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Sunday, July 15, 2018

I can’t take this place any longer

Everyone is leaving EPSO, some quicker than others.

According to a source, El Paso County was notified that Stephanie Gangemi’s employment at EPSO ended as of Friday, July 13, 2018. We reached out to a source within EPSO who confirmed this information.  We continue to verify, but the rumor we are hearing is that the mental health expert went mental on Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  She continued to make demands to include an office on the 5th floor.  Was her focus on helping people with mental health issues or on a big office and other perks? This fits with the rest of Elder’s command staff.  Their new motto should be; “What’s in it for me?” or “show me the money“.

We also heard rumors Janet wanted her gone because she did not want any competition on the 5th floor. There can only be one queen bee? We hear Jackie Kirby might be next.

Many have told us no one wants to go up to the fifth floor because Elder and his leadership team is out of control. The phrase “keep your head down” is spoken everyday by employees.  Everyone is depressed because they are afraid they are going to have to put up with Elder for the next 4 years.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder losing his mind?

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is doing what ever he can to try to salvage his administration.  Everything is falling apart. Was he hoping after the primary things would settle down?  THEY ARE NOT!  More and more evidence of Corruption is surfacing everyday.  Now Elder, in desperation released his “expectation” memo and is firing anyone who does not drink his Koolade. EPSO is way understaffed and Elder is firing veteran Deputies because they don’t blindly follow him and his corrupt administration? Not surprised. This latest firing is so clearly “Retaliation” it will create yet another six figure lawsuit the taxpayers will have to pay.  Who is providing legal counsel to Elder? It’s like they don’t care about doing what is right.  Have you seen recent pictures of the three county attorneys who have to deal with all Elder’s stupid decisions and lawsuits?  It’s like they have aged 10 years in the last 10 months.  We wonder how they sleep nights?  When ever their phone rings they have to think; “What has that Idiot Elder done now?” How much more money will Corrupt Elder cost the county taxpayers before he leaves office?  It will be over a million. But yet the county commissioners remain silent.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is in “self destruct” mode.  He cannot admit he is the problem and his administration is so corrupt he cannot hold them accountable.

The most recent person fired is Elder’s attempt to intimidate the rest of the employees.  It will not work.  We have had more employees contact us this week than any other week.  They are furious about the “expectations” memo and the recent treatment of staff.  The promotion of who many consider incompetent did not help.  It has just become obvious to so many employees that Elder has no intention of doing what is right.  He was a liar when he campaigned 4 years ago and he is a liar today.

How many more lives will Elder ruin trying to protect his dishonest and corrupt administration?

Bottom line: Elder is corrupt and cannot be trusted. What else is there to say?


Let’s hear it for Sheriff Bill Elder, The most hated and CORRUPT Sheriff EVER!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder gets Coroner to seal Autopsy Reports?

CS Independent continues to get to the truth about the “evil” we call Sheriff Elder.  Their latest article exposes Elder’s continued attempt to coverup the truth about the shooting that cost Detective Flick his life. 

Why would the El Paso County Coroner want to help Corrupt Sheriff Elder cover up a shooting that lead to the death of two people including Detective Micah Flick? Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder not want the public to know what really happened that day?  Does he not want everyone to know that based on protocols and direction by corrupt Sheriff Elder and Chief Carey the team of Detectives attempting to make an arrest that day did not have their weapons out, nor did they announce themselves as law enforcement (LE) or have any visible identification that they were LE? Anyone with any LE experience knows this makes no sense and is extremely dangerous for the cops.  How do they train cops to conduct a “Felony” contact? Guns out and loud verbal commands.  Were the Officers given direction to not identify themselves and “jump” the suspect without warning?   If you were being attacked by multiple individuals who did not identify themselves as LE would you be justified in defending yourself?  We need to get to the truth; what really happened that day?

Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder not want the public to know he is responsible for the death of Micah Flick?

The public needs to know the truth about what happened that day. There needs to be an independent investigation.


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington





Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We are batting a 1000

The only ones left on our list to be promoted to commander are St. Charles, Huffor, and Deno.  This means three more from command staff need to retire?   Let’s see what happens…

Corrupt Sheriff Elder distributes “memo” with his expectations for supervisors

Elder demands loyalty and silence from his supervisors?  If not, they will be replaced.  Stay silent or find a new job. 


Corrupt Sheriff Elder busted for Retaliation against Employee (Again)

The Colorado Springs Independent published an article this morning about Corrupt Sheriff Elder retaliating against an employee for supporting another individual running for sheriff.

This is a powerful article that lays out evidence of abuse of power and unethical behavior by Elder.  We find it ironic that Corrupt Sheriff has the audacity to target an employee who obviously was trying to stop sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at EPSO.  Recently Elder sent out a memo stating his expectations for his supervisors. What about his own behavior and the behavior of Billy and Janet Huffor?

It appears from the article the employee being targeted is being accused of campaigning on duty. To quote the article; “he was placed on leave pending an investigation of claims he’d participated in political activities while on duty and used his position off duty for political purposes“.  REALLY? Elder is accusing him of participating in political actives while on duty?  ELDER IS THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE EVER!  The above picture was on Elder’s campaign website. WTF! Why haven’t they been suspended?  This is also an obvious violation of the HATCH act.

FACT: Corrupt Sheriff Elder, while on DUTY, had employees (some in uniform) take time for a photo that was placed on his campaign website.

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder likes the county commissioners handing out money because this is another civil lawsuit just waiting to happen.



Monday, July 9, 2018

Federal trial against Corrupt Sheriff Elder next month

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s federal trial starts next month.  He will take the stand and explain why he treated a long time employee and military veteran the way he did after taking office 3 years ago.  Will the county settle to avoid public embarrassment caused by Elder’s unethical behavior? Read Story.


The Retirement List?

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Season of Retirements

DirtyElder.com stated months ago Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder told his command staff it’s time for them to leave.  We heard rumors Corrupt Elder wants almost the entire command staff to retire prior to his second term.  He has already created a list of Lieutenants he wants to promote to commander.  This is proof he wants his command staff to leave.  Wednesday, Commander DeLuca announced he is retiring (again) at the end of the month.  Who is next?  It appears they can not leave quick enough for Elder.   Sources told us now that the primary is over he wants Breister and the rest of the old guard to leave.  He told friends he no longer needs them, does not trust them,  and wants them gone.  Expect to hear about more retirements each month.  At some point you will hear Breister is retiring and Pete Carey will be the next undersheriff.

Soon it will be Commander Billy Huffor.  He sexually harassed a female Deputy on video, violated multiple policies to include shooting a shotgun and wrecking a patrol car, violated the law by using a government vehicle for personal use, and has harassed and threatened multiple individuals.  However, none of this matters; Elder has too many skeletons and the Huffors knows where they’re buried.  Corrupt Elder will never hold the Huffors accountable; he can’t.

Saturday, June 30, 3018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot keep all his lies straight



It did not take long for Corrupt Sheriff Elder to start lying again.  He promised (like many sheriff’s before him) he would never have non-POST certified employees supervising inmates.  The difference?   Elder is a liar!  The day after securing the Republican nomination for Sheriff he sends out a memo stating his intentions to put non-POST certified employees in positions of supervision over inmates.  So, Corrupt Elder’s solution for reducing the number of Deputies getting assaulted is by removing the Deputies;  he’s a genius!

Don’t be fooled.  He is not doing this because he cannot find POST certified Deputies to hire; he is doing this to save money.   Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot afford to properly man the jail (or patrol) with Deputies because there is no money. If Corrupt Elder wanted to properly man the jail he just needs to allow for overtime. Elder should have plenty of funds because he is so understaffed. But this is not the case.  They are out of money. Again, where did all the 1A funds go?

The reason Corrupt Sheriff Elder is probably doing this is to prepare for 2021 when the 1A funds go away. He needs cheap labor so he will not have to layoff Deputies when the money train goes away.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is fooling no one.  His own incompetence has caught up to him.  There is another article in the Independent about this subject. Read Story.

In his memo Corrupt Elder states; “I want to assure our current Detention Bureau personnel…”. With all the lies Elder has been caught in how can anyone believe him? Corrupt Elder might as well stated; “I want to assure our current Detentions Bureau personnel you’re all F#@ked and I don’t care”.




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