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Friday, January 8, 2020

Elder hiding in his office and cannot make a decision?

It's our understanding Elder decided who to promote, but is having second thoughts where to put them.  Did he come to the same conclusion we did? He does not have anyone experienced for Patrol or Investigations.  Let the games begin.  The people with experience were not chosen for promotion. It really doesn't matter, leadership at EPSO has been screwed up since Elder promoted all his buddies after he was elected.  It's been downhill ever since.  Elder is only interested in his empire, not doing the mission. That's why he has so many supervisors and all the deputies are leaving.  Hopefully the next sheriff will fire half the supervisors and hire a bunch more deputies to actually protect the community and run the jail safely.

It's not that complicated Bill, but when are so corrupt you don't see it

Bill just announced the promotions to include the promotion of a Sgt to Lt who didn't even pass the written test.  They had to change the results to allow her to band.  But that's okay, she's a "Buddy" of Elder so she gets promoted. The corruption continues. It's funny how Elder accused Maketa of special treatment for his friends; but Maketa never just promoted anyone. Everyone went through the same process. Everyone knows Elder is "rigging" the process to make it look like he is being fair.  We know what is going on. Not fooling anyone.

Wednesday, January 6, 2020

Big announcement coming soon?

Rumor has it Corrupt Sheriff Elder is going to make promotion/transfer announcements after the command staff meeting.  We are also hearing Elder did not have a very good holiday. Is he upset over the obvious leaks at EPSO? He cannot be happy about the court order telling him how to run his jail for the next 90 days. Or is he upset over getting his ass kicked by multiple lawsuits that are going to trial this year? Is he going to unload on his staff during their weekly meeting? Who cares! No one respects Corrupt Sheriff Elder anymore and he has lost any reputation he had. We know he has already lost his mind. His incompetence is putting people's lives in jeopardy and has cost two deputy's their lives. How can he live with that? His leadership team is laughing behind his back and are putting in their time until he is gone. We hear Roybal is already talking with others about how they can fix Elder's mess once he's gone.  Some are talking about Elder resigning before his term is up. Everyone, including his "buddies" thinks it's time for him to leave.  We are still hearing Pete Carey wants out.

UPDATE:  We called it; memo should be coming out tonight or tomorrow with promotions and new assignments.  Elder promoted 4 Lieutenants to commander.  He did keep one of the people we announced, but abandoned the other.  We do not feel it's appropriate to list the names until Elder has the opportunity to distribute his memo.  However, we like Bernier, Mihalko, Deno, and Hannenberg. We heard Elder stated he would never allow a certain female on his command staff.  Wonder who that is? Some of the individuals being promoted are people of integrity and we hope they are successful in their new assignments.

We notice a serious issue with lack of experience by high level supervisors.  Who is going to run patrol and Investigations?  Cyclops is hated by all and he has shown his arrogance and ignorance on numerous occasions. Patrol deputies know he will not have their backs.  Cyclops would not think twice throwing a deputy under the bus. There is a serious lack of experience in investigations which might explain the high number of unsolved homicides in the past few years. These are the two most critical command level positions and it appears Elder has no one up for the job.  Leaders need experience and integrity.

How can things get any worse? If Elder is involved it will

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Elder starts new year off by being "slapped" by federal judge

How inept does a sheriff have to be for a federal judge to feel compelled to issue an injunction mandating he provide basic safety measures at a jail? How incompetent does a sheriff have to be for a federal judge to tell him how to run his jail?

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is sooooooo bad a federal Judge in Denver felt he had no choice but to issue an injunction against Elder mandating he provide inmates and employees basic protection against the spread of COVID-19 in the jail.  A judge ordered Elder to provide masks to everyone. Seriously, a judge had to order corrupt sheriff Elder to provide inmates and employees with masks?  How could Elder let things get so bad that a Judge had to issue a court order forcing him to provide basic protection in the jail? Elder was not providing inmates with masks?  Seriously, how can anyone be that stupid?

We have the complaint and the court order

It didn't take long for the next article about Elder's corruption.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Welcome to another year of Corrupt Sheriff Elder

We have made some minor modifications to the website.  We are redesigning the BLOG section and created an archive. This should show we are dedicated to another year of providing information concerning Sheriff Elder's corruption. Of course, if he would stop the corruption and nepotism there would be nothing to write about.

Everyone is waiting for Elder's announcement on promotions.  We hear he announced pay raises to help soften the blow of his promotions announcement.  It does not matter how long Elder waits to announce it, everyone knows he is corrupt. Will he go with the original two? Or will he switch it up to try to cover up that he was telling people who he was going to promote prior to the oral boards?  Either way we have exposed him.

How can Corrupt Sheriff Elder promote one female when there are two others who are a lot more experienced?  Did they not perform as well in the "special" categories important to Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

We have to admit Elder has done fairly well for sworn employees' compensation.  If he did not keep up with other agencies no one would work for him; to include his buddies.  If he wants to give his buddies a nice salary he unfortunately has to give it to everyone else.  We did notice something interesting on the salary schedule.  It states you have to be a sergeant for "2 full years" before you can test for Lieutenant.  Did that rule apply to Elder's best buddy?  NO.  Polices are only for employees who are not on Elder's buddy list.  It is so easy to expose Elder's corruption and lies.

2020 was Elder's year (Year of the Rat) but it's over

Stay tune for another year of exposing Elder's corruption

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