Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Our Mission: Expose Sheriff Bill Elder's Corruption

March 1, 2022


Everyone is still running for the door!


We were provided the following list of employees that left recently:


R. Sirois

S. Brown

R. Phillips

D. Porras

C. Kull

M. Reed

C. Cervantez

C. Crump

M. Trujillo

M. Bishop

Of course one of them lied under oath in the Maketa trial and should have been charge with Perjury.  But we hear corrupt sheriff Elder finally forced him out. Most of the members of the Elder's corrupt club have left or are planning to prior to Elder leaving office.  We hear all the candidates running for sheriff have promised to clean house.

February 13, 2022


Mass exodus from EPSO continues


Check out KRDO's news story about the Tweet concerning a bunch of volunteer firefighters resigning.  Of course Corrupt Sheriff Elder is saying it's not true.  Okay, tells us how many have left?  We know the attrition rate since Elder took office is over 75%.  Why should we think twice when a bunch of volunteers resign stating hostile work environment? It's so funny when you think back that Elder said he wanted to have the most transparent sheriff's office when he was running for sheriff; and now he has the most secretive agency in history.  He runs out of a press conference after making a statement and refuses to answer any questions.  It is so obvious Elder knows the truth is out about his ineptness, nepotism, corruption and malfeasance. He's hiding in his office watching the clock and counting the days.


February 2, 2022

Elder spending much of his time in depositions

It's our understanding Corrupt Sheriff Elder is spending a good deal of his time answering a bunch of questions under oath in depositions. The latest one took over 10 hours! These are precursors to the civil trials.  Is the county washing its hands of many of these lawsuits letting Elder answer himself? Rumor has it the federal courts have assigned a judge just to handle all of the cases against EPSO and Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  Could Elder spend most of his last year in office raising his right hand and testifying in civil cases against him?  Will he have to fly back from Arizona next year to attend court? We wait in anticipation to the many settlements and trials.

January 17, 2022

Counting the days...

We are one year away from saying good-bye to the most corrupt sheriff in Colorado history. According to our sources he will be spending most of the year in Arizona.  Elder can take all his little toys he has been playing with while hiding in his office and leave. He can also take his awards with him; most hated sheriff, most corrupt sheriff, and most inept sheriff. Bye-bye...

January 15, 2022

Happy Anniversary to


This is the 5th anniversary of  We will be closing the book on this website next January when Corrupt Sheriff Elder is no longer Sheriff. Hopefully there will be no need for another website to expose the corruption of the next Sheriff.  We are confident with new leadership EPSO can return to the great agency it was years ago. If the new Sheriff focuses on the employees and the community all should go well.

No more Nepotism! No more Corruption!

January 12, 2022

Corrupt Sheriff Elder's court dilemmas continue

Last week the Colorado Supreme court heard yet another appeal concerning Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  The most sued Sheriff in Colorado; Corrupt Sheriff Elder's "above the law" attitude is coming back to haunt him.  The courts have already ruled Elder is personally liable for his illegal actions against Sgt. Keith Duda. This means Elder might have to take out his checkbook and write a check with "pay to the order of Keith Duda" on it.  Elder continues to claim immunity to get out of his illegal and corrupt actions during his term as Sheriff of El Paso County.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder created an environment at EPSO where illegal behavior is not just tolerated; it's encouraged.

Read article

Click here If you would like to see the Supreme court hearing.     There is another hearing during the first part of the video; you have to go about half way into the video to see the hearing concerning Corrupt Sheriff Elder. Elder's Attorney, Ms. Richie appeared to be unprepared and over her head. This was most likely caused by the fact she had a very bad case and was representing the most corrupt sheriff in Colorado history.

We look forward to seeing Corrupt Sheriff Elder being held accountable

January 2022

Evidence of Bill Elder's corrupt administration still being exposed in court

You might want to start off the new year reading the complaint against disgraced former EPSO employee Billy Huffor. Read Background. This is just one of many lawsuits still in the system which should be resolved this year. El Paso County could hand out millions in settlements.  We're hoping Corrupt Sheriff Elder has to get out his personal checkbook to help settle the Sgt. Duda lawsuit.

Have a great year!

November 9, 2021


Deputies count four, treated like Whores, run for the doors!

Weeks, if not days away from receiving a retention bonus four deputies and two employees walked off the job last week. Some have stated they could not work another day for such a corrupt Sheriff. A few months ago, while working a shift at the jail, a deputy handed his keys to a sergeant and walked out.  How bad does things have to be for an employee to walk off the job.  This recently happened on a movie set in New Mexico and look what happened shortly there after.

Ryan (Property Custodian)

Scott (Deputy Sheriff)

Anthony (Deputy Sheriff)

Colleen (Concealed Handgun)

Mallory (Deputy Sheriff)

Michael (Deputy Sheriff)

If six employees leave every week, that is 312 a year. Roughly a third of the work force

It appears the attrition rate has not gone down even with a retention bonus, we hear many are applying at CSPD and other local law enforcement agencies in the area.

Good Luck to all those starting new jobs having recently left EPSO!


November 2, 2021


Elder can't give it away!

It appears many don't want what Elder's giving out.  His retention bonus is flopping like a fish. Elder just sent out a memo with the official notice of the bonuses being paid out later this month. It's about a 2% bonus for most deputies. Not much to have to put up with Elder's Bull Sh!t.



The week prior to Corrupt Sheriff Elder's big announcement 5 individuals quit and told Elder to kiss their collective ASSES!

Ashleigh (Deputy)

Jennifer (Deputy)

Philip (Deputy)

Roderick (Detention Specialist)

Dominic (Deputy)

Four Deputies and a Detention Specialist resigned a month prior to getting their bonuses; Why? It's simple, ELDER's administration is that abusive and corrupt. CSPD is having no problem hiring new recruits; EPSO struggles to put together an academy of 20. More importantly EPSO is loosing all their POST certified employes.  EPSO still holds the crown of the most attrition of any law enforcement agency in Colorado.

Elder cannot leave soon enough, but he has to stay until next January so he has some retirement




October 27, 2021

Get out the checkbook


Looks like the county commissioners are thinking about settling another lawsuit caused by the corrupt leadership of Sheriff Elder


Background information on Huffor's illegal arrest of Mr. Twiss

The other lawsuits are all still progressing through the system. We will give you updates when we can.  We know there are other lawsuits we don't even care to talk about.  By our last estimate there are over 12 current lawsuits against EPSO and/or Sheriff Elder.  The most Damning is Duda v Elder.  The courts have already ruled Corrupt Sheriff Elder is not covered by qualified immunity and is personally liable.  Elder could have to pay the settlement out of his own pocket. Good news; Elder is well versed on the Colorado Bankruptcy laws because he's been there before. We hear the county attorney and commissioners have already told Elder he is going to cover some of the cost of the settlement. Will Corrupt Sheriff Elder finally be held accountable for his abuse of power?  We hope so. Karma is a BITCH!



September 27, 2021


The train crash continues


Corrupt sheriff Elder just cannot get any good news.  The lawsuit against Sgt. Porter for beating down an old woman continues.  Porter and his accomplices were denied immunity for using excessive force during a routine traffic stop.  Porter was singled out by the judge for his actions. We were told by many deputies Porter routinely deleted his Body cam footage.  Guess he missed one.  This is just another example of the corruption of EPSO under Elder's leadership. We look forward to the trial.

Read the Judge's ruling.

We have heard from multiple sources within EPSO Corrupt Sheriff Elder is furious and loosing his mind over the ruling in the Duda lawsuit and "bitches" about it daily.  The court denied him immunity and ruled he can PERSONALLY be held liable for his actions.  We have also heard rumors the county attorney's office has told Elder to prepare to make a contribution to the settlement offer. They know Elder violated Sgt. Duda's constitutional rights and want him to contribute. There have been multiple meetings with the county attorney attempting to resolve this lawsuit. They have made an initial offer which was declined immediately.  If this goes to trial a jury could determine the majority of the blame was with Corrupt Sheriff Elder (like 100%) and make him pay hundreds of thousands if not millions. Understand this trial will be in Denver; not Colorado Springs. So much for Elder's retirement plans in Goodyear Arizona.  He might have to retire to a trailer park and play miniature golf every day. We hear he is already trying to hide assets with other family members. Could another divorce and bankruptcy be in Elder's future?

Many lawsuits in the system have received favorable rulings for the plaintiffs and could go to trial.  The county is looking at paying out millions.

Hey Bill; have a good week; Sgt. Duda is!!!


Bonus does nothing to slow down attrition

Many are still quitting and retiring prior to getting their bonuses.  CSPD put together a recruit academy of 80; Elder can't get anyone to sign up for his Shit show. A very senior deputy just turned in his paper work and he is not alone.  Enough is enough.  Many are saying "F@$K Elder" and are leaving.  Elder cannot buy people anymore. Say "Bye, Bye".

Elder is a joke and everyone is laughing at him behind his back. What Elder doesn't know is that most of command staff is also laughing at him while cashing their payroll checks. No one respects Corrupt Sheriff Elder and he cannot leave soon enough.


August 30, 2021


Another Candidate joins the Sheriff's race

There appears to be four individuals running for sheriff now.  This can only be good. Competition should mean better choices.  This should also make candidates talk with deputies and the public about the current corruption.  Our only hope is that the next sheriff will not be inept and corrupt like the current one. We will NOT endorse anyone. Our goal is not to see any particular person as sheriff. Our goal remains the same; expose corrupt Sheriff Elder.  This is how you know we have no hidden agendas or motives.   We will continue to expose the corruption of Bill Elder and his administration until the last day he is Sheriff.

We encourage Elder to resign so others can start fixing his mess and the healing process can begin

Employees will continue to leave and the agency will continue to be the joke of the state until Elder leaves.  We know he won't resign because Elder has no retirement and needs to build up as much of a nest egg as he can. We hear his wife has already left for Arizona and doesn't want to come back.

Elder just walks around the office crying how no-one appreciates him and how he can't wait to leave. So why doesn't he just leave? If Elder truly did care about the employees he would resign. If the county commissioners really cared about the Sheriff's Office they would offer Elder a buyout to resign. Elder could cost the taxpayers millions in lawsuits.  There are now four confirmed trials scheduled for next year (2022).  Any one of these cases could cost over a million dollars.  The potential payouts could be in the multimillions. We look forward to seeing Corrupt Sheriff Elder testify. We will be there for all of them.  This is another reason Elder will not resign; he wants to still be sheriff when he testifies. Even disgraced Governor Cuomo resigned after being exposed.

We will continue to expose Corrupt Sheriff Elder until he leaves


Silence is the endorsement of Corruption


August 20, 2021


No one shows up for Elder's party (again)!

Command staff was telling employees to come early to the promotion ceremony this afternoon because it could be standing room only.  As it turns out the place was only half full and that was because all the Lieutenants and above had to be there. We heard there were only a few ass kissing Sgts. and hardly any of the "troops" there. The place might have been full if Elder publicly state he wasn't going to be there. Everyone is done with Corrupt Sheriff Elder. He cannot leave soon enough.  He needs to stick around his last year so he will still be in office when he testifies in all the civil cases going to trial next year.  We just found out that Sgt. Duda's lawsuit goes to trial next August. It appears 2022 will be the year of the payouts.

August 18, 2021


Elder has to mandate respect?

Our sources told us Elder announced today, during command staff, that all Lieutenants and above will be at the promotion ceremony this Friday in the new Class A uniforms. It appears Elder wants to give the public the appearance all is well at EPSO and he wants some photos for his shadow box.  He knows many would not attendant because they do not respect him and some even despise him.  Elder is trying to make the promotion ceremony a P.R. Event.  Let's see how many of the "troops" attend.

We recently heard 20 deputies resigned and are planning to attend the next CSPD academy.  Elder cannot even get deputies to stay with a bonus. Many were promised POST certifications within a certain time period and Elder reneged on the deal. Now they are leaving because they have learned, like so many others; Elder is a liar. No one cares about a one time bonus, they want to work for an agency with integrity.

CSPD is putting together an academy with over 60 recruits and is in the planning phases of another one.  EPSO can barely scrape together 15 willing to join the anti-christ and his team of buffoons.

The only way Elder can put together a show of respect is by mandating it.  How sad is that?  How would it feel if you had a party and no one showed up? That's what Elder is trying to prevent.  However, he knows everyone hates him and doesn't want to be there.  Again, Elder is having to pay for gratification. Everyone will smile and say nice things; but they all hate CORRUPT SHERIFF BILL ELDER!  The most inept and corrupt sheriff in Colorado history.

There is more coming; stand-by...

August 18, 2021


WTF is going on at the District Attorney's office?

Should we go get  It appears DA Michael Allen is following in corrupt Sheriff Elder's footsteps. Did he run a pay for play campaign? Some say yes. What ever is going on someone has paid with their life.  We obtained an email sent by Andrew Lower shortly before he took his own life.  This information has been forwarded to the media and we're confident there will be stories coming.  You got it here first.

Read Lower's email sent to everyone at the DA's office.


Elder already mentally gone?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is telling everyone he cannot wait to leave EPSO. According to our sources he is telling people he never got the respect he deserved, no one appreciates him, and he will not get credit for everything he has done for the office; WTF? We now have another word to describe Elder; delusional. What planet is Corrupt Sheriff Elder from?  He took a fully functioning agency with high morale and low attrition, and turned it into a complete shit show.  Everything he's done has been revealed. He's just upset because it's all bad. Pretty sure Elder never thought in a million years a group of loyal EPSO employees would put together a website to expose his corruption.  Elder is going to leave in total disgrace.

August 5, 2021

Elder finally makes announcement

Get your information here first!

Five days after we announced Roybal would be the next undersheriff, Corrupt Sheriff Elder finally makes it official. Many first heard Carey was leaving EPSO on this website. Our sources get us the information quicker than Elder can write and distribute a memo. In some cases Elder has changed major decisions based on our comments and articles.  We know he changed his list of who to promote to commander a few months ago.  Elder is furious and cannot stop checking our website for updates? We live in his head rent free.

Many no longer want to associate with Elder. We hear he pretty much stays home and drinks alone.  He is counting the days until he can move to Arizona and put all this behind him. He would resign, but he needs the retirement money because he went bankrupt and cashed out his original retirement years ago.

Elder is going to leave Colorado Springs in disgrace as the most inept and corrupt sheriff in the history of Colorado.


Elder has to pay for sex?

Things are so bad at EPSO Corrupt Sheriff Elder has to pay deputies not to leave. We hear some could get thousands of dollars just not to quit.  We support deputies receiving additional compensation but find it ironic Elder is such a moron he has to pay people to put up with him.  It's like a really bad husband buying his wife gifts so she won't leave and will have sex with him. Why not just be a better sheriff and fix the horrible work environment? Previous Sheriffs never had this issue. EPSO is approaching a 100% turnover since Elder took office. How is that possible? EPSO use to be one of the premier LE agencies in Colorado; now it's at the bottom.  Elder is not giving bonuses for exceptional work or special work assignments; he is giving  bonuses so people won't leave him.  How does that sound?

How many will forfeit the bonus and walk out the door?

July 30, 2021

Pistol Pete out; Roybal next Undersheriff

According to a source, Pete Carey told Corrupt Sheriff Elder his last day is August 20. We were told Roybal will be named the next Undersheriff.  That's not surprising. However, we also hear Jeff Kramer is going to get a new title; the same one Elder gave Todd Evans a few years ago.  Chief Deputy or something ???  We think it means Kramer will be the next in the chain below Undersheriff.  We hear Pistol Pete got a really nice job and couldn't get out of EPSO quick enough.



We hear a female sergeant passed out due to heat exhaustion in the main corridor of the jail.  Sounds like another lawsuit! It has been weeks since the air conditioners went out in CJC.  Doesn't elder realize he is going to have another ACLU lawsuit?  How stupid can Elder be?  Not only are the inmates going to riot; the deputies might lead them.  We hear Elder does not have enough funds to fix the system.  We are about to go into August and CJC does not have Air conditioning?  Unbelievable.  But it does not effect Elder.  He has not seen the jail in a while.  What happens when someone dies in the jail?

July 29, 2021

Elder can't deal with the stress; is "falling apart"

According to a source from the 5th floor, Elder cancelled the weekly command staff meeting yesterday and appears to be "falling apart". Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder having a tough time dealing with the possibility he might be held accountable for his unethical behavior?  Does he now realize how much the Huffors could cost him? Will Elder have to set up a go fund me page? Some are concerned what Elder might do.  He is acting unstable and making threatening statements. Some have suggested he go to Arizona and take some time off. From what we hear, his wife has already left and does not want to come back.

We were also told there are many more lawsuits working their way through the system. We know of about a half dozen more. The county commissioners are going to get tired of continually having to payout because of Elder's corruption and ineptness.  Will the county's insurance carrier cancel their policy again? How high will the deductible go?  A million dollars?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has built a legacy that no one will be able to match.  The most hated and corrupt sheriff of all time!

July 28, 2021

Corrupt Sheriff Elder denied qualified Immunity in Duda lawsuit

Elder was denied his appeal for qualified immunity; could be personally liable for millions in settlement. Read our article and click below to read the court document released today. It does not sound good for corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Court ruling

June 3, 2021


People are starting to realize the election for Sheriff is coming up next year.  Everyone is happy Corrupt Sheriff Elder will be gone; however, we are figuring out we need to elect our next sheriff who could be worse. How can that be?

This website was created to expose Bill Elder's corruption. The final straw was when Elder and his gang of fools went after John San Agustin. A man of integrity whose only crime was that he was not willing to lie to a grand jury setup by Dan May to seek revenge on Sheriff Maketa. John was nothing more than collateral damage in their plan to ruin a man they hated more than anyone.  Elder knew when he was elected he was over his head and was going to be a complete screwup. (At least Elder knew he was an idiot.)  So, what was his plan? Make the former sheriff look corrupt and as bad as possible to make himself look good.

When Maketa and San Agustin started talking to the media that was too much for Elder and May.  It was time to shut them up. Of course we know it backfired on them. Now they have been exposed and San Agustin could get millions. Both May and Elder have been completely disgraced. Will Dan May buy a house next to Elder's in Arizona?

This Website was founded with a single goal; expose Sheriff Bill Elder's corruption.  We believe we have been successful in that mission. We are thankful for the many current and former employees who have joined our cause. However, it is time to announce our website will be going away.  Our last post should be the day after Elder is out of office.  We will list Elder's accomplishments as sheriff.  It will be a short post.

We hope EPSO will regain its reputation as an agency with integrity.






May 27, 2021

Looks like we have a race!


It appears the rumors are true.  Maxwell, with absolutely no experience thinks he can work the system and get elected. Pretty Arrogant. We would like to see another candidate get in the race. Someone with integrity. It's early and winning the election is not the same as getting the worm.

May 27, 2021




The Colorado Springs Gazette has been busy trying to keep up with all the allegations against Sheriff Bill Elder.  Just in the last week they have published three articles exposing incompetence and misconduct by Elder and his administration.

Elder diverted commissary funds to pay portion of jail's medical costs. Gazette Article. Many believe this is unethical and illegal.

Another Lawsuit against Elder goes to Colorado supreme court. Gazette Article.  Elder recently lost an appeal to the Colorado Supreme court in a lawsuit where he is being sued by former EPSO Lieutenant Tim Williams. Tim's case will most likely result in another substantial payout by El Paso County.

El Paso County agrees to pay legal fees for lawsuit filed by ACLU against Sheriff Elder for his lack of adequate care for inmates during COVID pandemic. Elder diverted millions of dollars of COVID relief funds to remodel the jail and to be used for other non-COVID related projects. Elder refused to distribute masks to inmates or provide social distancing.  Inmates were forced to relocate to different housing units to facilitate the remodeling efforts in the jail. This caused hundreds of inmates and staff to contract COVID. Gazette Article. Was it Elder's lack of providing basic personal protective equipment to staff that caused a deputy to contract and ultimately die from COVID? Should Elder be charge with criminally negligent homicide?

It appears two deputies have died because of Corrupt sheriff Elder's incompetence.  Hopefully no one else will have to pay the ultimate price.

PDF versions of articles: Commissary funds, Colorado Supreme Court, ACLU lawsuit.


May 24, 2021

Stop Pulling our Chain

We have heard a rumor from multiple people that we just cannot believe.  Greg Maxwell is going to run for sheriff?  No experience, no training, no integrity; no problem?  Maxwell never completed a DTO or FTO; He never worked Detentions or Patrol.  He was given a token position by Corrupt Sheriff Elder which he quit months later.  Maxwell is probably the only person who could make Elder look good.

Was Maxwell's biggest accomplishment in law enforcement hooking up with one of the patrol lieutenants? He is suppose to be a man of God; yet he has an affair and leaves his wife?  WWJD?  Would he have an Under Sheriff? It appears someone was willing to give up their faith and values to get what they wanted. So much for Character.

We heard Maxwell warned Joe Roybal that if he was not part of his administration he would run against him for sheriff. Nice!

Can we please have someone with experience, leadership, and integrity run for Sheriff? It has a nice ring to it.


May 22, 2021


Plagiarist Bill

We have a new title for Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. "Plagiarist" Bill.  Every other Sheriff's office in Colorado knows the El Paso County Sheriff's office is corrupt and screwed up.  They cannot even get enough people to fill an academy class.  Only 18 of 50 accepted Elder's offer. More leave everyday and less are willing to work for such a corrupt agency.  So, Elder and his command staff came up with an idea.  Write an article in the CSOC (County Sheriffs of Colorado) magazine and tell everyone how great things are at EPSO.  Commander Bernier was put in charge.  This was a good idea, Ray is an honorable person and is seriously thinking of running for sheriff next year. There might be an opening because we hear Joe Roybal is doubting himself because he knows the troops would not support him. There is also rumors that Pete is also thinking about it. That story is for another day.

The article is pretty good. However, we hear Elder had nothing to do with the writing of it. In fact, he sent out an email to all employees admitting he had nothing to do with it;

"All, I’m forwarding the County Sheriff’s of Colorado Spring Colorado Sheriff magazine that features our agency. While it gives credit to me for writing it, that credit goes to Cmdr Bernier and Lt. Peck."

Yet the magazine gives him full credit at the top of the article.  Now Corrupt Sheriff Elder is published and Ray is just his bitch.  Cmdr Bernier should have received full credit.  It might have been nice to add Lt. Peck as she assisted. Elder does not deserve any credit, but like everything else, Elder wants all the credit. He doesn't care that everyone at EPSO knows he didn't do it; they would have found out anyway.  He wants everyone who reads the magazine to think he wrote it. He is trying to repair his completely shattered reputation before he leaves for Arizona.  It doesn't matter what he does; there is way too much water under that bridge.  Everyone knows he is the most corrupt sheriff EVER!

We also find it ironic his article shows how wide spread sexual harassment is at EPSO.  Can you find it? Things are so bad at EPSO they do not think twice about putting in a picture showing men dominate women at EPSO.  When you are so far gone you do not notice things that other people do. But this is the norm at EPSO.

We were forwarded a copy of the magazine sent out by Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  So we have provided the article.  EPSO Article



May 6, 2021


Elder creates new website to help his reputation?

Has Elder created a new website to help turn around his bad reputation?  We hear it is a live feed of him in his office; but this has not been confirm. Here is a link to the new website EPSO.COM



May 5, 2021

Eight Employees in Eight days


We were forwarded an email listing eight employees who quit in eight days.  Is this going to be the new normal for corrupt Sheriff Elder's administration?  The last six years under Elder's leadership has seen the largest attrition rate in history.  People continue to join, experience the work environment, and quit. The attrition rate is well over 75% since Elder took office. How is that possible?  Simply people continue to quit. It's so bad Elder cannot even get enough people to fill up an academy class. Usually training has to trim the list down to make offers.  This year they sent out 50 offer letters and only 18 accepted.  How embarrassing.  EPSO is so short of personnel they cannot allow transfers. The only people not leaving is Elder's corrupt leadership team.  Elder continues to create more and more supervisor positions for his cabal.

Elder wants to quit, but he needs all eight years to get a retirement.  He cashed in his previous retirement with EPSO and went bankrupt a few years back.  We hear his finances are still in shambles. We were told by an inside source Elder has already mentally "checked out". He was planning on running for county commissioner after sheriff; but those plans were thwarted after his corruption was exposed by this website.

Damn that transparency!

Things are so bad at EPSO they no longer provide basic services to the community. There are less deputies now than when Elder took office. The leadership is not interested in the mission, just the money. How many more lives will be ruined before we get an honest command staff? EPSO use to have a reputation of taking care of their people; not any more.  EPSO is know for their corrupt leadership throughout the state.


May 3, 2021

Things are quiet at EPSO.  Elder is fixing up his new house in Arizona and spending most of his time down there.  He doesn't care about the office anymore, just finishing up his time so he can retire.

The big three lawsuits are still progressing through the system.  Elder continues to beg the court to dismiss the case against him from Sgt. Duda.  The testimony from the depositions clearly show Duda did nothing wrong and it was in fact Elder's followers that were campaigning during work hours. Elder knows if this case goes to trial he will look the fool he is, but he does not want to settle.

The case filed by Lt. Tim Williams is also slowly progressing. Elder has been told he has lost; however, it appears his strategy remains the same, stall as long as possible.

Both of these cases will cost hundreds of thousands to settle.  Elder does not dare take them to trial.

The third lawsuit doesn't even have Elder's name on it anymore.  It's against CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations).  However, if this case goes to trial, everyone will know Sheriff Elder is completely corrupt. In fact, many people will be exposed.  Mark Hurlbert (and maybe even Dan May) could be disbarred for their unethical and illegal actions.  All those who were complicit with the malicious prosecution of John San Agustin could be exposed. What makes this case interesting is those who would be exposed cannot settle the case. We're hoping for a lengthy and detailed trial.

It's unfortunate COVID slowed the civil cases down; but we are patient.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has been exposed.  Everyone knows how bad of a leader and sheriff he has been. Why do you think he is moving to Arizona as soon as he can? His reputation cannot go any lower. We hope the next sheriff investigates him and does a forensic audit of the books. How ironic would it be if Elder was charged with doing what he suggested the previous sheriff did?

We're confident things will heat up this summer...



March 21, 2021

EPSO completely in the CRAPPER!

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has made it clear to staff he is tired of reading about himself and the corruption at EPSO. We continually tell him how to not get published; stop lying, stop the corruption and stop doing stupid stuff.

Sheriff Elder continues to make promises he has no intentions of fulfilling. Elder has wasted so much money by handing it out to his incompetent leadership and spending it on failed projects.  He stole millions of 1A funds which were to be spent on additional deputies on the street and diverted (illegally) it to his pet projects (all of which have failed).  Elder has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars with nothing to show for it. However, his incompetent buddies are happy because they all got high salaries and left with padded retirements.  Elder is spending much of his time down in Arizona getting his retirement house set up.  He recently got back from yet another trip.  Elder does not care about our community, he is only interested in his retirement.

We know many have left, many are still quitting, and most retire as soon as they can.  The vast majority of employees hate Elder and his cronies. We were recently told by an inside source that EPSO is down about 65 deputies.  All transfers have been suspended because there is no one to back fill the positions; especially at the jail.   Elder says he is trying to hire; but this is not the whole story.  It appears Elder is trying to survive with as few deputies as possible to save as much money as possible. He is not activity trying to resolve the deputy shortage.  He is trying to make it "appear" he is, but he is intentionally failing.

The following message was received when someone applied for a job. Does this sound like Elder is hiring?

Everyone at EPSO knows there is a large shortage of deputies. However, Elder continues to receive full funding. This means Elder should have approximately 3-4 million in extra money. Where is this money?  The longer he does not hire the more money he can "BANK".  Elder is trying to do what ever he can to run the office with as few deputies as possible.  He continues to have leadership beat down the employees to keep them working. When he is caught in a lie he makes excuses. Elder knows he needs more deputies but has not had an academy in a long time.  He keeps postponing; why? Could it be money?  Or no one wants to work for EPSO because of its reputation.

This memo was recently sent out to all employees.  Why? Yet another excuse by Corrupt Sheriff Elder?


Elder made commitments to those who accepted positions as non-sworn employees in the jail.  Now he is telling them he cannot live up to his end of the bargain.  Also, if the memo is true, Elder plans to screw the current POST certified Deputies working in the jail.

Does anyone believe Corrupt Sheriff Elder anymore? He cannot be trusted and everything he says is a lie.  When was the last time Elder worked down at the jail?  If he really wants to know the environment and be a good leader he needs to get his ASS down to the jail and work with the deputies who work there everyday.  Don't hold your breath because Elder does not care about the Deputies or the employees.  All he cares about is his retirement and his new house in Arizona. Screw everyone else!

Where is all the money going? Elder is doing what ever he can to save money.  He is even looking to hire civilian investigators. Yep, you heard it here first; indeed you did.

Civilian Criminal Investigator              Apply for the investigator position

EPSO is advertising on Indeed for civilian investigators.  The sources we talked with had no idea.  This means the leadership is not talking with their people.  BAD PLAN! Why would Elder do this?  Simple; he needs to save money, they are out of Deputies, and no one wants to work for the current leadership in investigations.  According to our source; things have never been so bad at EPSO and especially in investigations. Wow, the jail is screwed up, Patrol is screwed up, and now investigations is screwed up. What's going on at Court and Transport?

Elder continues to transfer incompetent leadership to critical positions.  The recent transfer of Lt. Matthew Holt to patrol might be the latest example. Did Elder learn anything from Billy Huffor? We were already receiving information about Holt harassing employees at the jail when we heard about his transfer. Many are describing him as Huffor Version 2. Get the checkbook out it appears another lawsuit is coming.

The problem is Elder does not have very many supervisors with street experience.  Elder does not provide appropriate leadership training and does not require integrity.  This is a very bad combination. Those he promotes feel entitled and protected. No one works hard to get promoted (it's a waste of time)they just get on Elder's good list. Elder continues to promote those with no experience, training, or integrity.

Since Corrupt Sheriff Elder took office the reputation of EPSO has gone down the drain.  It's reached the point where Elder cannot hire replacements.


Here are some FACTS corrupt sheriff Elder cannot debate;

There are less deputies on the street than when Elder took office

There are less deputies in the jail than when Elder took office

EPSO has a lot more funding than when Elder he took office




Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Elder's Reputation goes primetime!

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder's reputation has travelled statewide. No one wants to work for the El Paso County Sheriff's office.  The talk of nepotism and corruption is everywhere.  How do we know this? Elder is telling everyone they cannot hire people because of all the bad press and rumors of corruption.

A couple weeks ago Elder stated he wanted to run five non-sworn academies this year starting with a class of 50 in February.  Did this happen?  Nope.  Why?  EPSO sent out 50 offer letters; what happened? Only 18 accepted; not enough to justify running an academy.  Even with the highest unemployment in years no one wants to work for the most corrupt sheriff in Colorado.  They have heard about the conditions in the jail and how leadership treats their people. They also know Elder is a liar.  He promised a sworn academy for those working in the jail and it hasn't happened.  Sooner or later he will have to run one.  We have heard rumors he is considering hiring outside individuals who are POST certified.  That would be the ultimate insult to those who took the job based on a promise from Elder. Guess they now know what we already did; HE'S A LIAR!!!  You cannot believe anything he says.

Elder is just putting in his time until he can move to Arizona. He does not care about the agency or the people.  He has proven that time and time again. Is he moving to Arizona so he can get use to the heat?


Elder's Eminence

With blood on his hands; his soul forever stained;

he doesn't care for his lifestyle is gained.

With diablo he dealt, no regret was felt.

Two deputies die, and leadership lost its spine.

Elder's to blame but won't resign.

Being a liar is required to go higher in his empire.

With hard work and long hours you'll stay in the towers,

drop to your knees and he might grant your pleas.

If you want to be Elder's golden boy for a while;

you'll need to lie about his IA file;

under oath and in a trial.

He threatens with a smirk because he's a big jerk.

Being he is inept; his promises were not kept

Elder, like the scarecrow of Oz, is missing his brain

causing EPSO's reputation to circle the drain.

With Elder served another lawsuit,

you'd think he'd get the boot,

instead the commissioners will hand out much more loot.

He drinks every bottle in sight to help him sleep through the night;

continually wondering, why do we still pester the jester?




Committed to creating an eruption over Elder's corruption.

"Silence is the endorsement of Corruption"



Thursday February 4, 2021


Elder's Corruption Exposed Again

We are calling it "BOW-WOW-Gate"

On January 27 we told you we were working on a new story that would expose Elder's corruption again. We have been coordinating with local media and suggested they do CORA requests to obtain information concerning the dog food for the EPSO K9 unit. It appears KOAA did just that and opened pandora's box.  Here is a link to their story. They exposed both Bill Elder and the Huffors. We have been sitting on the story since November.

There is no surprise Elder lied to the media. He knew about switching the dog food purchases to the Huffor's pet store because he gave the order. Let's review; Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder ordered his K9 Deputies to buy their dog food at his Chief of Staff's private business and pay more money for the same product they got at Big R?  Does this sound honest or corrupt?

Read our article about BOWWOWGATE.  We have information not in KOAA's report

Sheriff Bill Elder has been exposed, yet again, as a liar with no integrity.  He was caught redhanded giving business to his buddy at the expense of the taxpayers.  Is it legal to spend more (taxpayer) money to buy dog food at his chief of staff's pet store than at the current vendor EPSO has done business with for years? Sounds like there should be an investigation.



Thursday, January 28, 2021

Happy Anniversary DIRTYELDER.COM celebrated its 4 year anniversary recently.  On January 15, 2017 we put up our first post concerning Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. Since then we have posted hundreds of stories about his nepotism, corruption, and illegal activities.  We leaked numerous stories to the media who have pounded Elder almost weekly about his corruption and lies.  Because of our website everyone knows Bill Elder is the most corrupt sheriff in Colorado history.  His legacy will live on for years.  We already paid our webmaster and hosting service for the next two years.  So, even if we stop posting new articles the history will remain on the internet until Elder has moved to Arizona. We are committed to exposing Elder's corruption.

We have not forgotten Elder is the biggest liar EVER!  He has stolen millions of 1A funds that were allocated to put more deputies on the street.  He cannot even keep enough deputies on the payroll to staff the jail.  He does not have an academy on the calendar? How is he going to replace all the deputies that will quit this year?  He lied to all the people he hired as detention specialist/deputies without post certification.  They were promised a POST academy.  How long has it been?  Elder will have no choice but to set up an academy sometime this year.  Or he will start hiring from the outside which will really piss everyone off.  Elder continually lies; he has no honor or integrity.

Bill Elder is way over his head.  He never could manage money; which is why he filed for Bankruptcy a few years ago. EPSO is so corrupt Elder is having to promote all his goons and pay them more.  There is no money to accomplish the mission.  Fewer deputies and more supervisors. Who does the work?

Here is to another year of exposing Sheriff Bill Elder's Corruption!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Being a corrupt sheriff is what Bill Elder does best

Just received confirmation of another good example of corruption by Sheriff Bill Elder. It might take us a couple weeks to coordinate with local media and putting everything together into an article. We are confident they will want to run with this story.  It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder just can't help being corrupt and doing things that are unethical and potentially illegal. This latest item is clearly unethical and shows Elder has no problem continuing his bad behavior.  We keep saying; "If Elder would stop being corrupt we would have nothing to write about".  He just cannot help himself.  Even when he does something right he has to screw it up by throwing in a little corruption.  Just do the right thing and stop with the corruption.

Some people have been asking for the promotion/transfer memo.


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Before we ever started this website we received legal advise about running a website calling out a sheriff for corruption.  As you can imagine we have a good reason for wanting to keep all contributors anonymous.  We have been threatened many times and even received information from multiple sources that Sheriff Bill Elder, in public, stated he wanted to put a bullet in the head of the person he believes is responsible for this website. Our hosting provider has been contacted by individuals trying to confirm who is behind the website. Our website has been attacked numerous times by individuals trying to break in. A corrupt couple working for Elder made threats and stated on their facebook page they were going to take the gloves off.  We take these threats serious.  We continually receive legal advise to ensure we do not cross any lines. To that end we believe we need to make the following statement (again):

We at DIRTYELDER.COM are NOT responsible for any statements made in BLOGs or emails sent to us.  We do not guarantee the accuracy of any statements, NOR do we endorse any statements made in any BLOGs. Statements made on this website are the opinions of those who make them.  We attempt to verify as much as we can, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of any statements on our website.   Please read our disclaimer on the home page.

Our focus is on exposing the corruption of Bill Elder and his leadership team.  We are not interested in personal issues or disputes between deputies or employees.  This is the not the right forum.  We also try to avoid referencing those who have left EPSO unless it relates to Elder's corruption.

We cannot imagine the frustration people are feeling at EPSO.  We will always support our great deputies and employees at EPSO.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Same old song and dance by Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Multiple people have contacted us about not posting recently.  We apologize, we have been busy and the fact is we are bored with the same old corruption from old Bill Elder. He needs to come up with something new. He continues the nepotism and empire building.  There are so many new supervisors we cannot keep them straight.  Paying off all his buddies. It appears we have the new Huffors with the recent  Lieutenant couple.  The stories about the Jail continue to fly in.  Everyone is complaining things continue to spiral down.  No more weekly COVID testing because everyone is either positive or already had it?

Rumor has it Corrupt Sheriff Elder is furious with Cyclops and wants to fire him.  It's not good to be on Elder's shit list.  He is blaming all the bad press at the jail on him.  Elder might not be wrong on this one.  Cyclops is so arrogant and has made some major screw ups.  The big issue is that he does not stand up for his people.  Everyone hates him.  Patrol is celebrating.  Not only do they not have to deal with the one eye stupid monster, they get Kramer; probably one of the best supervisors at EPSO.  He's fair and takes care of his people. He's a ray of sunshine in a very dark place. Elder will probably go after him because we said good things about him.  Kramer is one of the few people on command staff that has actually written a speeding ticket.  Elder cannot afford to fire too many of the real cops; he does not have very many on his command staff.  In fact, about 80% of his lieutenants and above have NEVER been a street cop.  Corrupt sheriff Elder is creating a leadership team with very little experience. Why is that?  Elder is promoting his buddies; not those who deserve it.  That's why it took him so long to publish the transfers.  It's not easy to hide incompetence and there are some positions that require experience and leadership. One example; the leadership over SWAT has almost no experience in SWAT.  WTF, the most specialized unit is being lead by an individual who has never worked the street?  This is dangerous and could get someone killed.

Plus, how many LTs do you need?  Holy crap; seems like there are more supervisors than deputies.  When you're corrupt you need to keep paying off more and more people.  However, someone needs to actually do the work.

There was yet another article in the Gazette about the total mess at the jail. We have already addressed these issues.  But what a surprise they had masks for 6 months and didn't hand them out.  That's got to be a lawsuit.

Elder has his head so far up his ass he's seeing double.  But he only has to keep things going for another two years and he's off to Arizona.

We received the following email from a deputy.  Of course we would never release names and would normally not release an email, but this one really shows the frustration from jail deputies.  We apologize for the language, but it shows the frustration.

Email sent to

The Jail is getting ready to be in a hurt locker as far as manning goes. Did you know they closed to pods because the shifts do not have enough deputies to man them across all shifts? I think it's pod E2 and E3or F3? 

And with the promotions below there going to pull even more deputies for promotion. Pretty soon it's going to be Sgts and lieutenants running the wards.

And the jail is fucked anyway because Gillspe is staying and he was 90% of the demoralization of the jail. The only lieutenant that actually cared about those floors deputies is moving to the courthouse. They really fucked this one up BIG TIME !!! I really feel bad for the deputies but KARMA is coming. Douglas just opened hiring again and teller is taking 2 maybe 3 from our department. 2 are going straight to patrol.  And the PROMISE they made to those deputies to get post certified was a lie and they all know it now so they are looking to move as well. They've been in the jail of 18months and they now  know they will never get a post certified from this department.

Now they don't even leave their office to check on deputies. EVERBODY watches the ward deputies from the cameras now to see who they can fire next. Sgts ``have been given permission" to watch the deputies and see if they are doing their jobs right. Pretty soon the lieutenants will be watching the Sgts running the wards on the cameras. 

And they are going to make all these changes because of promotions ON THE SAME DAY AND WEEK so the entire department is going to fall on its ass here in the next couple of weeks. 

Better grab the popcorn because I cannot wait to go to the jail and see a sergeant or lieutenant running a pod

I hope you all have something cooking. Because the promotions just cost taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and we are so top heavy. We give the very definition of WAY to many chiefs and not enough Indians complete truth and could reverse sink the titanic with the weight of all those promotions. No new deputies coming but we sure can promote everyfuckingbody. And even those that dont deserve it. Or replace the right people to help with what and whose left.


Any deputy or group of deputies who believe their rights have been violated should contact the law firm of Cornish and Dell'Olio.  They are the best at employment law and have successfully litigated multiple cases against EPSO, CSPD and other government agencies in El Paso County.

How many lawsuits are currently in the system against Corrupt Sheriff Elder?  A bunch.  Every new case exposes the pattern of abuse and corruption by Elder.

It's pretty bad when Elder's corruption is becoming old news and boring



Friday, January 8, 2020

Elder hiding in his office and cannot make a decision?

It's our understanding Elder decided who to promote, but is having second thoughts where to put them.  Did he come to the same conclusion we did? He does not have anyone experienced for Patrol or Investigations.  Let the games begin.  The people with experience were not chosen for promotion. It really doesn't matter, leadership at EPSO has been screwed up since Elder promoted all his buddies after he was elected.  It's been downhill ever since.  Elder is only interested in his empire, not doing the mission. That's why he has so many supervisors and all the deputies are leaving.  Hopefully the next sheriff will fire half the supervisors and hire a bunch more deputies to actually protect the community and run the jail safely.

It's not that complicated Bill, but when are so corrupt you don't see it

Bill just announced the promotions to include the promotion of a Sgt to Lt who didn't even pass the written test.  They had to change the results to allow her to band.  But that's okay, she's a "Buddy" of Elder so she gets promoted. The corruption continues. It's funny how Elder accused Maketa of special treatment for his friends; but Maketa never just promoted anyone. Everyone went through the same process. Everyone knows Elder is "rigging" the process to make it look like he is being fair.  We know what is going on. Not fooling anyone.

Wednesday, January 6, 2020

Big announcement coming soon?

Rumor has it Corrupt Sheriff Elder is going to make promotion/transfer announcements after the command staff meeting.  We are also hearing Elder did not have a very good holiday. Is he upset over the obvious leaks at EPSO? He cannot be happy about the court order telling him how to run his jail for the next 90 days. Or is he upset over getting his ass kicked by multiple lawsuits that are going to trial this year? Is he going to unload on his staff during their weekly meeting? Who cares! No one respects Corrupt Sheriff Elder anymore and he has lost any reputation he had. We know he has already lost his mind. His incompetence is putting people's lives in jeopardy and has cost two deputy's their lives. How can he live with that? His leadership team is laughing behind his back and are putting in their time until he is gone. We hear Roybal is already talking with others about how they can fix Elder's mess once he's gone.  Some are talking about Elder resigning before his term is up. Everyone, including his "buddies" thinks it's time for him to leave.  We are still hearing Pete Carey wants out.

UPDATE:  We called it; memo should be coming out tonight or tomorrow with promotions and new assignments.  Elder promoted 4 Lieutenants to commander.  He did keep one of the people we announced, but abandoned the other.  We do not feel it's appropriate to list the names until Elder has the opportunity to distribute his memo.  However, we like Bernier, Mihalko, Deno, and Hannenberg. We heard Elder stated he would never allow a certain female on his command staff.  Wonder who that is? Some of the individuals being promoted are people of integrity and we hope they are successful in their new assignments.

We notice a serious issue with lack of experience by high level supervisors.  Who is going to run patrol and Investigations?  Cyclops is hated by all and he has shown his arrogance and ignorance on numerous occasions. Patrol deputies know he will not have their backs.  Cyclops would not think twice throwing a deputy under the bus. There is a serious lack of experience in investigations which might explain the high number of unsolved homicides in the past few years. These are the two most critical command level positions and it appears Elder has no one up for the job.  Leaders need experience and integrity.

How can things get any worse? If Elder is involved it will

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Elder starts new year off by being "slapped" by federal judge

How inept does a sheriff have to be for a federal judge to feel compelled to issue an injunction mandating he provide basic safety measures at a jail? How incompetent does a sheriff have to be for a federal judge to tell him how to run his jail?

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is sooooooo bad a federal Judge in Denver felt he had no choice but to issue an injunction against Elder mandating he provide inmates and employees basic protection against the spread of COVID-19 in the jail.  A judge ordered Elder to provide masks to everyone. Seriously, a judge had to order corrupt sheriff Elder to provide inmates and employees with masks?  How could Elder let things get so bad that a Judge had to issue a court order forcing him to provide basic protection in the jail? Elder was not providing inmates with masks?  Seriously, how can anyone be that stupid?

We have the complaint and the court order

It didn't take long for the next article about Elder's corruption.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Welcome to another year of Corrupt Sheriff Elder

We have made some minor modifications to the website.  We are redesigning the BLOG section and created an archive. This should show we are dedicated to another year of providing information concerning Sheriff Elder's corruption. Of course, if he would stop the corruption and nepotism there would be nothing to write about.

Everyone is waiting for Elder's announcement on promotions.  We hear he announced pay raises to help soften the blow of his promotions announcement.  It does not matter how long Elder waits to announce it, everyone knows he is corrupt. Will he go with the original two? Or will he switch it up to try to cover up that he was telling people who he was going to promote prior to the oral boards?  Either way we have exposed him.

How can Corrupt Sheriff Elder promote one female when there are two others who are a lot more experienced?  Did they not perform as well in the "special" categories important to Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

We have to admit Elder has done fairly well for sworn employees' compensation.  If he did not keep up with other agencies no one would work for him; to include his buddies.  If he wants to give his buddies a nice salary he unfortunately has to give it to everyone else.  We did notice something interesting on the salary schedule.  It states you have to be a sergeant for "2 full years" before you can test for Lieutenant.  Did that rule apply to Elder's best buddy?  NO.  Polices are only for employees who are not on Elder's buddy list.  It is so easy to expose Elder's corruption and lies.

2020 was Elder's year (Year of the Rat) but it's over

Stay tune for another year of exposing Elder's corruption

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