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Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

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One of Elder’s Skeletons just got the word about another lawsuit

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder creates a target rich environment for lawsuits

More reporting on all the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. According to our count there are now over a dozen employees (or previous employees) who have filed complaints against Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  Even Billy and Janet Huffor filed a complaint. When you’re corrupt you can expect lawsuits to follow.  The Gazette wrote about it. (PDF Version)

It appears the county is going to spend thousands of dollars defending itself from John San Agustin’s federal lawsuit for malicious prosecution. Read our article on the lawsuit. The CS Independent, undeniably the leader in exposing corruption at the Sheriff Office, wrote an article about all the lawyers the county hired.

County Attorney Amy Folsum

Here is an interesting fact; why is the county paying for former deputy Robert Jaworski’s attorney?  He was not a county employee when he allegedly provided false testimony to the grand jury.  They are not obligated to pay for his attorney. Could the county attorney, Amy Folsom be worried what he might say if they don’t provide him legal counsel? It is inappropriate and potentially illegal for the county to use taxpayer money to pay for his attorney.

We also found Amy Folsom’s statement interesting:

County Attorney Amy Folsom says the county is in the process of finalizing agreements with several law firms to represent various defendants. They need separate counsel because each person’s interest may run contrary to another’s.

This suggests everyone needs separate attorneys because they are going to start pointing fingers at each other. Could the sharks start feeding on each other?  It will be interesting if everyone, in hopes of saving themselves, starts accusing the others. Is there honor amongst thieves?

Looks like this lawsuit could become very interesting.

We will keep you informed.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Another lawsuit filed against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

Should Elder get use to testifying in lawsuits against him?

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder going for a baker’s dozen? It appears everyone is suing him. Is he the most sued Sheriff in El Paso County history?  It seems like it.  The county has handed out over a million dollars in payouts since Elder took office. Read more.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Let’s look at the numbers

The election is only 3 days away and it looks inevitable Corrupt Sheriff Elder will win re-election.  We would like to provide a couple facts to compare with the final results on Tuesday.  Terry Maketa had a challenger in the general election when he ran for re-election.  Maketa received 81% of the votes.  In the last election Elder received 163,618 votes.  It might be interesting to see what the results are this Tuesday. How many Republicans will leave the option for Sheriff blank? How many will vote for the Democrat with absolutely no experience over Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how EPSO Employees voted? Based on what we are hearing Elder would be lucky to get 10%. What a slap in the face when your own employees despise you?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder will not have a legacy of greatness.    He will always be known as the most corrupt sheriff ever.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Only 4 more days; everyone keep quiet and don’t do anything stupid


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s support falling fast

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

Back in June of 2018 Corrupt Sheriff Elder could only get 58% of republicans to support him for Re-Election. Only 8% saved him. Understand this was the fist time ever a first term republican sheriff in El Paso County ever had a primary challenger.  Since then the word about corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to get out. Many have stated; “if I only knew that back in June I wouldn’t have voted for him, I feel so stupid”. As more evidence of his corruption gets out his support drops.  By the end of his second term (if he lasts that long) everyone will know Sheriff Elder was the most corrupt sheriff ever; and the sheriff who got Micah Flick killed. He will also be known as the sheriff who protected the killers of Tom Clements.  Rumor has it the reason Elder refuses to take any polygraphs is because he is afraid it will expose his involvement in the Benefiel murder and other illegal behavior to include when he worked in VNI.

There’s more coming…

It is common knowledge corrupt Sheriff Elder is a compulsive liar.  He lies about everything.  We have documented numerous lies.  It’s even reach the point that Dirty DA Dan May can not lie for him any more.

Elder’s strategy is simple

LIE, DENY, HIDE, and let it RIDE

There is a reason everyone is leaving EPSO. Almost a 40% attrition rate since Elder took office.  The leadership does not want to be there “when it hits the fan” and employees do not want to work for a corrupt sheriff.  Elder has so bankrupted EPSO he now has to hire “non-sworn” deputies to man the jail.  He is about to SCREW all the deputies working at the jail because it is rumored he is going to have a PATROL only academy in the spring.  Plus Elder has shown he does not trust his own leadership because he is bringing in one of his old VNI buddies who only reached the rank of SGT at CSPD to be the next investigations’ Commander.  Looks like more unsolved homicides in the future.  There is no reason to work hard to get promoted you just needed to have stolen Elder’s IA file or “get under his desk”.  The only word that should still be on EPSO badges is Loyalty.  Someone needs to remove honesty and unity because that is no longer required.

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is following through on his sexist statement made prior to taking office. He will not have any Females on his command staff. Never have; never will! Does Elder believe women are just for sex and you eliminate them if they become inconvenient?


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington





Saturday, October 27, 2018

Is everyone leaving the sinking ship?


You know you’re in trouble when your attorney is sued for unethical behavior and within two weeks quits on you. Corrupt Sheriff Elder announced that EPSO legal advisor Lisa Kirkman, who was overheard months ago saying; “I didn’t sign up for this Shit!”, is going back to county and they are going to send over another attorney to replace her.  Rumor is she could not take all the corruption by Elder and his leadership.  Will the new guy put up with all the corruption? Seems like everyone is leaving.  Is Elder trying to clean house?  It won’t work because too many people know where the bodies (or IA file) is buried.

Bill Elder’s IA file folder


Friday, October 26, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has Bankrupted the Sheriff’s Office; wants Millions more of your money for his Cronies

“Bankrupted” Bill Elder

If you are filling out your ballot make sure you vote NO on 1A.  Take away “Bankrupted” Bill’s money.  It’s one way to stop him from wasting more taxpayer money. It will force him to spend our money wisely. Don’t reward bad behavior.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has stolen millions from 1A.

1A was established to put more “boots on the ground”.  Basically put more deputies on the street and in the jail. Did you know there are less Sworn Deputies on Patrol now than when Elder took office? You are paying an extra 20 million a year in taxes and there are less Deputies now than when Corrupt Sheriff Elder took office.  WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING!  And he wants you to keep paying for less safety?  This makes no sense. Pay more for less.  Elder is stealing our money and he is asking us to keep paying him.  It’s like a SCAM that keeps taking your money.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is scamming our community out of 20 million a year and is giving the money to his cronies.  We are not getting more deputies for the money; don’t be fooled. 


Is this the only thing Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder cares about?


Stop the scam; VOTE NO ON 1A


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Carey does not want the job anymore?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is going out of his way to make sure everyone in the office is told Pete Carey will NOT be the next undersheriff. All the Lieutenants were told to brief their people. Is Elder doing this because of us?  Didn’t he say he does not visit our website? IP traces would say otherwise.  We get many hits from “El Paso County” every work day.  If what Corrupt Sheriff Elder is saying is true it means we could still have undersheriff Billy Huffor in a few months.  So, it could be worse. Is Elder having to make changes because of us?

Ask yourself this question; “when was the last time you were briefed someone would not be joining the Sheriff’s Office?”  Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder chasing his tail trying to stop all the leaks? Is Elder losing control? We know he is losing his mind.  According to a source, Elder is livid over all the leaks.  It appears the office leadership is falling apart.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  Everyone is tired of the corruption and they just want Elder to leave. It appears people cannot get out the door fast enough.





Breister is OUT!

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants to get all the information out before we announce it.  He just announced Undersheriff Breister is out on January 31, 2019.  Guess what; that’s not the legendary information we know.  Keep trying… you’re getting warm.


We just got word they announced Gillespie’s promotion this morning.  Remember you got the scoop here first! We know what is happening on the 5th floor shortly after Corrupt Elder does. Corruption does not like the light. We know more secrets, but all in good time.

Our latest news will be, wait for it …….. legendary!


Yet another Article about DA May and Sheriff Elder’s Corruption

More evidence of the unethical malicious prosecution of John San Agustin.  It appears only the CS Independent is interested in reporting corruption within both the DA’s office and the Sheriff’s Office. The Gazette (Lance Benzel) should have to file in kind contributions to Corrupt Elder’s re-election campaign for his articles. His stories are so bias they read like campaign brochures.  He has no commitment to fair and balanced reporting. We have not lost faith in Kaitlin Durbin. She appears to want to be fair and is willing to write the truth.  You can tell from Lance’s articles he still cannot get over the results of the Maketa trials. It’s getting harder and harder for him to write articles that make Corrupt Sheriff Elder look competent. Based on his recent articles he should start writing fiction. We all know Elder is the county Jester.

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

It’s going to be hard to wait a couple years for the San Agustin lawsuit to make it to trial.  So much corruption will be exposed! We are confident when it’s all said and done, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will be exposed for the person he is; an unethical politician with no integrity.  BTW – we hear more lawsuits are coming. You can bet the local civil attorneys love Elder. There are so many lawsuits they are having to bring in lawyers from Denver.

Let the Sheriff Elder lawsuit games begin! May the odds be ever in your favor!


Will Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s second term go just like Nixon’s?

Sometimes the truth is inconvenient


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Gillespie to Commander?

Commander Evil?

According to our sources, Lt. Cy Gillespie is telling everyone Corrupt Sheriff Elder told him he is going to be promoted to Commander in the near future.  He also told him not to tell anyone; Whoops! Obviously Elder is not promoting him because he can keep a secret.   We will see if the rumor is true.  We were told by sources Cy has been one of the worst supervisor in investigation’s history and is partly responsible for the high “unsolved” homicide rate.  We were also told Gillespie himself stated he had no experience in investigations and questioned his transfer.

Would it make perfect since for Elder to promote him?  No experience, hated by all, terrible supervisor; the perfect choice for Elder?  If he started sexually harassing women he might go directly to chief; maybe undersheriff.

We have another huge bombshell we are verifying.  Stay tuned…




Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Elder back at his old tricks of “pay for Play”?

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

Is Elder selling positions for campaign contributions? When is Breister finally going to leave?  Has the reputation of the Huffors changed? This and more rumors in our most recent article concerning Sheriff Elder’s Corruption. Read the article.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

More evidence of Corruption and unethical malicious prosecution exposed in latest lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

John San Agustin Sues Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder, DA Dan May and others for 10 Million Dollars

You have to read the lawsuit that was filed this week in federal court by John San Agustin’s attorneys. Complaint.  We will have more soon…


We hear Corrupt Sheriff Elder is thinking about allowing all Sr. Deputies assigned to the jail go directly to Patrol without having to test. We find this interesting and will look into it. More later…

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Everyone be quiet until after the election

We’ve heard Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants everyone quiet until after the election.  No more corruption and no one does anything stupid for a while. Elder has not been showing up to meetings and events.  He is hiding under his desk. Elder knows every time he opens his mouth he gets caught in a lie or says something stupid.  Elder is scared to death the 1A renewal will not pass.  He needs that money to keep paying his cronies.   Understand this, 42% of Republicans did not want to see Elder re-elected.  There is a chance 1A will not be renewed because the word is out on Elder’s corruption.  We obviously encourage everyone to vote NO on 1A because this is one way to curb Elder’s corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer money.

We also hear Corrupt Sheriff Elder does not want to announce any promotions until after the election as well.  He knows promoting Huffor will cause more anger and NO votes for 1A.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just be honest?


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Only Two Names Left

Rodney Gehrett announced his retirement at the end of the month.  Only two names are left on the list we published earlier this year.  Almost everyone on Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s original command staff has left. Rumor has it Brad Shannon will be next and Joe Breister will be last.  Is Chief Carey ready to join the corruption club?


Saturday, October 6, 2018

I got next!

Confirmed LIAR Chuck Kull wants to be the next sheriff

Charles Kull
Charles Kull

The Colorado Springs Independent dropped a bombshell late yesterday afternoon. It appears Lt. Chuck Kull,  best known for his many Internal Affairs investigations and conveniently forgetting some of them under oath during Maketa’s original trial, wants to be the next sheriff. Read emails.

Read our article concerning Lt. Kull’s testimony during the Maketa trial.

This makes total sense. Sheriff Elder is corrupt, a confirmed liar, committed perjury under oath, lived with a women he was not married to, had financial problems, is arrogant, only cares about money, treats staff inappropriately, and is hated by most employees.

Is Lt. Kull the PERFECT replacement for Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Corruption leads to more corruption

Is this the beginning of all the rats attacking each other to get in line to replace Corrupt Sheriff Elder?  Based on the email from Elder to Kull is sounds like Elder might not finish his second term.  Do the Sharks smell blood in the water?

It’s time to clean up EPSO

It appears we might need to start doing some reporting on those interested in being the next sheriff.  If someone expresses an interest in being the next sheriff should we provide the public with all the relevant information on their character and work history?

Is there any Light at the end of the tunnel? Hang in there, more evidence of corruption is coming…


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington






Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We hear there was some yelling and screaming on the 5th floor yesterday around lunch time.  Is someone a little upset? Not getting their beauty sleep? Did someone pee in Elder’s Wheaties? Too many leaks in the office?

We were contacted by multiple employees who told us things are falling apart and Elder looks really bad.  Is the stress of being exposed as a liar and corrupt getting to him?  Is he drinking more?

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder having a Bad year?

Elder can not enforce discipline because everyone knows all about his corruption.  The list of cronies who could expose him is huge and Elder has no choice but to let them do whatever they want.


Monday, October 1, 2018

The madhouse at the jailhouse continues

Last week Sgt. Wright harassed a Deputy working in the jail to the point he turned in his stuff and walked out. This poor deputy who was frustrated over the required weekly unpaid overtime was expressing his concerns to Sgt. Wright who started yelling at him and told him if he didn’t like it to just leave; which he did.  Right in the middle of the shift, in the middle of a ward in front of inmates and on video.  As bad as things are, Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s thugs should probably not harass deputies.  There are not that many left. Elder admitted during a recent interview his supervisors are not trained.  This would be a good example of that.  Any chance Corrupt Sheriff Elder will review the video or talk with the Sgt? Probably not.  If Elder had any integrity he would contact the deputy who quit and talk with him. Find out what really happened.  We would encourage the deputy who quit to send us an email with the whole story.  We will forward it to the media.

Let’s see what Elder does.  He should beg the deputy to take his job back and demote the Sgt. Don’t hold your breath. We hear from multiple sources Sgt. Wright is a terrible supervisor which means he is command staff material. Just another corrupt supervisor working for Corrupt Sheriff Elder. Does anyone actually care about the employees?

We pray for our friends who have to work in such a bad environment. God protect you; because Elder won’t.


Sunday, September 30, 3018

Sheriff Elder’s Corruption Exposed Again by the Gazette

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

The Gazette published an article today that exposes Corrupt Sheriff Elder; Again.  Elder continues to not admit what really happened concerning the Micah Flick Shooting.  Almost every news media has reported Sheriff Elder did not tell the truth about the shooting. Even his buddy District Attorney Dan May threw him under the bus and admitted Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s statement that law enforcement properly identified themselves prior to the shooting was not true.  The only person who has not admitted that Elder lied, is Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder; LIE, DENY, HIDE and let it RIDE



There is so much corruption.  Just review all the articles we have published in the last 20 months. Over 60 articles exposing Sheriff Elder’s corruption.  This does not even include all the BLOGs and “Latest News” updates.  There is more coming.  We have been working on some stories for over a year.  We will continue to expose Elder.

We are willing to make the following prediction; If re-elected, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will not complete his second term. Elder could be the first Sheriff RECALLED!

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