It is our goal to let all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons out of the closet; what they do after that is their business

Go look at all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons


Why is Bill Elder laughing with a shrouded badge? Read Story.


Interested in who is contributing to Elder’s Re-Election Campaign.  Go to Colorado’s Election tracking system (Tracer). Here is a link to Bill Elder’s Campaign page.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Nepotism fights back with email to DirtyElder.com?

Stephanie Gangemi asked us to publish her email and everyone has been asking to see it. Read Email. We redacted the name of the person she believes is behind the website; mainly because she is wrong. What is interesting is that she confirms Elder has investigated the website.  This is unethical and a crime.  We do appreciate Ms. Gangemi confirming the rumors. The only way to find out who the website is registered to is via a subpoena.  Plus, the website is registered to our webmaster not the people behind the website.  We did this to protect our sources. There are many people behind the website; many work(ed) at EPSO.

We encourage Mr. Gangemi to provide evidence corrupt Sheriff Elder has investigated our website. This would help with a lawsuit and possible criminal charges against Elder.

We want to be clear.  We do not question Ms. Gangemi’s work history, credentials or education.  We question the hiring process because of all the nepotism by Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is putting Deputies lives at risk every day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Almost half of EPSO has left since Elder took Office

We have stated multiple times we do not support any candidate in the election.  Our only goal is to expose Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption. However, we are more than happy to reference Mike Angley’s website when there is something that shows Elder’s corruption.  Angley posted an article about attrition at EPSO.  Check it out.


More Nepotism by Corrupt Sheriff Elder

According to a source close to Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder, he is at it again.  Elder recently hired the wife of Commander Gehrett, Stephanie Gangemi.  Yet another example of Nepotism. We are not sure if she is qualified for the position or not.  She sent us a very detailed email with all her qualifications trying to justify why she got the job. But she is missing the point.  The real question is; was it a fair hiring process? Our source told us Ms. Gangemi was going to get the job before it was announced. Does this sound like a honest process?

Now the same source told us corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder just announced a new supervisor position for Research and Development (R&D). The problem is there is no reason for anyone to apply; Elder already knows who is going to get the job. According to our source it will be Natalie Sosa.  Bill Elder’s Secretary is going to be the next supervisor of R&D? Yep, that’s what we heard. What qualifications does she have? We hear that does not matter. Is she trying to get a new position in case Elder does not win the primary? Are all his cronies running for cover?  We don’t know the answer to that.  But one thing is for sure. Corrupt Sheriff Elder takes care of his friends. How many continue to sexually harass employees and he still protects them? Even with the entire office falling apart he is going to give his secretary a new job making over 60K a year.  Rumor has it she has already told people in the office Elder promised her the job. It’s hard to have a honest hiring process when that is going around the office. Everyone knows Elder only promotes his “guys” (or “gal” in this case).

Elder has Bankrupted the office; but he still finds a way to hand out more money to his “buddies”. Deputies are going out on patrol with numbers lower than back in 2012, but Elder only cares about promoting his secretary to a high paying supervisor position she has no qualifications for?   Does it sound like Corrupt Sheriff Elder cares about the safety of his deputies? This is the same person who calls disabled vets; “F-ing Cripples”.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has wasted so much 1A money there are less Deputies working Patrol today than back in 2012. Elder makes sure his cronies continue to get paid (in fact he just hired another one); but he puts Deputies lives at risk.  Corrupt Elder talks about law enforcement; but he does not walk the walk.  He is doing what ever he can to get on TV, but the real story is how he is putting deputies lives as risk. Read Story.


More Articles coming soon



What is the difference between these two snakes in the grass?

We can’t figure it out; can you?


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We are busy at work.  The bombshells are coming.  We are giving time for Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s heart to recover.  Expect a story later this week. Teaser: Where has all the 1A money gone? Corrupt Sheriff Elder is proven to be a LIAR again.

More Nepotism?; That will be next week.

We have all the facts; you be the judge!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

More on Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder violating federal law. Read Story.


Friday, May 4, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder Violating Federal Law

Corrupt Sheriff Elder campaigning in uniform.  The above picture was taken at a luncheon during business hours. Elder is in uniform and handing out campaign donation envelopes.  This is a violation of federal election laws to include the “Hatch Act”.  Elder is also using pictures of himself in uniform on his website and campaign brochures. These are all violations of federal law.  Don’t believe us? Look what happened to a candidate in Fremont county.  Read Story.

Ty Martin, after realizing he had violated the “Hatch Act” withdrew from the race.  When can we expect Bill Elder to announce he is withdrawing from the race?  A man with no integrity does not care about little things like the law.  Don’t expect Elder to do what is right.  His middle name is corruption.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder Cancels Staff Meetings

We hear Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has been cancelling his weekly staff meetings. But actually still having them.  Elder no longer trusts his Lieutenants; so, instead of telling them they are no longer invited, he announces the meeting is cancelled. He then sets up a meeting with just his commanders and above. Of course, because this was so clever   no one figured it out.

We got a picture from last week’s meeting

Corrupt Sheriff Elder never thought anyone would hold him accountable for his unethical and illegal behavior let alone create a website dedicated to exposing his corruption.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

DirtyElder.com received information from a source there will be no promotions until after the Primary; maybe not until the next academy graduates.  They are tired of all the bad publicity and reading about who is getting promoted before they can announce it. Also, the top 10 recruits from the next academy are going directly to patrol.   They are trying to figure out how and when to make the announcement so it will not upset deputies from the jail who have been waiting to transfer.

Monday, April 23, 2018

More Corruption Exposed!


Why is this photograph on Bill Elder’s campaign website?


Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder using Taxpayer dollars to fund his election campaign? DirtyElder.com exposes more evidence of Elder’s corruption.  Elder using employees during business hours for campaign photographs.  Read Story.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder leads Investigation into UBERgate

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder announced he is going to get to the bottom of UBERgate. Read Story. He will not seek justice for the Clements family. Read Story. However, he will do whatever it takes to find the person responsible for a stupid sticker on a vehicle. Maybe employees are having to work on the side to make money because Elder gave it all to his unqualified cronies? Read Story. This shows how screwed up EPSO is under Elder’s leadership.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Nepotism and Cronyism 101

The Huffors survive on only $180,000 a year. How do they do it?

It appears the Independent is on a roll.  They just posted another article about the special treatment of the Huffors. Read Story.  Before Elder made Janet his chief of staff she was a secretary with Fountain making like 30k a year. Now she makes over 90K; nice pay raise!  Remember our story over a year ago about Elder’s Pay for Play? Read Story.  Elder has wasted over 3 million taxpayer dollars giving his unqualified buddies nice paying jobs.  Did you know that after Elder took office he gave Lieutenants and above more vacation time? Elder takes care of his buddies and could give a crap about the employees.  He has not given civilians a pay raise in years. Read Story.

Here is a copy of what we posted last year:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and his THUGS Intimidate Voters at County Assembly

There is an article in the Colorado Springs Independent about voter intimidation at the El Paso County Republican assembly back in March.  Read Story. We received information from multiple sources who experienced it or saw it happen. Corrupt sheriff Bill Elder was willing to do whatever it took to keep Mike Angley out of the primary.  Even with all Elder’s unethical and illegal efforts Angley got 36% of the vote.  Not bad for an event that was heavily rigged in Elder’s favor. Now the last thing Elder wanted is going to happen.  The people of El Paso County are going to get a chance to vote.

We already provided evidence of voter intimidation. Read Story. Multiple individuals saw Billy Huffor go around and intimidate Angley supporters. Read Story.

Not sure how veterans can support Elder after he publicly referred to Angley as a “F@cking Cripple”. Read Angley’s response

We heard Elder wants handicapped individuals (veterans if possible) around him at future campaign events to offset the damage done by calling a Disabled Veteran a “F@cking Cripple”.

Bill Elder owes all Veterans a public apology


Wednesday, April 11, 2017

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder continues to protect his sexual predators. Read Story.


Sometimes a Picture says it All!!!


CBI officially clears Larry Borland of any crimes. Read CS Independent Article. Read Story.  There is no surprise here. What Larry Borland did clearly meets  the definition of official misconduct. More evidence of Corruption.

This is a comment posted on the CS Independent concerning their article:


Larry Borland Back in the News

The Colorado Springs Independent does another story about Larry Borland intimidating two employees into illegally notarizing multiple government documents.  It appears CBI is going to cover for Elder (no surprise).  Read Story.  What Larry Borland and Janet Huffor did was a crime (a Felony).  Read Story. Is Larry Borland Corrupt just like Sheriff Bill Elder? Read Story. Borland is referenced in lawsuit. Read Story.

WE provide the facts, YOU be the judge.


Monday, April 9, 2017

We are working on a story about a Lieutenant who has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times in the past and was recently caught having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a dispatcher half his age.  Normally we would not cover this type of story, but it’s how Elder handled the situation that we are going to address.

Just want to congratulate Sgt. Don Lorimor, Sgt. Chuck Harrington, and Sgt. Ralph Lasasso on their retirements.  We wish them the best.  According to our records that means EPSO is down 6 Sgts.  It appears everyone is still heading for the door… To save time Elder might want to schedule regular monthly retirement ceremonies.

CSPD Chief Carey Corrupt like Elder?

DirtyElder.com was contacted by a source who told us there is rumor going around that Sheriff Bill Elder is desperate to figure out who all are behind our website; but every time he does anything at EPSO it gets out and is reported on the website.  So, he asked Chief Carey to investigate DirtyElder.com to try to determine who all are responsible.  The problem is, what they are doing is illegal and unethical.  We are just exercising our right to free speech and freedom of the press.  We are not breaking any laws.  We can not be investigated and no public  funds or time can be spent on it.  We are attempting to obtain evidence.

We know CSPD Chief Carey and Sheriff Bill Elder are good friends and rumor is Carey will be the next undersheriff. The question is; Is Carey Corrupt like Elder and willing to break the law for him?

We have received more than one email from CSPD officers who want us to start a website about Corrupt Carey.

Recently we were contacted by the company hosting our website. They told us someone tried to access our account. Also, someone contacted them trying to get information about who was behind the website.  They would not give their name, but we were told they sounded like a cop.  Obviously someone is real interested in our website.

When will the Corruption end?


Sunday, April 8, 20187

Will Killers of Tom Clements ever be brought to Justice?

DirtyElder.com received additional evidence others were involved with the assassination of Colorado Department of Corrections chief Tom Clements. Why is DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder protecting them? READ STORY

We are confident Sheriff Bill Elder is okay with us releasing this information because he stated multiple times to the media there is NO evidence and he wanted to close the case and release all the information anyway.  Read memo.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

This Photo was sent to dirtyElder.com

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder in a photo OP with Lisa Clements.  Elder is probably going to post this picture on his website in hopes of increasing his chances of re-election. Elder knows, and has plenty of evidence, there were others involved with the murder of Lisa Clement’s husband, Tom Clements. Yet he has the audacity to get included in a photo with her.   Look at the photo is he holding. That’s Jared Jensen.  Jared worked for CSPD, not EPSO.  Why isn’t he holding a picture of Hugh Martin or someone else from EPSO?  This is just like Corrupt Bill Elder wearing a military pin he did not deserve. Read Story.  Elder will do anything for publicity, even getting in a photo he does not deserve. How pathetic.


We will be posting more evidence Bill Elder and Dan May knew others were involved with the Murder of Tom Clements.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Additional evidence revealed; DA May & Sheriff Elder know who ordered the Assassination of Tom Clements

We recently received, from a source within EPSO, hard evidence showing District Attorney Dan May knew about the hit on his life and that Sean May from Denver was mistakenly murdered instead.  DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder know there were others involved with the murder of Tom Clements but yet they continue protecting them.  Read Story.   Recently Elder was asked about the Clements investigation and he again lied to the media and stated there was no evidence anyone other than Evan Ebel murdered Tom Clements. Read Story.  We have received additional evidence from someone who copied it from EPSO’s own archives.  This is evidence EPSO has had for years.  Wait until you read it… Stay tuned…

Thursday, April 5, 2018


“How can you support that Cripple!!” Sheriff Bill Elder

Comment made by Bill Elder at the county assembly referring to retired American Veteran Mike Angley. More coming soon…

UPDATE:  We hear the media is working this story so we are going to let it sit for a while and see what happens.


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Elder Announces Major changes to Command Staff

We did not want to publish this information without confirming it.  We got that confirmation this afternoon.  It appears the county assembly really impacted Bill Elder’s plans.  The plan was to crush Mike Angley at the assembly and secure the nomination for Sheriff.  Then Elder was going to start having his command staff retire so he could put in his own people.  According to Elder himself they were brought in at the beginning of his administration to provide leadership until others could gain experience.  They have done their job and it is time for them to leave.  These statements were made by Elder himself at a recent CAC (Citizen’s Advisory Council) meeting. He proudly stated he would easily defeat Angley at the county assembly and after that there would be major changes in his Command Staff.  Do they know that? This is why Elder needs a list of 5 Lieutenants he wants to promote.  5 members of his command staff were suppose to retire this summer.  But wait, now that Angley is still in the race will Elder have to change his plans? Maybe delay them until after the Primary?  We hear Elder is in a panic because he can not trust anyone around him, he has to run a campaign for a June Primary, and more “bad facts” keep coming out.

We were told Elder is done with the Maketa leftovers and he wants them gone.  He stated they did their job and it’s time for them to leave. This includes Breister, Lincoln, King, DeLuca, Shannon, and Gehrett. But we have also heard Hatch and Borland have had enough and they want to leave as well.  Sounds like they all can’t get out the door fast enough.



It appears the voter intimidation at UCCS back on March 24th was more serious than we thought.  More and more people are coming forward with their stories how they were harassed by Billy Huffor and other Elder supporters.  It is clear Elder wanted to secure the nomination at the county assembly and was willing to do what ever it took. Elder knows he needs to secure the nomination as quickly as possible because more and more “bad facts” keep coming out.  More is coming…


Monday, April 2, 2018

Elder lays out his playbook for Future Command Staff?

We just received a bunch of information that will take a while to confirm and publish.  You will not want to miss it.  Here is a little teaser; a source within Elder’s command staff just told us Elder has already come up with the list of the next 5 Lieutenants he wants promoted to Commander. Your first question should be; “why does Elder need a list of 5?” We are hearing rumors a few on Command Staff have stated they have had enough.  They are tired of the all the publicity our website is generating.  Plus they know more “bad facts” are coming. There is no reason to stick around, they have been in their positions for more than 3 years so their retirements are nice and fat.

So, why did the undersheriff send an email to all Lieutenants on March 29, 2018 at 9:17:33 am stating:

With the pending retirement of Bureau Chief Lincoln, a promotional opportunity will exist for the rank of Commander. All Lieutenants interested in promotion to the rank of Commander should submit a memorandum of interest, through the chain of command, to Sheriff Elder no later than 1200 hours, on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. The memorandum should include your years of experience and assignments within the office and what your first priority will be as a Commander. Sheriff Elder will then schedule a meeting with interested applicants later in the week. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me…Joe

If Elder has already decided who he is going to promote why is Breister asking all interested Lieutenants to submit a memo? Maybe they are tired of being sued? They have to make it look like they did a fair evaluation prior to picking who Elder wants. Remember the banding lists for Lieutenants?  Elder didn’t like the order so he just changed it. Read Story. Elder must think everyone at EPSO is an idiot.  Everyone knows what is going on and what kind of person Elder is.  Bill Elder just can not help himself.  He can not do anything with Integrity.

If anyone is wondering who Elder is going to select; let’s just spoil it for everyone.  Here is the list

  1. Prehm
  2. St. Charles
  3. Huffor
  4. Deno
  5. David

Now no one has to waste time turning in a memo if they are not on the list.  We just wanted to save some paper.  It appears Elder’s own inner circle is starting to turn on him.

BOTTOMLINE:  Based on previous promotions; does anyone doubt Elder already knows who he wants to promote?

More information coming soon…



Looks like more corruption exposed against Sheriff Bill Elder.  Another former employee just filed a lawsuit against him.  There is an article on the Colorado Springs Independent website. Read Article.

Update: We found out from a reliable source the Gazette got the same information the Independent did.  So why haven’t they written an article about the lawsuit?  Is the only newspaper in town willing to call out the corruption the Independent?  There is more coming; we will see what the Gazette does.

Here is our article concerning Tim William’s lawsuit against Sheriff Elder.  Read Article.


Friday, March 30, 2018

Federal Trial against Bill Elder rescheduled until after June Primary

DirtyElder.com just confirmed the date of Bill Elder’s federal trial for retaliation against an employee was changed to August 13, 2018.  Is it just coincidence now that Elder has a challenger in the June primary the date of his federal trial moves to after the primary? Are they trying to keep his trial a secret until after the primary so it will not impact the vote?  Elder will most likely be found guilty of retaliation and the county will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the victim.  But now the voters of El Paso County will not know anything about it until after the June primary; how convenient.

It was reported months ago a federal judge ruled there was merit to the complaint filed by a former employee (veteran) and scheduled a trial this April. Read Story. Now the voters will not be able to hear testimony how Bill Elder, on day one, started his rein of terror against any employee he felt did not support him.  There will be a great deal of evidence of corruption by Elder that will come out during this trial.  It was critical for Elder’s reelection to get it rescheduled until after he secures the Republican nomination for Sheriff.

EPSO Administrator Larry Borland

DirtyElder.com has also learned that highly respected retired EPSO employee Lt. Tim Williams (retired veteran) filed a lawsuit in district court this week against Sheriff Bill Elder.  It is our understanding, Williams was subjected to unbelievable amounts of harassment and intimidation by both Sheriff Bill Elder and EPSO Administrator Larry Borland; who ultimately forced him to retire. According to our sources, Both Elder and Borland would berate Williams with profanity laced verbal attacks many times a day.  It is our understanding Borland would continually yell at Williams dropping multiple “F” Bombs. Borland is known for his unprofessionalism and use of profanity when dealing with employees.  We look forward to hearing testimony in this case.  We will keep you informed with updates as we receive them.

It appears former employees are lining up to file lawsuits against Bill Elder.  Many have already received large payouts from our county commissioners for their silence. Of course this raises the question; Why are our commissioners endorsing Elder’s corruption?  Are they willing conspirators or just ignorant?   What will it take to stop the corruption?  Will anyone call out Bill Elder for his inappropriate and illegal behavior?

If Elder gets reelected; will his second term match that of another well known person in history?


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Exposing the Truth about Sheriff Bill Elder

It appears our website is starting to bother Bill Elder and his cronies.  Last year Elder suggested he could care less about the website and does not read it.  Based on recent statements that appears to no longer be the case.  He has decided to attack the website and make unsubstantiated allegations as to our motives and alliances.  We are not surprised; it was predictable.  Elder can not comprehend a website would be founded by previous and current employees solely with the goal of exposing his corruption. Instead of dealing with the issues he makes excuses.   When asked what is going on; Elder blows it off as nothing more than disgruntled employees.  We are not disgruntled employees; we love EPSO.  We were looking for change and hoping Elder would deliver; he did not. Things are much worse now than ever. Ask one simple question; Why have so many employees left since Elder took office?  This website is the last resort of those who just want integrity to return to EPSO.

Elder would like to convince people we are somehow associated with Mike Angley and/or Terry Maketa.  We are not. Look at the facts; this website has been around for over a year. Read Article. Angley announced his run for Sheriff last fall.  We were exposing Elder’s corruption months before Angley even thought about running.  We just want the corruption to stop. As for Maketa; wrong again.  Some in our group did not support posting articles about Maketa’s trial. They argued referencing Maketa in anyway would “Taint” the website; they were right. But ultimately we agreed addressing the false allegations against Maketa, Presley, and San Agustin justified it.

We have one agenda; exposing the truth about Sheriff Bill Elder.  That’s it; nothing more. Elder is just having a tough time accepting that fact.

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Chief Mitch Lincoln; “I’m out”

Word is Chief Mitch Lincoln had enough after last weekend’s fiasco; he announced he is retiring effective April 30th.  Is another rat leaving the sinking ship?  Let’s do the math;  Lincoln has been a chief for 3 years so he’s maxed his retirement.  Elder got him a nice retirement bonus.  A source within Elder’s leadership team told us Cliff Northam will be promoted to Chief.

Mitch Lincoln is known for being accused of opening evidence in a criminal case just so he could look at nude photos contained on an iPad, and being investigated for felony theft. Read Story. He was suspended for inappropriate behavior back in 2014; but reinstated and promoted by Bill Elder when he took office.



UPDATE: We are already hearing rumors Elder will announce Huffor’s promotion to Commander at the same time as the promotion of the new chief.  It’s about time for his promotion; He’s been a Lieutenant for a few months and there is no other lieutenant with more experience or better qualified. If you can’t tell; we are being sarcastic. Let’s see what happens.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Additional Evidence of Harassment and Voter Intimidation revealed

Multiple sources told DirtyElder.com how Billy Huffor and others harassed delegates outside the county assembly last Saturday.  Read Story.

More evidence to come…

The website is maintaining record setting levels.  We set another record yesterday.  Thousands are hitting our website everyday.  Spread the word about DirtyElder.com.  We want to reach 50,000 hits in one day!

Monday, March 26, 2018

More complaints of voter intimidation at county assembly

We received additional information concerning multiple incidents of voter intimidation at the El Paso County Republican assembly last Saturday. We were told Elder supporters with large signs were stationed outside the building on every possible path to the entrance to the assembly.   If they had reason to believe you were an Angley supporter you were harassed and threatened.  It is our understanding multiple individuals left due to this harassment. These efforts were lead by Billy Huffor and witnessed by many people.  Story coming soon…. Stay tuned..

Republicans break their own rules by allowing Elder to be Sergeant of Arms

According to a source knowledgeable of the El Paso County Republican by-laws; they broke their own rules last Saturday by allowing Sheriff Bill Elder to be “Sergeant of Arms” at the county assembly. According to our source, the rules state no one in a contested race can hold the position of Sergeant of Arms. We confirmed this with a second source. So, the El Paso County Republican leadership broke the rules and gave an advantage to Bill Elder.  Is there any part of the county assembly that wasn’t manipulated or exploited for Elder?

El Paso County Republican leadership delays Sheriff vote to give edge to Bill Elder?

We have heard rumors the El Paso County Republican leadership intentionally delayed the vote for sheriff at the county assembly to give an edge to incumbent Bill Elder.  They knew many EPSO employees were in attendance and planned to vote against Elder.  They delayed the vote until after 3:00 pm knowing some would have to leave to go on duty for “swing shift”.  In every previous assembly the vote for Sheriff was never later than 1-2pm.  Why was it so late this year?  Just a coincidence?


High traffic on DIRTYELDER.COM continues

DirtyElder.com more than doubled its record number of visitors yesterday and set a new record for number of hits by more than 70%. Typically Sundays has the lowest number of hits/visitors; however, yesterday was our best day ever by far.  Has the word spread; Will this traffic continue?  It appears more and more people visit our site everyday to see what’s new.

Stay tune for daily updates and tell your friends about dirtyelder.com. Your only source for the inside scoop into Sheriff Bill Elder’s Corruption.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

We already have more hits today than yesterday and we still have hours to go until midnight.  Our website is going to the next level.  We should sell advertising. The word is spreading and people are learning the truth about corrupt sheriff Bill Elder. More bombshells are coming in April.

UPDATE: We are hearing multiple reports of voter intimidation by Elder supporters.


DirtyElder.com sees RECORD setting traffic (again)

We’ve talked about our website traffic before and how recently we set a new record for hits. Normally our hits go down on the weekends and we are good with that.  We think people should spend time with their families, not social media.  There is plenty of time during the week to deal with Corrupt Bill Elder and the rest of his command staff clowns.
Having said that; we shattered our all time record yesterday.  After the county assembly ended on Saturday our website got hammered all night and is still seeing massive traffic early this morning.  Obviously the word about Elder getting his ASS kicked at the county assembly is getting out.  We also know many are very upset at Bill Elder and the Huffor’s attempt at voter suppression and intimidation.
We encourage employees and others to stand up against Bill Elder’s Corruption. It’s time to get the word out…

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption


Don’t forget our slogan for 2018:


“Create an Eruption over Bill Elder’s Corruption”


Saturday, March 24, 2018

LT. Huffor harasses off Duty EPSO employee at County Assembly

After the county assembly this afternoon we were contacted by multiple individuals telling us all about what Lt. Billy Huffor did.  It appears he harassed an off duty employee until they left. Read Story.

We heard after the results were announced Sheriff Bill Elder and his command staff exited the building looking like they just left a funeral. They knew their best chance to win was keeping Mike Angley off the June Primary.  Everyone knows the county assembly is heavily in favor of the incumbent and Elder is being supported by his corrupt buddies like Dan May and the county commissioners.  In a Primary everyone gets to vote. This means every employee (and spouse) that is a Republican or Independent can vote against Elder. See webpage. There is still time for employees to go register to vote for the primary election. The race for Sheriff just became competitive.

Did you know that NEVER has a first term sheriff in El Paso County EVER had a primary challenger? That’s how much everyone wants Elder gone.  There has been a lot of upsets in March Madness this year; will Elder be next?

You know what they say; “don’t count your chickens until the eggs hatch”.  At the assembly, Bill Elder was over heard telling everyone he was going to get 85% of the delegates.  He got 25% less than he expected.  This means people who told Elder they were going to vote for him; did not.  How funny is that? Rumor is many employees did this to include supervisors and even one commander. WOW!

After hearing both Elder and Angley speak, many undecided voters went with Angley.  Angley sounded like a leader and Elder just sounded “angry”. Now Elder will actually have to campaign and maybe even agree to a Debate. Wait until Angley crushes Elder in a debate. It also gives us more time to spread the word about Elder’s corruption.

We know from multiple sources Bill Elder did not want to face Mike Angley in a Primary election. Plus, Elder’s federal trial for retaliation against an employee is in late April. Read Story. We were told by a source Elder wanted the trial postponed until after the county assembly.  Now he is going to have to explain why he was sued prior to the June primary.  Just more bad facts for Elder.


Is a storm coming?


Today was a good day for El Paso County.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder will not be the only candidate in the June primary.


We were sent a video of Bill Elder after the results were announced



Friday, March 23, 2018


Bill Elder’s Corruption and Unethical Behavior Exposed

Looks like the word is getting out about our Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. Watch out if you get in his way.  He will threaten you and even arrest you for crimes you never committed. Bill Elder is the most corrupt Sheriff we have ever had.  Will the truth get out in time to stop him from a second term? With the mounting evidence of corruption against Sheriff Bill Elder, how long will the El Paso County Republicans continue to support him?

See what one Republican has to say about Bill Elder.  Read Story.


Monday, March 19, 2018

How does this make you feel?

This has many at the Sheriff’s office upset.  It may not be technically illegal by Colorado’s Campaign finance laws; however, It appears to be in direct violation of Elder’s own policy.  It has pissed off many employees and motivated some to get involved and support Elder’s challenger.  It’s this kind of behavior that shows how corrupt Elder is.  He does not see the issue of parking his private vehicle, with his campaign sign on it, in the sheriff’s reserved spot during business hours.  How convenient that every vehicle going through the parking structure will see it.  We were contacted by many employees who told us this has set off a firestorm throughout the office.

“Hey bill, how does it feel to be the most hated Sheriff ever?”


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sheriff Bill Elder Lies to the Media (again) about the Assassination of Tom Clements


Will the family of Tom Clements ever get justice? Read Story.


Monday, March 12, 2018

We received information about some legendary shouting matches on the fifth floor.  We hear Elder and Janet Huffor have been getting into it. Could the stress be getting to them?  We are looking into it. We hear Elder is still refusing to debate Angley. He knows a debate would cost him votes. Elder is going to avoid any public forum where tough questions could be asked.




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