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Monday, October 16, 2017

John San Agustin VINDICATED. Read Story. More later….

Watch FOX21 NEWS tonight at 9:00 pm.  Exclusive interview with John and his attorney.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Interesting article in the Gazette about the District Attorney’s office.  Read Story. Again, there appears to be corruption in our local district attorney’s office and with Dan May.  They continue to use intimidation to try get individuals with integrity to play along with their unethical behavior.  It’s promising that Lance Benzel appears to be able to write an honest article about Dan May.  Now he just needs to write a story about the corruption at the Sheriff’s office.  We will give him another chance in the near future as we are just starting a new article about Bill Elder’s corruption.

More interesting is that we hear over 200 EPSO employees have contacted the new candidate in the sheriff’s race.  More are on their way. It is obvious the majority of the employees are not happy with the current corrupt administration.  We support and encourage those fed up with the current corrupt sheriff to find a new alternative.  We hear the Huffors are in a panic as they may lose their cash cow named Bill Elder. We need to clean up the corruption and “Drain the Swamp”.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Here is a BLOG we recently received.  We could not have said it better.

It was with tremendous bemusement that I recently took a peek at our Sheriff’s “re-election” website and read his endorsements, especially those taken below from the five members of our current Board of County Commissioners:

“When our community finds the need to be ready, I am comforted knowing that Bill Elder is our Sheriff”

“he’s spearheaded reform in the Sheriff’s Office”

“He has created a calming influence in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office” and (an) establishment of a higher ethical standard, Sheriff Elder has removed the controversy of years past”

“I appreciate what he and his staff do that does not get reported out in community on strengthening and developing positive and lasting relationships”

“Sheriff Elder was leading the fight in Denver to pass legislation giving cops the tools they need to make our community a better place to live and raise kids. We need real leadership and experience, and that’s why I’m supporting Sheriff Elder in his bid for re-election”

“Reform?” “Calming Influence?” “Higher Ethical Standard?” Removed the Controversy?” “Real Leadership?” Just what color is the sky in their little GOP world? Do they truly not understand the magnitude of the train-wreck at 27 East Vermijo…or do they just choose to continue on with their heads in the sand?? Interesting that they don’t mention the growing number of lawsuits and fiscal improprieties. And it seems a little premature that they would hitch their wagons to Elder’s star prior to any real campaign. The allegations of corruption will continue…I have no doubt. And when those allegations turn criminal, these five “county leaders” will be stepping all over each other in order to avoid their own professional train-wrecks.

We believe this shows our county commissioners are in on the corruption.  They know that if another candidate for Sheriff gets elected their illegal behavior might get exposed.  We need a Donald Trump type to run for sheriff and “drain the swamp” of corruption in El Paso County.  Our county commissioners look like Obama trying to get Hillary elected.  They are scared of someone with integrity.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Elder just can’t help himself; he has to be unethical and break the law.  We were sent the Facebook post below. It was on Bill Elder’s re-election page.  Someone calls him out for his corruption and tells him he has verified the corruption with his own command staff. Say that again.  Let’s quote him; “I contacted some of my friends at EPSO and some of the command staff and unfortunately they have verified much of what is being said.” WOW!  Elder’s own command staff is bailing on him and talking behind his back.


So what’s wrong with the response?  Elder tells him to contact him at the office.  THAT’S ILLEGAL!  He is using public time and equipment to further his re-election campaign. He actually tells the guy to call his Executive Assistant at 520-7202.  Natalie works for the county not his re-eleciton campaign.  Elder is completely corrupt. Running this re-election campaign from his office.

We hear that Elder is extorting campaign donations from employees.  If he had any integrity he would refuse donations from current employees.

Message to command staff: It’s time to do the right thing. You know about the corruption. How can you live with yourself being a part of Bill Elder’s corruption? Even if you are not part of it; you are letting it happen. You are as corrupt as Elder if you do nothing. Remember the oath you took when you became a cop. WWJD?


Monday, October 2, 2017

Bill Elder keeps telling people he is not worried about his new challenger for Sheriff.  But that’s not what we are hearing from his inner circle.  In fact, rumor we heard (from a good source) is that someone from his inner circle has already contacted the “other side” to see if there would be a position for them if they won.  Are the rats starting to jump ship? Do they know that there is going to be more and more corruption exposed prior to the county assembly next year?  The person to watch is Jackie, she has no loyalty (and never has).  If she contacts Angley the writing is on the wall.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

More and more people are walking over to Dirtyelder.com and checking out our website. We had the most people ever visit our site yesterday on any Saturday to date. Wonder why all these new people visited our website yesterday (and continue to visit today)? DirtyElder.com has had thousands and thousands of hits.  We continue to research more stories of corruption and hope to publish them when we can. The word is spreading; “Bill Elder is Corrupt”. We will continue our message until we have a new Sheriff that is not corrupt.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We are reaching the point where we think Bill Elder is intentionally doing stupid stuff just to turn our attention away from his other stupid stuff.  Just got done reading his latest promotion policy.  Does he think every employee at EPSO is dumber than a rock? Read Policy. Here’s the problem; policy doesn’t matter when you don’t follow them.  According to this policy Bill Huffor would not have been eligible to test for Lieutenant until next year; yet, he has been a Lieutenant for a while.  STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.  Elder allows Huffor to test when he was not eligible and then changed the banding list to “fool” everyone and make it look like Huffor deserved the promotion. There were other more qualified individuals, but it’s a waste of time to argue about it.

Bill – YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE!  JUST STOP IT!  EVERYONE KNOWS YOU’RE CORRUPT.  It’s insulting to the hard working Deputies to keep playing these games.  Just do what you’re going to do.  You don’t need to waste time writing new policies you’re just going to ignore anyway.

This policy basically formalizes the “good ole Boy network”.  Elder has taken away any fairness and replaced it with; “Ask us if you can test”.  The question everyone should be asking is; “How do I get on the Golden Boy list?”  Based on history; either steal Bill Elder’s IA file or be his campaign manager.  But if you’re willing to lie for him or be corrupt that is a good start.

Now there is no doubt Bill Elder thinks of himself as the Great and powerful OZ. Just like in the movie, he is a fraud.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

DIRTYELDER.COM setting record traffic due to latest Article

Something happened yesterday that has never happened before.  We had the most “hits” (in a day) on our website on a Saturday.   After we posted our most recent article our website got hammered for hours.  The high traffic continues even now on a Sunday morning.  There is a chance Sunday might have even more “hits” than yesterday; that would also be a first.   It appears people are interested in how DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder are selectively enforcing the law. The word about their corruption is getting out.  More to come…

Saturday, September 23, 2017

DID DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder protect the Killers of Tom Clements?

Read our latest article concerning the murder of Tom Clements.   READ STORY.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Person wrongly convicted by “Dirty” DA Dan May?

Just heard District Attorney Dan May might have sent someone away to prison for a crime they did not commit.  We are still obtaining information. According to our sources, Troy Hartwick was convicted of Murder back in 1991. And one of the prosecutors involved was …  that’s right, “Dirty” Dan May.  Today, Troy Hartwick’s motion for a re-trail was heard in Judge Gilbert’s courtroom.  It’s our understanding there is some pretty compelling evidence of his innocence.   According to our sources, Dan Zook was the primary DA, however Dan May was involved.  It’s interesting that when Dan May first became DA is hired Dan Zook as his Assistant. Birds of a feather? Based on what we are hearing about Dan May’s corruption; all of his cases should be reviewed.

New Section of DirtyElder.com coming soon

Soon we will be converting the “Special Trial Section” to cover San Agustin’s Trial.  It’s about 6 weeks away.   If you thought Maketa’s trial was a circus; wait until San Agustin’s.  This might be the first time we get to see a judge throw out a case after the Prosecution presents its evidence.   There are rumors Mark Hurlbert might even put a kangaroo on the stand.  We are interested how he is going to present a case where there is no crime and no evidence? How is Hurlbert going to explain why he charged someone who was not even there?  According to the facts of the case there were five people in the room when the decision was made to charge Kelli Trull;  Why didn’t Hurlbert charge them? How can he explain charging someone who was not even in the building? Read story.  This looks so much like a political witch hunt.

Mark Hurlbert has known for over a year John San Agustin was not even in the building at the time of the alleged crime and is completely innocent.   There is evidence showing the only reason Hurlbert manipulated the grand jury into indicting him was because he would not lie to the grand jury for Hurlbert. Read Story. 

Hurlbert is completely corrupt and without integrity.  He is conducting an unethical malicious prosecution of a person he knows to be innocent.  He needs to be held accountable.

Monday, September 18, 2017

We were sent a link to the following article. Read Story.  It shows that DA Dan May withheld evidence in a Death Penalty case.  If he is willing to put someone to DEATH knowing they were innocent he would surely try to convict a previous Sheriff of bogus charges. Completely unethical.

HOW CORRUPT IS OUR DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND SHERIFF?  You will know in the future.  The truth is coming.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington



We are working hard completing our story about the Tom Clements assassination.  It will be our longest article to date. We have spent countless hours obtaining information and verifying sources.  It will show that both Dan May and Bill Elder are liars and corrupt. We will lay out all the facts in great detail. You will not want to miss this story.

Friday, September 15, 2017

We are hearing more and more of continued sexual harassment against female deputies and employees at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  We encourage the victims to contact attorneys and bring the fight to Bill Elder and his cronies. Multiple payouts have already occurred and more are anticipated.  If you want to talk with the media we can arrange it for you.  If you want the harassment to stop this is the best way.  Once Elder has been put on notice that you won’t take it anymore and you have an attorney representing you the harassment will stop.  Until then they will continue to harass you until you leave.

Isn’t it ironic that EPSO just participated in a Sex offender “roundup” ?  Maybe they should roundup the sexual predators at EPSO and put them on the street.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just received information from multiple sources within EPSO that employees are being told there is no more money for training.  Here is an interesting fact we got from someone knowledgable about EPSO finances;  over 20% of this year’s training budget was spent on command staff and other “friends” of the sheriff to attend conventions and other “special” training and events.  How does that make you feel?  Is this a wise use of training funds?  Where is all the 1A funds that are suppose to be dedicated to training and equipment?  Is it all being spent on unqualified command staff personnel?

If Bill Elder gets re-elected do you think 1A will be renewed? Not how he has spent the money and the amount of corruption in his administration.  Elder will have no choice but to have massive layoffs in 2020.  Will Larry Borland, Janet Huffor, Bill Huffor or any of Elder’s “Buddies” get laid off? No, it will be you!

Could this be EPSO in a couple years? Read Story.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We have received information from a source within EPSO that Bill Elder is desperate for good media.  He is looking for anyway he can to get on TV to help his re-election.  He is in a panic because he has someone HIGLY qualified running against him. He has told his staff to come up with ideas how they can get good media coverage.  Notice all the stories in the media recently?  This is all part of Elder’s re-election plan.  He is also doing what ever he can to keep all the bad information out of the media, like the illegal spending of the 1A tax funds.  His entire administration is falling apart.  Will the county commissioners go down with the Elder ship?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bill Elder pulls SWAT team from regular duty to attend retail store’s opening day event

We hear SWAT members are furious over being ordered to attend the opening of a local retail store.  So, deputies are being forced to take time away from their already limited personal life (and families) for a photo op for Sheriff Bill Elder’s re-election campaign? Is Elder that desperate to get good press? Our sources tell us he is trying to find any good media he can to offset all the negative press he has been receiving.

This is not a government activity and Bill Elder is using taxpayer money to help promote his re-election.  Completely inappropriate and corrupt.  Plus, we hear he is not even going to pay the deputies overtime.

Is it legal to use taxpayer dollars to help promote a local retail store?  Is Sheriff Bill Elder going to help promote other retail stores using deputies, EPSO equipment, and taxpayer money?   Is there some “deal” between Elder and the store?  Does this look corrupt?

Our local law enforcement officers and deputies work hard everyday protecting our community.  They need their time off and should not be forced to attend non-work related actives promoting a corrupt sheriff’s re-election.  Bill Elder is using taxpayer money to help promote his own agenda.  This also shows he does not care about his deputies or protecting our community.

How much money is going to be wasted?  Every deputy is going to drive their vehicle there and we hear the “Bear” is going to be there.  What is the cost of that? Does the sheriff’s office have that much money to waste?

Understand that Sheriff Bill Elder is not supporting a public event or going to a school to educate kids.  He is endorsing a commercial retail store’s opening with government personnel using taxpayer dollars.  Is Bill Elder paying for this out of his own pocket?  Did he ask the taxpayers if it was okay?

Would this be considered abuse of power?

Here is Elder’s view on him breaking the law. watch video.

UPDATE:  We are getting swamped with feedback from both deputies and individuals who are EXTREMELY upset over this.  SWAT members are upset because they feel they are being used by Elder in his re-election when they do not support him.  But that does not appear to be an issue with Elder.  We were told by a source close to his command staff he stated in a recent command staff meeting that they all better support him in the up coming election.  I guess this is a pretty good indication he is going to accept financial contributions from EPSO staff for his election campaign.  This is basically extortion; if you want to keep your job you better contribute. How corrupt is that? Maybe Dan May should get a special prosecutor to investigate?  We believe it is illegal to conduct any election discussions during business hours.  It appears Bill Elder broke the law (again).

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Back on August 9, 2017 we called out Bill Elder for providing false information on the Affidavit he submitted for his re-election campaign.  Just scroll down to see our post.  If you go look on tracer you’ll see that Bill Elder sent in a new affidavit the exact day we called him out.  Guess he realized he had been caught lying (again) and fixed it.  Check for yourself.  Link to Affidavits. Look at both the original affidavit and the amended one.  Notice the contact phone numbers no longer are work numbers at EPSO.  Bill just can’t seem to tell the truth.

“I’m not corrupt, you can trust me”

Saturday, September 9, 2017

We just checked out Mike Angley for Sheriff Website. Visit Website.   We are very optimistic and excited about his message.  We do need an outsider to come in and “Drain the Swamp”.  There is a statement at the bottom of his home page that caught our eye.

(Note: While he appreciates the interest, Mike requests members of the EPSO to NOT donate to his campaign. He wants to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.)

Will Bill Elder make the same statement and refuse all campaign contributions from members of EPSO?  This would show integrity.  During his last campaign the majority of his contributions came from current EPSO employees.  Many of his contributors received high paying jobs they were not qualified for.  Read Story. 

The rumor is Bill Elder is extremely upset over our website and that he now has a challenger (most likely because of our website).  We have not even started advertising dirtyelder.com yet.  By next March everyone in El Paso County will know all about his corruption.

We stated we are not going to endorse any candidate; so to be fair we are providing links to the following websites: Angley4sheriff.org and Elder4sheriff.com.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Why Would DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder not pursue the Murderers of Tom Clements?

We have recently written multiple articles showing the corruption of ADA Mark Hurlbert.  However, it is time to get back to our main focus; the corruption of Bill Elder and Dan May.  We are starting work on an article concerning the murder of Tom Clements. We have information provided to us by knowledgeable sources that both District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder refuse to investigate or prosecute the accomplices of Evan Ebel, who in March of 2013 murdered Tom Clements, the Chief of the Colorado Department of Corrections.   Many Detectives who worked the case know the names of the individuals who ordered the “hit”, met with Ebel shortly before the murder, and “aided” him after the murder. Where was Ebel heading when he got in a shoot out with Texas law enforcement?  We will lay out the entire case and why it appears Dan May refuses to prosecute. Could it be as simple as Dan May is in fear for his life?  We hope to provide you facts that both the Gazette and the Denver Post have not published.

El Paso County District Attorney Dan May
El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder

Ask yourself a few questions:

“Why is Dan May willing to go to great lengths, even to a grand jury to indict an old political enemy, but will not pursue the killers of the Chief of the Colorado Department of Corrections?

Why did Sheriff Bill Elder want to close the case and stated there is no evidence anyone else is involved? Read Story.

Does the family of Tom Clements deserve justice?

Here are some background articles to read.  In the News

Read Recent Denver Post story.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It appears ADA Mark Hurlbert dropped the Kidnapping and False Imprisonment charges against Paula Presley yesterday, but still refuses to drop them against John San Agustin.  We are attempting to confirm this information.  Everyone knows San Agustin is innocent; why won’t Hurlbert drop the charges?  We look forward to the trial in November and watching Hurlbert get crushed.  Hopefully the media will cover the trial and report on all the evidence showing San Agustin was not even in the building when five (other) people decided to arrest Kelli Trull; one of which was Deputy District Attorney Shannon Gerhart.  Why were they not charged? Five people actually in on the meeting and participated in the decision were not changed and the one person not there was charged;  figure that one out. Read Story.

UPDATE:  We can not confirm that the charges have been dropped against Presley.  We will let you know if and when we can confirm.

Friday afternoon, September 1, 2017

Labor Day weekend is here and the weather is great. Time to relax and enjoy. We will not post anything new until Tuesday. The skeletons are relaxing.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Did Mark Hurlbert manipulate the Grand Jury investigating Terry Maketa? Read Story.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We are close to releasing our next article about Mark Hurlbert’s corruption. Evidence that he manipulated the grand jury that was investigating Terry Maketa so he could get indictments against the individuals Dan May and Bill Elder targeted.  This evidence will show he withheld exculpatory testimony that would have shown their innocence. An honest law enforcement officer would provide the grand jury all evidence so they could make an informed decision. However, Hurlbert only allowed them to hear what he wanted them to hear. Totally corrupt. We need a new Sheriff and District Attorney. Drain the swamp.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We have decided to stay out of any political campaigns.  But we have already heard rumors of command staff members, Deputies, and other staff contacting the new challenger.  Also heard Elder threatened staff in meeting that they better not support anyone other than him. The house of cards is falling.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Elder’s lies come back to haunt him again?

There is an article in the Denver Post everyone should read. Read Story. It is about the death of the founder of the 211 crew gang.  They talk about the possibility that the gang was behind the assasination of Tom Clements.  They also quote Sheriff Bill Elder as saying there is no evidence of anyone other than Evan Ebel being involved.  That is a complete lie.  There is plenty of evidence of others being involved.  We will provide you that evidence and why Dan May does not want to prosecute.

Here is what they say in the Post:

El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder told reporters last year that the Clements investigation was coming to a conclusion, but he backtracked on that after other law enforcement agencies expressed concerns.

Elder has previously said “Evan Ebel stood on the doorstep and killed Tom Clements alone,” and added that making the leap that there was a conspiracy is not supported by evidence.

Then they go on to say:

But a May 28, 2013, report of investigation by Texas Ranger James Holland could not have been more clear about investigators’ theory on the case.

“The murder of the Colorado Department of Corrections director was ordered by hierarchy of the 211 prison crew,” the report says.

It is obvious the Denver Post does not believe Elder; they shouldn’t.  He is lying. The Texas Rangers know the truth. They know there is evidence the “hit” was ordered by a high level gang member.  There is much more and we have it all; soon you will too.

Can Bill Elder tell the truth? Is there any limits to his corruption?

John San Agustin was not in building during alleged crime?

We promised you the next article concerning the illegal and corrupt prosecution of John San Agustin.  We have already shown you evidence there was no crime because a DDA (Deputy District Attorney) told investigators she was present during the interview and meeting and there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Trull.  We also told you John San Agustin was not present during the interview or meeting. Now we give you more evidence he was not even in the building at the time and Mark Hurlbert knew it. Read Story. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We have heard about Mike Angley announcing that he is running for Sheriff. Many employees have contacted us about contacting him and finding out what he is all about.  Like we have said in the past we will not endorse anyone, we are only concerned about ending the corruption.  We want a Sheriff that will “drain the swamp.”   We are having a meeting this week and will discuss if we want to have someone contact him. We are encouraged that someone has stepped up to challenge Elder. The corruption needs to stop.

We know from our sources Elder is in a panic. He knows the word is getting out about him and his corruption.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

We are close to releasing our next article in our series on the illegal and unethical prosecution of John San Agustin by Mark Hurlbert, Dan May and Bill Elder.  As law enforcement officers they have sworn to obey the laws and the constitution of the state of Colorado. They are doing neither.  They know what they are doing is illegal and unethical; but they feel they are above the law. We will continue to expose their lies and corruption.  We have already shown there was no “kidnapping” and the charges against San Agustin are completely without merit.  It appears, and one must assume the reason Mark Hurlbert has not dropped the charges is completely political and vindictive. Soon we will publish our second article that will show more evidence there is no case against San Agustin and Hurlbert has known it for over a year.  Before we are done publishing all our articles on this subject there will be overwhelming evidence of San Agustin’s innocence and Mark Hurlbert’s guilt. Not only will our articles clearly show there is zero evidence that San Agustin committed any crime we will provide evidence proving he could not have committed the crime. We will also provide evidence showing Hurlbert has known of San Agustin’s innocence for over a year and that his conduct in this investigation and prosecution has been illegal and unethical. If you think the first article showed coviencing evidence of San Agustin’s innocence wait until you read the next article; and the next article; and the next article …

When does the corruption end? What if you were the person Dan May and Bill Elder targeted? What happens when you can no longer trust those entrusted to protect you?

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Friday, August 25,2017

Is the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) Investigating DirtyElder.com

We have just heard rumors that Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Mark Hurlbert, who is the special prosecutor for the Terry Maketa case is so upset about the stories being published on our website he asked CBI agents to attempt to determine who is behind DirtyElder.com. We also heard CBI has actually spent time investigating. That is illegal.

We have committed no crimes. We are only exercising our freedom of speech and press guaranteed us in our constitution. We are committed to legally exposing the corruption of Bill Elder, Dan May and (now) Mark Hurlbert. To investigate us is illegal unless there is some evidence of a crime. Has Mark Hurlbert abused his power as a District Attorney in asking CBI agents to investigate? Has CBI agents abused their power in conducting an illegal investigation? Is there any proof that CBI agents have or are currently conducting any investigation into this website? If so, there should be an investigation into why and by whom.

The Attorney General should investigate.

This sounds just like the Obama administration investigating Fox News reporters and bugging their phones. Read Story.

Bill Elder, Dan May, and Mark Hurlbert. The three amigos of Corruption?

Where does the corruption stop?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Here is our first article concerning the unethical prosecution of John San Agustin. We have proof that then district attorney Shannon Gerhart stated there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Trull which means there was never a crime. And if there was a crime for a false arrest she should have also been charged because she was involved in the decision. Read the transcripts of her interview and judge for yourself.  Read story.



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