Here is a summary of today’s testimony in Maketa’s trial. (Wednesday, July 5, 2017)

First up; Lieutenant Cheryl Peck.  She was on the stand all morning. Peck used to be in charge of Internal Affairs.  When her testimony was over it was impossible to list anything she said that provided any evidence that a crime had been committed.  It appeared to be just another attempt to get the jury to hate Maketa.   By the time she was done, she admitted (under oath) to lying on multiple occasions and that she was someone who Maketa could not trust.

However Peck did make some interesting statements.  She confirmed Bill Elder had an IA file and she had seen it.  So, according to Cheryl Peck, Bill Elder is a liar.  She stated that early in the investigation to determine who stole the IA file, Joe Breister told her he felt Ray Gerhart was the most likely suspect and suggested Chuck Kull was involved.

Cheryl Peck was very clear that both Gerhart and Kull were interviewed by IA and when she asked them to come back for an additional interview they both quit.   Sound like they were forced out or that they knew the truth was catching up to them?

Under oath, Cheryl Peck stated she felt she was sent to Patrol midnights as punishment.  However, she admitted she had lied to Maketa on multiple occasions and he found out.  She thought she was going to be fired;  probably because she should have been.

Peck stated Commander Bob McDonald told her that within a couple days of Bill Elder’s IA file going missing he called Elder and told him everything.  According to her he later told her not to tell Maketa he had told Elder.   When in her office he stated that Maketa would never find out from him that he told Elder and that he should not find out from her either.  She felt McDonald was pressuring her to keep quiet.

Peck admitted to telling multiple people about the missing IA file and then lying to Maketa about it.

She stated Sgt. Rob Stone was incompetent and wanted him transferred out of IA.  She also stated she did not trust him and felt he was inappropriately providing information to Bill Elder.

There was some testimony about Ray Gerhart walking into commander King’s office back in 2013 and seeing a “blue” book (which is an IA report) on his desk and making the statement “the boys down south are interested” how the IA turned out.   According to Cheryl Peck his reference to the boys down south was referring to Todd Evans and Bill Elder.  An IA investigation against Gerhart was initiated for talking about an ongoing IA investigation.  Chuck Kull was also interviewed concerning this matter.

Peck was pretty clear about her dislike of Bill Elder.  She told the story of how he got her in trouble years earlier when he was a Lieutenant.  She basically called him a liar and was upset she was put on probation for a year because of him.  However she did say that when Elder came back as Sheriff he cleared her record.  Could it be he was rewarding her for lying and covering things up during the investigation into his stolen IA file?

Update:  Peck also stated Bill Elder and her were both asked to take polygraphs.  Bill Elder refused.  Surprised?  Yet another example of Elders refusal to take a polygraph.  What is he trying to hide?

Jim Reid testified in the afternoon and provided no relevant information concerning any crime.  Complete waste of time.  He admitted he quit on his own and that he made multiple mistakes that led to him being suspended.  It was funny when he was asked a question by Maketa’s attorney and he quickly responded with; “I never said that!” She walked over and showed him the transcripts of his grand jury testimony and his anger changed to embarrassment.  He admitted he misspoke and changed his answer.

Then came former legal advisor Charles Greenlee.  He was a prosecution witness but sounded more like a witness for Maketa.  He stated he helped create the memo submitted to the District Attorney’s office of the recommended names for the Brady list, but did not help with generating the actual names on the list.  According to Greenlee the suggested list of names submitted to the DA’s office was created by Joe Roybal.  It was clear by the end of his testimony Maketa had nothing to do with the names submitted to the DA’s office for the Brady list. Plus it was clear the list is controlled by the DA’s office.

Former sheriff’s Detective Joe Kelemen testified.  According to our source, Kelemen was a very believable witness and completely professional.  Just like Greenlee, Kelemen was a prosecution witness but provided more evidence of Maketa’s innocence.   Kelemen provided information concerning the investigation around the stolen IA file.  He made it clear Maketa did not interfere with the investigation.  He also make it just as clear Ray Gerhart did not pass his CVSA.   According to Kelemen, Gerhart called him the evening after his CVSA and told him he knew he passed and wanted Kelemen to tell him he had passed. Kelemen said he told Gerhart he could not talk about it.

Then Kelemen provided testimony we are interested in.  He stated that Multiple Elder supporters retaliated against him after Elder took office.  He spoke of people “flipping” him off, saying they were going to have him fired, and others that would not talk with him.  He ultimately quit because, according to him, it had become a hostile work environment.  Evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.

The prosecution then called Chris Capoot who used to work for CHC as a VP.  He stated Maketa never demanded that Wendy Habert be fired, he just said there were some concerns and she needed to be replaced.  He stated Maketa’s requests were proper and appropriate.  He also admitted the contract could be cancelled for any reason with appropriate notification.  Basically it was an “at will” contract.  Again, no evidence of any crime.  The jury must be confused because all of the prosecution’s witnesses today vindicated Maketa.

We were looking for Fireworks and we got some; all for Maketa.  The prosecution looked inept and unprepared.  Every witness they called appeared to provide better testimony for Maketa.