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Monday, June 26, 2017

Check out our special section dedicated to Maketa’s Trial.  Click Here.  We plan to post daily updates starting Tuesday afternoon. When the trial concludes we will go back to publishing articles focused on Bill Elder and his corruption.  We are confident our stories concerning the trial will contain evidence of corruption by Dan May, Bill Elder and others.  Either way our hope is to provide enlightening and entertaining reading the next two weeks.

Our goal remains the same; to legally expose the truth about Bill Elder and his corruption.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Everyone is wondering what is going to happen next week in Maketa’s long anticipated trial.  There appears to be multiple motions submitted to the judge awaiting his ruling.   We still would like to know why the prosecutor, Mark Hurlbert, appears to be trying to hide everything from the public eye.  What other motions has he filed and what else is he trying to hide?  Hopefully we will get to the truth soon.

The sixth amendment says ” In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury …”.   We believe this means everything should be “public” throughout the entire trial process.  Nothing should be done in secret or hidden.  So, the prosecution should not be allowed to routinely hide things from the public. When ever the government wants to do anything in “secret” we should be concerned.

We still can not get over the fact that the prosecution has known for 13 months that John San Agustin did not order the arrest and was not even in the building at the time and yet they charged him anyway, and still, to this day, have not dropped the charges.   Plus, if they have known all along that Deputy District Attorney Shannon Gerhart authorized the arrest and they believe it was unjustified, why hasn’t she been charged?  This clearly indicates the charges were politically motivated.

At this point, we believe the only reasonable conclusion that can reached based on the facts; is that this whole criminal investigation and prosecution against Terry Maketa, Paula Presley, and John San Agustin was nothing more than political payback from DA Dan May, Sheriff Bill Elder and Undersheriff Joe Breister.   Will those responsible be held accountable for their actions?  There needs to be an independent investigation.

Next week should be filled with drama, stay tuned to our website as we plan to provide daily updates.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

How impartial was the investigation against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa? Read our latest story. How Independent was the Maketa Investigation.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bill Elder’s Skeletons are relaxing today waiting for some big announcements.  Hope to have some additional information to post later today.  Our website had even more traffic Thursday.  Our latest story had the most hits; people are interested in knowing if these trials are nothing more than political payback.  They want to know the facts.   We hope to publish detailed articles laying out all the facts in the next couple weeks. Our goal is to expose all the corruption.

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Were the charges against Maketa, Presley and San Agustin politically motivated?  Get the facts and decide for yourself. Read our latest story; Case against Maketa falling apart just days before trial?

Without a doubt Fox21 has the best reporting on the Maketa trial. We can confirm their story is accurate. They obviously have a good source.  Read and watch story.   The Colorado Springs Independent also has a story about it as well. Read story.    We hope to provide detailed information in either late morning or early afternoon.  There is a bunch of things going on and we are working on our latest story.

Wednesday was the highest traffic our website has seen since we first launched it back in January.  The word is spreading. Keep telling everyone about the website.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Watch all the news media tonight about the Maketa trial.  We hope to provide additional details when we can.

UPDATE: The latest rumor is that Janet Huffor packed up her office and went home; but it’s nothing more than a ploy to get sympathy from employees.  She is going to come back in a few days, tell everyone she quit, but Elder begged her to come back because she is too important to the office and he needs her.   So it appears the mini celebration is over before it really got started.  At least enjoy the days until she comes back.

Guess the skeletons have a lot to party about today.  It appears the case against Terry Maketa is falling apart. The Denver Post just published a story.  Read Story.   Could it be the whole case against Maketa was nothing more than political payback from District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder?  We have the inside sources. Rumor has it after the infamous Bill Elder meltdown meeting last week Elder was overheard telling Billy Huffor “They don’t have anything on us Billy”.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Just want to say we appreciate Pam Zubeck with the Colorado Springs Independent for publishing a story about the letter of counseling William Huffor received.  Read Story.  Her story was fair. It’s important our community knows of the corruption within the Sheriff’s Office leadership.  It’s also nice that Jackie Kirby confirmed the letter we posted was authentic.  It appears Bill Elder is still telling people he does not read our website.  Does anyone who was in the meeting with him last week believe that?  We are already moving on to the next story.  Stay tuned.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert made a statement in a court hearing which suggests Dan May might have committed a crime.  Read the Story.

Monday, June 19,2017

Did Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert make a statement in open court suggesting District Attorney Dan May committed a crime?  Is there unethical behavior going on within our District Attorney’s office? Did Bill Elder conspire with Dan May? Soon you will have the facts.

ADA Mark Hurlbert
District Attorney Dan May







We hope to post our article tomorrow morning. You will not want to miss it.


Larry Borland

Back on January 22, 2017 we stated in “latest news” that Bill Elder changed the vacation policy in 2016 to give more vacation time to Lt and above.  Go to Archives and scroll down to read story.  But that was still not enough time off for Larry Borland.  According to a source, Borland took the last week and a half of May off and called it “FLEXTIME”.  Let’s call it what it is “Nepotism”.  Is this stealing from the taxpayers?  Compared to the rest of Bill Elder’s corruption this is nothing. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.   How much more money will be wasted paying off all the settlements since Elder took office?  We hear more complaints are coming.  Maybe the county attorneys should set up office at EPSO?



Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lifestyles of Bill Elder and his Cronies

Just heard Elder is spending $400,000 for new vehicles for command staff. Elder just got a new vehicle less than two years ago. So, two year old cars are not good enough for Elder and his cronies?  What a waste of money.  Someone needs to tell the king he is naked.   Elder is completely out of touch with reality.  His job is to protect our community, not driving around in brand new cars.  There is training and equipment our deputies desperately need.   Elder doesn’t care; he is milking the taxpayers dry. Is Janet Huffor going to get a new car?   Better make it a four wheel drive; sometimes the tires spin when you’re driving all over everyone else’s feelings.  These people have no need for cars; it’s just another bonus for Bill Elder’s over compensated under skilled leadership team. Is this how they are going to spend 1A funds; on new cars for command staff? Who cares about actually doing the job he was elected to do; just take care of your friends and have a good time on the taxpayer’s dime. It’s just one big party for Elder and his buddies.  The whole office is going to hell, but so long as Elder and his cronies get “cool” new rides that’s all that matters.

Just another example of Bill Elder’s Corruption and complete lack of leadership.

Friday, June 16, 2017

It is our understanding that during Bill Elder’s profanity laced verbal rant in Wednesday’s meeting he made some less than complimentary statements about our website.  We find this interesting because according to his own statements back in January he has never seen our website and it doesn’t bother him what we say.  Obviously things have changed. During this meeting, did Elder provide any evidence showing our articles are not accurate?  What he did do is publicly demonstrate how angry he is about the website; so if he (or any member of his staff) goes after any member of our team it will clearly be retaliation and abuse of power; grounds for a lawsuit (and/or criminal charges).

We are committed to legally exposing Bill Elder’s corruption with verified FACTS.  If Bill Elder was an honest person with integrity we would have nothing to write about…

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Just as we were prepared to publish our article we received information about another story which potentially could be even bigger than our current story.  Some wanted to preempt the current story and rush to write an article about the new story.  Understanding we still need to confirm the story with other sources we decided to publish the original story and then start working on the new story.  Of course we run the risk of the local media running the story first, but based on previous experiences we believe we are safe.  We still have two more stories to put together for next week.  So, next week could be filled with many informative stories about Bill Elder and his corruption.

Does Elder need a bigger closet?


Latest Article: Letter of counseling supports allegations of sexual harassment against Lt. Huffor. Read Story.

We are still receiving feedback about Bill Elder’s highly emotional, profanity laced, outburst in yesterday’s meeting with deputies.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It appears Bill Elder is real upset at the announcement of a new article tomorrow concerning the sexual harassment allegations against Huffor.  He is trying to figure out what “MEMO” we are going to publish.   In fact, multiple sources contacted us and said Bill Elder was out of control and using the “F” word all over the place in the inservice meeting this afternoon.  Some are thinking of filing a complaint because his obscene language and behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional.

This is to Bill Elder; “You need to apologize for your language and behavior this afternoon; it was unprofessional.”

Recently, an anonymous source provided us a copy of an El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) memo concerning Lt. William Huffor.  This document proves Huffor did, in fact, engage in inappropriate behavior with a female deputy at the Jail; that it was investigated and sustained by Internal Affairs, and he was disciplined.  We have verified the document is authentic with a second source and are working on an article we will publish tomorrow.   Read for yourself and decide; “is Huffor a sexual predator?”

Interested in getting background information about the allegations. Read Story.  Also read our response to the Gazette’s article. Read Story.

We are working on two more stories we plan to publish next week.  They will also show Bill Elder’s corruption. We continue to provide evidence Elder is corrupt and has created an environment of intimidation and nepotism.  Many more stories to come…

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption


Thursday, June 8, 2017

There is something very unusual going on in the Maketa trial.  We just received information concerning the hearing that took place Tuesday morning and we find it very interesting. Read Gazette Article and KRDO’s Article.   Usually in a criminal case the prosecution argues “let’s stick to the facts of the case” and the Defense tries to incorporate emotion or “feelings” into the proceedings.  But this case is completely backwards. The defense is arguing to stick to the facts and the prosecutor, Mark Hurlbert, is arguing that he wants to be able to make their entire case about how Maketa was not a nice guy and hard to work for. Since when does a prosecutor use emotional attacks over stating the facts? Does this indicate the prosecutor has no case and is going for the long shot of just trying to get the jury to “hate” Maketa enough to vote guilty?  How would you feel if you were on trial and the prosecutor wanted to bring in a bunch of witnesses to say you’re just not a nice guy? You’d be yelling; “stick to the facts”.  At one point during the hearing Hurlbert was asked to state one fact (“any fact”) showing Maketa conspired to falsely arrest the alleged victim; Hurlbert did not provide any.  Are we still in America where we present facts to the jury and let them decide?  Is the real reason one of the prosecutors resigned two weeks before trial (which is unheard of) is because he did not want to be part of an unethical malicious prosecution? Read Story.

“Where’s the facts?”

As we stated before; this trial did not interest us because we are only interested in revealing the truth about Bill Elder and returning integrity to the leadership of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. But this trial can no longer be ignored.  There appears to be a connection and we are going to investigate to discover the facts and who all is involved.

What would Joe Friday say?

 This trial might not be the end of the story; just the first chapter


Monday, June 5, 2017

We now have information indicating Bill Elder covered up a Domestic Violence case EPSO uncovered during an internal investigation.  Instead of following the law and handing the case over to the District Attorney’s Office, they fired the victim and did not pursue charges against the perpetrator.  Both were deputies at the time.   Interesting? We have the facts and will publish a story at the appropriate time.  It appears Bill Elder believes in selective enforcement of the law.  We also believe some have lied under oath to obtain charges against innocent individuals.  One case involves Cliff Porter; surprised? We have a source who told us Cliff Porter was over heard bragging he could get a judge to sign any warrant he wrote.   Does the constitution apply to everyone?


Friday, June 2, 2017

We received additional information yesterday. It appears there is more than one deputy who has a DV and is still being allowed to work.    If you’re on Elder’s good list you get taken care of; if not, you’re screwed.   This is the definition on nepotism.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

There are rumors EPSO is doing background checks on current and potential Patrol Deputies. Why would an agency do backgrounds on current employees? Could it be a current Patrol deputy was found to have a DV and because he is buddies with Elder he is still being allowed to remain on patrol?   We find this interesting.  We’re sure it’s just standard procedure.  What would happen if the media finds outs? Is anyone surprised Elder is taking care of his “boys”?  A certain Lieutenant “allegedly” put his hand on a female deputy’s breast and nothing happened, why would it surprise anyone that a patrol deputy has a DV and is still working? Wait a minute; wasn’t Elder suppose to be transparent?  Didn’t he promise things would be different?

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