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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Did DDA Shannon Gerhart tell investigators there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Troll?

Shannon Gerhart

We have received some very interesting information concerning Shannon Gerhart.   She was the deputy district attorney who was in the room when the decision was made to arrest Kelli Troll.  We find it interesting that she was present in the meeting along with Commander Mitch Lincoln and Sgt. Robert Jaworski when the decision was made to arrest her. According to Mark Hurlbert, the assistant district attorney who is the lead prosecutor in the Maketa case,  this arrest was illegal.  Assuming this is true, why was Terry Maketa, Paula Presley and John San Agustin charged with “kidnapping”  when they were not in the room or part of the decision?  According to the arresting Detective, Lisa Kiser (Montville), she arrested based on guidance from Shannon Gerhart, not any orders from Maketa, Presley or San Agustin. So why didn’t Hurlbert charge Gerhart, Lincoln, and Jaworski? Why would they charge individuals who obviously had nothing to do with the arrest and not arrest those who were actively part of the decision?  Sound political?  We will provide documents to show Shannon Gerhart told investigators there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Troll.  So, if a district attorney stated there was probable cause why would anyone be charged with anything?  Good question. Why hasn’t Hurlbert dropped the kidnapping charges against Presley and San Agustin when he already has for Maketa.  He knows there is no credible evidence, but yet he refuses to do the right thing.  Sound corrupt and like a malicious prosecution? It should.

Hurlbert needs to be held accountable for his unethical behavior and Shannon Gerhart needs to be put under oath and asked to explain her actions/statements. Hopefully both will happen.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

We always want to ensure the information posted is accurate and appropriate.  We are more than happy to make changes/edit/deletions based on additional information.  If anyone feels there is information posted on our website that is not accurate or not appropriate just let us know by sending an email to Dirtyelder@gmail.com.  We will review your request and make changes if necessary.  We have already done this multiple times based on requests and updated information.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Will Chuck Kull be held accountable for his false statement under oath?

Chuck Kull is back in the news. Read Story. He clearly departed from the truth; will he be held accountable?  By law he has to be placed on the Brady List.   In the article it says;  Current Sheriff Bill Elder, speaking through spokesperson Jackie Kirby, said he wasn’t in the courtroom when Kull gave false information and “therefore, he has no comment.”   Really, that is his statement? Does it sound like Elder doesn’t care what his deputies do so long as he is not there to witness it?  Did they just confirm Chuck Kull gave “false information”?  Their statement was that Elder wasn’t there “when Kull gave false information”, so it sounds like they just confirmed they know he gave false information under oath in a criminal trial.   Does Bill Elder care if one of his deputies commits perjury? It was against Maketa, who Elder hates, so probably not a big deal. He might even get promoted again.  It’s obvious that corruption rises to the top at EPSO.

Did Bill Elder commit Perjury by Knowingly Providing False Information on Affidavit?

Bill Elder can not even set up his re-election committee without lying and breaking the law.  Read Story.  Below is the “public” information from Tracer; he is clearly using Sheriff’s Office phone numbers. So, why does Bill Elder think he is special.  Sounds like he does not want to be bothered by the people who he wants to vote for him.  We really hope the Republicans can find a candidate that is not corrupt and put them up against Elder.  It’s obvious if he is re-elected the corruption will continue.

Wait a minute; Bill Elder turned in an Affidavit to the state of Colorado saying his Residential phone number was (719) 520-7262. He admitted he knowingly provided false information on his affidavit.  What was that again? Sheriff Bill Elder knowingly provided false information on an affidavit.  Isn’t that perjury?  Doesn’t that require that his name is placed on the Brady list for departing from the truth?

Bottom Line; ELDER is a confirmed Liar, again.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Was the Grand Jury manipulated by Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert?

Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert

Wonder why Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert used a Grand Jury to indict Terry Maketa, Paula Presley, and John San Agustin?  Many who are not familiar with the process think a Grand Jury is a more “fair” process that ensures more integrity in the process.  This is actually far from the truth.  A Grand Jury is only as honest at those presiding over it and presenting the evidence.  Read about how a Grand Jury works. Read story.  Why do you think Donald Trump and his administration are so concerned about Robert Mueller convening a grand jury?  Because they know how it can be manipulated by a prosecutor and how it can become a “fishing” expedition trying to find crimes where there are none. Was this what happened when Hurlbert called a grand jury in the Maketa investigation?   Did he manipulate it to get what he and Dan May wanted?  Did individuals, to include law enforcement officers, provide misleading and possibly false testimony to the grand jury under the direction of Hurlbert?  Only the prosecutor gets to present evidence and question witnesses in a Grand Jury.  This allows the prosecutor to “point” or “re-direct” a witnesses’ testimony away from areas that might not support their agenda and possibly give the grand jury evidence not to indict. Did you know they are not required to present exculpatory evidence to a grand jury and there is no opportunity for “cross examination” of witnesses?  Plus, the proceedings are confidential.  So there is basically little chance of scrutiny of witnesses.

District Attorney Dan May

Did you know Terry Maketa was thoroughly investigated by CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) in 2014 and nothing was found?  Then nothing happens for over a year; but out of the blue they reopen the  investigation in March of 2016, assign 6 investigators, and convene a grand jury.  Does this not look political?  Why did they in the spring of 2016 for no apparent reason decide to re-open the investigation?


Sheriff Bill Elder



Could there be a real good reason Dan May and Bill Elder want to silence Maketa?  The answer is “yes” and we will give you the reason(s).




Sunday, August 6, 2017

Is Dan May’s corruption catching up to him?

District Attorney Dan May

Look what is in the Sunday Gazette. Read Story.  We have posted articles in the past showing Dan May, just like Bill Elder, is corrupt.  This story lays it out very well.  It appears if you are on Dan May’s “Good List” you are protected, if you are an old political rival like Terry Maketa you get your buddy from another DA’s office to put together a grand jury, provide false testimony to that Grand Jury, and indict them.  We have already shown that one of their witnesses lied under oath. Read Story. We encourage the Gazette to continue researching into Dan May’s corruption; we are.  In the near future we will be providing clear and convincing evidence that Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert knows false information was provided to the Grand Jury that indicted Terry Maketa and two others.  Also, why would Hurlbert drop two charges against Maketa based on the evidence but not drop the same charges against San Agustin or Presley?   Where does the corruption stop? According to our sources, Detective Montville (Kiser) testified to the Grand Jury and again in Maketa’s trial that she arrested Kelli Troll based on the direction from then District Attorney Shannon Gerhart.  She has never testified that she received any orders from San Agustin, Presley or Maketa. The basis for the charges of Kidnapping was that Maketa knowingly ordered an unlawful arrest through Presley and San Agustin.  There is absolutely no credible evidence of any such orders.  Hurlbert dropped the charges against Maketa; why won’t he drop the very same changes against Presley or San Agustin?  Will he let them both continue to pay thousands of dollars in attorney fees just to drop the charges days before their trials? Is this nothing more than a means for Dan May and Mark Hurlbert to cause them harm and financial loss?  Does that sound like how we do things in America or does it sound more like corruption?  Who protects us from those who are suppose to protect us? Who will hold Dan May and Mark Hurlbert accountable for unethical and illegal behavior?

We will provide more evidence of corruption.

Shannon Gerhart
Mark Hurlbert




Friday, August 4, 2017

We hear that oral boards are becoming a joke under Bill Elder’s administration.  According to a source, when they announced oral boards for the Investigations SGT. Position (vacated by Cliff Porter) only one person put in for it, James Vidmar.  When the Lieutenant over investigations, Cy Gillespie, heard about it he was not happy because he does not like Vidmar.  So he recruited Bill Otto and told him that if he put in for it he (Otto) would not only be guaranteed to be selected; he would get the “Major Crimes” unit.  Something that is not usually done.  Usually, when the major crimes Sergeant leaves one of the current sergeants takes over that unit and the new Sergeant takes their unit.  Would you be surprised that the only person to go directly to Major Crimes was Cliff Porter?  Of course we hear he is special; rumor is he cured himself of PTSD overnight when Elder was sworn in as Sheriff.   We have been told by multiple sources the plan was to select Otto and put him into Major Crimes.  We also know that Tammy Gugliotta went to Lt. Gillespie prior and told him she wanted the Major Crimes Unit; but he told her they already had someone else in mind.  She told multiple people what had happened so it’s no secret.  Rumor is they were all set to make the announcement, but after we publicly announced what they were doing they scrambled and decided to give the position to Gugliotta.  Elder and his corrupt leadership can not even select a new Investigation’s Sgt without being corrupt and dishonest.  It appears being a hard worker and having integrity doesn’t help much in Bill Elder’s world.

We have heard of other examples of leadership circumventing the process and picking their personal friends for key position in the office.  Can you say “Billy Huffor”?  NEPOTISM, NEPOTISM, NEPOTISM.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Latest Article:  Did Lt. Charles Kull commit Perjury during his testimony in the Maketa Trial?  Will he be held accountable? 




Were the County Commissioners busted trying to make a secret payoff to unnamed victim of sexual harassment?
Sheriff Bill Elder

We are encouraged that both local newspapers published articles about the sexual harassment payout for Commander King and Lt. Huffor’s endorsed public retaliation against the victim.  Read our Story.  The Gazette followed the Independent’s lead and published their own story about the payout by our county commissioners.  Read Story.  The Independent story (read story) is more balanced and gives much more detail into the situation where the Gazette takes the opportunity to slam Maketa again.  Something that is interesting is back when the county commissioners were talking about paying out Ray Gerhart and Charles Kull the commissioners had a public meeting with Bill Elder present persuading them to give them the money. Watch KRDO news story. So, the county commissioners were more than happy to announce the payout and give the names when it fit their personal agenda.  But when the payout was going to embarrass their buddy Bill Elder the commissioners were more than happy to do it in secret.  Our elected officials should be open and transparent.  It shouldn’t take a website or the media to FORCE them to reveal public information.  The one thing everyone should take out of all these stories is that our county commissioners and Sheriff are not being transparent. They tried to sneak this payoff past the community. Bill Elder promised to be the most transparent Sheriff ever. Watch Video.  Does it appear he is living up to his campaign promises? What will he say to get re-elected?

It appears this video is becoming more and more relevant when it comes to Bill Elder.  Watch Video

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We hope to publish our latest article sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Sorry for the delays, but we feel it is important to ensure the accuracy of our facts. It will be worth the wait.

The Colorado Springs Independent published an article concerning the county commissioners paying out a settlement to a female employee of EPSO who was the victim of sexual harassment and retaliation. Read Story.  We agree with the Indy that withholding the name of the person who received the settlement is illegal.  How can a government organization spend taxpayer money without transparency?  It’s our money, we have the right to know how much they are spending and who is receiving it.  We believe the county commissioners are breaking the law and someone needs to hold them accountable. Also, because it appears they tried to secretly settle this it gives the appearance they are trying to protect their republican buddy Bill Elder. It looks like a conspiracy and gives the appearance that our county commissioners are as corrupt as Bill Elder.

Cliff Porter

Cliff Porter got his wish and he is transferring to Patrol next week.  Detectives are happy and Patrol Deputies pissed.  We hear Sgt. Tammy G., who has been in charge of sex crimes for the past 2 years, wanted to replace Porter as the major crimes Sgt,; but Hatch, Breister and Elder didn’t want a woman running the unit.  Rumor is Elder doesn’t want any women in any major leadership positions.  How many are on his command staff? Basically none; only his secretary.  Looks like it is a mens only club.  It’s easier to keep all the sexual harassment cases secret if there are no women around. Bill Otto will be the new major crimes Sgt.

UPDATE:  It appears our website is making a difference.  After reading our article did Elder realized how bad they were going to look? They just sent this out.  Transfers memo.  We should probably apologize to Bill Otto as he and others were told he was going to be the Major Crimes Sgt.  In fact, we were told Tammy Gugliotta was upset when she heard about it.  So, it was already out there that Otto was going to Major Crimes when they sent this out showing they changed their minds after we published our post.

We apologize for not publishing our latest story of corruption with Bill Elder, but we are waiting for a good reason; we need to confirm our facts and sources.  It is important people can have confidence in our website so we try to verify everything prior to posting our articles. Our latest story is a bombshell and you will not want to miss it. We anticipate posting it today.  Keep checking, you’ll want to be one of the first to read it.  The Grim Reaper is coming and Truth is coming with him…

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Read our latest story about the county commissioners settling a sexual harassment complaint with an employee at the Sheriff’s Office.  Bill Elder’s corruption just doesn’t stop. Read Story

Monday, July 31, 2017

Multiple things are going on and we are waiting to see what happens before we release our new stories.   There should be a pretty big announcement coming soon that should get all the local media’s attention.   We are hoping there will be two big stories this week. Both involve corruption with Bill Elder and his leadership team. Soon there will be no denying the lies and corruption.  There is more coming.  We will not rest until all the corruption and LIARS! are exposed.

When Bill Elder was running for Sheriff he kept talking about the poor treatment of staff and suggested there was criminal mismanagement of taxpayer monies.  Remember he kept saying he wanted to have a forensic audit of the books? Read Story.  What ever came of that?  Maketa was never charged with anything relating to finances.  So it’s obvious there was no mismanagement of taxpayer funds.  What about treatment of staff?  He kept talking about all the issues during Maketa’s term.  The three commanders that were treated badly.  What ever came of that?  What about Ray Gerhart and Chuck Kull; they split around a 200k settlement.  Did you know the settlement was based on the assumption they passed their CVSAs (Computer Voice Stress Analysis)?  As it turns out the results of their CVSAs were admitted as evidence in the Maketa trial; they both failed.  Read CVSA results.  So, our county commissioners gave away 200k of our taxpayer money based on facts that were not true.  Why did the county commissioners agree to a Non-Disclosure concerning the terms of the settlement (and why is that legal)? Did you know the investigations in to Gerhart and Kull were sealed as part of that agreement?  Why is the county commissioners trying to keep secrets from the public? What don’t they want you to know?  Are they doing it again? Would you be surprised that one of the county attorneys told someone everything and we found out?  We have the facts and soon you will too.

During the Maketa administration there were very few sexual harassment complaints.  Under the Elder administration they have sky rocketed up to multiple cases per year.  Currently there are multiple complaints against EPSO (and more coming).  Both Commander King and Lt. Huffor are being protected by Bill Elder.   Why have multiple women recently quit the Sheriff’s Office after making sexual harassment complaints?  It is obvious Bill Elder protects the sexual predators and forces out the victims.  Wow, are we back in the 60s?

Is EPSO the current day version of “Mad Men”?

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Friday, July 28, 2017

We decided to take the information we just received and write a story over the weekend.  Expect a big story Monday afternoon.  It will confirm, yet again, Bill Elder’s hostile work environment.

Billy Huffor damaged a patrol vehicle earlier this week by backing into a T post.  He didn’t report it until later that day.  Is it policy to drive back to fleet before reporting an accident?  So, Huffor violated policy, yet again.  Will there be an IA investigation?  Will he go in front of the DAB and be disciplined?  Don’t hold your breath.  What would happened if a patrol deputy wrecked a vehicle and didn’t report it until later after leaving the scene?   WILL BILL HUFFOR BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?

Efforts are underway to locate the T post Huffor hit to place it in custody for damaging his vehicle.  The stationary post is obviously at fault. There is some question as to whether the post was 3″ closer than allowed by law.

We hear Billy Huffor and Richard Hatch are going to partner up.  They will be called Huffor and Hatch.  Here is their first day on the street.


Things may seem quiet; however we are working on multiple stories.  A couple have the potential of being bombshells.   According to our sources Elder is in a panic over some recent events. We are getting the details. Plus, the odds of 1A getting renewed is dropping every day.  We hear even the county commissioners are upset with Elder’s “shenanigans” and have told him to get his ship in order.  The county attorneys are spending all their time handling complaints and lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Office.  We hear there are more coming.  How’s the Huntz’s case coming?  We hear not well for Elder. That settlement could be so big they might have to get one of those big cardboard checks like they give lottery winners.   Plus now they are having to deal with the complaint of the unethical and unfair treatment of a former Lt who was forced to retire.  Looks like yet another lawsuit is coming?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

So we hear Commander Hatch hit a parked car with his assigned vehicle and they ticketed the vehicle he hit for parking illegally because he wasn’t close enough to the curb by 3 Inches?   Yeah, that makes sense.  How many vehicles are not parked within the 12 inch limit every day and not ticketed.  If a car is stopped in the middle of the street it is your responsibility to NOT hit it.   From the Blue sheet it almost sounds like they placed the person in custody; ” Mr. (redacted) was released from the scene”.  Wonder how that person feels about the Sheriff’s office today?  Will he vote for an extension to 1A?

We were able to obtain some pictures at the scene;

A lot of deputies are talking about how bad things are down at the jail.  We are trying to confirm they have lowered the minimum staffing to allow for less deputies to maintain the security of the jail; really?  It also appears the new medical contract is not working out.  How bad can things get?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How many confirmed lies has Bill Elder told and did he commit perjury during the Maketa trial?  He held to his story that he didn’t think he had an IA file yet Gerhart testified that in December of 2013 when he called Elder he told Gerhart he knew it was missing.  Someone lied.  We are working on more stories.  Some are taking a while to obtain documents and verify sources.  This website will be here until Elder is no longer Sheriff.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Here is a stat for you; since Elder took office over 250 people have left.

According to a source; Bill Elder recently announced that if the 1A tax initiative is not renewed in a couple years he will get rid of Patrol.  So, he plans to threaten the community with no law enforcement in the county if he doesn’t get his money to give to his cronies.  Bill Elder has been illegally and unethically spending the 1A funds since he got in office.
Read Story.  He has not provided any detailed reporting on the spending of the 1A funds, which was required by law. Read Story.  Is Bill Elder guilty of “official misconduct”? Terry Maketa was not put on trial for any misuse of taxpayer funds; but Bill Elder should be.  Recently we were told by a reliable source that Jackie Kirby was heard saying; ” Don’t tell anyone you heard it from me; but the 1A funds are all F***ed up and there’s no way we can fix it”.  They are trying to make sense of the mess and they have realized there is no way to fix it.  There needs to be an audit and an investigation into the spending of the 1A funds.  We have shown clear evidence the funds are not being spent according to the tax initiative wording.

We just found out someone who cleaned out their office and went home a few weeks ago recently returned to work.  There was an Announcement


Months ago we said we were working on a story concerning Bill Elder taking all his friends to San Diego for a convention.  We never did get to writing the story.  Here is what we wrote in “latest news” back on January 20, 2017.

“Stories we are working on: Last fall we were told by an employee that they were told there was no more money for overtime or training.  As it turns out, at the same time Bill Elder sent the Huffors, the Shannons, and his secretary to San Diego for a week of RnR at a convention.  All paid for by the office.  Thousands of dollars that could have been used for training or overtime.   Someone needs to do a CORA request for all travel by Sheriff’s Office personnel in 2016. Make sure you get all information to include names and receipts for all travel expenses.   How can Bill Elder justify sending his Secretary to the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in San Diego ?  Why would Bill and Janet Huffor go together?  Sounds like a second honeymoon paid for by the office.  How nice for them.   We’re sure they deserved it more than training for actual cops. We heard up to $10,000 was spent on the trip.  Does Bill Elder actually understand what his role is as Sheriff? It’s not to give out 3.3 Million dollars to his friends.  So Corrupt. What is it going to take for the Media to investigate? Does the County Commissioners care?  They are responsible for the money.  Do an AUDIT!”

We received more information but have been so busy with other articles we forgot about this one.  According to our source,  EPSO was not a member of the Association of Chiefs of Police so they had to pay the non-member price.  Plus, they did not stay at any of the recommended hotels near by.  They stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in the “Gaslamp” district. VERY EXPENSIVE.  Check out their website. We were hoping someone in the media would do a CORA request and see how much money they wasted.  It appears no on one in the media cares about corruption and wasting taxpayer money.   All the records are there for the asking.  Here is information concerning the convention they went to. Read Info.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just received information that appears to show Bill Elder lied again; what a surprise.  We are researching and will publish an article when we can.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

As it turns out the infamous warning shot is pretty boring.  Multiple people have told us what happened and it does demonstrate his lack of training and experience; however, it’s just stupid and not really worth the time to write a story.  We are confident there will be no IA or any form of discipline for violating policy.  Rumor is he has already updated his resume to include his experience in an “officer involved shooting”.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lieutenant shoots warning shot at approaching dog with shotgun

Multiple people have contacted us concerning a certain under trained, under qualified Lieutenant trying to play cop.  This person has never gone through an FTO program and has zero experience as a patrol deputy. But he is out there playing cop with people’s lives on the line.  How can someone with no experience direct or supervise those with years of experience? His lack of experience was exposed a few days ago; thank God no one was hurt.  Everyone is talking about it; they are laughing first and then getting PISSED!  This is what happens when you have a corrupt Sheriff putting his buddies in positions of authority. This is not a candy store, this is law enforcement. SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT!  Did they initiate an IA investigation?  This person clearly violated policy. We heard there is not even a blue sheet and they are already trying to cover it up.  How can you shoot a shotgun and not have a blue sheet?  Can you say CORRUPTION? Everyone is watching to see what the Sheriff does.  Anything less than a transfer back to the jail is not enough. People’s lives are on the line.  This is not a game.  He has shown he is not cut out for Law Enforcement.  Watch video.  What’s next, Mitch leading a SWAT raid? Watch video.  Law Enforcement is a serious business and should be taken serious by the sheriff. Watch video.    Does EPSO take warning shots now?  Watch Video. 

UPDATE:  We just received word that Bill Elder might be changing policy to allow for warning shots using shotguns by Lieutenants with the first name of Bill.  Also, there are rumors he might suspend the DAB again until a certain IA is completed concerning an out of policy warning shot.


We have received a great deal of information concerning the investigation into the missing IA file.  A lot of this information is audio/video recordings of interviews. We also have results of the CVSAs and Polygraphs. It takes time to go through all these reports and listen to all the audio.  We did find something in one of the audio recording we are interested in.  It is an interview with Rob Stone.  We are working on editing it and hope to update the article concerning the missing IA file.

Here is the text added to the article:

Update to article (07/16/17):  We were contacted by another source who read our article.  They provided us additional information to include that Rob Stone showed deception in a CVSA examination where he was asked the direct question; “Did your take Bill Elder’s file?”  While reviewing audio recordings of interviews we found where Rob Stone was confronted with this fact.  Listen to his response. Note that in Stone’s response he uses the “rule of three” which indicates deception. He is clear in his response he never took the file, never looked in the file and did not know if Bill Elder ever had a file. But according to our source Rob Stone later admits during a  polygraph examination he did see the file and even read it.  So that would indicate Rob Stone was not being honest during his interviews with investigators.  Does these facts clearly show Rob Stone is the most likely person who took Bill Elder’s IA file? Remember he worked in IA at the time and had the keys to access the files. Would this explain why he quickly retired when confronted with the facts?  Would this also explain why Bill Elder rehired him shortly after taking office?  Is this yet another great example of Bill Elder’s corruption?

Read the article.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Just received more information concerning the missing IA file.  We are researching and might update the article later today or tomorrow.

Here is the article everyone has been waiting for about the “missing” Bill Elder IA file.   Read story.

Friday, July 14, 2017

We hope to publish an article concerning the stolen Bill Elder IA file tomorrow.  We will provide audio recordings from an interview that might shed some light on the subject. We continue to research.

Sounds like patrol is concerned about the possibility of having a certain Investigation’s Sgt as one of their Sgts.   How funny; few want to work with him and non want to work for him.   Is there no place to put him that he won’t piss everyone off? Are all the conspirators now finding they can’t work together?  Maybe he can work for a certain LT that a female Fountain PD officer wanted a restraining order against?   Is this certain LT going for the all time record for most IAs? Will he be added to the “Brady” list after committing perjury? Will a certain commander at CJC sexually harass another employee before the trial for his current sexual harassment? Will a certain staff member ever return to the office? Will her husband continue doing “Terry stops” on female employees? Will Susan Lucci join EPSO as the new undersheriff?  We will have to wait until next time…

Thursday, July13, 2017

We met with a person who gave us their story concerning the missing Bill Elder IA file.  It was obvious they now hate Bill Elder and wanted to tell us their story about the missing IA file.  We agreed to not reveal their name because they were somewhat involved (according to them). There is no way to confirm it because those involved will not admit to it.   We will publish with a disclaimer.  You will not want to miss this story.

There are so many rumors flying around we can not keep up with them all.  However, the one we find the most interesting is that it appears Cliff Porter and Joe Breister had a falling out.  We heard there was a big blowup. Something about Breister siding with Hatch and Cy and Porter stating they are both idiots.  It’s our understanding Porter said he can no longer work with them and has demanded to be transferred to Patrol. We will see what happens.

According to a source, Bill Elder is really upset with the results of the Maketa trial.  Wonder if the stress associated with being corrupt is effecting him?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Everyone is trying to determine what all the repercussions will be due to the Maketa trial.  Many are realizing a lot of money was spent on targeting sheriff Maketa.  Was this nothing more than political payback from Dan May and Bill Elder?  So much came out during this trial that exposes them both for their corruption.  It is obvious at this point that the evidence against Maketa is nonexistent. We have received additional information we will be publishing in the future.

Someone, who stated they now “hate” Bill Elder contacted us with some surprising information concerning the missing Bill Elder IA file.  So long as we keep their name confidential they said they would tell us what they know about how the file was stolen and why.

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