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Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants to keep stealing taxpayer’s money so he can keep paying his cronies

Dirtyelder.com has written multiple articles about how Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is illegally spending taxpayer funds from the 1A tax initiative which was passed years ago.  Elder is not using the money for what it was intended.  1A was passed by the taxpayers to put more Deputies on the street and in the jail.  Elder has less deputies working in patrol than when he was elected.  We showed how he is stealing the 1A funds to pay his cronies.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is not spending 1A funds on more “boots on the ground” which was the intent of the initiative.  He has wasted millions on expensive computer software (over 10 million dollars) and for the salaries of his cronies.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder has hired more friends and created more supervisor positions than any other sheriff.  He spends over 3 million dollars a year on salaries for his cronies while there are less deputies working in patrol than when he took office.  There is a critical shortage of deputies and he continues to not address the issue.

There are less Deputies working in patrol now than back in 2014? WHERE DID ALL THE 1A MONEY GO?

This brings up a new issue; why would we as taxpayers continue to let Corrupt Sheriff Elder steal our money?  The corrupt County Commissioners want to continue to RAPE the citizens of El Paso County and decided to put a ballot measure on this November’s ballot to renew the 1A tax initiate.  Why would we allow this?  It’s time to hold Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder accountable for his wasteful spending.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has shown he can not be responsible with taxpayer money.  If we continue to give him 1A funds he will not provide more deputies for our protection.  He has show he will steal the funds and spend it how he wants.  It’s time to stop the corruption the one way still available to us; cut off the checkbook.

We have until Friday to provide feedback why 1A should not be renewed.  Here is the letter sent by the county.

1A – PDF file

We encourage El Paso County Taxpayers who do not wish to see the 1A tax initiative renewed to submit statements by this Friday. It could be as simple as the following:

“The county is not spending 1A funds according to the original ballot measure, we should not continue the tax initiative”

“1A was approved by the voters to provide more Deputies in patrol and in the jail. This is not happening, 1A should not be continued”

“Sheriff Elder and the county have not shown that the 1A funds are being used appropriately; it should not continue”

“1A funds are not being used appropriately by Sheriff Elder or the county commissioners; it should not be renewed.”

“El Paso County has not been transparent how the 1A funds have been spent; it should not be renewed”

“Sheriff Elder has wasted taxpayer money and should not be allowed to continue; 1A should not be renewed”


It is important that multiple “con” statements are submitted by Friday.  Here is your chance to be heard and stop the corruption at the Sheriff’s office.



Monday, September 17, 2018

Another member of corrupt Sheriff Elder’s command staff retires

We were informed Commander Richard Hatch turned in his retirement papers last week.  This is not a surprise as we were told Corrupt Sheriff Elder gave him his job as a reward for keeping his mouth shut about all the corruption (past and present).   Prior to his first departure Hatch reached the rank of Sergeant, but was demoted for inappropriate behavior.  Prior to returning to EPSO when Corrupt Sheriff Elder was elected he was nothing more than an investigator with DOC.  So why would Corrupt Sheriff Elder make a DOC investigator the commander of investigations at EPSO?  When you are corrupt you need your cronies around you.  Could it be he was paying Hatch off because he was with Elder when he found his girlfriend murdered years ago? Does Hatch know all of Elder’s secrets?  We still don’t know why Elder and Hatch did not contact CSPD for hours after they found her body.  But we do know CSPD stated in their report that the crime scene looked staged. What did Elder and Hatch do during all that time?

We have received conflicting information and rumors concerning Commander Hatch.  Some say he told Elder to stop with all the corruption and not to pursue false charges against Sheriff Maketa.  Rumor has it he hates the Huffors, Cliff Porter, and most of the command staff.  We hear he is retiring because he has maximized his retirement and is tired of all the corruption.  Does he want out prior to all the facts about Corrupt Sheriff Elder coming out? He is not alone.  We heard Chief Carey is having second thoughts about becoming undersheriff during Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s second term.  It’s not much fun to be on a corrupt command staff.

Here is a fact that is not debatable.  Hatch was incompetent as the commander of Investigations.  There has been more unsolved homicides under his watch than the previous 20-30 years.  The majority of the experienced Detectives retired or quit.  It all starts with leadership and Elder has none.  Most of the supervisors in investigations have little to no experience conducting major investigations.  Some supervisors had zero experience when they joined investigations. One supervisor, who had no previous experience was in charge of the operation that lead to the death of Detective Micah Flick.  Was he disciplined?  Nope; they did not even investigate or conduct a debrief and reenactment to learn from the event. The last thing Corrupt Sheriff Elder wanted to do was document what really happened that day.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder does not care about the lives of the employees; just the size of his bank account. Corrupt Sheriff Elder is putting Deputies lives at risk everyday.

One of the major reasons EPSO is having such a leadership problem is because Corrupt Sheriff Elder is promoting based on Cronyism; not performance, experience, and skills. He is promoting all his buddies, not those who have worked hard and have shown true leadership.   He even admitted in a recent interview that his supervisors are not trained or experienced.

We predict Corrupt Sheriff Elder will soon announce the promotion of Billy Huffor.  Someone with no LE experience and no leadership skills. The most hated person at EPSO and who has failed at every position he has held.  But he is best friends with Elder.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if Corrupt Elder put Huffor in charge of Investigations?

Who will die next so Corrupt Sheriff Elder can continue to play sheriff?

Corruption is Deadly


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Nothing to see here; move along!

Both CSPD and EPSO as predicted announce they will not provide anymore information concerning the shooting that took the life of Deputy Flick.  They do not want to talk about how the shooting was caused by their poor leadership and training.   We predicted they would attempt to get the media to “move on” and stop reporting on this tragic event.  There needs to be a complete “public” investigation not private internal reviews.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is responsible for the death of Micah Flick. We wonder how he can sleep nights. Does all the money he has stolen from the taxpayers help him with his guilt?  Why worry about integrity when you have money? Why care that the majority of the employees hate you when you can take expensive vacations? Corrupt Sheriff Elder has abandon all his campaign promises and has shown his true colors.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is not a man of integrity; he is a man of lust and desires


Monday, September 10, 2018

Flick Autopsy Released

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

In a complete reversal Micah Flick’s autopsy is going to be released.  CS Independent was out in front again with their story. So, why did they change their minds and decide to release it?  It’s simple, there was no more reason to hide it.  CSPD released their 900 page report which spilled the beans.  They proved sealing the autopsy had nothing to do with Flick’s family.  After it got out and it seemed like the media did not care they decide to just release everything and get it over with.  They decide to just “rip” the band-aid off.  Someone actually gave them good advice.  There was no reason to slowly release information that kept causing the media to do a new story.   Just dump it all out there and get it over with.  Now they can start saying it’s time to move on and let the family heal.  “Nothing to see here, move along”… Problem is there is plenty to see.  It is clear Corrupt Sheriff Elder lied during his press conference when he said they properly identified themselves and Badges and Emblems were visible prior to the shooting.  That was a complete LIE!  Plus, there should be an investigation into the tactics used and the policies that effected their decision to not have guns drawn.  It has been confirmed they did not have a tactical plan for making the arrest and never trained together.  These are all issues with leadership.  The on scene supervisor was not disciplined for his obvious incompetence.  Someone needs to ask EPSO where in their training do they teach a tactical “Bear Hug”  as a take down method? Also, where in POST training does it teach making a felony contact with your guns in your holsters and not announcing yourself until you make physical contact with the suspect?

Multiple lives were lost that day due to obvious failures of leadership.  Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder care? NOPE; he did not even initiate an investigation and they still have not had a debrief with those involved.  He’s too busy covering up his own incompetence.  He’s more worried he might lose the 1A funds and won’t be able to keep all his cronies in the money.


Thursday, September 6, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder shown to be a LIAR, AGAIN!

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

CSPD released their report on the Flick Shooting. KOAA posted the report.  In this report it shows Corrupt Sheriff Elder lied at his press conference when he said everyone was wearing vests showing they were law enforcement (LE).   Multiple times in the report it references they did not have guns drawn, badges or LE emblems out, or properly identified themselves prior to Deputies Flick and Stone “Jumping” Zetina.  According to the report most, if not all, officers had their “vests” covered and did not have badges or emblems visible. There was a great deal of confusion around when they finally identified themselves as LE.  It appears it was when they grabbed Zetina.

Back on August 23, 2018 we reported District Attorney Dan May threw Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder under the bus when he confirmed LE officers did not announce themselves as cops or have any badges or emblems out prior to jumping Zetina.  This means Zetina was justified in defending himself? The problem is Zetina started shooting at everyone else. This is what gave DA May the ability to say the officers were justified in returning fire.  Someone needs to ask Dan May a simple question; “Based on the fact they did not properly identify themselves as LE was Zetina justified in defending himself during the initial contact by Flick and Stone?”

So where is EPSO’s report?  They have not even had a debrief yet.  So incompetent.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is inept and way over his head.  He has no idea how to run anything let alone a major LE agency.  He looks like the county “fool”; again.

Having reviewed the local media’s coverage of the report it appears the CS Independent is still the team to beat.  They did a great article talking about the facts of the event.  The others glossed over the facts and reported it like “soft” news.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

It’s official, Corrupt Sheriff Elder is being Sued by EVERYONE!

Sheriff’s Jester Bill Elder?

We can not keep up with all the articles about people suing Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  We just find another one in the Gazette. (PDF Version) We might have to create a new web page that covers the latest updates on all the lawsuits.  It’s nice to see the local media becoming engaged.  We hope the Gazette has finally decided to stop giving Corrupt Sheriff Elder a break and start doing some investigative reporting.  We are encouraged by the latest articles.  It appears KRDO and KOAA are missing in action.  KKTV is doing a great job and we hope they continue to push Elder until they get the KRW report.  The CS Independent is way out in front on the reporting of the coverup of the Micah Flick shooting.

There is so much corruption.  Just review all the articles we have published in the last 20 months. Over 60 articles exposing Sheriff Elder’s corruption.  This does not even include all the BLOGs and “Latest News” updates.  There is more coming.  We have been working on some stories for over a year.  We will continue to expose Elder.

We are willing to make the following prediction; If re-elected, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will not complete his second term. Elder could be the first Sheriff RECALLED!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Elder uses Flick’s Death as excuse why he has not fixed issues at EPSO?

The Colorado Springs Gazette wrote a pretty good story about Corrupt Sheriff Elder not releasing the KRW report.  (PDF Version).  It appears Corrupt Elder uses Micah Flick’s death as an excuse why nothing has been done to fix all the issues at EPSO (El Paso County Sheriff’s Office).  Here is the actual quote from the article.

“The sheriff has declined to release the draft of the follow-up assessment to The Gazette, telling a reporter in June that it is still a “working document.” He told The Gazette that the report, which was initially slated for completion months earlier, had become less of a priority with other goings-on at the agency, including the death of Deputy Micah Flick.”

So according to Corrupt Sheriff Elder; he has been spending so much time covering up the truth about Flick’s death he has not had time to do anything else?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder goes on to list more excuses why he has done nothing.  Like other interviews, Elder sounds incompetent and way over his head.  Reading the comments to the article it appears Elder is fooling no-one. Is the truth about Corrupt Sheriff Elder getting out?

The best advise we could give Elder is to keep his mouth shout and let someone with experience and communication skills do the talking.  That would not be Jackie Kirby.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder


The Independent way out in front reporting Sheriff Elder’s Corruption


Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder; The court Jester

We missed an article posted earlier this week on CS Independent’s website.  It talks about all the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  We know of more cases that are already filed or will be filed this fall. The county commissioners have handed out Millions of taxpayer money since Elder took office.  It appears they will hand out millions more before they are done.


Yet another Article about Flick Shooting

The Colorado Springs Independent did another story about the Micah Flick Shooting.  Pam Zubeck is out in front reporting all the facts that Corrupt Sheriff Elder is trying to keep secret.  Any expert in Law Enforcement tactics knows the tactics used when attempting to arrest Zetina was not appropriate.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s policies and incompetence is the reason Micah Flick is dead.  He needs to take full responsibility.  They have not even conducted a debrief or started a critical incident review.  There has been no review or any disciplinary action taken.  What about the supervisor on scene during the shooting?  He was never held accountable for his actions.  No training, no planning and no leadership; A deadly combination.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is still trying to keep the KRW report secret until after the election?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is being sued by everyone.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder still has not admitted Deputy Juhl was shot by friendly fire from Deputy C.W.  How long will he keep that from the public?

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is the biggest Liar in El Paso County.  He is also the most incompetent Sheriff we have ever had.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Undeniable Proof Corrupt Sheriff Elder is Completely INCOMPETENT


The Colorado Springs Gazette published a great article yesterday about the coverup of the Micah Flick shooting. (PDF Version).  In this article EPSO PIO Jackie Kirby confirms Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his leadership team is completely incompetent and should not be running a law enforcement agency.  Kirby was asked if EPSO had conducted a “critical incident review” concerning the shooting.  Her response was; The sheriff’s office also “normally” conducts the same in-house review, spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby said. The process has not yet started…”

“The process has not yet started…” PIO Kirby

This is another WTF moment.  Kirby confirmed that after 6 months EPSO has not conducted ANY review of the shooting that wounded multiple officers and killed one Detective. This is unbelievable! We have confirmed with multiple Deputies involved in the shooting they have not had a debrief and were told by supervisors not to talk with each other about the shooting.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is so concerned about covering up his deadly mistake he does not want deputies to discuss what happened.  Anyone who has been in law enforcement knows the importance of having a debrief with those involved within a few days.  IT’S BEEN 6 MONTHS!

Not having a debrief or even an internal review shows Elder is completely corrupt and incompetent. He should not be sheriff.  He should resign immediately.  How many more deputies will die because of his ineptness?

Elder should be the county Jester instead of Sheriff.  At least when he screws that up it won’t cost people their lives.



Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Both Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Elder wash their hands of the Flick Shooting

The CS Independent did an article about the Flick Shooting. Everyone is washing their hands of the innocent bystander whose life was ruined because of improper tactics used by EPSO and CSPD. Corrupt Sheriff Elder is responsible for policies and lack of training that created the situation where Deputies lives were put at risk and Micah Flick was killed.  Will the truth ever come out?

Does everyone want to sue Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder?

The following is a excerpt from the latest Thrifty Nickel.  It appears someone is looking for an attorney to file a lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder.  We are not surprised.  Based on how Elder has mismanaged the office for the past three years there should be a long list.  Plus, the way the county commissioners hand out money to protect their political buddy Elder everyone should try to get a piece of the action.  Seeing the person who placed the add wanted to get the word out we did not redact his name or phone number.  We know there are many local attorneys who are avid readers of Dirtyelder.com so maybe one would be interested in contacting him.

Get a closer look



Sheriff Elder; “the most Corrupt and Hated Sheriff EVER!”


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How many lawsuits can be filed against one Corrupt Sheriff?

There is an article in the Gazette about yet another potential lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. (PDF)  Corrupt Elder is already in the midst of many lawsuits due to his unethical and illegal behavior. Obviously a good indicator of corruption is the number of lawsuits against that person and his office. Corrupt Elder is setting records that could stand for decades. We know there are more lawsuits coming.   Standby, more corruption is on the way…


Corrupt Sheriff Elder, keeping his incompetence Secret

When Corrupt Sheriff Elder was running for office he made all kinds of promises.  He would have the most transparent office, audit the budget, and would have an independent group review the office and make recommendations on how to do things better.  After 3 years let’s review; Elder wasted all the money, there is no transparency, and Elder will not even release the report from KRW which was paid for by taxpayer money.  Corrupt Elder has completely messed up the entire Sheriff’s office and he is now in coverup mode.  Everything he does goes wrong.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s incompetence even cost Micah Flick his life.

Read the report from KKTV.  Did Elder really say that?  Here is the quote from Elder.

“We have added so many new personnel to our leadership cadre that have not been trained, that have not gone through leadership training, leadership models, that they don’t have the right answer. [The firm] needs to interview them to find out who’s got this who’s got that. What works, what doesn’t work.”

All you can say is WTF? Corrupt Elder sounds like a complete Idiot and admits his leadership team is not qualified. Here is a thought; promote qualified people or train them first.  Elder needs to go back to his office and play with his toys.  Every time he opens his mouth he says something stupid.  When you have incompetence running a McDonalds you get a bad burger; when you have incompetence running a law enforcement agency you get dead cops. How many more Deputies will die so Elder can play Sheriff? 

Corrupt Elder admits he does not want to release the report until after the election?  How corrupt is that?

At this point, Elder can not stop the bleeding.  There is so much corruption he can’t stop it.   You would think Elder would tell his cronies to stop doing stupid stuff, but they can’t help themselves.  The ship is sinking and while Elder is trying to fix the holes his buddies are taking their money and heading for the life boats.

If ignorance was painful, Elder would be screaming!


Corrupt Sheriff Elder is still trying to prevent the public from seeing the autopsy reports from the Flick Shooting. It appears Dr. Bux is not so motivated anymore. There is another great story in the CS Independent.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

When you’re Sheriff; Stupid is Expensive!

More evidence of Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s incompetence and cronyism exposed in Gazette Article. How much taxpayer money will Corrupt Elder waste before the community demands his departure?


Thursday, August 23, 2018

District Attorney Dan May throws Corrupt Sheriff Elder under the bus during press conference on Flick Shooting



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