It is our goal to let out all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons; what they do after that is their business


Go look at all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons

On November 8, 2017 Bill Elder was made aware of information concerning a possible felony crime which took place in El Paso County.  He has chosen not to investigate which is required by Colorado Law.  Read Story. How long will Elder ignore this crime and selectively enforce the law based on his own personal agenda?
On December 7, 2017, Bill Elder was informed of a third witness (read story) to the felony crime that happened under his watch.  Not only is he continuing to do nothing; he is covering it up.  How long will this crime go uninvestigated?
Sheriff Elder ignoring his obligation to investigate a crime makes him guilty of official misconduct.  Covering the crime up makes him guilty of Accessory.


Lock him up, Lock him up, Lock him up…


Interested in who is contributing to Elder’s Re-Election Campaign.  Go to Colorado’s Election tracking system (Tracer). Here is a link to Bill Elder’s Campaign page.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

DirtyElder.com will be posting a new article in the morning with additional facts concerning EPSO Admin Larry Borland ordering two employees to falsify government documents. The facts speak for themselves.  Did Larry Borland admit to giving the orders? Is he just as corrupt as Sheriff Elder? Is Janet Huffor involved?  Stay tuned….

Friday, December 15, 2017


There are some excellent new BLOGs everyone should read. One addresses the fact that Elder has done nothing for the civilian employees.  We found it a very interesting read.  We then realized we have not really addressed civilian employees either.  We have stated that Elder completely screwed David Mejia and Rick Dietz. But we have not given credit to all those who do all the work behind the scenes to ensure the mission is accomplished.  We apologize, and want to give our civilian employees all the credit and recognition they deserve.

The employees at EPSO are the greatest!

But it is not true that Elder does not care about all the civilian employees.  There is one that he cares enough about to pay him on the highest “Sworn” salary schedule.  A campaign donor and best friend; Larry Borland.  Who cares that EPSO is out of money; Larry will get his pay raise.   County car, free gas, and a great salary; where do we sign up?  Wait there is another civilian Elder is taking care of; Janet Huffor.  She also has a large salary and a county car.  She was basically nothing more than a secretary before Elder made her his “chief of staff”. So, there are a few civilians Elder is taking care of.  It’s the rest of you that he could careless about.  You’re just his Minions.  Remember the last election; that’s what Elder called his supporters.  We looked up the definition;  “A follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one”.  Did you know servile basically means “slave”. Does this indicate Bill Elder might be a Racist? Every time he called his followers minions in the last election he was calling them “slaves” or unimportant.  This gives us a great insight into Bill Elder’s mind and how he thinks.  He considers those who follow or work for him as nothing more than his “minions” or “slaves”.  Plus, it shows his arrogance in thinking he is a “powerful person”.  This is why he does not care about lying to or screwing over employees; because they are unimportant to him.  It’s obvious; EMPLOYEES DON’T MATTER TO BILL ELDER.


The only truth is that Bill Elder is a villain.

Elder only cares about keeping his money coming in


Bill Elder; the most Corrupt Sheriff Ever!


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Future of EPSO looks dismal at best

It appears Bill Elder and his leadership team is falling apart.  Just scan down through latest news and read what we have published in the last few weeks.  It paints a dark picture for the future of EPSO. Multiple allegations of criminal behavior by Elder and his command staff.  Bill Elder, a candidate who promised transparency is now a sheriff who is violating reporter’s constitutional rights because he does not like their stories. Multiple witnesses have come forward telling how Larry Borland ordered staff to falsify government documents, A PIO using a highly confidential government system to obtain personal information on a private citizen. A commander and Lieutenant with multiple allegations of sexual harassment not held accountable.  The sheriff sending an intimidating letter to his challenger.  Diverting special tax funds designated for increasing public safety and using it to create new positions for campaign donors. Creating a hostile work environment with intimidation and nepotism. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in payouts to victims of sexual harassment and inappropriate treatment. Multiple formal complaints against Sheriff Elder since taking office.  The list does not end.

Bill Elder has shown what a corrupt, inexperienced leader can do to a law enforcement agency in a short period of time.  Many are embarrassed to tell people who they work for, especially who the sheriff is. Bill Elder has done absolutely nothing to make EPSO a better place to work and El Paso County a safer place to live. If anything he has made it worse.  Bill Elder will forever be known as the most corrupt Sheriff El Paso County has ever seen. Elder had his chance; It’s time for real change. If Bill Elder really cared about the employees and the Citizens of El Paso County he would do what he knows is right. But if there is anything this website has proven beyond any doubt it’s that Bill Elder only cares about Bill Elder.

Bill Elder; the most Corrupt Sheriff of all time


Elder Busted for Violating Reporter’s Constitutional Rights.

Wow, Read the latest article in the Independent.  Read Story.  They are really going after Bill Elder and his corruption.  If Elder does not like an article he just denies the reporter their constitutional rights? Does this make him guilty of Official Misconduct? Should he be investigated? Pretty strong evidence. Read the actual letter sent to Sheriff Elder. 

Elder is use to the Gazette who will report whatever he wants.  This whole independent, non-bias reporting is throwing him off. Just more evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.  When is someone finally going to do something?

Wait a minute. Didn’t Elder say he wanted to have the an open and transparent office? Watch Video.  What a LIAR! Wait, didn’t he say it more than once? Watch Video

Pretty much what ever Elder says is a lie.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


It is official; Sheriff Bill Elder should be referred to as the Biggest LIAR in El Paso County.  We have received numerous complaints from Deputies over Sheriff Elder pulling back a pay raise he stated was a “Done Deal”. Elder stated that as long as he was sheriff Deputies would get a pay raise every year. In fact, they have only seen one in three years.  Read Story.

UPDATE:  We were just informed that Elder and his leadership are now saying everyone might get a 2.5% increase next year.  We are attempting to verify.  Maybe our pressure and complaints from Deputies have convinced them to change their minds. It’s interesting that they said it was a “done deal”; then it was not going to happen, and now it might happen.  We will post updates when we can confirm the information.

Second Update: Now we heard Elder is suggesting only high level Deputies will receive pay raises, not all Deputies. WTF?  So, Deputy II and Deputy III don’t work hard? They don’t deserve a pay raise?  We hope this is just a rumor and not the truth.  Will Command Staff get raises? This just seems stupid. We will continue to monitor and report what we find out.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DirtyElder.com continues to enjoy high levels of traffic.  Working on story concerning Larry Borland ordering staff to falsify government documents.  There are more facts that need to be told. Also researching information received from employees about Jackie Kirby breaking the law.  We continue to put the spotlight on Elder’s Corruption.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Elder acts like “spoiled little child”; walks out of his own meeting?



Gazette reporter endorses Elder for Sheriff?

Our response to Lance Benzel’s latest article concerning the upcoming Sheriff Election; “who cares”. Lance has shown he is in bed with Elder; there is no surprise here. We have provided  information that with just a little work a reporter could break the whole story wide open.  Instead the Gazette would rather just sit around and report what everyone said in public. When was the last time the Gazette “broke” a major story?


Here are a few examples of stories, that with a little “investigating” a reporter could have a major breaking story.

The Tom Clements Homicide; There is evidence others were involved; yet Sheriff Elder is protecting the killers.  Read Story  There is plenty of evidence out there for those who ask and look for it.

EPSO Administrator Larry Borland orders two employees to falsify government documents. Read Story.  There is now multiple witnesses to a Felony which is being covered up by sheriff Elder.  Sounds like the stuff a good story is made of. We will be providing more information in the near future.

Bill Elder was at C.C. Benefield’s (a woman Elder was alleged to have been having an affair with) house for hours before notifying CSPD of her murder. Read Story.

Bill Elder, using false statements obtained grant funds (over $200k) from POST.  Returns money shortly after article published exposing his lies. Read Story.

Department of Justice “freezes” EPSO’s federal funds. Read Story

The list goes on and on; but instead of actually doing investigative reporting Lance Benzel writes an article about how “nasty” the sheriff’s race is getting; really? It’s hard to take him serious.  We hear he is spending all his time trying to get someone to confirm who is behind dirtyelder.com. Does it sound like his priorities are in order? We are confident Lance will do what ever it takes to protect Elder and reveal who is behind this website.

What happened to the Gazette?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

We are working on stories concerning the new information about Larry Borland ordering two employees’ to falsify government documents and we will comment on Lance Benzel’s latest article concerning the Sheriff Election. Read Story.

We have been contacted by employees and individuals who support Mike Angley. Some have suggested we endorse him and help with his campaign.  We remind everyone this website has been around for almost year; six months prior to Angley getting into the race.  Our goal is to expose Bill Elder’s corruption.  If we were to divert and start “supporting” someone it would distract from our mission. We decided a long time ago we would stay out of politics.  Many of our supporters support Angley; that is their personal decision.

This Website will not endorse or support anyone for Sheriff.  We must stay pure and on mission.  Our goal is to expose Sheriff Bill Elder’s Corruption. 


Silence Is the Endorsement of Corruption


Friday, December 8, 2017

Articles about Kirby and Borland Generate Large Website Traffic

DirtyElder.com experienced large traffic yesterday.  No doubt caused by the latest news about Larry “EB” Borland.  How long will he continue to deny the facts? When three individuals, with nothing in common and “no horse in the race” say you did it; you did it.  Borland is starting to sound more and more like a guilty politician.  WOW, everyone is talking about “EB” Borland and “Krooked” Kirby.  Will they resign?  Will they be held accountable for their illegal behavior? Will the county commissioners ever admit to the corruption? The real question is; does the Gazette smoke a cigarette after getting out of bed with Elder?

More to come on both these stories.

El Paso County; the new CHICAGO?

Which one is the Real Mob Boss? Trick question; Both.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Colorado Springs Independent obtains more evidence Borland ordered employees to break the law

Inmate Larry Borland?

Just found out the CS Independent posted a followup article about Larry Borland ordering staff to falsify government documents.  Read Article. How much evidence do you need to conduct an investigation?  Now there are three people who have stated Larry Borland ordered personnel to break the law.  Is anyone going to investigate? Will Larry Borland ever be arrested for Extortion and Official Misconduct?

So Larry Borland, when confronted with yet another witness against him continues to deny it. Sound like a politician from Washington? Remember the old quote; “I did not have sexual relations with that women”. Keep denying it Larry; there’s more coming.

The Sheriff’s Office has information concerning a felony crime and Sheriff Bill Elder is ignoring it. We have more information, however we have decided to wait until we can write a complete story. Hopefully all the truth will come out.

We applaud the CS Independent for continuing to investigate and writing a followup story exposing both Larry Borland and Bill Elder.  Where is the Gazette?  It appears they are still asleep after getting into bed with Elder.  Someone should wake them up.


PIO Kirby Investigated for Inappropriate use of CCIC? (12/06/17)

Read our latest story about corruption in the Sheriff’s Office leadership. How long will Bill Elder and his cronies continue to break the law and violate the constitutional rights of the citizens of El Paso County?  How long will the county commissioners stand by and let it happen.  This almost sounds like all the corruption in congress and them refusing to resign when called out for inappropriate behavior. How many complaints does it take before the establishment finally asks for Elder to resign.  How much is enough?  More is coming

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
We are working on additional stories of corruption at the Sheriff’s Office.  We hope to publish one this evening and another one as soon as we can confirm our information.  Both provide clear evidence of corruption by Bill Elder and his leadership team.
Read a letter to the editor about Bill Elder.   We were a little late catching this letter; better late than never.  Yet another community member who now knows Bill Elder is corrupt and mentally ill?  Read the original story by the Independent where Bill Elder goes mental on reporter with Independent. Read Story.  Read Story where Bill Elder calls article about his criminal activity “Crap”. Elder was upset because he was caught being corrupt. Read Story.

Seems like there is more and more articles in both local newspapers concerning the corruption with Sheriff Bill Elder and District Attorney Dan May.   May is probably happy he does not have to run for re-election anytime soon.  Many are questioning Bill Elder’s re-election bid.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Elder busted for Corruption, AGAIN!

It appears DirtyElder.com is no longer the only group reporting on Bill Elder’s corruption. We are not surprised that Mike Angley’s election campaign committee has found evidence of unethical behavior by Bill Elder and his leadership team.  The question is; will the media ever get a clue and will the county commissioners stop protecting Elder and finally admit to all the unethical, illegal actions going on at the Sheriff’s Office?

Read Angley’s post on his website.

Mr. Angley’s committee is being nice in their post.  We will not.  Bill Elder is corrupt and Angley has posted even more evidence of his corruption.  We reported on this back early in the year with our story about “pay for play”.   Now it appears that paying Larry Borland the highest salary on the civilian pay scale was not enough of a payoff, so Elder has been paying him the highest sworn position other than Undersheriff.  How corrupt is that?  Larry Borland is not a sworn employee and should not be paid a salary he is not qualified for or entitled to.  Larry Borland is in charge of finance; so he knows he is getting over compensated.  If he had any integrity he would have notified Elder and corrected the situation.  This shows Larry Borland is just as corrupt and Bill Elder.   Is there anyone in Bill Elder’s Command Staff that is NOT corrupt?  The answer is no, because if they were not corrupt they would resign and expose Elder.  Individuals of high moral standing do not work for someone corrupt, they expose them. Remember, silence is the endorsement of corruption. So if they are not speaking out against the corruption, they condone it.

Elder is violating policy which he promised to follow; again.  What a liar.

Elder lied when he ran for Sheriff, he lied when he was elected and he continues to lie as the Sheriff.  He is nothing more than a LIAR! It is obvious he has broken multiple laws and should be arrested and held accountable for his crimes.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Breister out; Carey In?

Undersheriff Joe Breister to retire early next year? Read Story.  CSPD Chief Pete Carey to be named his replacement?  Chief Carey was seen leaving EPSO yesterday afternoon.  Are big announcements coming?


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We were just informed about a very interesting post on Mike Angley’s website.  As we have always stated; we will not endorse anyone; however, this post goes to Bill Elder’s corruption.  We will be doing some research of our own; but this information looks interesting.  Read Mike Angley’s Post about Threatening letter sent by Bill Elder.  We can confirm that our sources told us weeks ago about reducing the firearms qualifications due to budget issues.  So, that much is true. We also heard about the mobile command post sitting at the repair shop for weeks because there was no money to pay the bill.  There is no doubt that based on this information and the stealing of 1A funds by Elder; he is putting Deputies lives at risk so he can pay the salaries of his cronies.

We are less safe today because of Sheriff Bill Elder.  And he is laughing all the way to the bank (with taxpayer money).

Monday, November 27, 2017

How much corruption is too much? Sheriff Bill Elder has demonstrated time and time again he is a corrupt public official who continually lies to the public.  He knows he has the county commissioners protecting him so he can continue his illegal, unethical behavior without the concern of being held accountable.  We hear another payout is coming for yet another complaint filed against Bill Elder.  We know multiple complaints have been filed in the past couple months.  Wait until John San Agustin’s lawsuit hits; that payout will be greater than all the others combined. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted because of the corruption of Bill Elder, Dan May and others. When will they be held accountable?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Enjoy Thanksgiving and hopefully you will be able to spend time with family.  We’re sure Elder will be with family while an under staffed Patrol is attempting to keep our community safe.  Did you know for a while Elder required a patrol car go by his house every day; every shift? So he cut patrol by 15%; but, he makes sure his house is well protected.  Many shifts there is only one patrol car to cover all of northern El Paso County; and Elder wants it parked right outside his house.  What about the rest of us?

Which is the biggest Turkey?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Read our latest article concerning corruption and the 1A tax Initiative.  We provide the evidence; you be the judge if Sheriff Bill Elder is “stealing” funds from 1A.

Is Sheriff Elder “Stealing” Funds from 1A? (11/20/17)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

More evidence of Corruption by Sheriff Elder

DirtyElder.com will publish our latest article of Bill Elder’s corruption around 8:00 am tomorrow morning.  Be the first to read the most explosive story yet. Clear evidence of corruption by Bill Elder. All our claims are supported by EPSO documents obtained by our sources. How will Elder talk his way out of this one?

You will scream when you read our latest article.

Is the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office command staff on double secret probation?


We have completed our latest article and it is being reviewed by our editor and legal counsel.  We will release it as soon as we get the okay. You will not want to miss it.  It provides clear and convincing evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.

How long will our county commissioners continue to support someone who is obviously corrupt?  At this point, we have to conclude they are part of the corruption and have a vested interest in continuing the coverup. They have already handed out thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to keep all the corruption at the Sheriff’s Office secret. How much more will they hand out?

Corrupt County Commissioners?

How large will the check be from the county commissioners for the unethical, illegal, malicious prosecution against John San Agustin? Read Story.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

We are working on our latest story which will provide additional evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.  For the past two years, Bill Elder has re-directed 1A funds which is allowing him to use more of the General Fund for other items.  This is in violation of the ballot initiative.  In our original article we layout the entire scheme. Read Story.  We will be providing more documents showing how Bill Elder has diverted around 3 million dollars per year from 1A to the General fund.  The end result is that Elder is spending approximately 3 million dollars of 1A funds on items not in the ballot initiative.  Because of this EPSO will not be able to survive when 1A funding stops.   You will be shocked by our latest article.

El Paso County is less safe today than it was before Bill Elder took office.  We will show you the facts.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Corruption just keeps going and going and going

We continue to hear how Bill Elder is losing his mind and is not mentally stable.  His entire organization is falling apart because of all the corruption.  Turnover is at an all time high and Morale is at an all time low. Everyone hates working for Elder and his corrupt command staff. Read latest in employee comments.  (Scroll to the bottom) Very revealing statements.

The budget is a train wreck and Elder has wasted all the 1A funds. He Lied about the Tom Clement’s homicide investigation, he is getting sued by everyone and the county is having to make large payouts to clean up his mess. John San Agustin is going to receive a record multi-million dollar payout from the county because of all the unethical illegal actions by Bill Elder, Dan May and others.

Everything is blowing up in Bill Elder’s face.  He can not maintain discipline because everyone in leadership is corrupt like him and he can’t fire them because they know all his secrets. We continue to receive information about additional corruption and Elder’s mental break down.  Bill Elder completely lost it in a press conference last week which was reported on by the Independent. Read Story.  He is verbally attacking everyone and acting like a spoiled little brat who is upset because no one will play with him.  Watch video.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Is the Tom Clements Homicide being Re-Investigated by EPSO Detectives?

Has Bill Elder re-opened the Tom Clements homicide investigation because dirtyelder.com revealed they have had evidence for years showing others participated in the homicide? Read Story.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We have received information from multiple individuals telling us to focus on the budget/money.  Our sources are telling us the budget is in complete disarray and 1A is all screwed up.  According to our sources, a few weeks ago in the monthly Lieutenants/command staff meeting Bill Elder stated there were no issues with the budget and everything is fine.  But last Wednesday he did a complete 180 and said the budget is a mess.  Something about a 3.8 million dollar mistake or oversight they were not expecting.  We are trying to confirm this multiple million dollar mishap.  Rumors are; Elder is spending money everywhere and finance cannot keep up with all the changes.  We keep hearing how bad the new Records Management System is and how they are throwing millions at it.  Where did all the 1A money go? What a complete waste of taxpayer money.

Is Bill hoping money will start falling out of the sky?

We hope to have our latest story about Elder trying to cover up his own incompetence tomorrow. Additional proof of corruption at EPSO.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The coverup continues

Bill Elder knows he and his staff have been caught committing multiple felonies. He is going to do whatever he can to coverup and “move on”.  The typical “There’s nothing to see here, move along”.

Here is how you know there is corruption at both EPSO and our District Attorney’s office.   They investigated and prosecuted John  San Agustin with absolutely no evidence. They lied and manipulated the grand jury to get an indictment; which will come out during the civil case.  They knew for 18 months there was overwhelming evidence of his innocence but waited until just days before the trial to drop all the charges.  They did not even apologize for ruining his life. Is this how we do things in America? We falsely accuse individuals, violate their constitutional rights and then when caught just drop the charges and walk away like nothing happened. Totally corrupt.

Who is going to hold them accountable for their unethical illegal behavior?

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Colorado Springs Independent published another article about Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption.  Read Story.

Elder is caught lying again. Even Jackie Kirby admits he lied.  There is a lot of good information.  Rick Dietz’s statements sound very believable and Elder is defensive and deceptive.  It is more obvious now than ever that Elder is a liar and corrupt. How long until all his lies blow up in his face? It’s great they admit Janet Huffor delivered the falsified government documents to the county clerk. One step closer to getting to the whole truth.  Our research continues…

The Coverup Continues; Day 3


We are trying to sort through all the rumors and information we are receiving. Quite frankly, some of them are hard to believe.   No one wants to go to the fifth floor because everyone up there is in a real bad mood.  We hear more “F” Bombs are being dropped on the fifth floor than a B2 bomber could hold.

Elder just can’t stop the bleeding. Guess what?  There’s more coming.  We are already working on another story that will show even more corruption by Bill Elder. We must apologize to those who have sent us information but we have not been able to get to it yet.  Please be patient we will get to them all. Many we are trying to verify. Remember timing is everything.   We are interested in getting more information about what Bill Elder said in a meeting this week.  We’re looking for someone else to corroborate it.   We need more employees sending us information about corruption.  Remember it is anonymous.  If you want to get rid of the corruption you need to help.

We have now heard from multiple sources that Bill Elder has threatened violence against who he believes is behind this website.  To be more accurate he stated, in a group setting, that he has a gun and if this “shit” doesn’t stop he will use it.  This behavior is very alarming and we are concerned about his mental state of mind.

Elder is still trying to coverup the criminal behavior by Larry Borland and Janet Huffor.    The problem with covering up is it takes lies.  And the more lying you do the more chances of being caught in a lie.  His most recent lie saying that HR staff notarized 1000 documents on their own without staff direction is ludicrous.  We hope the media is not drinking Elder’s Kool-Aid and continues to dig into this story. There is evidence that Larry Borland and Janet Huffor committed multiple felonies.  They must be held accountable.

More coming later…

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Corruption Exposed

We are working hard to get more information about this latest bombshell story of corruption with Bill Elder and his command staff.  Unfortunately we don’t have sources everywhere so we might have to wait until the media reports something.   We know there was a very interesting press conference held by Bill Elder yesterday where he lost his composure multiple times.  This is a great indication the story published by the Independent is accurate and true. Read Story.

“Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense”   

Did Elder’s press conference look like this.  Watch Video.

We hear Elder’s explanation was that the HR staff chose on their own to notarize over 1000 affidavits and send them to the county clerk.  What?  That makes absolutely no sense and does not pass the smell test.  If that is the best story Elder can come up with he is in trouble.  Does anyone at EPSO think two employees would do something like this on their own, without staff approval?  Not going to happen. It appears Elder is going to use the old political strategy of just going after the media and calling everyone liars.

We hope all the media will continue to “dig” into this story.   There should be video showing Janet Huffor delivering the documents in April of 2016.  Video is something you can get with a CORA request.  Let’s see who delivers the affidavits.

We are hearing from our sources that Bill Elder is in a complete panic over this.  If he did nothing wrong there would be no reason to worry.

In our latest article we made this statement;

If Bill Elder is honest and has integrity he will demand a full investigation.  If he is corrupt and dishonest he will make excuses and try to coverup.

I guess we know what Bill Elder is going to do.  He is actively attempting to cover it up and he is making excuses.  He is also trying to redirect the media away from the real story.  These are all indications of a coverup. Why hasn’t Elder made Larry Borland and Janet Huffor available to the media?  If there is nothing to hide, let’s put them on the record. Ask Janet Huffor this question; “If the HR staff did this on their own, why did you deliver the affidavits to the county clerk?”  How about having everyone involved take polygraphs? Oh wait, Bill Elder refuses to take polygraphs.


Where is all the transparency Bill Elder promised? Watch Video.

Here is the bottom line: There is evidence of a crime; in fact, there is evidence of multiple felonies,  Law Enforcement (LE) is obligated to investigate. Because it involves EPSO personnel the investigation needs to be done by an outside agency.   Everyone involved should be interviewed by LE on the record.  If Elder does not do this you have your proof he is guilty and is covering up.


Why is Bill Elder covering up and not being transparent?  Why does he fear an independent investigation?



Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The evidence of corruption at EPSO just keeps piling up.


The Colorado Springs Independent just published their latest newspaper and the cover story is about corruption at the El Paso County Sheriff’s office.  How will Bill Elder talk his way out of this one?  Read Story.



Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Yet another article about corruption at our District Attorney’s Office

Disgraced District Attorney Dan May

The Gazette published an interesting story on corruption with District Attorney Dan May and his organization. Read Story.  It appears charging people to keep them quiet is becoming the norm with our DA’s office.  This is exactly what they did with John San Agustin. Read Story. We are hopeful the author, Lance Benzel is getting a clue when it comes to the corruption with both Sheriff Bill Elder and DA Dan May; however, what is conspicuously missing from his story is a reference to the John San Agustin case. It is another great example of the DA’s office charging someone to keep them quiet; it should have been included.  Lance, here’s a tip; Interview John San Agustin and get the whole story.

Now we have Dirty Elder and Corrupt May

How long will the county commissioners allow this to continue?  How many scandals will they look the other way?  How much taxpayer money will they hand out to cover up the corruption? How long will the county commissioners protect their political “buddies” at the expense of their constituents? It’s time for our county commissioners to show leadership, not partisanship.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Is Bill Elder a Vet?

Veteran’s Day is this Saturday.  We want to say thanks to all our veterans who have protected our nation and our freedom.  Freedom is not free.

Is Sheriff Bill Elder a Veteran?  Was he in the Army? If not, why is he wearing a U.S. Army specialty pin? In uniform?  Is this disrespectful to all those who served in the military? Read Story

UPDATE: We are getting a lot of feedback from Veterans.  They are very upset with Elder wearing a U.S. Army pin he never earned. Very disrespectful.  He owes all veterans an apology.



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