A message to the employees of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office 

We understand the frustration you must be feeling under the current administration.  We have had former and current employees tell us of the terrible treatment you endure everyday.  We understand you feel betrayed by Bill Elder as he has broken many promises and commitments made during his campaign.  In fact, many of you have told us things are worse now than ever before.

Recently we were told by an employee with over 20 years, that things are worse now than they have ever been and morale is at an all time low.  That’s a pretty damning statement.

After Bill Elder was elected he hired and promoted many of his supporters and created an environment of nepotism and intimidation.  Individuals work hard everyday just to see Bill Elder’s buddies move ahead. Like a true politician, Bill Elder said one thing and did another.  The Sheriff’s Office should ONLY be about Law Enforcement.

Hang in there.  Help is on the way.  We hope this website will bring light to all the corruption.  With your help we will be able to expose everything.  We have received many items to look into and are currently working on verifying our information and putting articles together.

Bill Elder had two years to make a difference and do the right thing.  His time is up.

Continue doing the great jobs you do everyday and Pray for the Sheriff’s Office and that the truth comes out.

Recently, an anonymous letter was sent to Bill Elder, the county commissioners, and the media.  Click here to read the letter. We would like to talk with the person who wrote it.  Please email us at dirtyelder@gmail.com.  We also encourage employees, whenever you see corruption, to send anonymous letters or emails to the county commissioners and the media.  The truth must get out.

We know they retaliate. Do not access our website from work or any work computer.    It is easy for them to verify who is accessing the website.

Former employees:  There are many employees who have recently left or retired. We want to talk with you.  Please send us an email.  There might be an opportunity for you to contribute to this website.  Help your friends who still work there.

We are confident, Bill Elder will attempt to figure out who is responsible for this website and retaliate.  We are also confident he will intimidate staff to remain silent about the corruption.  What he should do is reflect on his own actions and stop the intimidation and nepotism.

Why would someone protect a sexual predator and intimidate the victim? Good question; maybe someone should investigate?

“The Truth does not have two sides, only one.  Which side are you on?” 

“Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption”