even ran for county commissioner. Did the voters of El Paso County want to consider someone for office that was suing them? How ironic was that. Of course, he didn’t succeed.

    Attach the facts to your complaints. Nothing stands out more than the facts with supporting documentation. Document, document, document! Policy says you can’t record your conversations. Wouldn’t that be interesting in a court of law with the public hearing what is going on. Just a thought.

    This website says YOU should complete CORA requests for staffing documents, policy changes and budget matters. Why don’t they make the request? They don’t want their names out there, but they want your name out there.

    I understand your need to speak. No one has ever felt that they could speak freely without it coming back on them. John Anderson would have lunches with employees of the month and ask them what suggestions or comments they had. When he didn’t like what he heard he went down to their commander and went downhill from there. Maketa had his snitches who would whisper in his ear what they didn’t like and it would come back down. Bernard Barry was no different, so many brown noses. I’ve heard that happened in recent months at an in-service training with Sheriff Elder. Elder has a hierarchy with people that either like you or don’t. If you fall into the don’t category, you are doomed, no promotions, no future, no retirement. You would think Elder would have learned from this as well. Again, they are all the same.

    Elder did come into office and create jobs that didn’t exist. He promoted people that didn’t test. Jobs created at the cost of the real working people on the streets and on the floors of the jail? Who replaced those people to support the line level staff? The personnel office certainly has all that documentation. But, it’s just politics as usual. The media could certainly do a CORA request on this.

    It is sad to see sad, angry and unhappy employees. They should have a right to be promoted justly. They should have a right to speak freely. They should have a right to point out bad behavior, poor policy and poor supervision. They should be able to do all these things without fear. Tim Williams departure sounds like a man who stood up for his principles and was eliminated for doing so. Sounds so much like the prior administrations and their treatment of people trying to do the right thing.

    Yes, there is a good old boy system, it existed before Elder, with Elder and most likely, after Elder. As our new president says: “Drain the swamp”.

    1. To be clear; we are not suggesting employees submit CORA requests. We are already hearing of retaliation on employees they think “might” be involved with this website. We are hoping citizens and the media will do CORA requests. You bring up a point we had not thought about. What about a Class Action lawsuit by all the employees? There is obviously evidence of a hostile work environment, intimidation, and nepotism. Is Elder providing a safe work environment for Females? Or is he protecting his buddies the sexual predators? We agree; “Drain the swamp”

  20. In reference to the “Scoop on the Disciplinary Action Board”

    As a current female employee at what point can I tell my family that it is safe to work in the jail with Lt. Huffor and Commander King. When will we be notified of the resolution of this matter because many of us are still uncomfortable working under these conditions and next to these two predators.

    Based on your recent directive, will Commander King be investigating Lt. Huffor? Isn’t that like the fox investigating the hen house?

    As the Sheriff you owe us an explanation and we will not rest easy until we receive one.

  21. Seems like the word is spreading and others are taking up the cause of exposing the misdeeds of the EPSO command staff.
    It’s about time!

  22. I am so disgusted with Elder, his administration and the news media (who are doing little to nothing to investigate him). I am thankful for all your hard work “Dirtyelder” to provide accurate insight into what is really going on, and hopefully soon there will be a way for them to be held accountable for what i feel is criminal misconduct (and thats putting it nicely). Keep up the good work!!! I look forward to all the updates!!!

    And last but definitely not least, Thank You to all the men and women who are having to deal with all this corruption first hand, but are willing to provide 1st hand information at the risk of retaliation.

  23. Thank you for ensuring your site is better protected. I am sure more people will feel better posting comments, now that it is secure.

  24. Remember this story? Doesn’t the “Sheriff” seem a bit uncomfortable? Uneasy?……..Nervous?

    Could a construction company owned by a campaign contributor possibly be at fault here? For all that loss of property and let’s not forget the loss of life!!! Do you think the “Sheriff” would go to such lengths to protect this individual/company because he “Paid to Play”? Hmmm. Makes you wonder huh. Just a thought and my opinion.

  25. Since Elder and his minions and demanding fact, let me call out to the news media to PLEASE file one simple CORA request that will show you the validity of these complaints on this site. I know the media looks at this site so please help us out. You have seen all of the comments about Bill Huffor being promoted to Sergeant without testing, then being promoted to Lieutenat a year or less later, which is unheard of. But that’s what happened, as a political favor. File the CORA request. Demand documentation showing exactly how long Huffor served as a Sergeant before being promoted to Lieutenant. Then… demand the same documentation showing how long every other person promoted to Lieutenant in the past 10 years spent as a Sergeant before being promoted. The results will be shocking and damning.

    Please, for the sake of the current employees and the taxpayers who expect honesty from their Sheriff, make the request, see that the comments on this website are justified, and then start looking into the rest of the complaints.

  26. I read your story on Porter investigating this website. Porter is one of the most unscrupulous employee of EPSO. He is a true racist (along with many other EPSO employees) and has no morals. He should be Brady listed along with Robert Jaworski. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear his conversations about minorities and women. Good job dirtyelder!!!

    1. Cliff Porter’s racism and sexism are well documented and will be addressed in a future article. We have already talked with individuals who have confirmed many details about both Porter and Jaworski. FYI… Jaworski has already been placed on the Brady list and we anticipate Porter being added in the future.

    2. If you want to get more on Porter talk with deputies who worked with him on patrol. He always used the “n” word and “c” word. I’m sure he still does. He hates blacks and women. Can’t believe it’s taken this long to come out. Were glad he is no longer in patrol but still a disgrace. he’s a dirty cop and needs to go!

  27. Look, a number of us have repeatedly called all the local media outlets about Elder and his “little house of horrors” and all we get in return is “we are working on it.” It’s been atleast three weeks, if not more, that this website has been out, but yet the media hasn’t said much about it or the claims being made. We have called almost daily and get the same response. We rely on the media, but we fear they too are failing us. I sure hope they aren’t “in bed” with Elder, hence the reason for their silence.

    But, on the other hand, maybe just maybe the media has submitted CORA requests and are working on it, but they are getting the runaround. If that is the case, let the citizens know! Communication is key! Nevertheless, it doesn’t take forever to fulfill a CORA request OR unless you got something to hide! Humm; interesting!

    Another point, I also reached out to the Commissioners, but got, what I believe to be, a canned bullshiX response in return. I responded back to Glenn’s email to no avail. It’s useless. The corruption is occurring right under their noses, but yet they turn a blind eye and/or make all sorts of excuses. It infuriates me (and others) that EPC and EPSO are in clear violation of County law as well. It’s sick, but yet this is the so-called leadership of El Paso County! Dirty Commissioners, a Dirty Sheriff, and a Dirty District Attorney. And, that is just the short list.

  28. Let’s talk a little more about the infamous Clif Porter, currently a Detective Sergeant. Cliff is no stranger to controversy. When he was previously a Detective, he was assigned the missing persons case of Kara Nichols. And what a botched job he did. It got so bad that the family was demanding he be fired. There was, in fact, an investigation done. During the course of the investigation, Cliff made the following statement:

    “I said you know … maybe somebody would finally just say, look, this is a cold case, this girl is probably dead, we’re going to work the leads but we’re going to shelve this thing, and we won’t overreact every time Mr. Nichols comes in.”

    Cliff was removed from the case. The case has never been solved and Kara has never been found. What a disgrace he was.

    Along comes Bill Elder. Cliff was a big support of buddy Bill. In payment for Cliff’s support during the campaign, what did buddy Bill Elder do? He brought Cliff Porter back. And promoted him. And put in back in the Investigations Division…. as the major crimes Sergeant!!! So, once again, Kara’s case is under Porter.

    How could a travesty like this happen? Easy when you have a travesty of a Sheriff in office. It’s not about doing the right thing, it’s all about taking care of buddies.

    Don’t want to belive me? Read about it yourself here:

  29. I heard Mitch Lincoln was under investigation in July 2014 for failing to document his sick and vacation time. This negligent “error” cost the sheriff’s office about 4 grand. I heard he directed his secretary to stop documenting his duty, sick and vacation time before he stole this money, I mean made this mistake. I guess he forgot to document it too. The interesting thing about your ON Duty system; changes to a duty schedule requires a supervisor’s initials and approval; that didn’t happen. I don’t know if Mitch paid the money back or if it was a “bonus”, since he was promoted to Bureau Chief once Elder took office. Is it true that they’re related? There should be case report in the RMS system, if it still exists, and if anyone cares.

    1. You bring up a good point concerning Mitch Lincoln. We have received a great deal of information about the fraud investigation against him as well as the allegations of sexual harassment and tampering with evidence. We also received information from multiple sources that Bill Elder stated at an inservice meeting, in front of many employees, that Mitch Lincoln was his cousin. So we have both nepotism and corruption. We have the evidence; it’s just a matter of writing the story. It will be VERY interesting and enlightening.

  30. Can you believe the email announcing the 2017 promotional list for lieutenant was just recalled?

    Can’t wait for the explanation.

  31. All of these stories are very interesting! I am curious if our media has investigated any of them? It would be nice if media outlets would comment or submit requests for information. If they have, it would definitely be nice if they gave the status of such requests.

  32. For those questioning why the media isn’t reporting the information on this website, don’t hold your breath. Elder and his buddies at the DA’s office and at the county office are in so tight with the media that they will never turn on their good buddy. Remember, the Gazette actually retracted a story and rather than “update” it by removing the classless, yet typical ignorant comment Jackie Kirby made about “growing some balls” they actually re-posted it as if it were a brand new story! The PIO at the DA’s office used to work for KRDO, so there’s another media connection that will protect Elder. He and the DA have connections with all of the media, as well as strong political and social ties to all of the commissioners. They will all continue to protect him, at the expense of the honest, hard-working employees at the sheriff’s office. Maybe needs to reach out to some Denver media, or what the heck, go national. The corruption needs to be exposed!

    On another note, with all the recent retirements of people who were eligible to retire years ago, maybe some of those folks would be willing to shed some light on the behind-closed-doors secrets and corruption that exists at EPSO. It’s not just a coincidence that everyone is suddenly jumping ship! Additionally, has anybody looked into the real reasons Todd Evans and Wendy Habert quit so ubruptly? Leadership at the SO sure did keep that hush-hush. They were both so active in Elder’s campaign, that a sudden departure so soon after he took office just doesn’t make sense. Inquiring minds want to know….

      1. I hear Dave Rose, the County PIO and former KRDO employee is running interference for the Sheriff’s Office and Lance with the Gazette is doing Elder’s dirty work. There is no such thing as investigative reporting anymore. If they would write a few CORA requests and ask a few tough questions they might get to the truth. They have no idea how many employees are upset at what is going on. I’ve been here for years and never seen things this bad. Now they got rid of HR; What’s the real reason for that?

  33. THANK YOU for telling the public the truth about staffing on the street and in the jail. Staffing is at dangerous levels for the Deputies and unfair to the public. Deputies have brought their concerns to staff only to be scorned and called a complianer or a whiner.

    Staff also routinely tells deputies to “Shut up and Color” when they bring these concerns up.

  34. Your very correct at staff talking down to employees. Sheriff Elder stood up at an in service class and called all the people out on workers compensation Sick, lame, and lazy. This is what the leaders thinks of employees injured in the line of duty. There is zero accountability. Chief Shannon sat and talked about the take home car was a waste of money. He also had his brand new explorer in for service and was driving around one of the brand new marked units until it was finished. I guess he needed a marked unit just in case he needed to respond to a call.

  35. Sergeants tell their deputies to just do their checks and go home because doing a good job is dangerous. Why do a good job when you can sit behind a desk and get paid to hand out toiletries?

  36. So now you’re site is up and running and where it is informative you are starting to talk in riddles. “stay tuned” or “more to come” or something to that effect. You state tune in tomorrow and we do and its still a riddle. You need to publish the story and the facts to back it up. Its great site and there is some serious issues going on at the EPSO. Especially at CJC. Everybody treads lightly afraid that their fellow deputies are going to throw them under the bus. There in NO teamwork and morale SUCKS!!!! Minimum staffing so you run a ward EVERYDAY. The worst I’ve seen in 7 plus years and only getting worse. I should have stayed where I was at. And it will be that way until a deputy or civilian staff member gets seriously hurt.

    We need the articles to be full, complete and fact. You are doing a great job and I applaud you. I think Porter is at the jail for either LT development or trying to see if he can sniff out the source of this site? Take your pick.

  37. Lengthy article in the Gazette Sunday on line about the CSPD and the EPSO dissatisfied employees. Very little of the article applies to the EPSO because the majority of information provided on this site is not backed up with facts. The website clearly shows there is a problem with the management at the EPSO, especially noted with the retirement of Chief McDonald. Why do the Chiefs work for an individual with limited experience and knowledge, the “Chief of Staff”? Why does the Sheriff’s Office have a Chief of Staff? The EPSO isn’t the White House. The ranking at the EPSO seems to be structured to accommodate the people that supported Sheriff Elder. It certainly is a slap in the face of seasoned, accomplished men or women who have worked their way through the ranks through hard work and dedication. This type of recognition for people who have worked a campaign shows the rank and file that hard work and devotion does not count for much. The fact that this occurred shows that Sheriff Elder isn’t much different that Sheriff Maketa. While the Gazette and the County Commissioners don’t give much credence to the information provided in this website, don’t despair, share your feelings and the facts you have. No one should have such power that they are not accountable to the employees or the public.

  38. Come on, we all know Kaitlin Derby didn’t write the story. It’s just the Gazette’s way of trying to hide the fact that Lance Benzel is working with EPSO. They are attempting to “filter” the truth, once again. None of the local media give a rats ass about our cops. That is why they don’t investigate and expose the corruption. It will take cops getting seriously injured or worse, before the media will do anything. Then it will be too late., post your response to yesterday’s Gazette article on their FB page as a response to their so-called “story”. In fact, any time the media runs any story about CSPD or EPSO, post the link to this site! It will be the only way to get it out to the public. Let’s see if the media removes your comment if you do! I’m betting they will. In fact, we should ALL post the link to on their website comments and their FB articles. This applies to ALL media.

    “Shut up and color”….Chief Shannan. Bet he doesn’t tell all the young cute ones that. They are his “cupcake” “pumpkin” “sweetie-pie” girls. Such professionalism! But the females know they can’t report him because nothing will be done and their name will be tarnished. So they just shut up and color.

    1. #TRUTH
      Shannon is a power hungry monster that destroys everyone in his path if you are not one of his boys.

  39. The Gazette is really showing their true colors! Those people actually removed the post I made defending Not only do they “filter” their articles, but apparently they “filter” the blogs too – and to think my post complied with their comment policy. Oh wait; I bet they didn’t like me defending the work of, so they removed my post hoping people didn’t see it. God forbid anyone call out their buddy Bill Elder. Anyway, good thing whoever is behind took a screen shot and got it posted on this website. I bet my second post at the Gazette will be conveniently removed too. Just a matter of time. Goes to show us where the Gazette really is and to think they aren’t supposed to be bias. What a shame!

  40. Will you, or a representative, be attending tomorrow night’s law enforcement forum at 6:30 p.m. at Library 21C, 1175 Chapel Hills Drive? Our esteemed sheriff and the police chief are the guests of honor. One topic will be “accountability and transparency in law enforcement.” If nothing else, it should prove to be an entertaining show.

    1. We will not be there. We are too busy. If anyone is there and gets a chance to ask Bill Elder a question in public. Ask him this one; “Have you ever knowingly provided the Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman false information?” Or this one; “If the IA investigation against Bill Huffer was unfounded, why haven’t you released the video in question?” He should want to release it to prove Huffor’s innocence. Or Ask him why when Lieutenants are accused of sexual harassment they are not demoted, but when a Sergeant is accused they are demoted? I guess it matters if you are a friend of Bill Elder.

    2. Someone will need to record that meeting, so some serious fact checking can be done. Carey and Elder are master manipulators, so don’t fall for their empty words and lies.

      1. I completely agree. Someone should be there to record what is being said, to fact check at a later time. I also agree with about the comment concerning questions that should be asked in a public forum. Too bad so many people are unable to, due to possibility of retaliation. Makes it hard to get these questions answered. The media won’t ask. Employees can’t ask.

  41. Things have really started to pick up here. Yay! In 2.5 years from now we will be reading about and watching on TV, Mr. Elder, Huffors, Maxwell, Porter, Kull, Borland and McPike walking in and out of the courthouse along with their attorneys. Lol. REMEMBER THIS POST/COMMENT…. 3/6/2017 @ 7:00pm

    By the way, did they really demote a Sgt to Deputy and transferred him back to the jail over a sexual harassment case? Seriously? Is Robert King, Bill Huffor and John Ross next in line? Doubt it. We heard there was a letter of counseling given to Bill Huffor over his sexual harassment case. Talk about getting off easily. Someone please provide a copy to

    To the victim in the Huffor case…..GET A LAWYER….It’s PAYDAY!! $$$$$$$

    To Sgt. Petterson …..GET A LAWYER….It’s PAYDAY!! $$$$$$$

    1. So word in the street is, there were more than one girl involved in the sexual harassment case. I heard from a credible source that his case was not investigated internally by IA, and was the first to be sent outside the office to outside County Investigators. Where others got a break for it being an internal investigation, the external investigation findings were obviously founded for him to be demoted and with oversite from outside investigators, something had to be done. At least he still has a job. They should all be fired!

      I say anyone harassing women and it be founded, should be fired, zero tolerance, and to all the victims “get a lawyer, its payday $$$.”

  42. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” As I read the comments left by my colleagues I must say that I feel your pain. There’s no fun in watching 120 convicted felons when you know there will be a minimal response if the sh*t hits the fan and you’re fighting for your life. I would like to have a few supervisors chime in and tell us what they think of the leadership within the jail, and organization. Civilians don’t realize that you work at the pleasure of the sheriff, which means you have no protections if you’re identified. And when you have a sheriff who is paying back his political donors rather than taking care of the troops; the law enforcement and detentions missions things go miserably wrong. Know that your former and retired deputies feel your pain and our hearts and prayers are with you. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is an incestuous monster. A new sheriff who made the terrible decision to bring back those who were escorted from the Office, retired or resigned in lieu of further investigation. You stir that mixture up and you don’t get Tammy Gugliotta cookies. You get the mess that we see portrayed here by those who swore an oath to protect and serve. God bless you one and all. Oh, just one more thing, who in the hell created the “balloon” badge. What a piece of crap!!! I could respect the badge logo from the previous administration, but this new badge logo is appalling and not representative of the stellar deputies it support the office.

  43. Balloon badge! Hahaha! That’s funny! PLEASE, somebody go to the forum Tuesday and record every word Elder says about transparency! Then send it to dirtyelder. Betcha Elder suddenly gets ill or has an “emergency” and will have to bail out of attending! If he has a stitch of integrity, and is ready to answer tough questions, he will show up.

  44. For those that felt Maketa was so bad, this dirtyelder website should serve as a reminder that Elder is the epitome of filth and the mere fact that he brought with him Janet Huffor and Larry Borland, but brought back Joe Breister, Brad Shannon, Rob King, Mitch Lincoln and Cliff Porter, to name a few, is proof that THE GRASS ISN’T ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. What is here now at the SO is far worse than ever before; there is no denying it! You look at Elder and you can just see and sense evil, but yet this is what we are stuck with and it’s bad, really bad.

  45. And to piggyback on my own comment, there was another girl in jail less than 8 months ago who he was sending penis pictures to and all verified by his arm tattoos. It was investigated and he was basically only told to knock it off. SO HE has benefited too from the lack of oversite in the past. There is another girl at the courthouse who he has acted inappropriately with. The women at EPSO know who the dirtbag men are. The dirtbag men know the women who will go along with it. Most of the women won’t. And of and when they speak up or someone speaks up for them, those are the ones exiled and ridiculed by the ones who do the same thing or the ones who are oblivious and blinded. All of the men are married men too! The women are not. A whole nother level of dirtbagness. The men have plenty of support from Command Staff. I’m for the women.

    I’m relieved the rocks are being turned over and looked under. ITs dark under there and time for the light to get in.

  46. So Paula Presley and John San Agustin pleaded “not guilty” yesterday. I’m curious with Terry Maketa’s trial set to begin at the end of the month…… what is your take on all of this ‘Dirtyelder”? And will you be doing a story on it?
    The reason I ask should be obvious…… More corruption at the Sheriff’s office.
    It seems to me from what I know through personal research and what others have told me first hand, that this whole thing is pretty much a personal vendetta started by Bill Elder, his cronies, CBI and even the DA. Which appears to have all started shortly after Maketa and San Agustin spoke out to the media on the Tom Clements murder when Bill Elder wanted to close the case when there was evidence that others were involved and should remain open.
    The sad thing is that they are being drug through the mud and having to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to defend themselves against something they did not do. And ironically Elder on the other hand is doing things that are criminal and so far nothing has happened to him and the main stream media is doing nothing to investigate. The corruption is so far wide spread with this current administration that it boggles the mind. No wonder people are afraid to speak up…….. Who would want to go through what these 3 are having to deal with.
    So much for the grass being greener on the other side ;(

    1. We have tried to stay away from making this about the previous Sheriff versus current sheriff. However, we are looking into it and will announce in the near future if we will/can provide information from the trials. Multiple people have emailed us telling us the Maketa trial will expose corruption by not only Bill Elder, but Dan May and others at EPSO and the DA’s office. Obviously we find this interesting.

  47. More people jumping ship???
    I find it rather interesting that Fevurly (one of the DA’s 2 people assigned to prosecute Terry Maketa) has resigned just 2 weeks before Maketa’s trial…… here’s the link to the Gazette’s article written today . Could it be that he resigned from the case (even though its career suicide?) because he knows that the 3 accused are innocent and after seeing all the evidence that they (the prosecution) have…… his own ethics would not allow him to proceed ? It will be interesting to see if judge Schwartz allows DA prosecutor Mark Hurlbert a continuance, or if he says “you’ve had 2yrs to prepare your case”………. move forward or drop the charges…… any thoughts on this “DirtyElder”?

    1. As much as we have tried to stay away from the Maketa trial, it is becoming difficult. There is so much corruption with Bill Elder we hate to change focus to Dan May and others (at this point). Stay tuned to this website. We have tons of information we plan to publish throughout the summer. We will be releasing a new story today that you will not want to miss.

  48. Betrayed – Trial of Terry Maketa/Corruption of Bill Elder
    What was the catalyst for this “fall from grace” of Sheriff Maketa? How did it start? Why? And most importantly WHO?
    A graduate of Widefield High School, he began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in October 1987 at 23 years old. Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded him and every other deputy, he promoted through the ranks and elected Sheriff in 2002.
    Some of his longtime friends rose to great heights in their careers also, encouraged and supported by their friend Terry who eventually became Sheriff for 12 of his 27 years with the Office. Those very same friends, however, turned on their “friend” and fellow law enforcement peer.
    Betrayed by those closest to him! But why? Knowing the players, their history and “loyalty” is a start. The very same – who shared their own success/prosperity by riding on Terry’s coat tails of success in great things accomplished, the growth of the Office and most of all their own command staff positions they attained – betrayed Terry’s trust, loyalty, and conspired against him. Again, why do such a thing to a friend and mentor? Comes down to 10 simple laws we all know very well!
    The final four years of Sheriff Maketa’s third term, he had a few new challenges; Waldo Canyon Fire, Black Forest Fire; Ballot Issue 1A, and the fight for Second Amendment Rights with fellow Colorado Sheriff’s to just name a few. Accolades, gratitude, letters, calls, cards and great support for the Sheriff came from all around and outside the state. Some were calling for him to run for governor. Although term limited, his friends aka Command Staff and others decided he would not leave his service in good standing. Why? Jealousy and envy of his success, his following, his abilities and skills to make thing happen. Terry made a name for himself as a servant to the citizens, community and nationally; and to his grateful employees who received many pay raises, bonuses, excellent equipment, training, opportunities never before possible, state of the art information, etc.… The potential of governorship intensified. Their jealousy turn into Anger. As one commander whispered to another, “Governor? He’ll be lucky to finish his term!” Personally witnessed. Fear. Fear because the new sheriff can make any changes to the Command Staff including bringing in his own and letting the current ones go and left unemployed. Personal grudges. No explanation needed.
    Jealousy, envy, fear, anger, personal grudges – all the ingredients for conspiracy. Which brings us to Bill Elder. Bill Elder was an unknown to his little minions who were not aware of his ugly past employment with EPSO with him leaving under the threat of a polygraph which he could not face. (The IA File). And some other questionable issues presented in previous articles. A leopard’s spots don’t change and neither did Bill’s. He wanted to be Sheriff. He could never compete with Maketa’s record so what could he do? Gather together those “loyal” friends and command staff members and conspire to oust Sheriff Maketa and disgrace him publicly. But why? Maketa was term limited and no threat to Bill Elder or anyone else. They would support Elder in an election, meanwhile satisfy their own personal agenda to include grudges against the Sheriff; even disciplinary action deserved. They had become complacent in their jobs and Sheriff Maketa had to be the boss first before friend requiring accountability. Complacency, laziness and a lack of gratitude for what they had achieved under his leadership made great companions with Bill Elder in a conspiracy and also cemented them in a position in the new administration. The birth of a conspiracy happened in 2013 from the closest to Sheriff Maketa to those who had retired or left with a personal grudge of their own. One specific person whose betrayal was one of the most hurtful and damaging was that of Jackie Kirby. The infamous Director of Information – an opportunity to excel in her career in a new direction for which she had no training or skill for whatsoever. Guised as his previous “loyal” executive assistant, she manipulated any access afforded to her by her position to be a provider of information directly to Bill Elder. It was easy for Jackie to do. Everything about her is fake to include her fingernails; a chameleon who can be anybody to anyone anytime to achiever her agenda. She also needed to secure a position for herself with the new administration as Maketa was leaving. Jackie’s grudge? A denied pay raise. He told her he already had a very hard time accounting for her current pay given no experience and not doing a very good job at that. She joined his “other friends” to bring the Sheriff down.
    So today, because of that nasty mix along with the Gazette reporters Dave Phillips Emily Allen and Lance Benzel to name a few, the actions were carried out that ultimately has placed Sheriff Terry Maketa on trial because of the lies, and law breaking deeds by those within and without the office. Some of them were on the witness stand under oath, in uniform giving false testimony – bearing false witness – to finish off what was started 4 years ago. It is amazing that such individuals touted their very close relationships with Terry and his family, only to betray them so viciously.
    What happened? A man trusted his friends, his staff and some closest to him only to be betrayed in the worst way it can be done. How can a man who was once a hero suddenly fall into depravity? He didn’t. He held his staff accountable, they didn’t like it so they retaliated. No they destroyed him in any and every way they could, including his family. They hurt the Office that so many awesome and dedicated employees work for each day to serve and protect. Truth will set us all free! I pray this jury and community will see the truth rather than believe what a tainted rag newspaper, corrupt 14th Judicial District DA, County Commissioners and 18th Judicial District DA office who lie every time their mouth opens. Example: John San Agustin indicted on false charges because he would not lie to a Grand Jury about Terry Maketa. El Paso County government is corrupt. The trial is a narrative to destroy Terry Maketa, plain and simple. May 2018 be the year of draining the swamp in DC and El Paso County. We want the truth! You should too!

  49. You made some good points about how Maketa’s former friends (Command Staff) turned on him when he was no longer guaranteed to be their meal ticket. I also agree that a majority of the time, the Elder regime spend an inordinate amount of time and energy in kicking a lame duck administration. However, it seems that you are painting Maketa to be a misunderstood saint; he was far from that. While his first eight years were pretty good, his last four were not so great. While it is expected that a leader holds his subordinates accountable for their actions and takes corrective or disciplinary action as needed depending upon the transgression, what is not required is the theatrics that he and Presley would do to prove their point. For example, calling in supervisors and showing them pre-prepared letters of resignation in their names because of a disagreement amongst the supervisors is not good leadership. Calling subordinates in on a day off, demanding that be in the office within 45 minutes so that you can make them wait for two hours for you and your #2 to come in and yell at them is also not a very good leadership tactic. Maketa and Presley relished the power they had over subordinates and took every opportunity to flex it. Maketa bought into his own god complex his last term; combined with his former “cabin boys” turning on him like a modern day Caesar helped to contribute to his downfall. You mention “excellent equipment” in your accolades…..but that is offset by poor deployment decisions. Ask about the license plate readers and their original deployment.

    The sad thing is that Elder is no better and in most instances he is worse. Maketa managed the budget much better; Elder has blown through the 1A money like a redneck lottery winner or a thug turned NFL player with a new contract. He brought with him all of Maketa’s former staff members and the regimen of poor leadership continues. New favorites were chosen; the remaining employees are seen as really nothing more than a necessary nuisance, needed only to fill positions and not as valuable assets. Leadership by fear and intimidation is still the rule. What would you think if the senior leadership of your organization came into a briefing to discuss the Public Safety Tax sunset and they make the comment that “they” are gone in four years so they don’t care about the future of the office? Is that leadership that inspires? Does that make you respect and want to follow them?

    The best thing that could happen to the office is that someone new from outside the office gets elected/selected to be Sheriff and that person does a major staff remodeling project. Hey, a new reality show…..”Flip this Office”. I gotta go….time to call HGTV….or Spike.

    1. No, not a saint; far from; just as we all are NOT saints. However, should those individuals, who conspired and perpetrated the “downfall” of Terry Maketa tainting his career that served and protected El Paso County have their very private, personal life, work ethic and IA files scrutinized under the same public microscope that his has been – you would see things far worse than you could ever accuse Sheriff Maketa of. They still continue under Bill Elder’s leadership with his blessing and protection. In due time, the light shall shine on all of them in God’s time and place.

  50. Well, it sounds like there are some tempers starting to flare with a certain Lt who thinks he has complete immunity. Protection can only go so far, either your a professional or you are nothing more than a punk hiding behind your momma’s apron.

    Protected status will only last so long, then who will be there to wipe your nose and give you another undeserved, unqualified promotion.

    Think about it folks, is this the leaders you want to follow and strive to become.

  51. As a delegate, unaffiliated with either camp for the Sheriff race, I was appalled by the childish antics enacted by Sheriff Elders supporters at the Republican Assembly. I conducted my research prior to the Assembly, but had not decided how my delegate vote would go. I was walking on the sidewalk, attempting to enter the UCCS Assembly Hall which was inundated with Elder supporters. I was initially not approached by persons carrying Elder signs because I was walking with a person wearing a Mike Angley shirt but I am not deaf and heard their snide remarks, a real turn off!

    After the credentialing process, I was able to capture a bird’s eye seat and take in all of the festivities. To be quite honest, The Republican Assembly was more entertaining than any soap opera or junior high school dance. Saturday was a long and drawn out process, but it also gave me time to sit and absorb all that I heard and saw. One appalling example: A younger, tall, dark headed male, in a white Elder shirt was screaming profanity at an older male delegate and the delegate turned around and left the site. I had my notebook and I have many other examples I could share.

    I am a Colorado Springs native, I love my city and I have many connections. I say this only because I was able to use one of my connections to identify several of the most vociferous Elder supporters as employees of The Sheriff; yes deputies, lieutenants, sergeants and chiefs. I have reflected for several days to see if my feeling changed… they have not! I am both terrified and disgusted to think persons sworn to uphold and protect the safety of El Paso County would be so disrespectful, menacing and intimidating to individuals who have volunteered their time to become delegates for the betterment of our city. Many things have changed in society but voter intimidation is a FELONY.

    I will close by saying I knew Sheriff Elder when he was a deputy. I had great respect for him at one time, but that is now gone. I will do everything in my power to help the Mike Angley for Sheriff campaign. Shame on you Bill Elder for allowing the power of the position of Sheriff to change you so drastically. You have lower yourself enough to use a family member of your recently fallen detective to further your campaign; that is the lowest of low. I would also like to mention your constituents/voters of El Paso County are not as ignorant and uninformed as you presume.

    1. So Lincoln’s hanging them up, huh?
      Not only is/was he a Bureau Chief…but also an Elder RELATIVE.
      And so it goes.

      1. We did hear rumors Mitch was Elder’s cousin; but we could never verify it, so we did not post it. We try to verify things before we post articles. If this is true it is just another item proving Elder’s corruption.

        1. That’s cool…let’s throw out few other “familial” relationships holding “Elder” signs at Saturday’s GOP Assembly:
          Chief of Staff Janet Huffor and Lt. Bill Huffor
          Lt. Otis Habert (Piggie) and and former Campaign Chair Wendy Habert
          Commander Rob King and EPSO Supervisor Janet King
          Commander Rodney Gehrett and wife Stephanie Gangemi (She wasn’t there…but watch this one folks…she’ll be hired shortly)
          And so it goes…and goes…and goes.

    2. I urge any and all who witnessed any of the Elder Gang thuggery or who were personally set upon by Elder or any of his criminal cohorts at the El Paso County Republican Assembly to (as a minimum) get your story told. If an actual felony occurred (harassment to the point of having to depart the venue or fear of losing your job (or worse)) contact UCCS Campus Police and report what happened. This is criminal felony behavior folks!! This type of behavior cannot, MUST NOT be allowed by men and women of good character in El Paso County…we are better than that. Only Libs, Dems, and Snowflakes engage in this type of behavior!! If you were not actually verbally assaulted but witnessed any behavior I am hearing that the Colorado Springs Independent is pursuing a story on these illegal activities. One of your best bets might be to attempt contact with Pam Zubeck of the Indy, she has written honestly on the Elder Gang’s “poor behavior” in the past.

  52. I hear Bill has sunk to an all time new low. On Saturday both Bill and lil Billy thought it acceptable to get in the face of an opposition supporter’s face for no logical reason. While Bill was berating a retired deputy at the County Assembly for supporting Mike Angley, he tell this individual he can not believe he was supporting a f_ _king CRIPPLE who will never be able to become post certified.

    Tell me Elder, is that what you think every time you see a vehicle with Disabled License plates, or for that matter what about folks with handicap plates. This statement came out of your mouth, so this must be how you feel about us who deal with disabilities or challenges on a daily basis.

    Really bill, is that how you describe an individual who served this country proudly and “may” have some form of a disability, sustained while serving in the military. How would you have any idea of what form of disability Mike would have without seeing his DD214. Now another question, how would you have obtained this official government document, you would not be entitled to it?

    Of course this would be something your would not know about, serving your country, but yet you were caught wear a military pathfinder medal on your uniform. Sounds like stolen valor to me.

    Listen closely citizens of Colorado Springs, anyone who has any form of disability or handicap, this is what elder thinks of us, that we are nothing more than a f_ _ king CRIPPLES.

    So if you are as outraged as I am, call and voice your displeasure with the sheriff, your county commissioner, news outlets. Better yet, voice your concern for this sick person when voting at the primary. Do you want a man of integrity to be your sheriff, or one that allows his true feelings that came out of his mouth at the County Assembly.

    Try and deny this statement!!!

  53. So Bill Elder wants to call disabled veterans f—king cripples. What kind of mental giant would do such a thing, consider this:

    All sworn employees (Gun Carrying) must undergo a psychological evaluation when the are hired or REHIRED at the EPSO. Several former sworn deputies who returned during the Elder years were required to do so. There are some exceptions however, Joe Breister, Brad Shannon and Tom DeLuca did not take the test. Neither did Elder himself! If there were ever evidence of psychological issues it is most assuredly the behavior of Elder during his reign as self imposed emperor of the EPSO. Then there is his most recent tirade of insanity at the county assembly.

    His hiring of cronies, inventing positions, tirades of anger during In-Service meetings, and lets not forget his now famous rant “If you wanna come after my family just remember I got a gun”.
    He has recently begun to quote scripture on Facebook, REALLY?? We haven’t forgotten his favorite quote that he likes using the most “I’m the f—king sheriff” I’ve spent many hours in the good book but I have yet to come across this pearl of wisdom.

    NEWS FLASH Bill Elder, this is a community of disabled veterans, we don’t leave our fallen behind, we celebrate our wounded warriors, we wear our earned symbols of honor proudly…………….AND WE VOTE!

    1. We can confirm your statement about Bill Elder stating he has a gun and will use it. We have been notified twice that Bill Elder openly stated the people behind this website had better be careful because he has a gun and if they don’t stop what they are doing he will use it. So, Bill Elder has (multiple times) publicly threatened violence with a gun. Does this sound like words from a person who is mentally stable? Not so much. He needs to talk with Dr. T, because we have some bad news; more is coming.

  54. Y’all do realize that Elder is going to win reelection by a landslide in November 2018 right?? Might be time to seek different employment if you’re so disgruntled that you spend time making unsubstantiated comments which to the casual observer are the result of bitterness, not facts!

    1. Ok. Humperdick
      How about yourself, if old bill got screwed and tossed out from the office, are you brave enough to resign and follow your master to his hole voluntarily?. And with your better luck, the new IA staff may like a chat with you and find your skeleton in the closet.

  55. To the Flick family,

    I am so sorry you have been brainwashed and believe all the alleged facts of the case as presented to you by elder. I wish you would reach out to the officers who were there with Micah at the time of the incident, and get the real facts and not the version old bill gives to you for self preservation and nothing more. He has always been about bill, every since this incident. All that he has done for you has been to draw attention for himself, or its about guilt knowing all the things that were done wrong and led to the death of a brother.

    Our hearts go out to you, but find out the truth for yourself, from first hand people who were involved and not from bill. Bill just wants you to believe he is good and caring person, I am sorry, he is not. Talk to Ms. Zubeck, and she will confirm the information from officers present but will not disclose their identities.

    Elder is a man who has come to you in sheep’s clothing, BEWARE. I wish you would find out now and not once the new administration comes in and the truth is released for the pubic to see what he has been keeping under wraps all these months.

    Again, I am sorry you have been lied too all this time, but what Ms. Zubeck wrote about in the Independent is factual from the officers who were involved, and not just bill’s version, because it has already been proven he lied during his speech after the incident.

    Micah will never forgotten, and neither will you Rachel, and your family. You will always be a part of the office, but bill is being shown to be the deceitful man he is.

  56. Fox News 21 posted an article today on their Facebook page with photo of little billy using his official SO vehicle to take his kid to school, which is against Office Policy. The comments just amaze me how people speak on things they don’t know or understand. Someone needs to share this site on this post in a comment so they can see for themselves why this really is a big deal. He is allowed to be above the law in serious crimes that we would all find ourselves in handcuffs, in orange and eating jail meals. Tuesday is coming fast and the citizens of El Paso County deserve the truth before casting their votes.

    1. This is nothing new….Undersheriff “Chief Joe” Breister allowed a pregnant female deputy drive her unmarked patrol car back and forth to work and around town while she was on modified duty when he was the Law Enforcement Bureau Chief. Her sergeant brought it up to the commander who said that Breister didn’t care. He exposed the county to unnecessary risk to allow her to drive an office vehicle simply because he was one of her favorites…..could go on and on about that….perhaps another time.

    2. Thank you FOX21 (and especially Joe Cole who has appeared to awaken from his “journalistic” slumber). The mere fact that the Sheriff won’t, once again, appear on camera only lends to more proof that this man is a sham. The next question? When will KKTV, KRDO, KOAA, and KVOR also begin to realize that the EPSO is a house of cards?


    Check out this link from Fox News 21 about lil billy using his county vehicle to drive his son to school. Also check out the traffic violation during the video of billy not stopping completely at a stop sign. What a little punk. And of course when news people ask others at the office if this is a violation of policy, they responded it was. What they should of asked is who was the video of, and then they would have been informed this person is immune from any law violation or office policy, because bill and pete understand billy can do no wrong.

    If you are not pissed off yet, then you to must have your head up elders butt and you too have no sense of value or integrity. When billy has an incident and either hurts or shoots someone, remember, you were warned and could have prevented this. Vote for Angley and not elder.

    Vote for integrity, ANGLEY!!!

  58. I just love how quick Elder is to cover for his little buddy, Billy Huffor. Oh, yes, Elder gave permission for him to use his Office vehicle to transport his kids. But…. it’s not your car Elder. It belongs to us taxpayers, and we don’t want to see Billy using OUR car for personal use.

    Are you reporting this use to the IRS as required? You are required to do so, ya know. Allowing personal use is a benefit that counts against your taxes. From the IRS:

    Government-Owned Vehicles
    The personal use of a government-owned vehicle is generally a taxable fringe benefit. It may, however, be excludable as a de minimis benefit, discussed above. Personal use includes the value of commuting in a government-owned vehicle, even if the vehicle is taken home for the convenience of the employer (but see Commuting Valuation Rule, below). The value of the benefit must be included in wages, but withholding of income tax on the value of vehicle use is at the employer’s option. Social security and Medicare withholding is required.

    All of your employee’s use of a qualified nonpersonal use vehicle qualifies as a working condition fringe. You can exclude the value of that use from employee income. A qualified nonpersonal use vehicle is any vehicle the employee is not likely to use more than minimally for personal purposes because of its design. Qualified nonpersonal use vehicles include:
    - Clearly marked police, fire, and public safety officer vehicles. The employee must be on- call, required to commute in the vehicle, and be prohibited from personal travel outside the jurisdiction.
    - Unmarked vehicles used by law enforcement officers. The officer must be authorized to carry a firearm, execute search warrants and make arrests.

    This is obviously not a “nonpersonal use vehicle” case, as the vehicle is clearly being used for personal use by commuting and taking kids to school on a regular basis.

    Guess we need to tip off the IRS on this one.

    1. Well, well, well….KKTV finally grew a pair. Their report detailing inmate on Deputy assaults only once again showed the disdain that Elder has for his troops:

      Dianne Derby: “In some cases the deputies are having to watch two wards.”
      Sheriff Bill Elder: “Sometimes.”
      Dianne Derby: “They say to me they don’t feel safe.”
      Sheriff Bill Elder: “I’m sure they don’t.”
      Dianne Derby: “They want to know what you can do to make them feel more safe.”
      Sheriff Bill Elder: “I can take everybody off of patrol and put them back in the jail.” Nice responses…you snarky smart ass.
      I encourage all to watch the actual report on – and see that’s it’s not only the words Elder uses, but the manner in which he uses them. Look at the hate in his eyes. He hates that his staff has put him in a position of having to answer for his failures. And I’m sure that the investigation to find out just who the Deputies were has already begun.

      As an aside…what a wonderful, hour plus commercial Jeff Crank had this morning on 740KVOR for Elder…with members of the Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Association and the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association preaching their support for Elder. By the way, Jeff…the other candidate’s (he has a name – Mike Angley) accusations of scandals and corruption have been greatly detailed…you just refuse to acknowledge them. He even had Rachel Flick call in (God bless you and yours, Rachel – but the reality of this is that you’ve got this one wrong).
      And I bet it didn’t cost Elder a dime. Pitiful.

  59. Why is it one week away from the counting of the primary ballots the local news media decided to stop drinking Elder’s koolaid? Notice I said “counting of the ballots” most have already sent their ballots in. No do overs! Elder stated the staffing is low do to FMLA, flag on the play. Staffing is low because morale is low. FMLA is part of employment life, workerscomp claims are attributable to training and staffing. Injuries to deputies working numerous extra hours for comp time which is then taken at a cost of staffing numbers the next week. Asking deputies to volunteer for more comp time at the hill climb, fishing with kids, reading to kids and all the various other community activities. Don’t get me wrong I believe we should be helping our community but not at the cost of our primary sworn duty of public safety. A whole section planning community activities with children whose parents should be reading to them is taking bodies from patrol and the jail. I’m venting today finally because Sheriff Elder’s smug attitude during the KKTV interview was my final straw. I’m trusting you to keep me anonymous. I still have bills to pay.

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