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Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

It is our goal to let all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons out of the closet; what they do after that is their business

One of Elder’s Skeletons just got the word about another lawsuit

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Saturday, January 19, 2018

It is obvious Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder knows nothing about running a jail.  How many more deputies will be hurt or possibly killed before Elder is exposed for his incompetence?  Elder says he is understaffed; however, he is also out of money?  How can that be?  If he is short employees he should have extra money.  Maybe the reason he is short employees is because he stole all the money and cannot afford to hire more deputies.  It is our understanding he is down 30-40% in patrol, 50% in Investigations and 20-30% in the jail.   WHERE IS ALL THE 1A MONEY?  We recently found out Elder retracted a promise made concerning 1A funds.  Back when the community approved 1A it was promised EPSO would provide an SRO (School Resource officer) to every school district at no cost.  That will no longer be true this Fall.  So pretty much every reason 1A was passed is no longer in place.  There are less Deputies on the street now than back in 2012, no more free SROs, and less deputies in the jail.  What has corrupt Elder done with all the 1A funds? He hired his cronies and it’s going to their salaries.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder; the county Jester.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Don’t think because we have not posted anything in a while we have stopped what we are doing.  Things are quiet, but employees are still upset how they are being treated.  It is our understanding Elder did not give a pay raise to the civilians yet again this year. What about the promise of pay raises ever year?  Just another lie.

Things are in the works and the lawsuits against Sheriff Elder and the county are adding up.  When we get more information we will pass it on.

Keep the faith; we are not going anywhere.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Sometimes the picture says it all

Monday, December 24, 2018

Have a great Christmas and we will get back to exposing Elder’s Corruption after the first of the year.  We are confident he will continue doing what he always does; lie, deny, hide, and let it ride.  The most corrupt sheriff ever cannot change his ways.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder calls staff meeting to announce Carey as the next Undersheriff and brag about screwing former Sgt. Huntz

According to our sources Corrupt Sheriff Elder announced Pete Carey will be the next undersheriff.  He also was bragging they got money from former Sgt. John Huntz.  Maybe Elder should talk about the million plus dollars his corruption has caused the taxpayers in payouts since he took office?  There are many more lawsuits that have been filed.  Let’s see how those play out.

While the county is spending thousands of dollars in payouts covering for Elder’s incompetence and corruption; he’s bragging they got 8K. What an idiot! His stupidity is laughable.  What he doesn’t know is that his staff and employees are laughing behind his back.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder could be the stupidest person in El Paso County.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder was heard saying in the meeting; “Anyone who goes against this administration is going to pay’. Sound vindictive and corrupt?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is fooling no one.  Everyone knows he is the biggest liar and totally corrupt. It’s just fun to watch him make a fool of himself.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

County Attorney Folsom happy they got even with Huntz

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Elder’s master plan?  Check out the latest rumor about Elder’s plan.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Chief Carey admits Elder offered him a position at EPSO?

Police Chief Carey gave an interview to channel 5 and inadvertently admitted Corrupt Sheriff Elder has offered him a position. Of course the only position Carey would be interested in is Undersheriff. Watch what Carey says at the end of the video clip we have provided.  He states the following; “I haven’t made any decisions”.  There are no decisions to make if you haven’t been offered anything.  Why didn’t Carey just say; “At this point, there is nothing to consider because there are no offers”. (watch whole interview) It is clear from Carey’s comments Elder has offered him the Undersheriff position and he is considering it (if he has not already accepted).  So Corrupt Sheriff Elder has been caught lying to his employees; again!  We know Elder told his supervisors to tell employees Carey would not be the next Undersheriff.  It is still not a certainty; but it’s clear Elder made him the offer.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the biggest liar and most hated sheriff ever

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Latest rumor: Billy Huffor wants Chief Carey to be the next Undersheriff.  That way Carey can run for sheriff in 4 years.  Huffor realizes there is no way he can run for sheriff because of all the bad publicity around him and his wife (more coming).  Carey is the perfect choice because in 4 years he runs for Sheriff and that give Huffor more time to work up the chain and allows the bad publicity to fade away.  We hear they want Carey because everyone on the current command staff at EPSO is tainted and will not have as good of a chance running for sheriff in 2022.  What they don’t know is there are already some individuals on command staff (or Lieutenants) that are planning to run for sheriff in 4 years.   We know Chuck Kull plans to run for Sheriff.    Go look in Archives at October 6, 2018. We know of others, but do not want to reveal their names yet.

Things could get very interesting.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

All I want for Christmas is a new Undersheriff

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s old stomping grounds having same problems as EPSO?

It appears Fountain PD is having some problems of their own.  Remember that’s where Corrupt Sheriff Elder came from. Will Tommy Coates be coming back to EPSO? Maybe he will be the next Undersheriff?

Carey WILL be the next Undersheriff!

We got hammered yesterday by multiple sources who were adamant Chief Pete Carey will be the next undersheriff. Some so sure they were willing to bet their paycheck.  One employee told us they were 100% sure but when pressed would not tell us their source.  It sounded like they got it directly from Elder.  The part we find confusing is we know from other sources the Lieutenants and Sergeants were told directly from Elder and command staff to tell all the employees Carey would not be the next Undersheriff.  Why would Elder desperately want to get the word out that Carey will NOT be the next Undersheriff?  When have employees ever been told, by name, who would not be promoted or who was not selected for a position?  This makes us very suspicious about what is going on.

We can wait a couple months and see what happens.  We are patient; we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary next month. We will be here until Elder is no longer Sheriff.  Then we will see if we need to get a new website domain name for the next Sheriff. We are committed to exposing corruption.

Here will be the fun part.  What if Elder, after all the lies he has told employees and the public does it again and announces Carey as the next Undersheriff? No one in the office will ever trust him again and he will yet again prove he is the biggest liar ever!

We doubt Corrupt Elder or Carey really care what anyone thinks.  They are laughing all the way to the bank.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Breister out; Carey in?

Chief Carey announces he is retiring February 1, 2019?  This after Breister announced he’s retiring as undersheriff on January 31, 2019.  Are they just trying to set us up?  Bottom line; it doesn’t matter. Either way we will see what happens in a couple months. Either Carey will be announced as the next Undersheriff and we will have called it months in advance; or he won’t, and our story that Carey changed his mind because Elder so screwed things up will be right.

We know corrupt Sheriff Elder is still taking care of his old buddy because he recently promoted Carey’s son to sergeant even after an IA investigation recommended his termination.  Is this the same person who failed as a detective and had to be transferred back to patrol? It appears the more he screws up the more he advances.  IT’S CALLED CRONYISM! Why work hard, just suck up to Elder (or be the son of Corrupt Chief Carey).

Elder’s “little shop of horrors”

Here’s another point, Brad Shannon has been a buddy of Corrupt Elder since back when Elder worked in VNI and falsified all the timecards. (Is that why Sheriff Anderson transferred Elder to the jail? Did he figure out Elder was corrupt way back then?)  We heard Corrupt Sheriff Elder offered the Undersheriff position to Shannon. He’s not telling anyone because he does not want it to get out (like everything else does). WHOOPS; sorry “boozed up” Bill.  Guess that one got out too. You might have to pickup an extra bottle this weekend.

“Same circus, different clowns”

Sunday, November 25, 2018

According to Elder, he is not responsible?

All supervisors at EPSO are receiving leadership training (mainly Sgt and LTs).  During this training they are told the problem with employee morale is their fault; not Elder or his command staff. WTF? So Corrupt Sheriff Elder is taking no responsibility for all the chaos and poor work environment?  Who is giving jobs, promotions, and big salaries to his buddies? Who allowed Commander King to remain employed even after multiple complaints?  Who allows the Huffors to run amuck? Who, even after being shown a video of Lt. Huffor’s inappropriate sexual advances towards a female Deputy at the jail protected him and transferred the female? Who encouraged Billy Huffor to continue his inappropriate sexual behavior by only giving him a letter of counseling?  Who continues to allow Nepotism and Cronyism?  Who, as the leader of the agency continues the corruption and shows no integrity? True leaders take responsibility and lead.

Look at what Corrupt Sheriff Elder sent out in a memo last week.  He does not even list “Morale” as a concern.  Obviously, Elder does not think morale or treatment of staff is something that needs to be addressed in the next four years.

Let’s be clear; Corrupt Sheriff Elder is to blame for the low employee morale, the high attrition rate, and the dangerous work environment.

How many more deputies will be injured or killed; and female employees assaulted before Elder is held accountable?

It is clear by the overwhelming number of law suits filed against Elder; he is the most corrupt sheriff ever. Elder will cost taxpayers millions in payouts before he leaves office. (It’s already over a million dollars) He has completely lost control and the office is falling apart. But remember, according to him; the Sgts and LTs are to blame for everything.

Does Elder know most employees hate him and if things continue during his second term he will be known as the worst sheriff ever?  Is that why he is trying to re-write history and put all the blame on the supervisors. Everyone knows who is to blame.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the Homer Simpson of sheriffs

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder announces plans for second term

Wednesday, November 21 2018

We want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  To those working during the holiday; thank you for your service. For those whose lives have been ruined or adversely impacted by Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption; we are praying for you.  God bless our dedicated men and women who humbly serve our nation and our communities everyday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In case you missed it the first time.  Some doubted us that Bill and Janet Huffor actually filed a claim against the county.  Here it is. Read CS Independent article.

We recently received some interesting information.  Verifying and talking with counsel.

Friday, November 16, 2018

EPSO Facebook post highlights anniversary of unsolved homicide of female employee who corrupt Sheriff Elder was alleged to have been involved with at the time of her death

They cannot even write a simple Facebook post without lying.  She was not found by deputies, she was found by Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and Richard Hatch.    They imply a couple patrol deputies were sent to her house. Elder, who was a LT at the time asked Sgt. Hatch to go with him to go check on her.  Why did Elder want someone else with him?  Was it because he did not want to find the body alone?  Did he already know she was dead because he is the one who killed her?  Why does he still refuse to take polygraphs? Why did Elder sit on the crime scene for hours before calling CSPD? Read the whole story.

There should be a new re-investigation in the murder.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder, Richard Hatch, and anyone else who was on scene prior to CSPD should take a polygraph.   If they do find Elder’s DNA he will have an excuse.

How many skeletons are in Elder’s closet?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder creates a target rich environment for lawsuits

More reporting on all the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. According to our count there are now over a dozen employees (or previous employees) who have filed complaints against Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  Even Billy and Janet Huffor filed a complaint. When you’re corrupt you can expect lawsuits to follow.  The Gazette wrote about it. (PDF Version)

It appears the county is going to spend thousands of dollars defending itself from John San Agustin’s federal lawsuit for malicious prosecution. Read our article on the lawsuit. The CS Independent, undeniably the leader in exposing corruption at the Sheriff Office, wrote an article about all the lawyers the county hired.

County Attorney Amy Folsum

Here is an interesting fact; why is the county paying for former deputy Robert Jaworski’s attorney?  He was not a county employee when he allegedly provided false testimony to the grand jury.  They are not obligated to pay for his attorney. Could the county attorney, Amy Folsom be worried what he might say if they don’t provide him legal counsel? It is inappropriate and potentially illegal for the county to use taxpayer money to pay for his attorney.

We also found Amy Folsom’s statement interesting:

County Attorney Amy Folsom says the county is in the process of finalizing agreements with several law firms to represent various defendants. They need separate counsel because each person’s interest may run contrary to another’s.

This suggests everyone needs separate attorneys because they are going to start pointing fingers at each other. Could the sharks start feeding on each other?  It will be interesting if everyone, in hopes of saving themselves, starts accusing the others. Is there honor amongst thieves?

Looks like this lawsuit could become very interesting.

We will keep you informed.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Another lawsuit filed against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

Should Elder get use to testifying in lawsuits against him?

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder going for a baker’s dozen? It appears everyone is suing him. Is he the most sued Sheriff in El Paso County history?  It seems like it.  The county has handed out over a million dollars in payouts since Elder took office. Read more.

We are willing to make the following prediction; If re-elected, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will not complete his second term. Elder could be the first Sheriff RECALLED!

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