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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

(9:15 pm) Who would think there would be controversy during Jury selection?  But this is not a normal case. All the potential Jurors were given a questionnaire to help determine their knowledge of the case and if they would make for a good “non-bias” juror. Seems they could not even do that without corrupting the jurors.  On the questionnaire it stated Maketa was facing “attempted murder” and “assault” charges.  Obviously, reading that would effect every juror. It appears to have been an honest mistake made by the court clerk; however it clearly taints the entire jury pool. The defense team simply asked for new jurors; but the judge stated he would just explain the error to them (Jurors) and denied the request. Some jurors might suspect these charges were actually dropped; and it might influence their judgement.  Once they read the incorrect and highly prejudicial questionnaire it can not be taken back.  Will this be another ruling which will most likely allow for an appeal?

Another interesting point; the judge is allowing for “live” tweets from the courtroom by the media, but he seals all the motions so the public cannot see them.  He is selectively choosing what information he is allowing the public to see.    What don’t they want us to know? And Why?  When the government does things in private we should be concerned.

Tomorrow morning they will continue jury selection.  It appears this will take most of the day.

(10:00 am) The Maketa trial is underway with jury selection.  The courtroom is filled with potential jurors.  According to our source, the defense team looks ready and the prosecutors look tired.  The judge decided to rule on the pending motions after jury selection so they (jurors) do not have to wait.  We probably will not hear anything about the motions until tomorrow.  When we hear something we will let you know…

Monday, June 26, 2017

Not much happened today.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the trial and there should be multiple rulings prior to jury selection.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Waiting to hear Judge’s ruling on all the motions submitted last week.  Jury selection starts Tuesday, June 27, 2017.