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Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

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Monday, May 20, 2019

More bad behavior by the Huffors

It appears “lil” Billy Huffor made a complete ass of himself at the Law Enforcement Ball last Saturday night.  According to our sources; He and Janet were both drunk.  Billy was so disruptive the speaker called him out and jokingly stated; “I remember my first beer too”.  What a complete idiot.  They are an embarrassment to the office and the profession. Unfortunately Corrupt Sheriff Elder can’t do anything about it because the Huffors know too much.   We were told by multiple sources CSPD was called out to their house last August (2018) because they were both highly intoxicated and Janet was suicidal (CSPD# 2018-00031465).  It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

We heard Janet didn’t really care Billy was making an ass of himself because she was too busy playing grab ass with a certain Lt. We were also told she has been playing with a shark.  Usually dangerous; but in this case it’s more dangerous for the shark.

We were told by multiple sources within the patrol division that ‘lil Billy Huffor, during a briefing told Deputies to pullover as many “Mexicans” and “Cubans” they could and give them tickets.  This has been verified by multiple sources.   He is also sending out crazy emails that are later retracted.  It appears they put Sgt. Porter in charge of the traffic unit, put three of his “puppies” on the team, and want them out on the street by June 10th to start targeting Mexicans and Cubans.

Also, try to understand the logic of putting Huffor in charge of the FTO program when he has never completed an FTO program?

What the Hell is going on at EPSO?  We thought Carey was going to start fixing things?  The Huffors have to go!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Did Elder’s incompetence kill again?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Everyone wants off SWAT

We have been told by multiple sources within EPSO that everyone wants off SWAT because they hate Commander David and Lt. Sarkisian. In fact, they cannot find anyone who wants to be the SWAT SGT.  We were also told that every time Chief Shannon takes time off he leaves Commander James in charge because David (in his words) “is not smart enough to run anything”.  The only reason David got promoted is because he follows orders without question.  It is our understanding they are regretting his promotion.  We also heard it was his idea to have SRT join SWAT.  Problem is no one can pass the SWAT test.  Sources told us they had to lower the standards to get people to pass.  With this incompetence in leadership someone else is going to get killed.

Porter’s Puppies

Most everyone hates Sgt. Porter. In fact, when they decided to bring back the traffic unit they gave it to Porter to get him off patrol.  Then they could not find anyone who wanted in the Traffic unit.  Sources told us Porter begged Deputies to put in for it.  He knows it looks bad when no one wants to work for him.  But he did find some who are willing to be his puppies.  We were told by multiple patrol deputies that those who suck up to Porter are called; “Porter’s Puppies”. What a fall from greatness; Porter use to tell everyone how he was the greatest homicide detective and was in the highest levels of Freemasonry. Now he’s just the traffic sgt.  Not very relevant. We wonder who drinks more Porter or Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

We have to wait to tell you what happened in Patrol. It might take us a few more weeks.  We are still gathering information.

Friday, April 25, 2019

Corrupt Sheriff Elder; getting deputies killed with his incompetence

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is doing everything he can to stay out of trouble.  It appears the new undersheriff is trying to help.  Word is, Undersheriff Carey is trying to fix everything and wants to do the right thing.  Go for it! But with Elder as the sheriff it’s not going to work.  He is still wasting money and screwing all the employees.  The jail is getting worse and the corrupt environment Elder has created is encouraging bad behavior by all his minions.  Wait until you hear what just happened on Patrol.  Corruption at the top leads to corruption throughout.

We hear Sheriff Elder is looking forward to going to Washington D.C. soon.  Wow, what a great vacation idea; get Micah Flick killed with your lack of leadership and incompetence; then use his death to get a free vacation in D.C.  Don’t worry Billy the truth is coming.  Everyone knows what really happened that day.  Why did everyone have their guns in their holsters, badges covered, and not identify themselves as law enforcement?  Could it be they were ordered to? It is because of your incompetent leadership that Flick is dead. But look at the bright side; you get a free vacation.

Hey corrupt Sheriff Elder answer one simple question; what training do deputies receive that teaches them to keep their guns in their holster during a felony arrest?  NONE you incompetent fool!

The truth is coming. The lawsuits are getting closer and closer.  Just wait until you and others have to start giving depositions.  This summer could get real hot!

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has blood on his hands!

Coming soon; why would you add SRT to SWAT?  We have the answer.

Who are Porter’s Puppies?

Hint: Who put in for the traffic unit?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

County Commissioners willing to settle with Villanueva for 3 million dollars?  Not so fast!

We learned from a source inside the county that the county commissioners are thinking about settling with Villanueva for approximately 3 million dollars.  They cannot allow testimony about what happened that day to go public.  It would show Corrupt Sheriff Elder and other supervisors were responsible for the death of Detective Micah Flick. They have to settle.  Read our story about the lawsuit.

Update: Just got better information.  The county believes the lawsuit will claim damages between 3-5 million and expressed their current determination NOT to settle. We are confident they will settle rather than let the truth get out.  It might take another year or two, but hopefully the truth will get out. They are spending millions to defend Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

It appears corruption is not cheap.

El Paso County should get a drive thru so they can hand out all the money faster.

Things start to heat up for Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Every lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder, approximately 10-12 at this time, continue towards trials.   There are so many the county commissioners have to go into executive session to talk about many of them at the same time.  Defending the county from all these lawsuits are costing the taxpayers millions.

Read meeting minutes concerning the executive session.

So, the county is having to address multiple lawsuits that all expose Sheriff Elder’s corruption.  Cannot wait until they start doing depositions and people have to testify under oath.  Let’s get all of Corrupt Sheriff’s Elder’s illegal and unethical behavior out in the open.

Former Sgt. Keith Duda’s lawsuit is progressing and depositions will commence this fall.  Read court order for trial.

There is a good chance all of these lawsuit will be settled prior to going to trial because they are afraid of being exposed.  It appears the county commissioner are more than happy to get involved with the cover up.  Why do you think they appointed Amy Folsom, with no experience, as the county administrator? They had someone else who had over 20 years experience.  They need their own people in key positions.  They know Amy’s their “girl” and will keep quiet.  Where does the corruption end?

We will continue to watch all the lawsuits and keep you updated.  It could be a very hot summer for Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and the rest of his cronies.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Just got the latest rumors from a source within EPSO.  Bob Donels was demoted and given a 40 hour suspension. We are being told Commander David is getting even with everyone on SWAT that pissed him off.

Here are the changes you will learn about soon; Mynatt will be the next SRO Lt. Just like Billy Huffor he has no LE experience. Maybe he can go to the Huffor school of tactical shotgun shooting. That’s where you get a shotgun and learn how to shoot into the air. Manzanea is taking Donels’ spot and Gonzales is going to dayshift. Huffor is going to take the special Ops Lt. position with no one working for him (perfect for him).

It appears nothing will happen to Chuck Kull for his meltdown at DMV.  Is he mentally stable? Should Dr. T spend some time with him? If he gets that upset when the lines don’t move fast enough at DMV what will happen when someone really upsets him?

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Corrupt Sheriff Elder loses his mind again and confirms he is a liar!

According to our sources, Corrupt Sheriff Elder went off again during an in-service meeting this week.  Telling people that if they don’t support him they should just quit.  He also stated is he down 17 deputies and out of money.  How can you be out of money if you are down so many employees?  Where is the money that should have been used to pay them? Corrupt Sheriff Elder also told them no more pay raises; there is no money.  So the economy is doing great, everyone is making more money and Corrupt Elder does not have money to pay employees.  We don’t believe civilians have had a raise since Elder took office.  So much for his promise of pay raises every year he was sheriff.  Just another lie.

We also heard Janet Huffor had to eat a little crow recently.  According to sources she was telling everyone a certain commander at CSPD was having an affair with a patrol officer at Monument PD.  Turns out she was wrong.  We heard she had to call both individuals’ spouses and apologize to them.

We wonder the logic of spreading rumors about affairs when you’re rumored to have had one with a high level officer at Fountain PD?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Just heard two Lieutenants are in trouble.  Rumor has it one of them will be demoted or fired next week when they have their DAB hearing.  The other one can’t be fired because it’s Chuck Kull.  He knows too much.  According to our sources, corrupt Elder cannot fire him because Kull was involved in stealing Elder’s IA file.  If Kull ever told the truth he could ruin Elder.  Looks like another slap on the wrist for Kull.  He is building an IA file the size never seen since Commander King.  More later.

Amy Folsom the next County Administrator?  WTF?  The corruption and cronyism just keeps going and going…

Friday, February 22, 2019

How much did the command staff “retreat” cost the taxpayers?

We hear everyone is pissed off that Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his command staff took a few days off and hung out at the Great Wolf Lodge while everyone else had to work.  The king spends all the money while the servants have to clean up the trash. When will Elder get a clue?

Just wanted to say we are sorry “lil” Billy Huffor lost his first election on Monday. It appears his fellow basketball refs already know what kind of person he is (POS).  EPSO employees have known this for years. Better luck next year.

We are hearing Roybal is telling everyone Elder asked him if he wanted to be the next sheriff.  What happened to Billy Huffor?  Now that he has a record of losing elections is Elder looking for someone else?

FYI…  All the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Elder are still progressing.  Stay tune, we will keep you informed.  Could be an interesting summer.

It appears everyone suing Corrupt Sheriff Elder could be singing, show me the money later this summer.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Here is the announcement for JD Ross’ “completely voluntary” retirement celebration next week. So why hasn’t he been at work?  They are not fooling anyone.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The latest rumor is Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants 100 million dollars for a new jail.  He is having Jackie Kirby do as much PR with the media to show the need prior to asking the county commissioners.  It appears stealing money from 1A is not enough, he needs a bigger cash cow to milk.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sheriff Elder does something right?

We were told by a source inside EPSO that Lieutenant J.D. Ross was walked out yesterday without even an IA investigation.  We applaud this move. The large number of sexual harassment complaints against him is well known throughout the office.

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder cleaning house? We hope so.  A step in the right direction would be to get rid of the Huffors.  That would increase morale overnight.

We are still watching…

UPDATE:  We were just notified that EPSO announced J.D. Ross retired. Just like Jaworski?  We all know how that works.

We just received word from another source that Lt. Ross was caught driving his county vehicle, in uniform, to a rodeo in Kiowa county and submitting hours he never worked for helping with the training academy.

Additional updates:   Some documents provided to us indicate there was an IA investigation and Lt. Ross was actually in a DAB hearing the day he was walked out. He was allowed to resign in lieu of termination. They lie so much it’s hard to know when you actually have the truth. Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot even do the right thing without lying.

They continue to Lie, deny, hide, and let it ride…

Saturday, February 9, 2019

It just doesn’t end…

Yet another federal lawsuit filed against Corrupt Sheriff Elder

We can’t make this stuff up.  Elder has had at least a dozen lawsuits filed against him since he took office just over 4 years ago.  That’s more lawsuits than the previous 2 Sheriffs combined (20 years).

Corruption is expensive; ask the county commissioners.

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