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  1. The March 24th and 27th articles point to a serious amount of potential corruption in the EPSO. First, you report that the County Attorney (Amy Folsom) recommends the elimination of the Sheriff’s office HR department. That can only mean that the Sheriff’s HR is inept and/or corrupt. And a messed up HR department usually means lawsuits from those who’s employment rights have been violated.

    And the Monday report, that a supervisor accused of sexual harassment has been assigned to the same shift as the person who made the complaint, clearly shows that Amy Folsom is right. The County Commissioners had better make that move, and make it quickly.

    Unless, of course, they are part of the corruption. Is a cover-up in progress? And given the County Commissioners’ continued public support for Sheriff Bill Elder, what other conclusion could you make?

    I think I remember that Elder came to be Sherriff after the County Commissioners, led by Peggy Littleton, dropped their support for Sheriff Maketa, who eventually resigned. And following that, the District Attorney convened a Grand Jury that ultimately indicted Maketa, Paula Pressley, and Juan San Agustin on various charges.

    But here we are, a year later, and the only thing that has really happened in the legal world is that Maketa, Pressley, and San Agustin have filed notice of intent to sue. Where is the criminal trial? Are the charges real, or are they about to evaporate? Is the County trying to silence or intimidate Maketa, Pressley, and San Agustin? Is the corruption so widespread as to involve key figures in El Paso County Government?

    The only way to get rid of corruption is for the media to keep reporting; but for some reason, the Gazette is silent.

    Please keep us updated on the criminal trials for Maketa, Pressley, and San Agustin, and on the status of their pending lawsuits.

    1. Simply Google Maketa and you will find he is headed to trial the end of May. The others entered a plea and are silently waiting to see what happens in the Maketa trail before making any deals. Their lawsuits are just a distraction from the real concerns regarding their actions.

    2. We had not really thought much about the up coming trial(s) as we are focused on Bill Elder, his leadership team, and the current environment. But you bring up some interesting points.

      Also to clarify; Presley and San Agustin have not submitted pleas yet.

  2. All the more power to the group behind this dirtyelder.com website! Many of us commend you for taking a stance and not being afraid to expose the filth and corruption of Bill Elder and his cronies (and we all know who they are)!

    It’s no surprise the County is playing their diversion tactics and trying to keep focus off of Bill Elder and his corruption! They are just as much a part of the curruption! It’s a shame so many lives have been damaged because of it; but hey, those little bitxhes can’t run for long. The truth will prevail and it will be too late for them to beg for forgiveness. In due time they will have to face the wrath and pay for their sins!

    And Bill Elder should be thrown out of office for blatebtly lying to the taxpayers/voters of this community and damaging the lives of some very good former employees of EPSO. He is a disgrace and is the one guilty of abusing power. POS

  3. Look, the Grim Reaper (aka Bill Elder) has already reared his ugly face. We don’t have to wait for him to arrive, he is already here! He injected his poison back in 2014 and it hasn’t stopped since! His evil will only continue to destroy this Office. It has already ruined the lives and reputations of some very good people; it has fostered an environment of sexual harassment and sexual deviance from those he holds close, and has cast a very black dark cloud over the Office. More lives will be ruined and the taxpayers will continue to get fucXed. What the heck will it take to remove the cancer that is Bill Elder and his “Command Staff” of idiots, Amy Folsom, Diana May and Lisa Kirkman, D-bag Darrly Glenn, etc? What will it take?

    1. Good Point, the Grim Reaper has arrived. We have updated the post. The Grim Reaper has already ruined multiple lives and will ruin many more before he’s done.

  4. I have followed this site for quite some time and cannot believe a man of Bill Elder’s integrity and ethics would allow this crap to happen! Here’s some advice for Bill:
    1. Surround yourself with qualified personnel that will uphold the code of ethics of the department! You owe no one on your staff a damn thing–despite the SMALL donations they made to your election. Both Huffors are immature and not ready for the position you entrusted them to have. If Bill Huffor is your mentee and destined to be your replacement then you need take a serious look in the mirror and call yourself an idiot!
    2. Be a leader and rid yourself of those not meeting your expectations. It’s about the EPSO and you MUST bring back professionalism and integrity to the department-you did promise that?

    It’s time for you to step up and BE THE SHERIFF!

  5. We can complain and cry all we want. Nothing is ever going to change. There is no one in the Command Staff that I respect anymore, their all in bed with that looser. Maybe its time to try a Democrat candidate (Sir, put down the gun). Seriously what other alternative is there. We can not keep supporting the current regimes puppets or these career politicians.

    All I heard from everybody and I mean everybody, “Oh Elder is gonna be so great, he’s the Chief of Fountain PD, la la la la la….Yeah, the Chief a of 30 man Department woppitty do. I told everyone then, “I dont know why your so excited nothing is going to change for you”.
    I was right. They pretended to shuffle the deck when all they did was change the top two cards. We all got play and guess what? Next election another one of those dumbies will play us again. We’re stupid enough to fall for it. One of them will wait until Elders last year and pull a Benedict Arnold and claim that they were the one voice of opposition. Everyone will bit hook line and sinker and then; here we go again.

    1. And there are Lts and sergeants drinking the koolaid too. One particular husband and wife team in the upper ranks and anther particular husband and wife team in the sergeant ranks are helping spread the corruption through intimidation and gossip and making threats in briefings and organizing public displays of retaliation. Elected officials and their “cabinet of appointees” leave with new elections. Lts and sergeants usually stay. People will remember who drank that koolaid.

      1. Lieutenants and Sergeant stay? Not so much. Have you not been counting? There are, what, seventeen Lieutenant positions? We all know that Lieutenant is the “top end” for promotion as Command Staff spots are political appointments. So, what have the Lieutenants been doing? Leaving in droves. In thee past 12 months you have lost Hunt, Jaworski, McMorran, Brandt, Athey, Burns, Williams, and others are looking for jobs too. They know if they are not part of “the family” then their careers are over. Those Lieutenants had around 25 or more years of experience each, all gone.

        1. Good point! And it backs up the point initially made. Sergeants and Lieutenants have usually planned to make EPSO a career. Political appointees come and go with the Sheriff. So, those Sergeants (one particular husband and wife pair) and Lieutenant (one particular husband and appointed wife pair) who drink the koolaid should be fine while they warm up to the politics in the hallways (playing the game) while also attempting to connect with the deputies in the wards (playing the game). The Seregants and Lieutentants who don’t drink the koolaid, well, your point exactly!

          Bottom line, those who drink from that cup can’t be trusted by anyone, not even by the ones pouring it, and definitely not by line level. Be careful of the ones smiling in your face with red flavor koolaid stain around their lips. Or grape, whatever the flavor of the day is!

    2. Anyone who lived in Fountain and needed Fountain PD for anything serious (and was told, “It’s a civil matter—there’s nothing we can do!” when they showed up an hour after the event in question) knew that Bill Elder was going to be a cancer to EPSO.

      1. Fountain is just a dumping ground for EPSO’s trash. It’s filled with cast away deputies and retired MP’s who know nothing about law enforcement. The worst is the Chief there, Heberrer. Fountain needs to be exposed just as much as EPSO.

  6. Over the past few weeks, EPSO has set up several speed traps in the eastern part of town (and that is, indeed, their sole purpose). First, it smacks of desperation to generate some revenue for the increasingly destitute agency. Second, setting speed traps (as opposed to actually maintaining a vigilant presence in more secluded areas such as out east) is not sitting well with residents of those towns. Ergo, once 1A comes up for a vote, those same people are going to remember that despite “needing more money,” EPSO has the resources to post several officers down a 10-mile stretch of road several times a week, several times a day. And if most of us did not have a dog in this fight, can you honestly say that you, as a tax payer, would vote to continue to fund this corrupt administration?

    1. Not sure who this person is. It’s obvious they are not an employee. If they were they would know that we no longer have a traffic unit (Thanks Elder/Evans) and during the day, patrol calls for service are stacked and deputies are running call to call. If a patrol deputy can get one or two stops in during a 10 hour shift they are lucky. Speed traps? Seriously? Grow up.

      1. Fully aware of the traffic unit issue, thanks. Sitting for hours on end in the same place, pulling people over and not moving for another couple of hours…sure. If only all deputies at EPSO were so lucky.

        1. Dude Ciot is in effect the state was giving money for people to work traffic for seat belt violation.

  7. Your last article about the POST grant was a complete lie. I was there and heard every word. You are no better than tabloid news. Elder stood up and explained the whole situation for twenty minutes. There was no indication of any wrongdoing. In fact it was an attempt to be fiscally responsible.
    If you’re going to post stories make sure they are factual. You have as much credibility as a tabloid. Nothing you post can be trusted.

    1. So your saying that taking $225,000.00, spending that money and then having to return the money is being fiscally responsible??? In what world do you live in where that is considered responsible? Where exactly is that money going to come from? Clearly Elder did something shady to get the money or he wouldn’t have to give it back…….

      1. Getting grant funding for projects is being responsible. The money was returned because it wasn’t used. If you’d been there you would know the truth. All I am doing is standing for truth. Watching first hand how this site twisted the truth of what occurred is eye opening. IF you claim to expose the truth then be truthful. Lying And sensationalizing is tabloid news. If you weren’t there then find out the truth. Don’t believe everything you read.

        1. Sounds like you’re the poster child for hypocrisy, or one of them. You preach about truth on one hand, but yet you and your cronies spread lies on the other. Just so you know, being two-faced isn’t an attractive trait!

          And, no one is saying grant funding isn’t being fiscally responsible per se, it’s the intentional MISUSE and MISREPRESENTATION of such funding that screams financial IRRESPONSIBILTY. One might say, Elder and Carey’s double-dealing smells a little like fraud.

          Oh and by the way, there is plenty of evidence to show Elder knows NOTHING about being fiscally responsible both in his private life and “professional” life. Now, there is some more truth for you!

    2. Smart people can see through Elder’s incessant lies and manipulation used to capitalize on one’s incompetence and weak-mindedness, hence the reason he is surrounded by so many losers. The not-so-smart people fall for his bull**** and lack the mental capacity to understand even the basics. Whether Elder used the word “wrongdoing” or not, the mere fact that he has to return $225,000 of grant money to the State is a huge RED flag! Don’t be fooled, getting jammed up for misusing grant money DOES NOT represent fiscal responsibility, rather a sign of irresponsibility and malfeasance.

      Talk about lacking credibility! The Elder Adminstrarion and the filth that comes along with it LACKS CREDIBILITY as it’s made up of a bunch of sexual deviants, liars, thieves and bottom feeders!

      Don’t be a hater! Dirtyelder.com is exposing the filth that exists within the Elder Administration and El Paso County government.

      Whether the weak minded incompetents like it or not, your boy is being exposed for the filth that he is. Now, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    3. In response to comments made by “Tabloid news”.

      It’s a good idea to actually know the facts before you accuse others of misstating the facts.

      The POST grant funds were spent in 2016. In fact, the requirement for getting the grant is that they had to spend the money the same fiscal year. It’s our understanding they had to spend the money by June 30, 2016; which they did! If you had read the first article you would have seen that the money was spent on a turning target system which is sitting in crates at PPIR (or it was at the time).

      We appreciate your comments because it reminded us that we did not make it clear in the article that Elder already spent the money and will most likely use 2017 EPSO funds to pay the money back. We have updated the article. So, thank you for that.

      Also, if you were in the room as you say, you would have known the money had to be spent soon because it was discussed at the same time (read the meeting minutes), so we doubt you are being truthful. But even if you were “in the room” when Elder explained why he needed the funds there is no problem. We know he explained why the funds were needed. The problem is his facts were wrong and misleading. There was no urgent need for a new range; EPSO and CSPD had access to other ranges which has been proven because they are still using them to this day. So, Elder has been proven a liar, again.

      We have more information concerning COTIPS (Colorado Training Institute for Public Safety) that we will be publishing in the future. It is very interesting.

      As they say; the proof is in the pudding. Elder stated in a meeting he is going to pay the money back, so he either lied in the meeting and has no intentions of paying the funds back or he openly admitted to wrong doing by agreeing to pay the money back. Corrupt either way.

      We stand behind our story and have provided facts to support it.

  8. Total incompetence once again rules the day at the SO. Just took a look at their so-called variance reports of the 1A money on the SO website. You know, the reports those idiots have been scrambling to create since dirtyelder.com called them out on it. Well, it’s no surprise; their variance reports are useless and technically are still in non-compliance with the ballot language. It may look good at first glance, but if you’re the type that actually studies the material, you will see those reports provide no true transparency and actually are riddled with inaccuracies and mistakes! Quite frankly, there are some transactions that look suspicious. Heck, these reports don’t even line-up with what they report in the Annual Report for 2016 and may not even for 2015. Inconsistencies can serve as a red flag for financial impropriety.

    It’s pretty disheartening to know that our tax money is being managed by a bunch of incompetent fools, but so long as those idiots get paid and the taxpayers continue to get screwed, the Board doesn’t care. They carry on with blinders.

  9. Note to Janet: The honorable thing to do now is repay the County for all the money you have been paid the last 2.5 years for a job that you were not qualified for and should never have been assigned, divorce that POS husband of yours and go hide. I have a feeling Karma isn’t done with you yet.

  10. That is a rather dumb ploy to garner sympathy; few employees would sympathize with her as she is seen as part of the problem. She would have stood a better chance at sympathy if she would have gone trailer park on her husband when the sex assault allegations came out and threw his stuff on the lawn. The only tears shed when the Chief of Stuff leaves will be her own crocodile tears.

  11. This website is about corruption in the El Paso County Sheriff Office. But it appears the corruption is in the El Paso County District Attorney Office as well.

    The kidnapping charges against Maketa are being dropped. That means the case against Maketa doesn’t exist. Fox21news.com reports that instead of Maketa, it was Shannon Gerhart who inappropriately ordered an arrest and detention. But no one has filed charges against her.

    So the question for District Attorney Dan May is, why aren’t you pursuing charges against the real perpetrator in the kidnapping? Are you covering for someone?

    This corruption thing is getting bigger and bigger. I wonder how much of the Arapaho DA office is part of this corruption and coverup. How deep into this is Mark Hurlbert willing to step?

    1. First, Dan May cannot pursue charges as he has recused himself and the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office from prosecuting this case due to conflict of interests. Second, if former DDA Shannon Gerhart has testified before the grand jury, she would not be able to be charged unless she was served a targeted subpoena. Targeted subpoenas are the ones served on the persons under investigation. Recipients of a targeted subpoena must appear, but they are not required to testify against their best interests. If you receive a regular subpoena to the grand jury, you must appear and answer questions, however, you cannot be charged because you are being compelled to testify.
      Third, in every investigation and trial, someone nearly always is offered a deal (as an example, the detective conducting the investigation was likely the arresting officer as well) and the deal usually results in no charges being filed. Sometimes you let some go to get the big ones.

      1. All very interesting. And informative; I’m not part of law enforcement, nor am I a lawyer. I can’t quote statute; I just call it like I see it.

        Did Dan May recuse the entire 4th DA Office, or just himself? Doesn’t really matter. His prior work history says he just came from the 18 Judicial District; so he has the same conflict using a DA from that district that he does if he were to have the 4th District prosecute this case. Corruption here, corruption there. Corruption everywhere.

        You’re telling me that Gerhard testifying gives her immunity even if, after the testimony, it turns out she was complicit? As in, she has immunity? Anything for a sitting judge. Did I say corruption?

        It will be interesting to watch this. The ADA prosecuting this case from the 18 District, Mark Hurlbert, also was the DA in Eagle County when Kobe Bryant was charged. Pamela Mackey, who was Kobe Bryant’s defense lawyer, is also Maketa’s lawyer. So this is Hurlbert vs Mackey, chapter 2.

        When the Bryant case began to fall apart, Hurlbert bailed and dropped all charges. Now, I see charges being dropped on Maketa.

        The way I see it, if Hurlbert is looking for a way to remove himself from all this corruption, he’ll be dropping more charges between now and Wednesday. Convenient.

  12. it’s interesting that current Undersheriff Joe Breister’s name is brought up as visiting with the investigators. It is a well-known fact amongst several people in the sheriffs office that just prior to the grand jury convening, Joe Breister said in an open meeting that if Maketa,Presley and San Augustine want to talk to the media they are about to
    get a nuke dropped on them. Guess his daily visits with the investigators were quite substantive. On another note, it seems odd that even if witnesses are compelled to testify in a grand jury, that they can’t be held liable for perjury.

  13. This website is about corruption.

    I reread the Fox21News article that reports the District Attorney office filed a motion to dismiss kidnapping charges against Maketa, Pressley, and San Agustin. That article reports that Shannon Gerhart ordered a Detective named Kaiser to arrest Kelli Trull; as it turns out, this arrest was illegal—it was without probable cause. Fox21news also reports that, at the time of the “false” arrest, San Agustin was not in the building. Imagine his surprise when he learned he was being charged for an arrest that occurred when he was not in the building.

    Same with Maketa and Pressley; they were not in the building during the time of the “kidnapping”.

    At the time of the kidnapping, Gerhart was Chief Deputy District Attorney; she worked for the District Attorney, Dan May. Dan May knew Gerhart ordered the arrest. So how could Dan May possibly justify charging San Agustin for Trull’s arrest? How has Dan May maintained, for over a year that Maketa, Pressley, and San Agustin improperly arrested someone? Remember, all three of them were not even in the building, let alone part of the arrest.

    And now, a week prior to trial, and all quiet and hush hush, Dan May wants to secretly drop these charges.

    Gerhart’s reaps a serious reward for staying quiet and playing along with May’s scheme; she was appointed to a position as County Judge.

    Shannon Gerharr: Job for life.

    Maketa, Pressley, San Agustin: not so much.

    What I can’t figure out is, “What’s in all this for Dan May?”

  14. Well, more and more corruption. Or is it more and more incompetence? Recently, the prosecuting District Attorney from the “not-so-neutral-because-Dan-May-used-to-work-there” 18th District asked the judge to drop two felony charges against Maketa. Really? After holding those charges for a year?

    Now today, during jury selection, it turns out the jury questionnaire had “a mistake” on it; it told prospective jurors that one of the charges against Maketa was attempted murder.

    So, any juror who is reasonably current on the news has now been told that Maketa will be charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and attempted murder. Oh but wait. Nah, never mind. The judge will just tell them to disregard all that; it was just a mistake.

    This practically guarantees the Defense will be able to appeal any conviction. What a waste of taxpayer money, and of jurors’ time.

    But the 4th Judicial District (Dan May), and now the 18th Judicial District (prosecutor Mark Hurlbert) would have everyone believe there is no corruption. Even the Gazette is in their pocket; it repeatedly refers to Maketa as “disgraced former sheriff”.

    I think the disgrace is Dan May and Mark Hurlbert; and Bill Elder; and Joe Breister. Who knows how far into El Paso County this corruption goes; perhaps into the County Commission?

    And I am more convinced than ever that there will be some sort of additional chicanery from the Prosecution. Perhaps in the form of more dropped charges? I am guessing we’ll know soon enough.

  15. Looks like there is a whole other side to this Maketa thing. There are some interesting facts coming out of the trial that we’ve never been privy to. My assumption would be that once the Defense begins introducing their witnesses, there will be a plethora of new information that has never been heard.

  16. Observations made via popping into the courtroom and following tweets:
    1. Lt. Kull is a whackadoo.
    2. Lt. Kull and Sgt. Gerhart are proud of their admitted policy violations while claiming to be targeted.
    3. Ex-Undersheriff Goodall, an avid Elder supporter and lead on the Maketa recall attempt, is spending time with each witness prior to testifying.
    4. No evidence and very limited discussion about the actual charges.
    5. Prosecution seems to be dodging any discussion about Lt. Kull and Sgt. Gerhart failing CVSA tests prior to their resignations.

  17. As the Maketa Trial has come to a close and the jury deliberates, I would remind all the readers that Maketa is no victim in this; he and Elder are cut from the same cloth. Both chose to lead with fear and intimidation. It remains to be seen if there is enough proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict Former Sheriff Maketa on any of the charges. I would point out that it is not illegal to be a horrible boss; there are hundreds off them spread across the organizations in both public and private sector. However, being a huge Richard to your employees does place you in a position that paybacks can be a real female dog!!! I believe that the court trial laid a great foundation for civil action against Maketa, but I am not confident that he will be convicted on any criminal charges.

    1. So please do tell mr. or mrs. “Esquire” just how exactly has Mr. Maketa trial “laid a great foundation for civil action against Maketa” as you have vaguely pointed out?…….. us simple minded folk would like to know. Because as far as I know, being a boss that everyone doesn’t like, doesn’t rise to the level of civil action. And furthermore, the court system either civilly or criminally was not intended to be used for carrying out vendettas or dislike.

      1. While I am not an attorney (though I played one in school….and I’ve slept in a Holiday Inn Express) I have had my share of court room experience (and no, not as a defendant). My statement is based upon some of the statements made in court, plus knowledge of Maketa’s past behavior towards subordinates that would go beyond just being a bad supervisor. Many current and former supervisors and deputies have endured humiliation at the hands of Maketa and Presley; a dressing down that is far in excess of the transgression that had occurred done only it seemed to cement who was in charge. The grand jury was only able to come up with the few charges he faced; the investigation likely looked into the allegations of fiscal mismanagement and either no evidence of wrongdoing was found or insufficient evidence was found to charge criminally. Reparations to Habert, Porter, Gerhart and Kull have already been made; others are waiting to be reviewed for likely payouts. O. J. Simpson wasn’t convicted of murder but a civil court found him libel in his wife’s death (I’m not saying Maketa is like OJ). In closing, I would agree that the court system was not intended to be used as a tool of revenge….but unfortunately, it oftentimes is used for that exact purpose.

        1. Well, that was certainly an interesting response. But did not answer my question. Which was “how did that lay a great foundation for civil action against Makita” The response was much like that of the prosecutions charges………. A lot of attempted character assassination but no facts or evidence produced to back up what is being said……. just alot of “he said, she said”

  18. Former Sheriff Maketa Has been vendicated! I can imagie that Elder and Briester are scatching their heads wondering how thier plan failed to net Maketa jail time. After all Maketa had Briester walked out and investigated Elders missing file. HOW DARE HE! !! I also wonder if CBI or another law enforcement agency will prosecute the many alleged victims who knowingly lied to the grand jury then to the jury during the trial.
    I also hope that the AGs office looks into the El Paso County Attorneys office and why Amy Folsom gave in to these same liars and paid out civil judgements with even trying a case.
    The stink of this trumped up endeavor can be smelled across the state, and the shame across the nation!

  19. So much could be said; but, one question: now that Bill Elder has proven publicly for all to see that he lied under oath during the trial, shouldn’t his name (and maybe others also) be placed on the Brady List? This by far is not the first time in his career (many times) he has lied. How many chances does he get and still gets to be the Sheriff?

  20. In essence this new article once again points out that Bill Elder, the Sheriff of El Paso County, has committed the crime of perjury. So this means Elder has committed more crimes than Maketa, Presley, and San Agustin combined. Now we all know why Todd Evans and Bob McDonald ran off to Fountain, and should anyone be surprised that that lying rat Joe Breister is throwing people under the bus?

  21. I read the article about the CC Benefiel’s homicide. I was wondering if this case would ever come up again. While her estranged husband was always a suspect, there were also so many strong suspects within EPSO as well. I noted the comments about Elder fighting with his wife right after the murder. Now it all makes sense.

    Elder had an “Employee Meeting” with line personnel recently. During the meeting, he became enraged and threatened employees that they needed to leave his wife out of it and that if he found out who was providing information to this website, he’d meet them outside with knives or guns or whatever. Wish someone had a recording of it. I guess “so much” for his claim that he doesn’t pay attention to, or read, this website, and wasn’t trying to find out who was behind it?

    Elder and Gary Brown. There was always some suspicion that Liz Brown, the wife of Gary Brown at the time, was a good suspect with a motive of eliminating her husband’s paramour. Remember the comments about it possibly being a female suspect, using a .22 firearm.

    Perhaps we will never know, but the stench of impropriety just won’t go away, with Elder in Office and still “playing games.”

  22. There was talk weeks ago about bringing warning shots back to our agency. Maybe they will hurry and write that into policy and back-date it. You know, like how they mysteriously got rid of the DAB when that same LT had a pending case?

  23. Just looked at this website for the first time. Amazing. I keep expecting Froto, Bilbo and the evil Gollum to show up there’s so much fantasy being spouted. What garbage the article is regarding Elder’s IA file that is being put out today under the cowardly “you can believe or not”, but we in our Ivory Tower are going to stick it out there anyway. Wait a minute, I just heard that Donald Trump, Jr. had a meeting there with the Russians in 2013 and HE stole the file. Case solved.


  24. Oh Gandalf, what an imagination! It’s already been proven that Elder had an IA file. You might want to return to placing your attention back into the fairytale books that you appear to be enamored with.
    I think your hyperbole regarding characters from Lord of the Rings might just fit Sheriff Bill Elder and his command staff, especially Briester and Shannon. Oh, and I don’t want to forget Cliff Porter AKA “PTSD Boy”.

  25. Wait…so Elder announced he will get rid of patrol if 1A doesn’t pass with the voters? Where did he say that? Are there witnesses? Isn’t that extortion? That man is a loose canon! And Kirby (she needs to lay off the steroids) actually admitted that the 1A funds are a lost cause? How long does Elder think he can keep up this charade? He’s messing with the safety of the community now; when will someone stop this lunatic?

  26. It isn’t that 1A funds are a lost cause per se. There were valid reasons for that funding, but now under Elder’s Administration, the 1A funds are being misappropriated, used in ways that explicitly violate the ballot language and are “managed” by idiots! The money and purpose of those funds have been lost thanks to Bill Elder and his cast of clowns. They have ruined this Office. They need to go and now!

  27. Your story on Chuck Kull’ s lying testimony was spot on!
    His attorney SHIMON KOHN is a schmuck! !!
    The El Paso County Commissioners are a joke. Citizens have lost approximately 120 K because the commissioners didn’t investigate Kulls and Gerhart’s stories; they just paid out the money. Hey it’s not their money so why should they care! ! I always thought that they had a feduciary responsibility to our citizens, but evidently they don’t see it that way. There’s no accountability when the recipients are sworn to secrecy and the record’s sealed.
    Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, shame on each and every one of you! !!!!!!!

  28. Oh, and, if you notice, he not only used one Sheriff’s Office number on his re-election affidavit, but he used a second one too. The 719-520-7686 number listed under the Candidate Committee Information section listed as the contact number for Re-Elect Sheriff Bill Elder is also registered to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. So, did the Sheriff’s Office become his personal call center for his re-election?

    Not surprised that more evidence surfaces that Bill Elder is a lying piece of shiX and he continues to use government resources for his own personal gain! This guy belongs in an orange jumpsuit!

  29. Concerning today’s article, I think Jackie needs her mouth washed out with soap. How do you put a face on all the corruption Bill Elder is involved with both by commission and omission!
    I know that we have to have at least one great leader in the Office who can run and beat Elder.
    Take no prisoners! !!!

    1. Please let Bill Elder know that I am willing to donate $5,000 toward his re-election campaign if he promises me a $90,000 a year job on his staff! Can’t do any worse than his current staff of incompetent members!

  30. This letter was sent to us via our email and we thought we would publish it in our BLOG area. It does raise some interesting questions. Why did Wendy Harbert get a payout when she doesn’t work for the EPSO?

    TO dirtyelder
    from: Perplexed
    I have been perplexed with all the payouts that the El Paso County has been paying out.
    Something I was pondering for awhile since I read about Wendy Haber’s lawsuit settlement by El Paso County. I cannot understand just how Wendy Habert was eligible to be paid by the County, $55,000.00 to her and $30,000 to her attorney when she was not a City or County employee.
    Wendy Habert worked for Contractor that provided Health Care Services at El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Justice Center, under a contract issued for El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.
    As I understand it, the contract for providing health services to all inmates, and includes standard contract terms, which protect the City/County. The contract terms include:
    (1) Independent Contractor.
    (a) this clarifies that the contractor and the contractor employees, agents, servants and other personnel are NOT City/County Employees.
    (b) The contract terms also clearly states that the contractor nor contractor employees, agents, servants and other personnel shall not be entitled to any City payroll, insurance, unemployment, worker’s compensation, retirement or any other benefits whatsoever. If Wendy Habert had a grievance, or claims it should have been against her employer, it was the Contractor (her employer) who made the decision to fire her.
    (2) Indemnification. This contract term requires the contractor to indemnify and hold harmless the City/County against all damages, claims or liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fee) arising out of or resulting in any way, form or any acts or omissions of the seller (contractor) its agents, employees or subcontractors.
    (a) If Wendy Habert filed a lawsuit for alleged wrong doing that happened while she was employed by the contractor, why didn’t the contractor meet the terms of his contract and indemnify the City/County.
    (b) Secondly why did the County pay Wendy Habert and her lawyer when the Contract terms clearly states that Contractor employees are not entitled to any City/Benefits whatsoever.
    I am not a lawyer and am not familiar with the El Paso’s acquisition process, but I was able to find the standard terms included in their contracts. Something does not add up, it smells to high heaven. I wonder what was Wendy Habert really paid for under the guise of a lawsuit. Was it for managing Sheriff Elders campaign, or to lie for them.
    Looks like there is a lot of Tax payers money is being spend on questionable settlements

    1. Screen Name: Still Perplexed (via email)
      I am still perplexed about all the payouts that the El Paso County Commissioners have paid out to Elder’s campaign supporters and contributors.
      These two do not equate.
      According to El Paso County Commissioners, Settlement of Lawsuits filed by Kull and Gerhart was due to Loss of income and benefits and to adverse employment.
      Deputy Charles Kull received $120,000.00 and Deputy Emory Gerhart received close to $88,000.00
      Based on testimony during the trial, it was clear that both Kull and Gerhart quit their jobs when they were told that they would be asked questions on the IA missing Elder file. Was this the adverse employment? With what came out during their testimony at Maketa’s trial, their work environment did not sound too adverse to me! My impression of their testimony, is they sounded like they created the disruptions within their department.
      The thing that I find interesting is that years ago, Elder and an implicated sergeant both quit their jobs from the El Paso Sheriffs Office, under their own volitions around the time Elder had an IA investigation going on. I guess Elder did not like to answer questions either. I wonder, Did Elder mentor Kull and Gerhart about quitting during the investigation of Elder’s missing file?
      When people quit their job is it standard practice in private industry that the employer owe their x-employees, who quit their job, payment of loss income and benefits!!! Private industry does not reward ex-employees even if they hire them back. But I regress, here we are talking about tax payers money. No money out of the commissioners own pockets.
      After Charles Kull quit their jobs at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, he went to work at Fountain and earned income and benefits from his job. (So much for lost income and benefits.) Kull gets hired back by El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, (Elder) and gets paid $120,000.00 by the El Paso Commissioners! Sounds like fraud, waste and abuse to me.
      Gerhart gets rehired too, and gets $88,000.00 settlement, quite questionable too. He quit so he would not have to answer and question regarding the mission IA investigation file.
      They both quit their jobs, voluntarily, rather than discuss the results of the given test in which the computer measures the tone of a person’s voice in effort to verify the truthfulness of their statements. The fact that they both quite their jobs, tells me that Kull and Gerhart knew and still know a lot about the missing file and did not want to talk. An old Elder move.
      You would think that stealing files from the Internal Affairs Department would be a serious crime. My guess is that no-one is looking for who stole the file. My understanding is the Elder said does not like to waste time on cold cases.
      With a better understanding of why Kull and Gerhart quite, I beleive that the Commissioners have a responsibility to get the money back from these two deputies, and return it to the tax payers. Maybe the tax payers should demand that an independent investigation (by person(s) that would not be biased and not have a conflict of interest in the outcome) to validate just what these commissioners were really paying for with tax payers money to these two deputies and others. Talk about the appearance of corruption, and the depth of the conspiracy against three (3) innocent people that did their jobs. Makes me wonder if any of the commissioners have the integrity and honesty the people would expect from their elected officials.

  31. All of these facts and/or accusations mean nothing if no one else runs for office. This will be such an easy victory for ANY other person that runs for office. I’m almost tempted. Then again, the headaches that will come with it due to all of the problems that will arise due to the current incompetent administration. Only time will tell. By the way 1A money will be gone soon. Something to think about for current employees. Layoffs? I think so.

    1. Interesting “1A” money comment, Holy Caca. Did anyone (or everyone) else notice the beginning of their 1A campaign yesterday? Suddenly the jail is at “maximum” capacity and, according to Lincoln, more “resources” and improved “administration” is going to be required in order to alleviate these issues facing the “growing population” of El Paso County. Please….”resources” is just another name for tax-payer $$$$….and “administration” is just one more shot @ Maketa et al. The facts are that the EPSO has squandered 1A money on unnecessary personnel and equipment. It”s as simple as that…and the entire county knows it.

      1. And just a couple of more things to consider for the current employees of the EPSO:
        1) Always remember…last in, first out.
        2) Think twice about spending that 2018 Uniform Allowance too quickly.

        Please be sure to thank your chain of command for all they’ve done for you…they’ll be here all week…and at least through Dec ’18.

      2. improved administration is needed? Try a NEW Sheriff is what’s needed! Elder is worthless and ineffective as are his buddies in his administration. Taxpayers and media should DEMAND immediate reports of ALL monies collected and spent since 2015.

  32. Well FINALLY someone has stepped in with some very good and useful credentials. Mike Angley looks like he’s going to challenge this incompetent administration. Mr.Angley, you will have no problem getting in. The question is will you do things differently and do the right thing? Hopefully because you will be in office and running what used to be an admirable and well respected organization. Most of the employees will vote against Elder and the Huffors. These same employees will influence their friends and family to vote a certain way that would benefit you. Quite sure we’ll be meeting because I/we have quite a bit of useful information for you, Sir.


  33. Let’s wait and see what Mike Angley has to offer to the people of this county–no more false promises-no more corruption-no more Huffor’s–no more Elder! If Mike is the right candidate I may donate my $5000.00 to his campaign!

    Mike’s bio is outstanding and his leadership qualities is what the EPSO needs!

    1. Dear Sheriff Elder –
      If you think the “leaks” are bad now, just imagine if you had an intelligent, competent, and qualified opponent (Oh wait…what’s this? Mike Angley?? Well that’s certainly interesting). That sound you’ll soon be hearing will be the pitter patter of little feet scurrying off your sinking ship. Do you really want to campaign on all of your accomplishments since taking office? Really?? If so, I’ve taken a moment to jot down a few of your most stellar accomplishments as a reminder:
      Oh, hell…who are we fooling? I’ve got nothing.

  34. What bothers me about this site is that facts are stated in the form of a question. I assume that is done in order to be thought provoking, however, there is no question. The facts are reality. Sheriff Elder is a liar that is ok with destroying careers and reputations. Not only does he carelessly ruin people’s careers, he cares not what that has done to the persons family, including spouses, children, siblings and even elderly parents. When you blatantly lie to protect nothing but your own income, image, and pride, you severely damage your victims. Victims being the INNOCENT people that Sheriff Elder, the Sheriff Department’s “legal advisor” Lisa Kirkman, El Paso County District Attorneys, Dan May in particular, ADA Mark Hurlbert have falsely prosecuted and continue to try to prosecute.

    How frightening for an average citizen to know that in El Paso County Colorado, if the Sheriff and/or the District Attorneys office simply DOES NOT LIKE you, they together will financially and emotionally ruin you and your family with their ultimate goal being PRISON for their victims. Reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials.

    I do believe that Karma, and better yet, the Good Lord will deliver the ultimate judgement.
    Isaiah 54:17
    But in that coming day, no weapon turned against you will succeed. And everyone who tells lies in court will be brought to JUSTICE.

    The Sheriff and the DA’s will be held trial in a much higher, eternal court than that that they drag their victims through here on earth.

    1. How many out there caught Wedenesday’s Gazette article on EPSO employee (and Jackie Kirby son) Ben Corriea? Just a few short months ago Kirby lost her mind when her little boy was mentioned on this website…now he is front-page news…and obviously a “plant” being used create an aura of humanity for the Office. Once again, the Gazette is doing Elder’s bidding. They should truly be ashamed for agreeing to print such an obvious piece of campaign garbage.

    2. I am not a lawyer, and have no real experience in trials, etc. But I cannot understand how Dan May and Mark Hurlbert continue to go after John San Augustine for kidnapping, when they dropped charges on Maketa and Presley. A female detective arrested Trull; why isn’t she on trial? And I hear she made the arrest because of direction from Shannon Gearhart. Why isn’t Gearhart on trial. Better yet, how was she selected to become a judge if the arrest was a bad one?

      I agree with Francis. If you piss off certain people in El Paso County, they will come after you. And they use taxpayer dollars to do it.

      1. Citizen, you are absolutely right. This is nothing short of a witch hunt. Maketa pissed off the wrong people and San Agustin knew Maketa didn’t do what he’s accused of and he refused to play their little game. So they charged him too! Now, they don’t know how to get out of any of it without admitting they falsely charged all 3 of them, so they just keep their charade going. Aren’t the same witnesses who already lied on the stand going to have to testify again at the other trials? How on earth will they keep their stories straight? It will be entertaining to watch, that’s for sure. Plus, Judge Shannan Gerhart will have to testify at some point. Awkward….

        1. Ralph, With Maketa, they dropped the kidnapping charges two weeks before trial, after they found “new evidence”. Never mind that the new evidence was discovered nearly a year after arresting Maketa.

          So I’m guessing they’ll find more “new evidence”, nearly a year after charging San Augustin, and based on the new evidence, drop the charges on John about two weeks before the trial is scheduled to begin.

          That way, no one has to testify. That is, Shannon Gerhart can keep her cozy judge job and not have to testify. Dan May won’t have to make any public statements. Mark Hurlbert gets to go home to Denver.

          So all the “good guys” in this–May, Elder, Gerhart, Hurlbert, and all of their cronies–get to go on with life like nothing happened. Same for all those who lied at Maketa’s trial.

          And all the “bad guys” in this–especially San Augustin who has a year’s worth of legal costs–have their reputations ruined and can never work in law enforcement again. Lesson to all of us? Don’t piss off the “good guys” who run the Republican Party in El Paso County.

          Here’s a question, though. There was a guy in Maketa’s trial named Gerhart who was fired for something under Maketa, got a bunch of money from the county as compensation, and was re-hired by Elder. He then testified against Maketa (the guy who fired him). If I remember correctly, Gerhart has some sort of bad relationship with the Brady list.

          Now, this guy Gerhart and the Shannon Gerhart who charged San Augustin, are they related? As in, married? So they target San Augustin; in return, he gets money, she gets a promotion from ADA to being a judge? And San Augustin is left to twist in the wind?

          Seriously, are El Paso County Republicans corrupt, or what?

          1. Just to be clear, Shannon Gerhart (who is the wife of Ray Gerhart) did not charge San Agustin. She was involved with the original arrest back in sept of 2013 of an individual who Mark Hurlbert says was illegally arrested. Shannon Gerhart, who was a deputy district attorney at the time, told investigators there was probable cause to make the arrest, however, somehow Hurlbert justifies charging John San Agustin with kidnapping. The evidence of corruption and that this is all political is the fact that the five who were present when the decision was made to arrest were not charged, but the one person not present was charged. Can’t wait for the trial. The truth is coming….

          2. Citizen, you bring up good points. One clarification; Gerhart, the deputy, wasn’t fired by Maketa. He failed a polygraph test and when he was told they wanted to question him more, he resigned on the spot. Maketa had nothing to do with it. Gerhart freaked about having to answer more questions and quit.

            Also, something else to chew on; who else finds it odd that these charges all came over 2 years after Presley, Maketa and San Agustin left their jobs? How crazy is that! Witch-hunt?

        2. They couldn’t keep their stories straight! This new trial proved that! Several who testified stuck their foot in their mouths. Lies lies and more lies. It’s all on the court records now.

  35. Sad. I just read the latest news. Very sad. Why is it that Maketa could manage the budget just fine, but every time Elder turns around, something else is jacked up with the 1A money? What the heck is that guy doing with those funds? If the media would pull their heads out of Elder’s backside and quit taking everything he says as gold, maybe they would get the information needed and actually inform the public what he’s doing! It’s illegal! And newsflash: the Commissioners and County budget officials are allowing it! They are just as guilty. Deputies, you should all be furious…not only are these your taxpayer dollars that are being misused, but your future employment is in jeopardy! Maybe it’s time to contact the new guy, Mike Angley, and see what his plans are for YOUR FUTURE.

  36. Everyone, go to Angley’s website! And check it daily; the guy keeps adding new endorsements and valuable information you won’t want to miss. Today he talks of Elder’s 2017 “budget presentation”; and brings up what we all know from his last 2 presentations-that there’s not even one $ in the entire presentation! Maketa always had a very thorough, detailed budget presentation and provided it on his website. Elder’s budget it a joke, just like his administration.

  37. All of this is futile; the media literally does not care about this website, does not care about Angley, and Elder will be reelected. That’s how it goes in El Paso County. The ONLY way Angley or anyone else is elected is if BOTH employees publicly organize and campaign against elder AND if the media seriously investigates and reports on this regime and promotes Angley. If those two things don’t happen, it will be Elder again. And we all know neither of those things will happen. So get on with your lives and plan for the future.

    1. We don’t need to media to tell us what to think or what to do….that’s why President Trump was elected. People are tired of the BS at the Federal level and at the local level. Change is coming and I think Elder will be tossed out as he should be. Elder has shown who he really is by his actions (or lack of) and I’m betting that El Paso County voters will want someone who is competent with their tax money and someone who will hire the best person for a job (and a job that’s actually contributing to the organization, not one created for his friend) – not his friends and campaign supporters who are looking for “payback”. Mike Angley for Sheriff

  38. Wow. I just read today’s article about Dan May and Elder covering up on Tom Clements’ murder.

    Sounds like just about everyone at the Sheriff’s office is spilling their guts. They must really hate Elder. It must be really hard to work there, knowing he covers up on crimes against one of their own.

    And I thought it was bad that he asked the County Commissioners to payoff Gearhart without due process.

    I hope something happens so Clements’ family gets some justice.

  39. Again, unless mainstream media runs with an anti-Elder agenda, the masses who choose to be uninformed will just vote him back in to office. That’s how it goes. Angley will need very public support from both the media and sitting county commissioners to win. Neither of those things will happen.

    1. Are you willing to step up and give public support? If you’re a current employee of EPSO, you are protected as long as it’s done during your time off…If you’re ready to see some real change, effective leadership, honest handling of taxpayer money and a boost in moral, then please contact Angley and find out how you can best help to get him elected as the next Sheriff. Be the voice for those that are afraid to speak up.

  40. That’s great news! I hope all the visitors this weekend are new viewers so more people are learning about all the corruption. Just for s$#%s and giggles, you should check out the Sheriff Elder Facebook page. He posted a new picture on July 4, 2016 then NOTHING until June 3, 2017! Now all the sudden he cares about posting updates and telling everyone how much he cares for the community and employees. Nothing for a year…but now that he has an opponent, it’s so important to make daily posts! Toooo funny. Also, there’s no re-elect Elder Facebook page. He must be afraid people will post the link to this website. Keep it up, Dirtyelder.com. You’re making a difference and people are listening.

    1. It was with tremendous bemusement that I recently took a peek at our Sheriff’s “re-election” website and read his endorsements, especially those taken below from the five members of our current Board of County Commissioners:
      “When our community finds the need to be ready, I am comforted knowing that Bill Elder is our Sheriff”

      “he’s spearheaded reform in the Sheriff’s Office”

      “He has created a calming influence in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office” and (an) establishment of a higher ethical standard, Sheriff Elder has removed the controversy of years past”

      “I appreciate what he and his staff do that does not get reported out in community on strengthening and developing positive and lasting relationships”

      “Sheriff Elder was leading the fight in Denver to pass legislation giving cops the tools they need to make our community a better place to live and raise kids. We need real leadership and experience, and that’s why I’m supporting Sheriff Elder in his bid for re-election”

      “Reform?” “Calming Influence?” “Higher Ethical Standard?” Removed the Controversy?” “Real Leadership?” Just what color is the sky in their little GOP world? Do they truly not understand the magnitude of the train-wreck at 27 East Vermijo…or do they just choose to continue on with their heads in the sand?? Interesting that they don’t mention the growing number of lawsuits and fiscal improprieties. And it seems a little premature that they would hitch their wagons to Elder’s star prior to any real campaign. The allegations of corruption will continue…I have no doubt. And when those allegations turn criminal, these five “county leaders” will be stepping all over each other in order to avoid their own professional train-wrecks.

  41. The County Commissioners, and Bill Elder, are copying the Democratic National Committee (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) and Hillary Clinton.

    Washerman-Schultz and the DNC had all the Super Delegates declare their votes for HRC well before any of the state primaries; this preloaded a victory for HRC. They did this before any of the Democratic Candidate debates; that is, before any of them could objectively listen to different viewpoints. (not that it would have mattered, as Donna Brazile relayed the questions to HRC prior to any of the Democratic Primary debates). It was obvious then, and has since been admitted to, that the DNC primary was rigged in favor of HRC.

    As everyone knows and admits, HRC was “The Chosen One” for the Democratic Party.

    And here we go again. Following the example of Wasserman-Schultz and Brazile, the five County Commissioners are attempting to preload the Republican Caucus so that “The Chosen One”, in this case Bill Elder, wins the Caucus. In other words, so that the five of them can choose the next Sheriff.

    The Five County Commissioners–Littleton, Gonzales, Vanderwerf, Glenn, and Waller–are no different from Wasserman-Schultz or Brazile. They thwart a real electoral process.

    I wonder who within the Republican Party in El Paso County will provide debate questions to Elder prior to any debate?

    If re-elected, what will Elder do for each of them in return for their DNC-like favoritism?

    1. First off; Bill Elder is way too much of a chicken to debate anyone. He knows there is way too much “Dirty Laundry” for him to debate. We predict he will REFUSE all offers to debate. He made way too many unfulfilled promises in the last election. He knows it would be a target rich environment. How would he explain all the waste and abuse? All the missing 1A funds? All the sexual harassment cases? The hostile work environment?

      1. But he’s just so great under pressure. Who can ever forget his sterling performance while being questioned by FOX 21’s Joe Cole regarding the Black Forest fire last year? It was truly a moment to remember. And lest we forget his amazing presence during the Planned Parenthood shooting (Thank you, Ms. Littleton for reminding us of the “comfort” Sheriff Elder provided us on that terrible day). He was so eloquent it was almost like he wasn’t there. Oh yeah…he wasn’t.

      2. Debate is one thing. The corruption involving the five sitting County Commissioners is something else.

        I know this site is supposed to only be about Elder, and I think the site manager is doing a great service to the county.

        But someone in the media has to investigate the County Commissioners. Why are they behaving like the DNC Super delegates? Why are they picking the next sheriff more than a year before the election? What dirt does he have on them? Or is it the entire Republican Party in El Paso County? Are they rigging the election?

        I’d bet that every Republican in the County, probably the State, condemned the DNC for the crooked, rigged Democratic Primary. But here they are, a year and a half later, doing the exact same thing themselves, and all wrapped up in their self-righteous blanket of morality.

        Where is the Gazette? Where are the local TV stations? Why isn’t anyone challenging this?

        The difference between the Five County Commissioners and Wassermanschultz? Nothing. The difference between the local media and MSNBC? Nothing.

        1. There are far more dirty politics than people realize. Why did the County Attorney not fight the lawsuits against Maketa more? She didn’t want them to ever go to trial. Why not? Because she knew that, in a trial, it would come out that she, too, spent time between the sheets with Maketa.

    2. Thank you, “Citizen” for the insight – and at least we all know just how that worked out so well for HRC. Once again (for the umpteenth time), when given the opportunity to do the right thing…Elder (and company) choose the wrong approach. Karma’s a bitch, Sheriff. And it’s looking for you.

  42. In light of the fact that it’s now been brought to everyone’s attention that Elder, the commissioners and the local GOP are tightly intertwined, I really do hope Mr. Angley and any other possible opponents will go the petition route. The GOP can’t be trusted any more than Elder can.

  43. I would like to point out a fact that most people may have overlooked; Bill Elder was not elected Sheriff of El Paso County by the citizens; rather he was selected by the Republican delegates at the caucus 9 months before the general election. Elder had been working for nearly two years prior to the caucus garnering support from the party so that he won the majority of votes from the delegates at the county caucus. Since no other candidate had at least 30 percent of the delegates’ vote, he was the only one on the ballot. The Democrats did not field any opposition, so in essence he was appointed the Sheriff by the Republican party, not the voters.

    The Republican Party hasn’t always stood so strong with the incumbents….back in the early 90’s, the party chose not to support the incumbent Sheriff (Bernie Barry); there were a total of 5 candidates for Sheriff. Three candidates were Republican, one was a Democrat (really a DINO as he had assisted a prior Sheriff’s candidate’s campaign against Barry in 1990) and one independent. Sheriff Barry did not get on the ballot at the caucus and attempted to get enough signatures to get on the ballot, but failed. John Anderson won out and was actually elected Sheriff.

    This election cycle, please consider becoming a delegate with your local precinct. You can influence who gets on the ballot and give other candidates a chance.

    1. New from Elder’s website over the weekend – written endorsements/testimonials from noted IA customers the Huffors (“Bill Elder is a God fearing, hard working, and loyal servant leader who we have had the pleasure to serve with” – well crafted, Janet) and Rob King (“He is a good and decent man who understands and promotes leadership qualities and empowers his staff to make decisions” – I wonder if “promotes leadership qualities” = campaign donations). And what…was Harvey Weinstein not available to lend his support for Elder as well??

      1. Congratulations, Commander…and we’re so sorry that you had to endure this nonsense. One question, though…can any current EPSO employees confirm or deny that the Office has internally emailed the information regarding the dismissal of your charges just like they emailed your mugshot in 2016? I didn’t think so.

  44. Incredible. Just like predicted, DA Hurlbert “found” some “new evidence”, after more than a year, and has dropped the case on San Augustin. How is it any different from the “new evidence” he suddenly found just before Maketa’s trial, when he dropped the same charges against Maketa?

    But he hasn’t dropped the kidnapping charges against Paula Presley. I guess he’s going to wait until just before her trial to “find new evidence”? Why doesn’t he drop those charges now? No evidence of kidnapping against Maketa, and none against San Augustin. Hurlbert abused his power to ruin San Augustin’s career and reputation. He continues to abuse his power to slander Presley’s.

    Hurlbert is an abuser. He abuses his office to go after people that Dan May doesn’t like. Speaking of Dan May, why doesn’t he do his own dirty work? Why does he have Hurlbert come down from Denver and do it for him? And why does Hurlbert stoop so low as to do his dirty work?

  45. What a wonderful day yesterday was for those seeking justice! We could not be happier for John San Agustin, his family and friends!

    People of El Paso county, please remember there are others (at least one) who the DA Dan May, and Sheriff Bill Elder are still trying to prosecute during this witch hunt.

    If you will go to the Fox 21 website you will find the actual Motion to Dismiss filed by Mark Hurlbert. In the motion you will read that, “As with any case, over time evidence can change for better or worse. In this case, evidence changed entirely for the worse making it impossible for the People to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt.” THERE NEVER WAS EVIDENCE! How can NO evidence change for the worse? Over time? Do the voters of El Paso County know how that translates? Let me help…….Bill Elder and Dan May could not lie enough to get reasonable people to believe it! Do voters know why it takes so long? Because May and Elder know that every passing day hurts their VICTIMS financially and emotionally! Not to mention the reputations of the people they lie about.

    One day, real (actual) evidence will be made public, in EVERY false charge May and Elder have created.

    Voters, please put yourself in the position of the people May and Elder have, and continue to, victimize. Imagine telling your family you are being arrested. Imagine the panic and fear that would spread throughout your home. Imagine how you will be able to try to keep your home, feed your family, provide healthcare to your children. Imagine that everything you have worked for and believed in was taken from you based entirely on lies! Law enforcement takes a special breed of individual. One that risks their very lives to help serve and protect those who can not protect themselves. Imagine that this has been your dream since you were a child, then to have the very agency you work for do their best to distroy you and your family for nothing but political gain?

    People of El Paso County, please do your research. Ask your questions. Understand the political connections. Research who vacations together, who is married to whom, what hand feeds what mouth.

    Dan May’s and Bill Elders prosecution attempts, knowing the truth, and knowing who the true victims are, is purely political.

    Please do not re-elect this corruption. Remember voters, you pay the salaries of these liars, and you pay for the FALSE PROSECUTION ATTEMPTS against their innocent victims. That money is NOT going to your child’s college fund or your parents senior living community. Every fancy suit these liars put on, YOU PAID FOR!

    1. While you are thinking about how corrupt Elder is, also remember that the individual El Paso County Commissioners have endorsed Elder for reelection.

      That is, they are supportive of the abuse of power that is taking place. It’s well past time to sweep them all out of office.

  46. I’m hopeful that this website has been shared with Brauchler’s opponents. I’m sure they would be very pleased to be armed with these FACTS about their political opponent. Not only did he and his office maliciously prosecute 3 individuals, but then they kept charges pending on San Agustin and Presley for months, after dismissing the exact same charges against Maketa just days before his trial. Finally, they admit to their “lack of evidence” and dismiss San Agustin’s case, once again, days before his trial; yet Presley’s charges remain. As if that isn’t enough, Brauchler & CO are going to trial yet again on Maketa for no reason other than to seek revenge. All at the cost of the taxpayers. Then, they will wait till days before Presley’s trial and then drop her charges. (For “lack of evidence”). The government has deep pockets and Brauchler isn’t shy about wasting our taxpayer dollars so that he can ruin the lives of innocent people. Somebody should request the phone records and emails of Brauchler, Hurlbert, May and Elder. Brauchler would be shaking in his gubernatorial boots. Is this the type of person we want leading our state?

  47. Before and after shots of Bill Elder still show a fat, old and ugly idiot with a very bad receding hairline! Either way, this piece of shiX DOES NOT look good in uniform nor does he even belong in uniform. He is a disgrace!

    It is so very sad all the lives that have been destroyed as a result of his corruption.


  48. What people need to realize is that there is a huge “Part 2” to this. This site is all about Elder. But those on the inside know that Elder is not the one calling a lot of the shots at EPSO, and Elder is not the one spreading all of the corruption either. Joe Breister is nearly one-and-the-same as Elder. He’s just as dirty and is trying to stay below the radar so that, if Elder doesn’t run again, he can step forward and run for Sheriff.

  49. Bill Elder believes he is a “Pathfinder”; he used the same word to describe his supporters that worked at the SO under Maketa who fed him information. The term is insulting to those that served as Pathfinders. The proper terms for those who provided information to him should be “spies”, “snitches” or even “informant”…but those don’t sound sexy or honorable. I think he believes he is carrying the torch to illuminate the darkness cast upon the office by Maketa chasing out the evil spirits of the previous regime. Perhaps the evil spirits are more powerful than originally thought as it appears that they have possessed the mighty paladin Elder and corrupted him as he is using the same play book as Maketa. The members of the Sheriff’s Office deserve better than the current administration.

  50. Elder is wearing a US Army badge, and he never served in the Army?

    Uh, that is sick. What sort of man has a self-image so low as to pretend to be something he is not, and to pretend so publicly? What sort of Sheriff puts US Army badges on the uniform of the El Paso County Sheriff’s office?

    I know USAF officers who were courtmartialed for wearing medals they had not earned or been awarded.

    It is sickening to see Elder wear this badge, falsely proclaiming a qualification, and doing it so publicly. What other “qualifications” is he telling lies about?

    Where is Darrell Glenn? You know, the County Commissioner who is always talking up his honesty, integrity, and military background. Why is Glenn claiming such honorable qualifications on the one hand, while on the other endorsing such fake and liar for Sheriff ? What a fake Glenn is.

    Is all of El Paso County government corrupt?

  51. As I am sure you will all concur … Elder, Borland, Huffor and Kirby will all look FABULOUS in orange jumpsuits!

    Right at home with all the other felons!

    They are a disgrace!!!

      1. Yeah, you’re right. She has always struck me as a very odd ugly version of a Neanderthal. Her buddy Janet Huffor is really no better.

        … wish they both would become extinct.

  52. Can someone please explain why Deitz and Mejia had to be “escorted” to HR to get their personal belongings when the County took over the EPSO HR department? Were the higher-ups (Elder, Borland, Breister, Huffor, Kirby) afraid they would take something with them that could be used against the Elder Administration? I mean, these two guys had access to all types of information that Elder would want to keep out of the “wrong hands”. Why all of the sudden do they need to be “escorted”? Sorry, but that just doesn’t add up.

    1. Too many incriminating documents they could have taken with them. Which deputies were “1A” deputies? Did you know that changed a number of times? They are identified by name. But those names have been swapped around. One day you might have been a 1A deputy, and at risk of losing your job if 1A doesn’t get renewed, and the next day that designation could be next to someone else’s name. I’ve seen the lists. Lots of sneaky stuff like that going on.

  53. Bill Elder says in his statement “There is no requirement for these cards to be notarized” then why did you put 1016 people through this nut roll?

    If there was no deadline, why did Borland and Huffor commit a felony to get them done so quickly?

    Don’t fall for Bill Elders shinny object trick, the turd in in his pocket

  54. And another thing….Kirby said they decline to comment. Why? Why? Why wouldn’t Elder & CO not want to set the record straight if they didn’t do anything wrong? Why on earth would they stay quiet and not comment? Because they are a bunch of lying, corrrupt bast@$#s! That train is getting louder and louder!!

    1. So let me get this straight. We’ve gone from –
      1) Nothing to see here, to
      2) It was all HR’s fault, to
      3) The unfortunate passing (due to cancer) of an EPSO employee, to
      4) J. Huffor was aware all along, to
      5) Kirby actually notarized Maketa’s commissions, to
      5) We’re still notarizing and recording these documents (at least until the current supply is exhausted) – Even though it’s not required.
      Wait. Let me guess what’s next:
      6) Check is in the mail?
      7) The dog ate my homework?


      1. Oh sure, it’s what happens when you’re guilty and have something to hide. The stories just don’t add up!

        When a person becomes fidgety, they become defensive, they have trouble keeping their stories straight, they fumble, they blame, they divert attention away from the real reason, they start becoming “too talkative” (if you know what I mean); these are all classic examples of what people do when they have something to hide. We all know, Elder has a lot to hide. That closet of skeletons can only hold so much, and that door is starting to opening ….

        Elder thinks he is so smart, be he is highlighting his own stupidity and I think its hilarious!

      2. Seriously???, you nailed it! When one cannot keep their stories straight, they are simply exposing their own guilt. Never, ever, ever does the story remain the same with Elder and his posse. Look back at history since he took office…not once has he kept his story the same when questioned more than one time. Not once!

        Elder and Kirby are the King and Queen of “no comment”, “we cannot comment at this time”, “this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment”, “we kindly decline to comment”. Don’t believe me? Go back and read the articles.

        The proof is in the pudding. Angley (Elder’s VERY QUALIFIED opponent) recently said that Elder refused an invitation to debate him. The debate wouldn’t be until January or February, so it’s not like Elder can say he “already has plans that day”. He’s a corrupt chicken-shit who is scared out of his crazy ass mind. He had no problems debating his opponents during the first round. Now that he has a proven track record that he claims to be proud of, why would he choose not to debate? If you are proud of your accomplishments, and you’ve nothing to hide, then debate Angley! The train is coming…the Karma Train!

  55. All this is interesting. But remember, all the County Commisioners have ALREADY endorsed Elder for re-election. That is more than a year in advance, and months before even the local Republican primaries.

    This is EXACTLY the same as HILLARY CLINTON and the DNC.

    El Paso Republicans are copying HRC’s example 100%, and the El Paso County Commissioners are part of it, trying to squeeze out any other candidates. Totally corrupt Republican Party. Totally corrupt County Commissioners.

    Elder is simply their puppet.

  56. Elder is playing right into his own demise; he is that stupid. Typically, a guilty person will do everything they can to hide their guilt and shame by blaming others, making excuses, repeating themselves, deflecting, denying and even becoming defensive and belligerent, which is exactly what Elder did on Wednesday with the media. He can’t help it; the house of cards is falling apart, and the lies and corruption are being exposed. This aXXhole needs to come clean and own up to his sins!

    Thank you to all who are working and have worked to expose this POS and THANK YOU to DIRTYELDER.COM for all you have done. Too many lives and careers have been destroyed because of Elder’s corruption. It has to stop before too many more lives are destroyed.

  57. Elders attack of the Indy, its editor and reporters is the typical response a narcissistic liar would give. Liars hate when the truth about them is exposed, and narcissist always blame others for their actions.

    Interesting that Elder writes about his family. Well, if you’re a corrupt public official, the truth eventually will be made public. Elders cares about “his families safety” but does not give a damn about the people he continues to falsely prosecute. Guess what Elder, the people you are dragging through false prosecution, only to protect your image and cover your mistakes, have families too! One day, his wife, children, and grandchildren will see exactly what he did to his VICTIMS innocent wives/husbands, children and grandchildren. When every lie, false arrest, and attempt at false prosecution, along with PROOF is exposed, his family will know why so many people are trying to stop him.

    It’s funny that he is so worried about what the small, local papers write, when national papers and news outlets are slowly circling this train wreck, waiting to make their move. Elder is a foolish man to think that he can keep his corruption contained to El Paso County. This whole mess that Elder created, and the harm he has caused multiple families, will make a great Dateline story. As of now, the only people able to speak are Dan May and Elder. Soon the innocent victims will have their voices heard.


    Bill Elder is no better at lying than he is at anything else. He thought he could run the sheriff’s office after being an INCOMPETANT deputy.

    Just because you rode in coach a dozen times doesn’t mean your qualified to fly the plane!

    He’s nothing more than a MEDIOCRE REAL ESTATE BROKER.

    He refers to “THE VILLAGE” on his re-elect me website. Well Bill, that sound you hear outside 27 East Vermijo is The Village. They’re gathering pitchforks and torches and, they’re coming for you!

  59. Curiouser and curiouser (Alice in Wonderland).

    It would appear that Elder is digging his hole deeper and deeper with each passing week. Now that he has lied about this notary business, and now that his immediate staff is obviously part of what appears to be a criminal act and coverup, how can Elder possibly survive this?

    He can’t. How long before J Huffor and Jackie Kirby decide Elder is no longer worth going to jail over and try to protect themselves? (Hmmm, is it only women that Elder is putting in jeopardy?) How long before they turn on him?

    So what will Elder’s puppet masters (i.e., the El Paso County Republican Party) do about this? Answer: Throw him under the bus. He is poisonous to local Republicans. Look to see the local Republicans discard Elder; he will resign before the Republicans meet next year to decide their candidate. He is lame duck.

    As to his command staff, and other officers, you probably want to jump sooner than later. If I were you, I sure would not want to be the last one off this sinking ship. Better get your life jackets on now.

  60. A recipe for financial disaster consists of a couple ingredients:

    A greedy inept Bill Elder
    An incompetent and way overpaid Command Staff
    An unqualified Finance staff
    And … total lack of transparency

    And … the taxpayers get Screwed cleaning up the mess!!!

  61. Elder would be amusing if the mud from his misdeeds didn’t get all over the rest of the honest folks down there. He seems so smug in his beliefs that he is above the law. But…. he forgets one thing. The people who helped him get where he is, his Command staff, helped him get there by turning on their former boss and airing all of his dirty laundry. Is Elder really so dumb as to think that those same turncoats won’t do the same to him if they think they will benefit from it? He also displays his lack of intelligence when he thinks that lying about this latest Notary flap will somehow not be detectable. He’s not only corrupt, he’s not smart enough to know how to stay corrupt and not get caught!

    1. So very true, and the current command staff is as much of the cancer as the sheriff himself. The corrupt good ole’ boy system even extends to the civilians. Take Liz Omeal for instance, she was leaving the jail for two hour lunches with Chief Breister to push for a completely unneeded civilian supervisor position with pay of a Sergeant. Of course the “homie hook up” continues to this day for the select few in Inmate Classification. EPSO has been and still is a viper pit, hopefully this Mike Angley is serious about cleaning up the trash.

  62. It gets better and better. So I clicked on that link you posted to see Elder’s contributors. I had to laugh. A lot. Doesn’t the candidate file that document him or herself? He put his own home address on it. Isn’t that what he was going off on the Independent about? But he files public documents himself with his home address on them. Crazy! A couple other laughable entries: the report lists Thomas DeLuca as working for School District 11 and Joseph Breister as being retired. Huh? Last I checked, they both are on Elder’s command staff. How does one make THAT mistake on a public, mandatory filing? One other entry on that form that is worth questioning. Is Leslie May District Attorney Dan May’s wife? Did the DA and his wife contribute to Elder’s campaign?

  63. Someone needs to get this information into the right hands. It is doubtful that anyone local will do anything about it. Who at the state level oversees these things? As a taxpayer, I want Elder and the county to answer for this misuse of my tax dollars. Who will hold them accountable? The right questions need to be asked, and when Elder’s people give their usual lip service, then the right documents need to be demanded. Don’t just take them for their word (they lie, FYI). Demand the documents. Demand them from the sheriff. Demand them from the county.

    Deputies and all sheriff’s employees, it’s time to act! You’re going to lose your jobs! And soon! Who is more important…this corrupt administration or your family? Rally the troops and demand accountability! There are hundreds of you and only a handful of them. It’s your future, what are you going to do to protect it?

    1. The one that holds them accountable is the voters of this county. By not supporting his re-election, you will stop what he and his regime are doing. He hasn’t violated a law per se (I am only speaking about the issues with the Public Safety Tax or PST, not any other issue that has been brought up…not enough room in this post for those here). He has failed to abide by a section of the county resolution that authorized the PST, specifically he has not provided annual reports and transparency. He has not followed the intent of the funds. Most likely he will spin a tale on how his new units and reallocation of personnel has improved and enhanced the safety of the county, thereby he is in compliance. Nothing has been mentioned of diverting the funds outside of the Sheriff’s Office or for personal use, so it would likely be difficult to prove a malfeasance of office. I would also imagine that there is nothing in the PST county resolution that allows for any penalty for failing to abide by the guidelines established by the PST, so by not following that he is only violating the public trust and not committing a criminal act. As long as he has the Republican Party to support him, he will be okay.

      There are a couple options: 1. Contact the Colorado Attorney’s General Office; part of what they are tasked with is the investigation of public officials. If they chose to investigate the matter and found criminal violations, they would most likely be the agency to prosecute. 2. Become involved in the delegate process. One way that he can be stopped is if he has an opponent in the next election; when Elder ran for Sheriff, he was not truly elected by the citizens of El Paso County, but by the Republican delegates at the county convention. There were three Sheriff’s candidates, however, the other two were unable to get at least 30% of the delegates to vote for them, so Elder was the only Republican candidate on the ballot; with no Democratic candidate, he became the Sheriff almost by default. If you become a delegate, you can help get another candidate on the ballot and force Elder to explain himself to the public. If there isn’t another candidate, then the delegates will likely support Elder and he will continue another four years of antics.

      I would also like to address your suggestion to the deputies and sheriff’s employees to “act”. While a nice idea, it is not really practical…the problem is not just Elder; it is his command staff as well. Colorado has a statute called “Pleasure of the Sheriff” an old holdover from back in our frontier days that allowed a Sheriff to stand up a posse to go after the bank robbers, cattle rustlers or whatever other scourge of the territory that needed to be dealt with and then he could dismiss them at will once the crisis was over. There is no protection for the deputies; they have no union and are not covered under civil service protection. In essence, you don’t please the Sheriff, you are gone. Dissention in the ranks is frowned upon which makes fighting from inside rather difficult.

      1. I understand what you are saying, however, if the troops band together and demand accountability from their leaders, maybe their voices will be heard. I get that people are afraid. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed. My suggestion is for a group of them to come together and defend themselves. Meet with an attorney first and be ready to file a lawsuit if they are retaliated against. It’s a well known fact that the commissioners will pay them off if they do. So really, it’s a win/win situation.

  64. Dirty Elder thank you for telling the truth about patrol manning- or there lack of.

    Please don’t forget about the jail.

    Moral is at an all time low and manning is at an all time low. As soon as the new academy was on the floors other deputies back filled other positions in other units and Bureaus. Keeping the staffing of wards at a dangerous level . There are times that wards are “doubled up” that means ONE deputy is watching 2 wards!!!

    Either command staff has no clue of whats going on or they do not care. When was the last time you saw a member of command staff on the floors of CJC or walk into a ward?????

  65. Quick. Someone get Elder a shovel.

    Anyone know what happened with Angley’s interviews with the Independant and the Gazette? One would assume that those interviews would reveal more corruption. Maybe Elder, in his usual fashion, got them shut down.

  66. This comment is to the dedicated men and women, sworn and civilian of the EPSO. You folks are the reason this office is operating even with morale at the lowest level ever, and with absent leaders.

    Continue to be watchful of your brothers and sisters. Just know once there is a change in command, you will have the best available staff, leaders who support their troops from the front, not from an office, They will train their folks to excel and to mentor others to become the leaders of tomorrow.

    It is sad the sheriff encourages employees to participate and support the candidate of their choice, as long as it is him and his agenda. I am hearing anyone who is backing the other candidate, Mike Angley is being watched and treated very differently by staff. This is wrong!

    What is the sheriff afraid of will come out about him or his staff. Watch and listen, their is more information coming in about questionable behaviors that is being verified.

    Stay strong folks, Karma is real.

    1. And the Academy Award for Best Actor in an EPSO farewell video goes to…………..Chief Joe!
      But then again, he’s been acting like an Undersheriff since 2015.

  67. Wow brothers and sisters. Take the time to read the latest article on the Angley website. If you were not a supporter yet, you will be after seeing how the higher up’s are taking care of their own gain. They have failed in hiring practices, over payment to friends, and have done nothing to correct this issues when identified.

    Is this the type of office you want to support. Do not compromise your values and integrity, you know who you are and why you took this job.

    Read the article and make your own informed decision about who to support. Could this be the information that the DA can no longer ignore, or will another agency be coming in to verify this possible fraud and conspiracy. Just look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do you stand for? Are you part of the problem, or are you going to be part of the solution?

  68. Wow. Kirby using CCIC to get info on friends? Enemies? Who was she checking up on? They are allowed to break the law and not get in trouble. This sounds like Hillary. Does Bill Elder have his own Email server? When is the media going to get on this and start reporting what is going on?

  69. Jackie Kirby! Shame on you! Giving orders to do something illegal! Sounds a lot like Maketa or Presley ordering San Agustin to falsely arrest someone. Oh wait that NEVER happened and this actually did. Maybe you should have “ghosted” into CCIC then you wouldn’t have gotten caught. Karma is such a big ole Bitch.

  70. Remember though, she (Kirby) and the others never ordered Rick Dietz or Dave Mejia to notorize those affidavits. Of course they wouldn’t….OH!….Oooops!

  71. I think Borland needs to just quit at this point. All that noise he is hearing at night and following him is karma, and it’s getting closer and closer. Jacki, wow she has done is so wrong and there cannot be any good reason other than ego. She too has to be hearing voices close by, can you say you have the right to remain silent.

    Word is there will be some major opening at the upper level, but this will just be filled by a continuation of cronyism. It will put the office in even worse moral danger than ever before.

    To the dedicated people of the office hang in there, change will come and you can be a big part of it by participating in the process and become a delegate for the outsider, Mike Angley. Compare his record and make your own decision. Four more years of this B/S or seeing hope coming over the horizon.

  72. Mike Angley is going to have a lot of replacing to do. Breister, Deluca, most commanders, chiefs, even some Lieutenants and Sergeants. I’m sure the public would also love to know why a civilian, Liz O’Neil, was given an unnecessary made up supervisory position and getting paid more than a sworn senior deputy. Why is it sworn deputies are being paid to do a civilian’s job like in accreditations or technical support. That’s mismanagement of money at its finest but you know….the homie hookup, screw everyone else right?

  73. They even gave that arrogant Jackie Kirby a vehicle with emergency lights and siren. And I’ve seen her use them, despite having NO training in emergency vehicle operation and no justification for driving emergent. But, when you have enough “dirt” on the Sheriff that she does, she gets her way.

    1. Hope Kirby is claiming that as income and Sheriff Elder is reporting that as additional income for her. IRS regulations require that non sworn employees issued a take home car are required to report it as a monetary benefit and earned income. The Sheriff is responsible for implementing a process for reporting the fringe benefit as income. Only sworn personnel with a first response expectation are exemp from the fringe benefit income of a take home car. Oops….maybe the next investigation against Kirby and Elder should be tax evasion. Probably ought to add Janet Huffor and Borland to that investigation.

  74. I hear Elder is drinking heavy again. Some say he even shows up at work still hung over from the night before. Of course he usually shows up around 10. It’s interesting that Porter, Huffor, and the other usually suspects are keeping a low profile. They are all scared of what is going to be posted in the website next. Keep up the good work. When is the Huntz trial and what ever happened with Tim Williams, I hear he is filling a lawsuit as well. Any news about that?

  75. When asked for suggestions on how best to “tackle mental illness, Commander Kramer should have suggested that Elder take a good, long look in the mirror.

  76. It’s been said that Elder is questioning his staff to see who is loyal. They must all be lying to him. Seems things that only the staff should know about are getting out at an exceptionally fast rate. Yikes! Who should he trust?

    1. Bwaa haa haa haa…… Hilarious! Who are his command staff? Several of them are the same turncoats who outed Maketa when they felt it would benefit them personally. And Elder brought them on thinking them would never do the same to him. What a poor poor ignorant man. Loyal to him? Yeah, sure buddy, you keep thinking your staff will be loyal to you and wait and see what happens!

  77. Congratulations (once again) to our local media (i.e. The Gazette, KRDO, etc.) for attempting to bury over this weekend the continuous blunders being made by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.
    1) $15k being paid to a woman assaulted at the County Courthouse (“We thought there was at least some chance that we would have some liability,” he said, adding that the settlement was “in the best interest of saving taxpayer’s money” and preferable to a potentially costly legal battle – Dave Rose – EPC PIO).
    2) The audit showing that the new medical contract (brilliantly negotiated by former EPSO Director of Fiscal Compliance Brian McPike – he of ABSOLUTELY NO background in finance) is falling WAY below expectations. SHOCKING…
    BTW – Colorado Springs Media Outlets…we’re not stupid. We notice these things.

  78. I’ve been reading this website for the last 24 hours. I would like to thank whoever put this up. This is the true voice of El Paso County sheriffs department. After reading all these posts I think what’s about to happen is fate. My civil rights have been violated officer Gerhart . DA Dan May has held frivolous charges over my head.. He has use is official position to push his own personal bias and target my companies.. I have over 100 Cora requests that have never been answered by Kirby.. She tried to charge me 40,000 for Emails and request 20gs down.. Lmao.. I seen multiple times ppl say Cora need to be filed.. I have gone through this they will never release anything that will implicate them in any corruption .. This just proves conspiracy to cover up and commit corruption. However when we file for discovery in our civil case they will have to answer these questions. It is very clear the oath of office violations are a direct assault on the Constitution of the United States. I also plan on going after the board of County commissioners. For I have asked for their help multiple times and have never got a reply back. 42 USC 1985 1986 .. if there are questions you would like to see come out in discovery please reply to this thread. I will be going through this website with a fine tooth comb. Give me fuel to add to the fire. I am 100 percent sure the sheriffs apartment is corrupt to the bone. I am also 100 percent sure Gerhart is it idiot since I caught him in multiple lies on my video. His testimony at the Mikita Trial was a joke. And he should not even be an officer. The fact that he was not put on the Brady list because his wife works at the DAs office is some bullshit . If Dan May did his job. Gearhart would not of been in the position to deprive me under the color of law my civil liberties. The Media will cover my lawsuit and we will be calling a press conference.. This lawsuit is one of a kind I know the press will cover it. I can’t believe they have not cover the Oath of office fraud..

  79. The best thing to do is give everyone an equal pay raise.

    If you’re unable to give a raise to everyone, then here is the “Right thing to do”. Use the money to give a raise or bonus to the civilian employee’s in the pay grades of 9 through 12. These are the workers below supervisory level.

    Everyone received a 2% raise in 2016, this was a COLA that had been in the works and had nothing to do with Mr Elder. Some sworn pay grades also got an additional raise as a result of the front range survey. The primary reason behind this was to eclipse CSPD patrol officer pay and lure recruits.

    If you have additional funds from the BOCC, it’s time to take care of the civilian/non-sworn in the lower pay grades. These folks get a pay bump once they complete thieir six month probation and thats it. They are the structure of the office and paid the least for their work.

    Do the right thing, take care of them.

    1. While we’re on the topic of our BOCC – Can anyone shed any light on the admission during the 2/21/18 BOCC meeting that the EPSO surprisingly did not receive close to $1 million from the 911 Authority? It appeared that Commissioner Littleton was onto something as she questioned the dynamic EPSO Fiscal Director Jane Fromme (only to have her fellow commissioners sit on their respective hands). Why were those expected (and budgeted) funds withheld fr0m the EPSO. Is this just another example of financial mismanagement? Or yet another example of Sheriff Bill’s amazing ability to screw the pooch when it comes to working with other County entities??

      1. Seriously???, this is interesting information, and you pose a great question. Can you clarify the date of this BOCC meeting? 2/21/18?

    2. And a lot of them are incredibly underpaid for what they do. Look at what’s going on in dispatch right now! To say it is understaffed is an understatment. We are at critical staffing levels. There are less employees working there now than there are employees who have left dispatch this year.
      Supposedly we have burned through the budget, but how the hell can we when we are at and below minimum staffing basically every single day?? When people are having to take overtime shifts just so someone else can take their holiday time?
      Elder has basically given a giant middle finger to dispatchers. Newsflash, if you chase all of the dispatchers away then you lose the brain of your organization. There is a reason dispatchers are essential personnel.

  80. Very interesting article in the Independent about the PST or 1A tax. How has Bill Elder managed the 1A money? There are no more deputies patrolling the county than there were in 2012. There are not enough deputies to run the jail. The attrition rate has skyrocketed but there is a silver lining, if a crime occurs at any “Coffee with a Cop” there will be more than enough Law Enforcement on hand to make an arrest.

    1. Just caught Bill Elder’s interview – looking glassy-eyed as ever (another rough night, Billy Boy?) with KRDO that initially aired 1/2/18 10pm about his new-found focus on illegal marijuana growers and busting illegal marijuana growing operations. “The next piece is manpower,” Elder said. “The commissioners allocated over $100,000 in overtime. And that will help significantly.” So if I understand this train of thought correctly…you need another $100k (on top of your $50+ million budget and your brilliant handling of our tax payers 1A money that was intended to provide “manpower”) in order pay your deputies? That just doesn’t add up. By the way, Sheriff…way to dress-up for the interview. Perhaps that uniform of yours is getting a little tight – especially around the collar.
      The Sheriff also added, “We’re done. We’re done,” Elder said.

      Your “done” alright.

  81. Amazing!! Sounds like several commanders within the Elder higharchy are being reassigned. These moves come at a time when staffing level are critical. Now you move folks into positions where they have either never worked or have no expertise. Wow, losing confidence in the Elder administration more and more everyday. When are the rest of the citizens of this county going to wake up and take off the blinders. This office is in a dangerous downward spiral.

    Makes a citizen think good people are being punished for standing up to bill. Leading by intimidation went out of style generations ago. How is this working for you, Bill? Look behind yourself sometime, I bet the group following you could all fit in a volkswagon.

    I hear you were voted most likely not to succeed. How is that CBI investigation going? All your protected people been interviewed yet? The only question is, how is this story going to end.

  82. Hope everyone noticed how Bill Elder took the horribly tragic death of Deputy Zachari Parrish, to campaign for sheriff in the next election on his Facebook page. Literally saying, “please share this message. Urge them to support my efforts to be re-elected. Tag yourself to this post and make it go viral.” It is deplorable that he used the death of a deputy as a moment to campaign. Deplorable, but not surprising. Unfortunate, sad, and desperate. Sheriff Elder, where’s your integrity?

    1. Absolutely nothing is beyond Elder anymore, Francis. And it’s apparent that a definite pattern has formed: He used the death of a former EPSO Sergeant as a poor excuse for his Office’s notary scandal. Now he utilizes this recent tragedy in Douglas County order to further his message. Hell, he even notes that one of his individual supporters has “passed” on his re-election website. It brings to mind the following quote by C.C. Franklin…
      “I do not have respect for you who takes advantage of the soul that is kind and giving, for it is you who takes such liberties that becomes the ultimate fool.”

  83. Ironic that the office paid a sexual harassment and retaliation settlement to a female deputy just months before the entire nation is in an uproar over sexual harassment and retaliation of females in the workplace. I hope this serves as a macro-universal sign for that female deputy and other female deputies who have endured the rath of this office and the way harrassors are protected and keep their employment while the harassed are retaliated against and paid to leave. Ironic too that the harrasors have no where to go but EPSO (because they are raised and bred in that environment) but the females can use their skills to find meaningful employment because they refuse to be a part of that system. I hope it also serves as confirmation to the men who are able to get away with this behavior and the Chain of Command who supports it that YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. The entire nation is catching on. This is the next civil rights movement and there were women at EPSO who weren’t afraid to stand up to it even before it was supported nationwide. To the women who contribute and support this behavior by not standing up to it or by furthering the cause by sleeping with married men or by failing to report, or female sergeants who intimidate during investigations (all true and on record)…shame on you too! Your days are also numbered! EPSO is the poorest example of Character First!

  84. No doubt Elder is corrupt. But he is also incompetent. Both these are obvious from all the “confusion” and course reversals on pay, overtime, etc.

    The Republican County Commissioners are also on the take. Likewise the District Attorney Office, and many in the judiciary.

    Don’t believe it? Watch. Terry Maketa’s retrial is about to start–January 22nd I think. So somewhere just prior to that date, say the 19th or so, the DA office will announce it will drop the charges because of lack of something or other.

    Then, down the road a little, just before her trial begins, charges against Paula Presley will also be dropped.

    And then, the lawsuits will begin. Get out the checkbook.

  85. You may have a point. One would believe that Dirty Elder wouldn’t want his dirty laundry aired AGAIN right before the big gathering of republicans who will be voting to retain him or not. Especially when he has a very qualified opponent who so far has proven he will not hold back on his criticism of Elder. It will be a perfect platform for his opponent to highlight Elder’s misdeeds. Elder will most definitely be a witness again, so it will be a show to watch for sure. And Elder won’t want Jackie Kirby (who is under investigation herself) to get on the stand either to highlight more corruption on his part. But then again, he’s not the brightest bulb, so anything is possible!

  86. Well folks, looks like we have a choice to make. On March 6th, stand up as a delegate and vote for a change or…………………. wait a few short months for Mr. Elder to have you stand up and count off by 3’s.

  87. Just got done reading the latest story about pay raises. Isn’t the majority of civilians female? Plus, all of Bill Elder’s command staff and most of his LT and SGTs are men. Is this nothing more than Sexism by Bill Elder? I’ve heard some civilians have not had a pay raise since Elder took office, is that true? I can’t believe that. If true, Elder is a big fat liar. He needs to be replaced. Employees need to become republican delegates and vote for Angley. Find out how.

    1. With all the transparency of a burlap bag, notice what occurred at the last Thursday’s BOCC Meeting:

      AGENDA (paying attention to item #10)
      Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”) Meeting
      Thursday, January 11, 2018 9:00 AM
      Call to Order.
      1. Invocation.
      2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.
      3. Staff Emergency Items.
      4. Changes/Postponements/Notice of Next Meeting.
      5. Comments by Elected Officials and Commissioner Liaison Report(s).
      6. Community Service Organization Reports.
      7. Consent Calendar
      8. Proclamation recognizing iInspire Day in El Paso County. (Mark Waller – President Pro Tempore, Board of County Commissioners)
      9. Called-Up Consent Calendar.
      10. Resolution to recognize revenue and appropriate expenditures in the amount of $603,403 from the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Federal Grant to the Sheriff’s Office 2018 budget. (Sherri Cassidy – County Controller, Administration and Financial Services/Larry Borland – Administrator, Sheriff’s Office

      MEETING RESULTS (paying attention to item #4)
      Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”) Meeting
      Thursday, January 11, 2018 9:00 AM
      Call to Order.
      1. Invocation.
      2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.
      3. Staff Emergency Items.
      4. Changes/Postponements/Notice of Next Meeting.

      There was no reason given and no questions asked as to why this item was “withdrawn.” Is there a problem, Sheriff?

  88. These 3 guys represent law enforcement? Gross! Most men look good in a uniform; these guys are nasty! The one on the right looks like a child molester, the one in the middle looks like Bozo and the guy on the left looks like a perverted librarian from the 40’s. If this is the new face of law enforcement, I’m not interested!

    No surprise the county has a lawyer representing them that rubs shoulders on her off time with the likes of these 3. She must be a real winner to put her career on the line for them. What is their connection? There must be something in it for her if she’s assisting them with suing the very entity who signs her paychecks.

    Looks like their dirty little plan backfired.

  89. Your TIME IS UP EPSO! To the few women who said “me too” and faced the corruption and harassment and the few men who listened, good for you! To the many women who allow it to take place and the many men who don’t listen; YOUR TIME IS UP! Nation wide attention will silence your shameful participation and support of harassment and corruption and will give voice to those who have stood up and said “Me Too” and to those that did listen!


  90. The original law suit was done in an effort to get Sheriff Maketa and Undersheriff Presley escorted out of the office pending the law suit. The original thought was that if they filed a lawsuit and an EEOC complaint, the county attorney’s office or the Board of County Commissioners would remove the accused from their position pending the resolution of the case. It backfired; apparently it was easier to put the complainants on paid administrative leave than it was to remove the source of the complaint. Their plan backfired a second time; the lawsuit added their new champions Bill Elder and Joe Breister to the suit since they were the newly anointed Sheriff and Undersheriff. They received some reward; they were brought back when Elder et al came on board and Commander Lincoln was even promoted to Bureau Chief.

    1. Interesting…
      From the 2/8/17 edition of the Colorado Springs Independent:
      Could El Paso County get caught in Trump’s immigration policy?
      El Paso County could be forced to choose between violating the Constitution or sacrificing federal grant money. “That won’t change,” (Bill) Elder told the Indy after the order came down. To be clear, his office doesn’t honor warrantless detainers, participate in the 287(g) program or have any intent to do so.

      From yesterday’s (1/23/18) BOCC Meeting (Executive Session)
      a. Pursuant to C.R.S. §24-6-402(4)(b) and (e), an Executive Session is requested of the Board of County Commissioners regarding existing El Paso County Sheriff’s Office procedures regarding the detention of possible illegal immigrants in the El Paso County Jail and current cooperation with federal authorities, for the following purposes:
      1. Conference with the County Attorney’s Office for the purpose of
      receiving legal advice on specific legal questions including but not limited to Constitutional parameters surrounding the detention of possible immigrants by State and local authorities.

      Why the apparent change of heart, Sheriff Elder? Having a problem securing Federal funds/grants due to your 287(g) stance? Or is the challenge of a much better qualified and informed opponent beginning to take it’s toll? Regardless, I certainly hope for all of us that you’re not receiving “campaign” advice on the County’s dime.

      1. And now we know –
        ” WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department is again ramping up pressure on cities seeking public safety grants to prove they are cooperating with immigration authorities.
        Officials on Wednesday sent letters to jurisdictions warning that the department could use subpoena power to force them to provide documents showing they aren’t withholding information about the immigration status of people in custody.
        The Justice Department has threatened to deny important grant money from communities that refuse to share such information”
        Sounds like the $603,403 from the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Federal Grant (and the overtime it was going to pay for) might be jeopardy. Bummer.

      2. Seriously,

        It appears you’ve broken the code. After your post in regards to the executive session concerning 287g and illegal immigration, POOF! Today we have a new policy (414) which suggests we’ve changed course and will now be tough on illegal immigration.

        Elder pandered to the Hispanic vote for an endorsement then pulls the rug out, sound familiar? Angley is scaring the stuffing out of him.

        Since you’ve broken the code, would you please do a post on how useless Janet Huffor is so we can be rid of her too.

  91. Dear EPSO brass (specifically Detentions),

    We are not stupid, dumb or blind.


    When will you wake up and stop it? A huge multi victim lawsuit? If YOU do nothing YOU are complicit in all his actions. How many complaints are you going to sweep under your rug? (I’m sure there is no more room under there)

    And news flash…. its common knowledge YOUR SWING shift LT is messing around with a Nurse, Does he even have time to work during his shift? He is too busy spending time with her!

    He has a horrible reputation for being a flirt and a womanizer, and you have let him loose in CJC.

    SHAME. SHAME on you all.

    Ladies….speak up, tell your story- go to county HR so his buddies can not protect him anymore. And take Dirtyelders advice. Get an attorney.

    Enough is enough.

  92. Well lets take a look at all the latest news about law suits against the present sheriff. It seems his attorney got a delay on the federal suit against Elder and King so the trial will now be after the county assembly. Amazing how and why this has happened. If this trial were to be held before the assembly, this would have been certain destruction of the Elder group, to include all his staff and the Huffors. This would be a good thing for the dedicated folks holding the office together while the overpaid parties like there is no end.

    You have a sheriff and a chief of police who have both had major lawsuits paid out over the poor treatment of their staffs with more to come. Wake up people, do we really want four more years of reading about scandals on a daily basis. I would think you would want an office you can support and be proud of for years to come.

    If you allow Elder to continue in his present position, shame on you for not having the integrity and grit to say enough is enough. Stand up at your caucus and support the man who can bring change plus support the professional people of the office. Or, you can hang your head for not taking the stand for change and regret this decision.

    Its your decision, I know where I stand, do you.

  93. To Anonymous’ comment on Jan 24. Would thatswing shift Lts first name be “John “?
    I recall working with a supervisor named John who could always be found in a female employees office instead of his own. How can the office reward this conduct? Shame on him and the command staff who put him in a leadership role.

  94. My My My,
    Looks like another harassment suit will make the news “AGAIN” this coming week. When will these people wise up and understand you do not troll where you work.

    As a wise old Lt once stated, he would draw a big circle and say inside here the sheriff’s office. Then draw a bigger second circle. He would say this is outside the office. If you are going to fool around do it out here and not inside the office, and surely not with anyone there from the office.

    But as you can see this lesson has been forgotten. What do you have, a bunch of protected whore dogs that cannot be around females alone at the office.

    Too bad the Huntz suit got delayed. Wonder how this is going to affect the outcome of the election? Just because it was delayed does not mean it went away or is being forgotten.

    My My My

  95. If sheriff Elder is correct about the IA file, then Ms. Kirby committed perjury because she stated she heard Paula had the file. What a mess.

    1. …a “sick” child? Please…
      Definition of “Corruption”:
      – “dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials) : inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery)”
      Definition of “Transparent”:
      – “free from deceit (frank): easily detected or seen through (obvious): characterized by accessibility of information especially concerning business practices”

      Is anyone (or everyone?) else having a problem with this latest “delay” in the Maketa proceedings? Just one more instance of this County not being held to the same standards as the rest of us. And they only have themselves to blame for our doubt.

    2. Bill Elder committed perjury too, While on the stand he said he did not know about the IA because he had already retired before the investigation started. I believe he used the term “retired” to build trust with the jury knowing full well he quit to avoid the IA. Therefore hr purposely chose to use the term “retired” in a very purposeful and dishonest way to earn credit for a long successful career that he did not infact earn.

      1. You are Correct, bill elder did not retire. He quit to avoid an IA investigation. He knew he was going to have to take a Polygraph and he was afraid of what that might turn up. He later cashed in his retirement which means he currently has no retirement. If he does not get reelected he will not qualify for a retirement. Maybe that’s why he is stealing so much? 60 year old Elder only has Social Security. How is he going to pay for all the liquor he drinks? We hear he is drinking more and more; he drinks so much he still has alcohol in his system when he comes into work the next day. bill elder is a liar and has committed perjury. They will do what ever it takes. It’s our understanding the only reason elder took the stand was to show the others he would lie as well.

  96. Fellow Employee’s,

    After reading the post in regards to Elders management of the Public Safety Tax on Mike Angley’s website “Irregularities Jan 30th”, there is only one choice left for us. Become an Angley delegate on March 6th. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for the general election won’t help. If not, those of us that are left can change our collar brass from EPSO to EPSP Elders Pink Slip Parade.

    When the Public Safety Tax sunsets, so will our jobs. Elder will no doubt gather us together in a room much like the day he announced the 2014 promotion results, he’ll sob and say it’s not my fault and how the voters let us down. Elder, Borland and the Huffors will wave good-bye from the fifth floor.

    But it is their fault, become a delegate or count off by three’s

  97. Questions, The Medical Company Armor took over for antoher company, Did that company just win a $3,000,000 law suit against EPSO?

  98. Sooo…. The Office is now accepting donations for Deputy Flick’s family. Rest in Peace brother.

    But… the money is to be funneled through the “El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Foundation Incorporated.” Sounds rather innocuous at first glance. But is it? What is this Foundation and where did it come from?

    I checked the Colorado SOS website for this business entity and found that it was formed on April 20, 2017 (yeah… “420” day) by “Robert D Johnson.” If it has been around for that long, what was it formed to do? Why? What have they been doing since then? Is this part of some of the back room deals of Elder’s? An amendment was filed today, saying the Foundation is to allow for donations to 501(c)(c) organizations or, upon dissolution of the Foundation, to give all funds to a 501(c)(3) or a government organization, like the Office. That amendment is dated, hilariously, on “February 8, 2018,” a date that has yet to come, given that today is February 6, 2018.

    I think this deserved looking into. Anyone got any info?

    1. Jackie Kirby…once again you’ve proven yourself to be a phony POS.
      Yeah,,,we caught you yucking it up with the media on FOX 21 Friday @ 9pm (the night before Deputy Flick’s funeral). It was embarrassing enough for the anchors to cut away – and not return. Do you truly have no shame? And were all your tears this week just another one of your little “performances” before the cameras?? You should be ashamed.

  99. Well, I just read the latest blog on Mr. Angley’s website about this weeks Lieutenant meeting. It seems Mr. Elder believes he has inside information on Angley’s plan for the office should he prevail.

    Two things stand out as laughable on the part of the dude currently holding the sheriff’s seat (Let’s not kid ourselves and call him a leader).

    1. It would seem that the one with inside information is Mr. Angley. He knows what was said in every meeting that takes place at 27 East Vermijo almost as it’s happening. The last time we saw a leak of this magnitude a guy named Noah built himself a boat!

    2. As Mr. Angley states, “At least I have a plan” true we don’t know what it is but at face value it sounds better than counting off by three’s.

    The only thing that’s gone up in our world is the number of Lieutenants, Sergeants and other assorted staff positions along with their salaries. Oh yes I should also mention the attrition rate. I’ve had enough of Elder and his band of misfits to include his son-in-law Little Billy.

    1. “Where there is anger, there is underlying pain.
      Where there is denial, there is underlying fear.
      Where there is abuse, there is cover-up.”


      1. Narcissism:
        The pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes.
        Quotes from Sheriff bill elder last week:
        “my agency”
        “I knew what this would feel like”
        “I knew the emptiness”
        “I think the men and women in this job understand that this job may ask them to sacrifice their life”
        “I get one shot of making this right for him” Elder remarked.

        No “we”…No “us”…No “together”

        It’s speaks volumes, folks…he’s not thinking about you. He’s only thinking about himself. Now it’s time to think about your next Sheriff. “We” have an option.

  100. Maybe its time to start breaking down some of the lies and stretches being made by the present man in charge. So was a really a career law enforcement guy as he claims? Why did he leave the office if he was dedicated to the profession? If you are a professional you begin and end your career with the same agency. Do your own fact checking.

    Was the time keeping issue the only problem during his days at VNI? Heard he refused to take an exit Polygraph.

    If the man is really the hometown boy, why not act like one not only on camera, a stage or for publicity. I think a hometown boy would put the interests and safety of his personnel before any personal gain. How often has the average member of this office seen the sheriff visit their work site and talk about their concerns and ambitions? No, this man is more concerned about the wants and desires of the fifth floor and protecting his chosen few.

    Do not forget folks, he was able to get a delay in the federal trial coming up, the office has no way of prevailing, so delaying was the only option. It maybe be delayed, but its has not been forgotten. How much is this one going to cost the county.

    Wake up people, is this why we pay taxes, to support a leader who leads from the back of the train and not the front. A smart man once said,” if its predictable, its preventable.”

    What are your thoughts for the next 4 years, more predictable behavior.

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