It is our goal to let all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons out of the closet; what they do after that is their business

The Skeletons are laughing at Bill Elder

Go look at all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons

Why is Bill Elder laughing with a shrouded badge? Read Story.


Interested in who is contributing to Elder’s Re-Election Campaign.  Go to Colorado’s Election tracking system (Tracer). Here is a link to Bill Elder’s Campaign page.


Monday, March 19, 2018

How does this make you feel?

This has many at the Sheriff’s office upset.  It may not be technically illegal by Colorado’s Campaign finance laws; however, It appears to be in direct violation of Elder’s own policy.  It has pissed off many employees and motivated some to get involved and support Elder’s challenger.  It’s this kind of behavior that shows how corrupt Elder is.  He does not see the issue of parking his private vehicle, with his campaign sign on it, in the sheriff’s reserved spot during business hours.  How convenient that every vehicle going through the parking structure will see it.  We were contacted by many employees who told us this has set off a firestorm throughout the office.

“Hey bill, how does it feel to be the most hated Sheriff ever?”


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sheriff Bill Elder Lies to the Media (again) about the Assassination of Tom Clements


Will the family of Tom Clements ever get justice? Read Story.


Monday, March 12, 2018

We received information about some legendary shouting matches on the fifth floor.  We hear Elder and Janet Huffor have been getting into it. Could the stress be getting to them?  We are looking into it. We hear Elder is still refusing to debate Angley. He knows a debate would cost him votes. Elder is going to avoid any public forum where tough questions could be asked.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dirtyelder.com gets record number of hits


For some unknown reason our website received a record number of hits yesterday.  Is the word getting out about Sheriff Bill Elder and his corruption?  Dirtyelder.com has been receiving a large amount of hits for the past couple weeks; but yesterday was over the top.  We are even seeing hits from computers connected to the El Paso County government network; WHAT?  Is Bill Elder and his leadership team checking our website daily?  Is Bill our number one fan? Does he go to bed wondering what crime or corruption will we expose the next day? Sorry Bill no teasers; you’ll just have to wait.

We know EPSO command staff checks the website all the time. Chief Lincoln and a commander were overheard talking about it recently.  We have also heard Janet checks daily to see if her, or her husband are mentioned.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It appears some El Paso County residents see right through the malicious prosecution of Terry Maketa and see it for what it was; a political “witch hunt”.  Read letter in Gazette.  It’s too bad it will take a couple years for the Civil case to go to trial.  That’s when the truth will get out and the real fun begins.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Huffors spread rumors to encourage employees to stay home and miss Republican Caucus?

We hear Bill Elder is afraid current and past EPSO employees will show up tonight and become delegates to the county assembly. He will do what ever he can to try to convince them to stay home. Even to go as so far as spread lies.

According to our sources, you cannot believe anything you hear from Billy or Janet Huffor.  Rumor has it they are telling people Mike Angley’s campaign manager quit and no longer supports him.  We have stated from the beginning dirtyelder.com will not endorse anyone; we are dedicated to exposing Bill Elder’s corruption.  But many of our supporters do support Angley and they are furious with the latest lies by Elder and his leadership.  So, to keep things honest.  Here is a link to a statement by Angley’s campaign manager. Read Post.

We do support and encourage all EPSO employees to participate in tonight’s Republican Caucus and become a delegate to the county assembly on March 24th.  It will cost you a little money, but it’s well worth it to have your voice heard.

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption; It’s time to be heard


Monday, March 5, 2018

EPSO Employees need to get involved

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6, 2018 is the Republican Caucus.  If you understand how politics work in this state you will know how important it is to attend and ask to be a delegate at the county assembly later this month.  If you want voice heard, now is the time; the November election is too late.  If you want to be part of the decision who the Republican candidate will be for Sheriff you need to attend Tuesday night and become a delegate.

Understand this; when Elder ran for Sheriff 4 years ago he made two promises.  He would only run for one term, and Todd Evans would be the next sheriff.  These were both lies.  He is running for a second term because his hopes of becoming a county commissioner were destroyed.  Elder was (and still is) so bad with money he needs the income to survive.  Elder is 60 years old and has no retirement.  He’s hoping for a second term so he will qualify for a county retirement.


Here is the question everyone should be asking; Why is Todd Evans no longer supporting Bill Elder?  Go check out Elder’s endorsements on his website.  No reference to Todd Evans or Bob McDonald.  Todd Evans was the individual who supported and ensured Elder became Sheriff.  Without Evans, Elder would be still be a mediocre realtor. It is our understanding after Evans joined Elder at EPSO he began to see all the corruption and decided he could no longer be part of it; so he quit.   Shortly there after; Bob McDonald joined his friend in leaving EPSO.   It’s because of Elder’s corruption that so many career law enforcement officers have retired or left EPSO in the past few years.  Over two hundred employees have left;  only a handful support Elder.  Why is that?  They know the truth.

Why are both Evans and McDonald’s names absent from Elder’s endorsement page?

A Picture says a thousand words.  Look at McDonald with Elder when he received his retirement plaque.  What does this picture say to you?  It’s obvious Bob McDonald hates Elder so much he would not even shake his hand.

We have been told by sources both Todd Evans and Bob McDonald despise Elder.  They are fed up with his corruption.

Here is the reason you need to go to your precinct meeting this Tuesday and become a delegate.  This is not just about Elder, the most corrupt sheriff ever, getting re-elected for another 4 years.  It is about the next sheriff being Billy Huffor.   Bill Elder is hated by many; however, Bill and Janet Huffor are hated 10X more.  A vote for Bill Elder is a vote for Billy Huffor.  Elder is already grooming Billy as the next sheriff. Billy spends all his time on the 5th floor hanging out with his buddy. Maybe he should get a job? If you do not want to work for the Huffors you need to get involved.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Let it go Lance

Lance Benzel and the Gazette just cannot get over the failure of the District Attorney to fool 12 jurors (twice) that Terry Maketa committed a crime.  Read Story.  He implies the blame goes to 3 individuals who would not be fooled.  Benzel’s story clearly insinuates Maketa’s guilt and points the finger at the holdouts on the jury.  Maybe Benzel should watch the movie; “12 Angry Men“?  Thank God for holdouts; that’s the foundation of how our system works. You have to convince 12 people to agree on a verdict.  If you were sitting in that chair being accused of something you didn’t do you would want it the same way.  Lance Benzel does not care about facts; he just wanted a “guilty” verdict so it would support his agenda and validate 2 years worth of articles.  Now he just looks like a bias reporter.

Lance is like a spoiled little 2 year old banging his spoon on the table when he does not get his way.  He’s pissed because the narrative he and the Gazette preached for the past 2 years just went down in flames. Their bias has been exposed and they don’t like it.

The Gazette has been a mediocre newspaper for years.  Their only recent claim to fame was all their corruption stories about Sheriff Terry Maketa and the three commanders who filed a complaint against him. Three years later; there is no proof of corruption and the complaint was dismissed.  The only thing left is the civil lawsuits Terry Maketa and the others will file against the county and the individuals involved for unethical behavior and a malicious prosecution.  Wait until all the facts come out.  Especially about lead prosecutor Mark Hurlbert.  Many of Hurlbert’s witnesses lied to investigators and/or the grand jury; Hurlbert withheld exculpatory evidence from the grand jury, and he went after San Agustin because he would not lie to the grand jury for him. Get all the fact here.

The facts will be overwhelming. Will the Gazette report on that? What will Lance write about now that Maketa is no longer in the news?

How about he federal trial against current Sheriff Bill Elder which is scheduled for next month in Denver? Will the Gazette report on that? Read Story.

The Gazette needs to reevaluate their motives and get back to reporting the news, not trying to create it.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

It appears Bill Elder missed another public appearance.  He was suppose to attend the CIT graduation yesterday.  Again, we hear he is having some type of mental health issues.

We also received information Bill Elder is collecting every employee’s personal information. The original notice told people to send their information to El Paso County HR; than a second email came out an hour later wanting people to send it to someone who has nothing to do with HR, but does work closely with staff. Is there any surprise the email came from Elder’s secretary?  Rumor has it, Elder wants to know where everyone lives for the upcoming election.  He is paranoid employees are going to show up in large numbers to vote against him.  Elder knows the vast majority of the employees hate him and know he is corrupt.

Ask yourself why is Natalie Sosa sending the email and why do they now want you to send your information to someone who does not work in personnel?  What is the real reason they want this information?

How does Elder feel to be the most hated, corrupt Sheriff ever?  This is one of the reasons Elder wanted to ruin Maketa and his legacy.  He thought if he could somehow show people Maketa was corrupt it would make him look better.  Instead of trying to raise “the Bar” with his own performance as Sheriff; Elder wanted to lower it. “look how bad the previous sheriff was…I’m not that bad”  His plan backfired. They could not prove any corruption and Maketa is now the victim of an unethical, malicious  prosecution.  Wait until the settlement is announced.  Elder’s entire command is falling apart.  There is no question Elder will continue to be corrupt; the questions is, what will he do next?



Thursday, March 1, 2018

The weekly command staff meeting was cancelled yesterday at the last minute.  We have heard some rumors why.  They include; he was upset over our latest post;  he is emotionally unstable and throwing a fit; he showed up at work drunk or hungover (again).

We have not been able to confirm anything at this point, but we are hearing all kinds of rumors that something is up at EPSO.  We will continue to talk with our sources within the office in an attempt to find out what is going on. We will let you know when we hear something.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sheriff Bill Elder being sued again?  Can he do anything right? Read Story.

How long will Bill Elder leave this cruel and disrespectful picture up on the EPSO website?  Does Bill Elder have the decency to take it down; or the arrogance to leave it up?


Sheriff Bill Elder disrespecting those who died serving in Law Enforcement

It is our understanding this is a picture of Elder prior to a memorial for fallen officers.  Notice he has a shroud on his badge.  Does Elder really respect or honor those who served (and died) in Law Enforcement; or is this just funny to him?

Let’s take a closer look:

How does this picture make you feel?


This picture is posted on the official EPSO website!!!

Posting a picture of the sheriff laughing while his badge is shrouded is completely disrespectful to those who died in the line of duty.  How could sheriff Elder be so disrespectful to have this picture posted on the website?



Elder using recent Death to help win re-election?

We were told by sources close to Elder that he has talked about how he can leverage the recent death of one of EPSO’s Deputies to help his re-election campaign.  We are amazed at the new lows Bill Elder is willing to go.  What is motivating Bill Elder? How evil and corrupt can he be?




Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The judge signed the motions to dismiss all charges against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa and Undersheriff Paula Presley.  Dirtyelder.com obtained information showing more corruption by ADA Mark Hurlbert. As it turns out he should have recused himself.  Read Story. Will all his corruption and unethical behavior overshadow the rest of his career?


Monday, February 26, 2018

What’s this we hear about Elder refusing to debate Angley?  We are not surprised.  Elder is corrupt and a confirmed liar.  Why would he want to get on stage and get destroyed in public by Angley?

If Bill Elder is too scared to even debate Mike Angley would he have gone into the school in florida or waited outside?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

We have stated from the beginning we will not endorse any candidate for Sheriff; but that does not mean we cannot support members of the office and others who know Bill Elder is corrupt to become republican delegates. Find out what you need to do and plan to attend the county caucus on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.  Become a delegate to the county assembly and vote for the person you believe will make the best sheriff. It’s time to make a stand and do what’s right.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Huffors trying to cut deal with Angley?

We just heard Janet Huffor was overheard begging Mike Angley not to get rid of her position if he was elected.   Our source; witnessed the interaction at the El Paso County Republican Women’s club on Monday. They stated Janet Huffor approached Angley and asked him why he was telling everyone he would get rid of her position if elected. She then told him she hoped he would at least find her a position and not fire her.  Wow are the rats jumping ship!  Janet must be worried for her to contact Angley and try to establish a relationship.  Are Janet and Billy in real fear of losing their jobs next January.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

CBI Re-opens Investigation into EPSO Administrator Larry Borland for Ordering Government Documents Falsely Notorized

EPSO Administrator Larry Borland

CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) has re-opened their investigation into EPSO administrator Larry Borland for illegally ordering two employees to falsify government documents and submit them to the county clerk. Read Story.  Our articles lay out the entire crime. First story and our Second Story. Where is the media? Why is the Colorado Springs Independent the only news media that seems to care about corruption with our Law Enforcement?  The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is being investigated by CBI for criminal activity; is that news worthy?

Janet Huffor

CBI now has 3 individuals who gave similar testimony; Borland ordered Rick Dietz and Dave Mejia to falsify multiple government documents.  It appears from the article CBI is confused what laws might have been broken; REALLY?  We can help.  It’s called Extortion.  Larry Borland used intimidation (the fear of them losing their jobs) to get two employees to break the law.  That is the definition of Extortion.  Larry Borland and Janet Huffor also committed Official Misconduct and Forgery.  By submitting the forged documents to the county clerk they violated Colorado state statute 18-5-102 (1)(d) & (e).

District Attorney Dan May

According to the article, CBI will submit the results of their re-investigation of Larry Borland and EPSO to District Attorney Dan May.  Wait a minute. Dan May made a big deal over the fact he recused himself from the Maketa case; shouldn’t he do the same with Bill Elder?  If Dan May is honest and has integrity, he will ask another DA’s office (other than the 18th) to review the evidence, just like he did with Maketa.  If he plans on covering it up for Sheriff Elder he will make an announcement saying he has reviewed the case and found no evidence of a crime.  Will Dan May cover for his Republican buddy like he has in the past. Read Story. (Read another story of corruption in Dan May’s organization. Read Story. Another story of Dan May’s Corruption. Read Story.)  There is overwhelming evidence a crime has been committed. If Dan May is corrupt he will not recuse himself and will cover it up.

There is be no doubt a crime was committed by Larry Borland and Janet Huffor.  Will there be justice or just more corruption?


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We are getting contacted by multiple people telling us to keep writing stories and they are concerned we are slowing down.  Don’t worry, we are just resting before the next big stories are written.  Look for a huge story next week.  We will give teasers later.  It’s too big to let them know what we are working on.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

MAKETA, PRESLEY, and SAN AGUSTIN completely Vindicated

Obviously we are happy Mark Hurlbert, Dan May, and bill elder are dropping the charges against Terry Maketa and Paula Presley.  We included DA Dan May and corrupt Sheriff bill elder because we know they were part of the decision.  We will be providing more information next week after the judge signs the motions.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What is going on at EPSO?  It appears the ship is sinking.  Check out the most recent BLOG.  We also suggest you checkout the Mike Angley for Sheriff website as there is good information there.

It appears the sexual harassment at EPSO continues. We are hearing more and more about female deputies and employees being harassed by bill elder’s leadership. We encourage employees to file complaints because that is the only way it will stop.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Out of respect for our fellow Deputies and employees at EPSO we will not add any new material to the website until next week.  This is time to reflect on the recent event and pray for the family of Micah Flick.  There will be plenty of time in the future to continue to expose the corruption of Bill Elder.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Our thoughts and prayers are for Detective Micah Flick, his family, and the other Deputies and officer shot this afternoon.



What motivates Haters?

Teri Goodall

There was a BLOG posted yesterday we believe everyone should read.  It details how Bill Elder and his group of cronies did what ever it took to bring down Terry Maketa.  The question everyone should be asking is, WHY?  Why couldn’t they just let him retire?  Hate is a terrible thing.  Mix it with corruption and you have a deadly combination.   Our top list of haters (and Liars) includes; Bill Elder, Joe Breister, Dan May, Wendy Habert, Cheryl Peck, Rob King, Billy Huffor, Janet Huffor, Ray Gerhardt, Shannon Gerhardt, Mitch Lincoln, Rodney Gehrett, and the worst of them all Jackie Kirby.  But the back stabbing award goes to Teri Goodall.  She owes everything she has to Terry Maketa and she provided private text messages between her and Maketa to the media.  With friends like that who needs enemies?  What makes it worse is these people are proud of their actions.   Many have Terry Maketa to thank for their careers, yet they lied (under oath) to destroy him.  How can they live with themselves? Where does this kind of EVIL come from? They say Karma is a “bitch”; we hope so.


Here is the BLOG:

Betrayed – Trial of Terry Maketa/Corruption of Bill Elder

What was the catalyst for this “fall from grace” of Sheriff Maketa? How did it start? Why? And most importantly WHO? A graduate of Widefield High School, he began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in October 1987 at 23 years old. Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded him and every other deputy, he promoted through the ranks and elected Sheriff in 2002. Some of his longtime friends rose to great heights in their careers also, encouraged and supported by their friend Terry who eventually became Sheriff for 12 of his 27 years with the Office. Those very same friends, however, turned on their “friend” and fellow law enforcement peer. Betrayed by those closest to him! But why? Knowing the players, their history and “loyalty” is a start. The very same – who shared their own success/prosperity by riding on Terry’s coat tails of success in great things accomplished, the growth of the Office and most of all their own command staff positions they attained – betrayed Terry’s trust, loyalty, and conspired against him. Again, why do such a thing to a friend and mentor? Comes down to 10 simple laws we all know very well!
The final four years of Sheriff Maketa’s third term, he had a few new challenges; Waldo Canyon Fire, Black Forest Fire; Ballot Issue 1A, and the fight for Second Amendment Rights with fellow Colorado Sheriff’s to just name a few. Accolades, gratitude, letters, calls, cards and great support for the Sheriff came from all around and outside the state. Some were calling for him to run for governor. Although term limited, his friends aka Command Staff and others decided he would not leave his service in good standing. Why? Jealousy and envy of his success, his following, his abilities and skills to make thing happen. Terry made a name for himself as a servant to the citizens, community and nationally; and to his grateful employees who received many pay raises, bonuses, excellent equipment, training, opportunities never before possible, state of the art information, etc.… The potential of governorship intensified. Their jealousy turn into Anger. As one commander whispered to another, “Governor? He’ll be lucky to finish his term!” Personally witnessed. Fear. Fear because the new sheriff can make any changes to the Command Staff including bringing in his own and letting the current ones go and left unemployed. Personal grudges. No explanation needed.
Jealousy, envy, fear, anger, personal grudges – all the ingredients for conspiracy. Which brings us to Bill Elder. Bill Elder was an unknown to his little minions who were not aware of his ugly past employment with EPSO with him leaving under the threat of a polygraph which he could not face. (The IA File). And some other questionable issues presented in previous articles. A leopard’s spots don’t change and neither did Bill’s. He wanted to be Sheriff. He could never compete with Maketa’s record so what could he do? Gather together those “loyal” friends and command staff members and conspire to oust Sheriff Maketa and disgrace him publicly. But why? Maketa was term limited and no threat to Bill Elder or anyone else. They would support Elder in an election, meanwhile satisfy their own personal agenda to include grudges against the Sheriff; even disciplinary action deserved. They had become complacent in their jobs and Sheriff Maketa had to be the boss first before friend requiring accountability. Complacency, laziness and a lack of gratitude for what they had achieved under his leadership made great companions with Bill Elder in a conspiracy and also cemented them in a position in the new administration. The birth of a conspiracy happened in 2013 from the closest to Sheriff Maketa to those who had retired or left with a personal grudge of their own. One specific person whose betrayal was one of the most hurtful and damaging was that of Jackie Kirby. The infamous Director of Information – an opportunity to excel in her career in a new direction for which she had no training or skill for whatsoever. Guised as his previous “loyal” executive assistant, she manipulated any access afforded to her by her position to be a provider of information directly to Bill Elder. It was easy for Jackie to do. Everything about her is fake to include her fingernails; a chameleon who can be anybody to anyone anytime to achiever her agenda. She also needed to secure a position for herself with the new administration as Maketa was leaving. Jackie’s grudge? A denied pay raise. He told her he already had a very hard time accounting for her current pay given no experience and not doing a very good job at that. She joined his “other friends” to bring the Sheriff down.
So today, because of that nasty mix along with the Gazette reporters Dave Phillips Emily Allen and Lance Benzel to name a few, the actions were carried out that ultimately has placed Sheriff Terry Maketa on trial because of the lies, and law breaking deeds by those within and without the office. Some of them were on the witness stand under oath, in uniform giving false testimony – bearing false witness – to finish off what was started 4 years ago. It is amazing that such individuals touted their very close relationships with Terry and his family, only to betray them so viciously.
What happened? A man trusted his friends, his staff and some closest to him only to be betrayed in the worst way it can be done. How can a man who was once a hero suddenly fall into depravity? He didn’t. He held his staff accountable, they didn’t like it so they retaliated. No they destroyed him in any and every way they could, including his family. They hurt the Office that so many awesome and dedicated employees work for each day to serve and protect. Truth will set us all free! I pray this jury and community will see the truth rather than believe what a tainted rag newspaper, corrupt 14th Judicial District DA, County Commissioners and 18th Judicial District DA office who lie every time their mouth opens. Example: John San Agustin indicted on false charges because he would not lie to a Grand Jury about Terry Maketa. El Paso County government is corrupt. The trial is a narrative to destroy Terry Maketa, plain and simple. May 2018 be the year of draining the swamp in DC and El Paso County. We want the truth! You should too!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Closing Arguments in the Maketa Trial this morning.  If you want to hear them be at the courthouse at 8:30 am.  Things have gone pretty much the same as last trial except for testimony from retired Lieutenant John Brandt. We consider the whole trial a waste of taxpayer money.  There was no crime and this is obviously nothing more than a political attack of retired Sheriff Terry Maketa by DA Dan May and current corrupt sheriff bill elder.

Terry Maketa trial section

Monday, January 29, 2018

No trial today.  We are getting information from patrol deputies that things are really starting to fall apart.  We are confirming our sources.  Should have something soon.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual harassment continues at CJC

Commander king

We are getting close to the election season and Sheriff Elder wants things quiet around the office; no news but good news.  The problem is Elder’s supervisors can’t keep their penises in their pants.  We got the scoop on the LT who is causing the problems down at medical in the Jail.  From what we hear this is an ongoing tradition for this person; yet Bill Elder continues to promote those who cannot act professional and treat women employees with respect.   It appears inappropriate behavior at EPSO is not slowing down; it’s just getting more expensive.  Is Commander King having training class for the supervisors working under him?  Is he teaching them everything he knows about sexually harassing female employees? The jail is run by a commander who cannot, by order of the sheriff, be alone with a female employee.  Read Story.

We are going to wait and see what Sheriff Elder does before we publish the whole story.  We will give him another chance to do what is right.  The law firm of Cornish and Del’Olio got the female officers at CSPD 2.5 Million;  Maybe the female employee at CJC need to contact them. Read Story.

 EPSO supervisors continue getting SEX and lawyers continue getting RICH.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We are hearing there is something going on in the medical section at the jail. Something about sexual harassment and multiple complaints. We are looking into it.  We encourage all employees who feel they have been harassed or retaliated against to contact an attorney.  Get the best. Look what a group of females got in a settlement with CSPD.  Read Story.  The harassment will continue until you are serious and obtain an attorney.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Terry Maketa’s retrial started today with Jury selection.  Get the latest news in our special section.

Terry Maketa trial section


Friday, January 19, 2018

Lawsuit filed by three commanders dismissed by federal court

The Colorado Springs Independent posted an article earlier this week about the lawsuit against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa and Undersheriff Paula Presley being dismissed. Read Story. We are working on a followup story.  But we can tell you this interesting fact.  As you might know three commanders originally filed a claim against Maketa and El Paso County.  What you might not know is that Commander King Called the El Paso County attorney, Amy Folsom the night before they filed the complaint.  Sound corrupt?  It should.  According to our source, Commander King’s phone was examined and it revealed the call.  Why would a person involved with a group who was going to file a complaint the next day against the county call the county attorney?  This would only happen if she was involved.  Do the county commissioners know their attorney was working against them and can not be trusted? Was the plan to have them file the lawsuit and she would recommend the county settle?  Is this what happened with Gerhart and Kull?

Why did the county attorney communicate with Commander King the night before he filed a complaint? We have more information we will provide in a future article.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Anniversary DIRTYELDER.COM

DirtyElder.com is one year old!  It’s been a whole year since we first started posting articles concerning Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption.  Just to give some facts, we have written over 45 articles and hundreds of updates about Bill Elder’s corruption.  Our group has grown from a few employees, former employees and concerned citizens to hundreds of followers world wide.  In the last year we approached 400k hits. We anticipate more hits this year as we get closer to the election season.   Just to remove any doubt as to our future; we have already directed the company we contract with to maintain our website to renew our hosting for another year. So we will be here for all of 2018.

Our motto for 2018

“Create an Eruption over Bill Elder’s Corruption”




Bill Elder; the most Corrupt Sheriff Ever!




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